tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 06

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 06


I was feeling fairly tired after the encounter with Melissa the previous night, so when Kelly slipped out of bed that Saturday morning, I didn't take much notice of it other than to roll over and steal one of her pillows to hide my face from the bright sunlight streaming in the window. Somewhere in my drowsy mind I was curious that she hadn't been all over me when she got home - and when the hell was that, anyway? It had to have been late, since I was fast asleep and never stirred.

Melissa was in the kitchen making coffee when Kelly got there. In most households it would probably have been very strange for the roommate of a married couple to be standing around in the kitchen wearing only a cutoff shirt and thong underwear, but given the way our relationship had progressed, it didn't faze Kelly in the slightest.

"Good morning," Melissa greeted her quietly, handing her a steaming mug.

"Morning," Kelly replied, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Was my husband a gentlemen last night while I was out?"

Melissa smiled and rubbed a palm across her crotch lightly. The thin material did little to hide the absence of any pubic hair and the presence of a fine gold ring in her clitoral hood. "That depends on your definition of gentleman, I suppose. If you mean taking good care of a woman in need of assistance..."

Kelly stopped her, a flush of wetness moistening her inner thighs. "Wait - don't tell me right now. I want to make him tell me while I'm riding him later tonight. But first he'll have to wait all day long in anticipation." She grinned wickedly, and then cocked her head. "Say, did he tell you that I haven't let him touch me in days?"

"Well, I knew you were playing with him. And I've been teasing him a lot myself," Melissa admitted. "I still can't believe you wanted me to fuck your husband so much!"

"Well, that, but - really, it's that I wanted him to fuck you. There's a subtle difference, you know."

Melissa nodded. It was obviously a psychological thrill to Kelly, and she didn't mind being used a little. It had gotten her some of the best sex she had ever had, and the first since things went really sour with Gary several weeks ago. She changed gears and broached a delicate subject.

"You must have been going pretty nuts yourself, Kelly. Not having sex with your husband, I mean. You guys have been pretty regular lately, you know."

Kelly's face grew slightly pink, and she quickly occupied herself with finding a cigarette from the pack in her purse. She didn't say anything for a minute while she lit her cigarette, and then exhaled a stream of smoke slowly. "Yeah, I've been horny," she acknowledged. "Plus thinking about Biff with you has been getting me excited."

Melissa's expression grew more serious. "You know, when you got home last night and I had to pee while you were showering?" She waited for Kelly to nod before continuing. "Kelly, there was come all over your underwear."

Kelly took a long drag, trying furiously to think of a response that was plausible. "No, um...you must have been mistaken...I mean..."

Melissa stepped closer to Kelly, until they were nearly touching. She took the cigarette from her and took a puff herself, blowing the smoke past Kelly's ear. "I was there that night, don't forget. I watched you with those two guys, and we both know you didn't tell your husband quite everything." She could see Kelly growing pale. "You fucked them last night, didn't you?"

Kelly nodded mutely. A tear formed in the corner of her eye. "I wasn't planning it at first, but then...well, I knew Biff was going to fuck you last night and I was so horny... I couldn't stop myself. Are you going to tell him?"

"No," she laughed. "You are. Eventually. You don't really want to stop yet, do you?" Kelly whispered an almost soundless no. "You never know, your husband might not even mind. He liked watching me fuck you..." Melissa leaned in and kissed Kelly, pushing her tongue into Kelly's open pink mouth. They kissed for a few moments, then Melissa pulled away. Finishing the cigarette, she announced, "Now, with that settled, you need to help me pick out an outfit for tonight. I have a date."


By the time I got up, the ladies were nowhere to be found. Shopping, apparently, from the short note I found on the refrigerator. I was frustrated, because I really couldn't wait to get some alone time with my wife. Then the strangeness of the thought hit me: I wanted to be alone with Kelly so that I could tell her all about fucking her friend last night. I shook my head slowly. Our relationship had certainly taken on a twist.

After few hours of hanging around aimlessly, I went to run some errands of my own and catch a movie. When I got back it was already getting dark outside, but at least Kelly's car was parked in our space. I figured that maybe I'd get a chance now to have a little rendezvous.

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be the case. She was deep into a book on the couch and gave me the "Do Not Disturb" signals quite clearly. However, she insisted that I stay in the living room with her rather than going onto my computer, so that we could spend time together. The only upside to that was the occasional movement of her toes in my lap and getting to watch her smoke a few cigarettes.

Finally she closed her book and looked at me expectantly. I slid in between her back and the inside of the couch so that we were spooning and tilted her face towards me. Kissing her, I could taste the smoky flavor of her pink mouth. She kissed me back for several minutes, teasing my lips with her tongue seductively.

"Mmm..." she said eventually, pulling away, "What should we have for dinner?"

It should go without saying that food was the last thing on my mind, but what my wife wants, she gets. So sex had to be delayed for another couple of hours while we cooked, ate, and digested. Over dinner Kelly told me that Melissa was on a date tonight. I must have gotten a strange expression when she said that because she started laughing at me and wouldn't say any more.

Around 8:30, after making me wait all day, Kelly wandered into the bedroom with her finger crooked in a "follow me" gesture. I was quick to comply. She wordlessly pointed to the bed and I sat down. Next she leaned over me and pulled my shirt off, letting her hands brush across my chest lightly. Then she pushed me down so that I was lying in the center of the bed.

I hadn't noticed her attaching them so she must have been stealthy about it, but in a moment the unmistakable sound of Velcro announced that she had brought out the comfy cuffs. She quickly strapped my arms down, then moved to the foot of the bed and stripped off my jeans before securing my ankles as well.

Bound as I was, it put Kelly in complete control of the situation, and she took full advantage of it. She took her time putting on a fresh coat of red lipstick and a sexy gloss by Mac that drives me wild with its wet, shiny finish. Then she took out a thick vibrating dildo and sat in front of me, lighting a cigarette.

"So," she started, exhaling a white stream of smoke, "Did you do it?"

I knew she had to have figured it out, if Melissa hadn't already talked to her about it anyway. But of course me telling her was part of the fantasy for her.

"Oh yeah. We did it."

"Tell me about it," she demanded, running her fingertips across my rigid prick.

I started the story, explaining first how we had flirted and drunk wine throughout dinner, and how I'd watched her undressing before going to her. Kelly focused her attention on me completely, and a faint buzzing announced that her vibrator was running. I continued by describing how I had pushed Melissa up against a wall, kissing her roughly and jamming my fingers into her.

"You've never been like that with me," Kelly gasped.

"You wanted me to fuck her like there was no one else in the world," I reminded her. "It was some of the hottest sex I've ever experienced." Normally I would have been mortified at the thought of talking to Kelly like that, for fear of hurting her feelings. But her moans and the pace at witch she was thrusting the dildo into herself told me I was doing exactly what she wanted.

Kelly hissed, "Did she suck your cock?"

"Even better. She blew me while she was smoking. I almost came all over her face."

"God, I would love to see that," Kelly said. She told me to go on, so I told her how I ate Melissa's delicious cunt before fucking her standing up. I think that part turned her on a lot, and I spent plenty of time describing the feeling of Melissa's pussy squeezing my dick, and how exciting it was to be with someone else. Kelly's eyes were closed now and she furiously frigged herself. I don't think she planned to come on the dildo, but when I got to the part about ass-fucking Melissa while making her put four fingers inside of herself, Kelly's mouth opened in a big circle and she screamed out a tremendous orgasm, bottoming the dildo out inside of herself.

Throughout the whole story, Kelly had touched my cock here and there in order to keep me hard, but since I couldn't touch myself, I was pretty frustrated. I watched in excitement as she slowly withdrew the dildo from her pussy and set it aside, wet with her fluids. I hoped that it was about to be my turn. Indeed, Kelly lit another cigarette and straddled my waist so that my dick was pressed against her vaginal lips. She leaned forward to lie on my chest and began kissing me while she smoked and rubbed herself against me.

"So was it as good as you hoped?" she whispered.

"Better. I'd fuck her again in a heartbeat." I felt Kelly's pussy tremble at that even as she tensed slightly. Now was the moment of truth. "But what I really want is to slide my cock inside of the woman I married - the woman I love."

Kelly sighed contentedly and closed her lips over mine while angling her hips enough to slip me inside of her. "That's what I wanted to hear," she told me. Then there was no room for words, since her smoky tongue stayed buried inside my mouth while she rode me with no abandon. Her pussy was like moist silk around my flesh. I couldn't help but notice the touch of her closely trimmed pubic hair brushing across my groin in sharp contrast to the smoothly shaven mound from last night.

Kelly fucked me hard, slamming down on top of me rapidly. "Come inside of me," she urged me. "Fill me up. Fill me and then eat me." I felt my balls knotting up with my impending climax as she began tonguing my sensitive nipples. Gradually her coaxing pushed me over the brink and I shot jet after jet of hot come into my wife.

She was totally fired up by this point and didn't even give me a moment to catch my breath. She simply lifted up off of me, my semen dripping from her cunt onto the sheet, and slid into place so that she was sitting on my face. I put out my tongue and went to work, joined rapidly by her vibrator on full blast. She focused on her clit, and I licked her from top to bottom, tasting our tangy combined flavors. It was amazing. Her second orgasm came slower, and by the time she got off I was getting pretty weary. Nevertheless, I gave her another good, vocal climax to finish the evening right. Sleepy after my own orgasm, I was out moments after she climbed off of me.


Sometime later that night I awoke to the creaking of floorboards. I glanced at the clock - 12:45 AM. The sliver of light at our bedroom door grew wider and I saw a blonde head poke its way in. Suddenly I realized I couldn't move; Kelly had fallen asleep without unfastening the restraints.

"Kelly..." I heard a quiet whisper from the door. "Are you awake?"

Melissa tiptoed into the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw my predicament. Since Kelly hadn't covered me in blankets either, I was on full display, bound spread-eagled to the bed. As Melissa's eyes lingered on my cock, it grew and hardened.

"I like having him right where I want him," quipped Kelly, awake now as well.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you guys up. Actually, well, I thought you might be...fucking..."

"We did earlier," Kelly confirmed. "Although from what I hear it wasn't as rough as you like it." Even in the dark I could see Melissa blushing. "So how was your date?"

"It was good. He's a really nice guy. And a good kisser."

"So you went out and got some, eh?" I teased her.

"Not as much as he got," she said, giving it right back to me.

"You little slut," Kelly cried, "You didn't fuck him on the first date, did you?"

Melissa shook her head, absently running a hand along my thigh. "We made out and I let him play with my tits for a while. Oh, and I just blew him in front of the condo," she finished with a grin.

"Did you swallow?" Kelly asked.

"Most of it. I saved a little for you," Melissa said provocatively, leaning forward and kissing my wife with the flavor of another man's come in her mouth. If my dick hadn't already been at full mast, it sure was now.

"Mind if I fuck your husband?" Melissa asked politely. "I'm really horny, but I didn't want my date to think I'm a slut." I wisely chose not to comment that fucking a married man moments after a date probably was even worse on that measure - it didn't do to upset a woman who was so eager to fuck that she was simply lifting her skirt and pulling her underwear to the side.

Kelly watched with rapt attention as my cock disappeared under Melissa's descending pussy. She rode me in the cowgirl position, with her hands on my chest and her hips rocking steadily. "Oh yeah, yeah, this is good. Fuck. Oh, more." She was turned on and her cunt was flowing freely with sticky juices. Kelly leaned in to open Melissa's blouse and suck on her nipples.

Swirling her tongue across Melissa's nipple rings, she wondered aloud. "Honey, do you think I ought to get my nipples pierced?" She laughed as I groaned and arched my hips up to meet her friend. "Or maybe we'll get our tongues pierced. We can suck you together then, or you can watch us eating each other out." She turned towards me and began kissing me as I fucked the blonde beauty. "Are you going to come in Melissa so I can watch her sit on your face?" She kissed me deeply. "Shoot inside of her. Make her wet for me."

The stimulation was incredible, both physically and mentally. I closed my eyes and groaned deeply, feeling my come surging up to cascade inside our sexy roommate. I pulsed inside of her for several seconds, filling her nicely.

"Now, slide up onto his face," Kelly instructed. "Let him eat you. It's incredible, like nothing you've ever had done to you." And I did so. I ate Melissa's creamy pussy until she came screaming, her thighs clenching my cheeks for dear life. And then, once again, I slept, untied finally from the bed and with both of the women in my life pressed against me, one on each side.

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