tagLoving WivesMelissa, Our Roommate Ch. 09

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 09


"How long has this been going on?" I asked quietly. The three of us, my wife Kelly, my lover Melissa, and I, sat around our dining room table with large latte cups of coffee steaming before us. Melissa looked away, taking a long drag from her cigarette and exhaling a blue stream of smoke as Kelly crushed hers out and reached for another.

There was silence for some time. Finally, Kelly responded softly. "Months, I guess." The mood in the room was a bit somber. No, that's not quite it - calm is more accurate, I suppose.

"Since the night at the bar when you kissed those guys and let one of them finger you?"

Kelly nodded, started to protest that she hadn't "let" anyone - but stopped. "I didn't tell you everything that happened that night."

I knew that, and in fact had known it almost from that night on. But I had never really been sure just how far things had gone. I didn't believe that she had actually fucked one of them at that point, but then again she had been cheating on me now for months. Even as I thought that, though, I had trouble looking at it as cheating. We had fantasized many times about me discovering her secret lover, or bringing a man into our bed to fuck her. And for months now, I had been making love to her friend, kissing her, touching her...developing feelings for her. I waited quietly for her to continue.

"Well, I didn't fuck them. I think you know that." She looked me in the eyes, then glanced down. "But I sucked them both off. I don't know what came over me, but I was so turned on, and they were so cute, and I just wanted to get them off."

"So no one came in his pants when you touched him then?" I clarified.

Melissa giggled and soon Kelly started to as well. "Um..well - actually, one guy did, but that was someone entirely different. He walked into the bathroom right as Melissa and I were finishing blowing our second guys, well, her third, and anyway he made some remark. Just to be a bitch, I walked over to him and snowballed him with a mouthful of the guy's come and grabbed his crotch. The little smartass came in his underwear on the spot. Probably a virgin that thought he was hot shit."

Even I had to laugh as my wife described it. I knew she had a teasing streak a mile wide because she used it on me all the time, but this was even a little cruel. Definitely funny though.

"So you want to hear about the sex?" Kelly asked, blowing out a stream of smoke. I nodded, and Melissa smiled and slid down underneath the table before me. I felt her pull my cock free through the opening in my boxers; it was hard, of course. She slowly took me into her mouth and sucked me as my wife told her story.

"The first time was the night you first slept with Melissa. I had been getting really horny after several days of not having sex with you but thinking of the two of you together constantly. I even masturbated in the women's room a couple of times at work, once when there was someone else in the stall next to me.

"Anyway, one of the guys had kept after me since the night in the bar. I hadn't given him my phone number, but he knew my name and where I worked, so he managed to track me down. I figured that you were a little nervous about screwing my friend no matter how much I encouraged you, so I knew that I needed to stay out of the house for and evening if there was any chance of you getting together."

She paused and lit a fresh cigarette, taking a deep drag while I enjoyed Melissa's lips moving on my dick. She was taking it slowly; evidently there was a lot to be told and she didn't want me to come too quickly. It was quite sensible, really. I was much more amenable to hearing about my wife getting fucked while I was sexually charged and horny, whereas afterwards it might not be as exciting.

"So I agreed to meet him for a drink in a bar downtown. One become a few, and since I hadn't had dinner yet, I was getting a little loose and tipsy. He offered to buy me dinner, which seemed like a good idea. Plus, it was only about 7:00 by that point, far too early to come home.

"We were having fun, laughing, eating, and drinking an expensive bottle of wine. He invited me to his apartment, which isn't far from the bar. I figured, 'why not'. I mean, I had already made out with him and sucked his cock, and you knew about...most of that...so it wasn't like there was much to be worried about. And I guess I was maybe just a tiny bit jealous, knowing that you had to be balls deep in a certain blonde...

"So that's how it started. We went to his apartment, and in about fifteen minutes flat, I was on my back while he fucked my brains out. It was great sex, raw, no emotional attachment, just this guy I hardly knew lying on top of me with his cock inside me. We fucked twice, once in the living room on the floor, and once in his bed. And then I came home."

I must have been groaning softly as Kelly told me this, and my dick was certainly pulsing in Melissa's mouth, so she lifted her head for a moment to let me cool off and to add her two cents worth. "I caught her that same night - found her come soaked panties on the floor while she showered."

I must have made an expression of recognition, because she stopped me cold. "No, not the ones you found - that came much later. At first she didn't want you to know, so she kept pushing me into your bed. But then it started to turn her on, teasing you." She lowered her pink lips to my cock again and I felt her tongue dancing across its head.

I looked to Kelly for confirmation and she nodded, smiling. Her robe was parted and I could see her 36C breasts resting on her chest, pink nipples erect and crowned with small gold loops. Her hand was busy somewhere below the edge of the table.

"Go on," I whispered hoarsely.

"Well, I fucked him a few times after that, and also his friend - the other guy from the bar that first night. Like Melissa said, at first I felt really badly about it, and I almost confessed right away. But more and more, I started thinking about all of those fantasies we've talked out over the years, and how you've always teased that you'd like to see me fucked by another guy. But what really did it, finally, was seeing your reaction the first time Melissa came to fuck you after she'd had sex with another guy."

"Really?" I asked.

"Really. You got so turned on. I could see it in your eyes that you loved being with her after she'd been used by another man. That her sloppy seconds turned you on. I didn't quite get it at first, but I think you were aroused by the open expression of her sexuality as a women." She gazed into my eyes and found agreement in them, then went on. "I wanted you to feel that with me too. I think you wanted that as well. So I kept doing it, getting fucked by various men. At first, I kept it fairly subtle, because I didn't want you to figure it out too quickly. I started coming home from work late and insisting that Melissa fuck you because I was tired, although secretly I had been screwed earlier that night.

"Later, I left 'evidence' to see if you would accuse me. But then you accepted Melissa's explanation. I knew you would, I guess, but it planted more ideas. And after that were the times I let you fuck me after I'd been with another man."

"How many times?" I gasped. Kelly's story, and Melissa's sucking, was really getting to me by this point.

She shrugged. "Five, six, I'm not sure. The first couple of times, I wiped away most of the come so it wouldn't be too obvious. But the last time, I made sure that I was overflowing before I came home. I let two men fuck me and one of them came in me twice, so I had three loads inside. That was the night you asked me all the questions. I could tell you knew, but weren't ready to say it out loud." She put her cigarette between her lips and rubbed her clit furiously. "And that brings us up to last night, and we knew when we went out that I was going to make sure you knew before the night was over."

Melissa was sucking furiously on me now, and had been building me up for almost 15 minutes. Finally, as Kelly finished her hot story and plunged her fingers into her vagina, Melissa caressed my balls and urged me to come in her mouth. I felt my white sperm pulse into her mouth with several intense bursts. She moaned around my dick and swallowed most of it. Finally she came out from under the table, pearls of my semen gleaming on her lips. She leaned over my wife and kissed her, pushing her come coated tongue into Kelly's mouth, and pulling on her nipple rings for the first time. Kelly screamed at the sudden sensation, and at first I was afraid that it had hurt her, that it was too soon, but then I heard the words. She was crying out "yes" and "Oh God", and her fingers were flashing over her clit as Melissa tweaked her nipples through Kelly's climax.

A little later, after we had settled down somewhat, I asked my last question. "Are you going to keep doing it?"

"Tell me the truth," she ordered, "Does it turn you on?"

I nodded. Melissa was sitting in my lap, hugging me gently, touching my chest, my back. Kissing my neck.

Kelly didn't need to say anything else then. I had answered my own question.


Time passed. Weeks grew into months. Kelly's nipples had healed beautifully, and there were many nights spent sucking and pulling on the sexy rings hanging from them. The summer had faded and winter taken its place. Our triangular relationship continued to work well. In place of the air mattress in the second bedroom, Melissa now had a proper bed that gave evidence to the permanence that our roommate situation seemed to have taken on. Yet it was a piece of furniture that was more for decoration than anything else. For Kelly and I too had a new bed, trading in our queen size for a king that comfortably slept three most nights of the week.

Gone was the awkwardness that had been weighing on me some time ago when Melissa first started suggesting that there was more to our relationship than just sex. We were now comfortable, both alone and in front of Kelly, in saying "I love you" to each other, and we meant it. She was still fucking other guys, of course, although less rabidly than before, and so was Kelly occasionally. We were at peace in our relationship.


"I don't know what to do Kelly," Melissa confided. They sat at a café in the city, talking quietly, surrounded by strangers finishing a light lunch. She reached into her purse and withdrew a cigarette, lighting it with a match from a book labeled in French.

"I feel like I'm cheating on...well," she paused, laughing, "on your husband."

It sounded silly, but she meant it very seriously. Kelly knew it and lit a cigarette of her own to mask the amusement on her face.

"Well, I am, so you might as well be too," Kelly retorted logically.

"That's different. It's just sex, and you know it, and he knows it. And he knows I fuck other men too, so that's not the point. The point is, for the past two months, it hasn't been 'other men'. It's been this one guy."

Kelly's eyes widened slightly. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she teased.

"Well, until there's a ring on my finger too, I guess that's what I'd have to call him still," Melissa quipped back as Kelly playfully kicked at her shins.

"We've talked about it," Kelly admitted. Melissa's eyes widened slightly and her expression softened.


"But get back to what's going on," Kelly urged her. "What's the deal with this other guy?"

"Well," Melissa began, "He's just a really nice guy that I met a while ago. We've been dating, spending time together... I don't know - I really like him, a lot! But I haven't told him about...us."

Kelly inhaled the smoke from her cigarette, thinking. "That's understandable," she offered. Exhaling, she continued. "I don't tell people either. But then again, I'm not emotionally involved with anyone that I'm sleeping with. It's just sex. They know I'm married and that it isn't going anywhere. Any truth be told, I only do it a couple of times a month anyway. Between you going down on me and my...our husband...I don't usually need too much more sex.

"But it's going to get complicated, you know." Melissa nodded morosely. "He's going to find out sooner or later. And one of two things is going to happen. Either he's going to accept it, or you're going to have to make a choice."

Melissa's eyes filled with tears. "I know. I know that's what is going to happen. I just don't know what he'll say...and I don't know what Biff will say either. What do you think I should do?"

"What's your boyfriend's name?"


"Why don't you see if John wants to meet us. Tell him we're friends. Tell him we asked you to have a foursome and that you want to try it. Hell, tell him that you and I will put on a show for him. That ought to get him going! Maybe once the ice is broken, so to speak, he'll be better prepared to accept our unusual arrangement." Kelly put out her cigarette and left a bill on the table. Melissa nodded uncertainly.


I didn't know how I'd managed to get so lucky. There was something in the air. Melissa and Kelly had arrived from work together and both kissed me hello, as usual. Melissa told me I'd better make myself comfortable because I was in for a wild evening. Kelly just smiled mysteriously.

Forty-five minutes later, Melissa emerged from her room a changed woman. Her long blonde hair had been piled seductively on top of her head. She wore the darker red lipstick that Kelly tended to favor and smelled amazing in an elegant perfume. I noticed immediately that she'd done a full face of makeup as if we were going out, including eye shadow and mascara, and she looked amazing. She wore a tight black skirt that stretched around her perfect hips and ass, and had topped it with a spaghetti-strapped blue tank top that barely contained her braless tits. Thankfully our condo is quite warm or she would have frozen in that summery outfit! On her feet were impossibly, ridiculously high heels. 5" perhaps? They were the sort of shoes that wouldn't last ten seconds outside and are made simply for the trek to the bedroom, where they would leave the floor as the feet that wore them locked around a lover's waist.

She bent over deeply to pick up her cigarettes, giving me a fabulous view of her cleavage. "Where's Kelly?" I asked as she lit one, watching me.

"In the bedroom, waiting for us. We'll go in shortly." Melissa was putting on her seductive act, driving me wild. She sat in my lap and let my hard-on press into her legs. I could sense her intensity like a palpable aura in the room as she stared into my eyes, searching.

"How much do you love me?" she asked, running her hands through my hair.

"Deeply," I responded, surprised by the question. "I can't really describe it."

She smiled sweetly and kissed me with her sexy lips. "Forever?"

"Forever," I agreed, letting her smoky tongue play inside my mouth. I could feel her smile on my lips and tried to touch her breast, but she stopped me.

"Then you would do something for me?" she asked breathlessly. "Anything?"

I nodded, not knowing where this was going, only that it was important to her.

"Will you have a foursome with me, Kelly, and another man?" she asked, watching me intently.

I didn't realize then how complex her feelings were, but I could tell that this meant something big for her. I had to admit that it kind of turned me on as well. As many times as I had fucked both Melissa and Kelly after other men had been with them, I had never seen either of them with another man. "Yes," I answered simply. Melissa took a long drag on her cigarette and kissed me hard, knowing that it would drive me wild.

"Let's go see with the other woman in your life is doing," she suggested.

Indeed, the 'other woman in my life' had things well in hand by the time we made it to the bedroom. Or in two hands, perhaps, since one was busy working a dildo in each of her pussy and her asshole. She was hunched up against the headboard gasping, and a light sheen of perspiration lay across her brow.

Melissa got onto her hands and knees before Kelly and took hold of the huge dildo in my wife's pussy. Twisting it in her hand and thrusting gently, she looked back at me with her perfectly made up face. "Fuck me doggy style while I lick her pussy. Grind me between the two of you."

It's hard to resist a statement like that, and I don't know many who would try. I peeled the skirt up over her ass to reveal Melissa's shaven pussy. Unlike Kelly, who keeps hers extremely closely cropped with scissors, Melissa has been shaving her pussy daily for years and I've yet to see her anything but smooth down below. Yet I knew well by now that she was a natural blonde despite the lack of a matching bush. Irregardless, her snatch was already dripping and I used my fingers to spread the dangling string of cunt fluid over her lips until she was ready for me. Then, with a slow push, I buried myself inside my lover as she kissed my wife's pussy.

We fucked for what seemed hours. After then initial passionate thrusts, we settled into a smooth, sustainable rhythm that lasted forever, while before us, Kelly pulled and twisted her nipple rings and came over and over as her friend smeared lipstick, saliva, and vaginal cream all over her crotch. Melissa came too, once, then again, over and over. I held back because I wanted to feel my wife as well, and finally Melissa came up for air, saying she couldn't handle any more. Her face was flushed from the orgasms, and she looked at the clock.

"I have to go out for a while," she said with a look of regret. "I'll be back in a while." She got up and washed her face, then left as I was sliding into the familiar recesses of my wife's pussy. Kelly kissed me languorously, enjoying our lovemaking. Her orgasms had taken the edge off of her need, and I had reached the point where, after a great deal of fucking, it becomes easy to go on indefinitely without staving off your orgasm. I fucked my wife slowly, feeling no need to rush. But I was curious about Melissa's somewhat abrupt departure, and mentioned it to Kelly as she rocked her hips beneath me. Her reply numbed me.

"Melissa has a boyfriend."

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