Kyle eagerly raided Brenda's freezer for the secret stash of ice cream she always kept there just for him. Brenda was lactose intolerant and pure ice cream didn't sit well with her stomach, but Kyle had absolutely no problems eating it for breakfast lunch and dinner and would if it had provided enough sustenance for him to do so. Rocky Road – his favorite – was tucked behind a sweet potato pie tightly wrapped in aluminum foil and a bag of frozen vegetables. He smiled as he pulled out the cylindrical container and sat it on the counter. He then searched the cabinets and drawers for a bowl and spoon respectively.

"Find it okay?" Came the soft feminine voice from another room. Kyle hadn't told her what he was in the kitchen for, but he certainly wasn't surprised that she'd figured it out on her own. Whenever he had taken to rummaging through her freezer, there was always only one thing he was looking for.

"Yep!" He said just before digging up a spoonful of the soft cream and placing it, upside down, in his mouth. He figured she shouldn't care that he would dunk his saliva covered spoon into the tub, he was the only one who ever ate from it anyway.

"Are you sure?" Brenda asked, her voice lower now and closer in proximity than before. Kyle stopped for a moment pondering the odd question before answering. "Mmmhmm," he said turning around to face her when the spoon he was holding in his mouth suddenly hit the marble tiling with a clang. Kyle's mouth lay on the floor right beside it. Every inch, every pore of his body flushed in an instant. He stood frozen, not really comprehending what was going on. The sudden swelling in his pants quickly made them too tight and for a moment, he couldn't think, move or breathe. When his senses returned momentarily, he attempted to pick up the lost utensil from the floor but banged his forehead on the kitchen counter on the way down. He couldn't take his eyes off of the most succulently erotic view he thought he'd ever seen. His hands trembled, almost viciously, trying to pick up the spoon causing him to drop it yet again. Brenda bent down in front of him to pick it up, and in the process, exposed the tops of her incredibly luscious breasts tightly veiled in a red lace brassiere. Kyle stood up with her, his eyes transfixed on the beautiful mounds that were bursting the seams of her bra. She looked up at Kyle and handed him the spoon.

"You okay?" Brenda asked looking up at the area of his forehead he was rubbing right well knowing the answer. Kyle's mouth watered and he swallowed hard. He finally brought his eyes up to hers fleetingly as if to ask, "What the fuck do you think?" His eyes dropped down the length of her body again. She had on a red, waist length see-through shawl that she wrapped around her bosom in a futile attempt to cover her ample assets. It didn't work, but that was the point. Just beneath her navel was a pair of matching silk bikini panties that hugged her hips like they were painted on. She looked good in red, Kyle thought. The color brought out something so seductive in her velvety brown skin that it sent spiraling tingles throughout his entire body.

"You like?" She said spreading out her arms in a mock fashion model pose. She then switched positions, leaned forward and pursed her red lips in her hand and blew him a kiss in classic Marilyn Monroe style. Kyle's mouth still hung open, his eyes wide as dinner plates. He felt like a little boy getting his very first dirt bike for his birthday. He stood there, silently gasping at the scene. All his faculties could seem to muster in response to her question was an ardent nod.

"Good!" Brenda said as she turned and walked out of the kitchen revealing the sexy thong panties that disappeared deliciously inside the crevice of her smooth, cocoa colored cheeks. Kyle's knees suddenly went weak and the counter behind him was the only thing keeping him from hitting the floor. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came, just a low guttural moan from somewhere in the depths of his soul. His whole body suddenly ached and his skin felt like it was on fire.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," He whispered finally and to no one in particular. He unconsciously followed behind her, reveling in the most exotic view he'd ever seen.

"Good?" He asked closing in on her, grabbing her arm and spinning her around. He resisted the urge to throw her to the floor and ravage her like some kind of wild animal like he wanted to.

"What do you mean 'good'?" He asked trying desperately to meet his green eyes with her brown ones, his manhood still throbbing relentlessly in his jeans.

"I just wanted your opinion. I plan on having my way with Randy for the first time tomorrow night and I thought you'd be the perfect person to test my new outfit on. I know you'll be completely honest with me."

"Randy." Kyle softly whispered to himself and nodding, almost berating himself for thinking anything else. Of course this was for Randy, he thought. Who the hell else would it be for? Brenda certainly wasn't in the habit of prancing around in devilish lingerie specifically for him, now was she? The disappointment in his eyes was lost on Brenda as she gushed, giddy with an innocent school girl grin.

"I thought I'd run it by you first to make sure it was the right choice." She slowly spun herself around with her arms spread giving Kyle one final look before thinking she'd retire to the bedroom to put on something more appropriate. She demurely draped her shawl off her shoulder and looked back at him with her lips pursed again before heading toward her bedroom door.

What the fuck is she thinking!? Kyle thought to himself. What makes her think she can just parade herself, half naked, out in front of a man without any consequences?

As soon as he thought it, the answer as he knew it, sprung immediately to mind. He wasn't really a man to her, not in the carnal sense anyway. Yes, she knew he was male but he was just a guy – a friend, and nothing more. She treated him more like a gay friend than a red-blooded heterosexual male with carnal desires for women – for her. The thought probably never even crossed her mind. Kyle stood there feeling foolish with his rock hard cock poking out from his pants and Brenda not even bothering to notice. She'd already disappeared behind her bedroom door while Kyle languished, helplessly locked in the very spot in which he stood.

Brenda had quickly dashed back into her bedroom, and in her haste, she didn't realize that she had left her door ajar. The opening wasn't very wide at all, but it was still large enough for Kyle to notice. Kyle eyed the open door and slowly lifted the legs that now felt like lead in the direction of her bedroom. At first he stood just outside the door, daring himself to peek inside, to watch the forbidden fruit in front of him undress completely and change into something respectable. He laid his back flat against the wall beside her door having a moral battle with himself about what he should do. A true gentleman would quietly shut the door so as not to embarrass the lady dressing inside. Listening to Brenda happily humming some unfamiliar song, he thought about if he really wanted to be a gentleman tonight. After watching Brenda dressed in her slinky (and very well fitting he might add,) lingerie, all gentlemanly thoughts had gone right out the window. He closed his eyes and hoped that someday Brenda would be able to forgive him for what, he was convinced, his libido was about to force him to do.

Kyle quietly lurched forward and peeked his head through the narrow opening, not really sure what state of undress Brenda was in, but hoping he hadn't missed much. His left eye was about all he could sneak through without being noticed right away, and his fingers unconsciously leapt themselves to the center of the door and gently pushed it open a bit further so he could see any and everything Brenda may be in the middle of revealing at the moment.

The door lightly creaked beneath his hand and Kyle froze, certain that Brenda had heard. The opening was big enough now so that he could see clearly inside with both eyes and waited for Brenda to slam the door in his face.

She never did.

Kyle looked in her bedroom. The light was dimmed by a floral shawl that blanketed the top of her lamp revealing a large shadow of Brenda on the adjoining wall. She was undressing with her back toward him, still humming her pleasant tune, completely oblivious to Kyle's conspicuous stalking.

Brenda was on cloud nine for the past few weeks. She'd met Randy at a blues concert she and some friends had gone to downtown. He was everything she thought she'd ever wanted in a man – handsome, smart, funny and as she had just learned a few nights ago – an incredibly talented kisser. They had had several late night heavy petting sessions, but nothing had ever gone beyond that although, not for a lack of effort on Randy's part. He'd been trying to get into her panties since their first date, but Brenda had clearly set her boundaries even though she enjoyed his pursuit just as much as he did.

Brenda unhooked the front closing clasp of her bra feeling the material retract and quickly wind up the curves of her back as her breasts finally broke free of their restraints. She let the dainty material slide from her arms while her hands cupped her full, voluptuous breasts. They felt firm and heavy in her hands; the smooth silkiness of them sliding beneath the sensitive skin of her fingers. She twisted her newly hardened nipples between the thumb and forefingers of each hand, imagining it was Randy's warm lips fondling her bosom. She let her head fall backwards, her back arching as a soft moan escaped her mouth. She licked her lips, biting the bottom one hard - not really hard enough to cause any real pain but enough to leave a dimpled impression. She let the palms of her hands mold and knead her breasts, in her mind they were Randy's strong, masculine hands relentlessly assaulting her body. Her sighs were replaced by longing whimpers, her body suddenly in heat at just the mere thought of his hands on her skin.

Kyle was dying inside. He knew exactly what she was thinking about and the thought sickened him; this new intruder into their lives. Everything was perfectly fine until "Randy" unapologetically dropped himself into the picture. Kyle had been harboring feelings for Brenda for months now, planning how skillfully he would make his feelings known. He was now kicking himself for waiting so long. Brenda hadn't dated in months, but Kyle was too afraid to make his move. Now it was too late. He couldn't compete with "Randy". Kyle was no troll, but he certainly didn't have the aesthetic movie-star looks of Brenda's new boyfriend. Kyle's short, brown hair, pale skin, green eyes and his small but evident pot belly that lightly protruded above his belt buckle couldn't compare with Randy's thick, black curly hair, blue eyes and tanned and chiseled body that rivaled Charles Atlas. Kyle thought Randy must spend every goddamn day in the gym to get a physique like that. He looked down at his small belly and immediately drew in a breath, trying to suck in his gut. He exhaled deeply watching his paunch come back from its hiding. Too much ice cream, he suddenly thought to himself.

Kyle looked back up at Brenda again with a longing that would break the heart of even the most hardened criminal. He quietly reached down over his jeans to massage the stiff and aching rod between his thighs.

One of Brenda's hands had found its way to the front of her panties, and although Kyle couldn't see what her fingers were doing from behind, he had a pretty good idea.

Brenda removed her hands from the inside of her thong and let her fingers slide underneath the thin material clinging to her hips to pull them down. She bent over to pull them down her legs while Kyle watched the red string burrowed between her cheeks slowly peel itself from its hiding spot and rest at her ankles with the rest of the material. Brenda stepped out of the thong and left it on the floor where it lay. It seemed she had other things on her mind at the moment.

She walked over to the bed and rested her right knee on the side of the mattress, her hand finding that sacred area between her legs again. Kyle watched as Brenda let one finger dip inside her pussy, while her other hand relentlessly mauled one of her breasts. Her hips moved back and forth with an unrepentant slowness that threatened to bring Kyle to his knees right at her doorway. He knew she still didn't notice he was standing there while she violated her body in so many obscene ways right in front of him. In his mind, Kyle could taste every inch of her body, her chocolaty brown skin beneath his lips and tongue, her warm body beneath his, her hot breath on his neck. His cock struggled to break free from his jeans and he, feeling the need to let it do so, unfastened his button and unzipped his pants right there in her doorway. He reached inside his briefs and slowly stroked himself, easing some of the discomfort but not nearly enough of it for his liking.

Brenda's hand had picked up speed in the last few seconds Kyle had spent trying to free himself from his clothing. She was even more excited now, her breathing heavier and faster than just a moment before. While her one hand invaded her pussy with wreckless abandon, her other hand had long since abandoned her breast and the middle finger had found a new, warm and wet home between her lips. Her finger slid in and out of her mouth with such seductively slow ease that it brought a muffled growl up from Kyle's throat. He thought the sound would surely give him away, but he was past the point of caring. Even if she saw him, he was sure he wouldn't be able to stop watching and touching himself beneath his pants.

If Brenda heard him, she gave no indication as her fingers continued their journeys in the two of her hot and wet orifices. Her hunger only seemed to intensify with each stoke of her hand. The silent silhouette that the shawled lamp left on the wall beside her danced a silent tango with Brenda. Every move she made was amplified into a graceful shadowy twin. As Brenda arched her back reveling in the luxurious feel of her fingers inside her, the twin danced the same dance for Kyle on the wall. Kyle leaned his head against the frame of the open door and let his hips pump gently in and out of his hand. He imagined he was deep inside Brenda now. He closed his eyes and imagined her crescendoing moans were the result of him fucking her like she'd never been fucked before.

Just as Brenda was on the verge of an orgasm, she suddenly stopped. She removed her soaked finger from her wet slit and abruptly opened her eyes. She moaned as she walked over to the nightstand next to her bed and opened the bottom drawer. She reached in and pulled out a red, medium sized dildo, gently laying it on the bed as she closed the drawer again.

Kyle's heart nearly jumped into his throat at the sight of it. Was she really going to do what he thought she was going to do? How could he get so lucky as to watch this incredibly gorgeous woman get herself off with her own personal toy? Kyle held the base of his cock tight, desperately trying to prevent himself from cumming too soon. The mere sight of her pleasure rod nearly sent him over the edge.

Brenda laid herself on the bed, not bothering to pull back any of the sheets, not even the comforter. She propped her head up against the covered pillows as she softly toyed with her clit again. She adjusted herself in the center of the bed, trying to find a good comfort zone to accomplish the daunting task ahead.

She then grabbed the dildo and smoothly slid it in and out of her mouth with one hand, while the other continued to play with her love button getting herself wet and ready for its subsequent invasion. She sucked the rod intensely, making loud slurping noises as she did. She looked as though she was enjoying one of the most succulent lollypops in the world. Her eyes were closed and her hips were writhing beneath her hand. Every now and again she would push the plastic cock as deep into her mouth as she could, then slowly release it with an intense slurp and a sigh.

Kyle's hand was still tightly coiled around the base of his incredibly hard dick. He knew that if he let go, he would come instantly and he didn't want that.

Oh no.

He wanted to watch Brenda pleasure herself with her toy and he was going to do just that, come hell or high water.

Once she felt her toy was wet enough, she removed it from her mouth and paved a damp southern trail with it. Between her succulent breasts, down her soft belly and past the lightly trimmed mound between her legs. She let it linger there for a moment, sliding it up, down and around the slick front of her opening, wetting it once more, this time with her womanly juices. Her hips rose and collapsed with every stroke the toy made over her love button. Her eyes were tightly closed and her breathing was heavy and intense. She slid the rod once more over her clit before pursing it at the opening of her pussy. It pierced her opening with excruciating slowness, the much larger head almost forcing its way into the smaller opening. She pushed the base of the dildo harder until its head slipped into her hole causing Brenda to arch her back and moan at its entry. She let it sit there for a moment, letting her body adjust to the size before pushing on further. Bit by bit, she pushed, then paused attempting to take the entire length of the shaft into her soft, wet folds.

Kyle's forehead was supporting the entire weight of his body on the doorway now as little beads of sweat glistened on his face and neck. The smell of sex was heady in the air. Kyle finally roughly pushed his pants and underwear down around his ankles and was eagerly stroking his cock once again. He didn't care if he came now, he had just witnessed the stuff his dreams were made of. All that was left for him now was to watch his beautiful angel come.

Brenda moaned as she pulled the shaft from her womb for the first time. Kyle watched as her brown folds gave way to the pink that lay just beneath them. She once again pushed the dildo deep inside her then pulled it out once again, her hips matching the shaft stroke for stroke. Her free left hand found her nipple and toyed with it while her right hand pleasured her nether regions, releasing soft moans that slowly increased in intensity and volume as she found a comfortable rhythm with her hips. The pace increased as her moans became screams and her body rocked from side to side.

Her legs were wide open now, she was trying to take in as much of her pleasure rod as she could, her hand furiously racing the shaft in and out while it made erotic slurping noises as it entered and exited her body. The faster the pace she kept, the more feverishly her hips writhed, her back almost completely lifting itself from the bed. Brenda's orgasm was racing to the surface and once it finally hit, her entire body lifted from the bed held only by her feet and shoulders as her back arched her almost entirely off the soft surface of her comforter.

Her body and soul crashed in unison, her orgasm escaping her as her body fell back down to the bed below.

Kyle timed his climax to match Brenda's exactly. His body jerked as his semen spurted out in little white pools around his hand and dripped down to his jeans that lay on the floor around his ankles. He rested his entire body against the door frame now, not sure he could even stand on his own if he tried. When he finally looked up again, Brenda had already withdrawn her toy from her pussy and it lay on the bed next to her. She was rubbing the soaked mound with her fingers, easing the intensity of her orgasm as her body slowly came back to Earth.

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