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I was on my knees today, simply cleaning under the bed when I came across a box of photos. I was curious, so I opened them up and immediately felt my cheeks glow a fiery red. I picked up each one, remembering the times we shared at the lake. Those were the pictures on the top. The polaroid snapshots of you laying on the pier naked, your cock hard and your fingers wrapped around your meat. I recalled snapping the pictures and when you came I was eye level with your spraying milk. The fact that I needed you was apparent, since I managed many shots of our sexes joined. It was hard to take those pictures and if I recall, you and I both agreed we were going to purchase a video camera when we got home.

I moved past the lake shots and grinned as I ran my fingers down the glossy images of the 35 mm we used and set up in our hotel room the night we celebrated our anniversary. You were excited to see the camera sitting there on a tripod and me laying on the center of the bed wearing a tiny thong and a bra obviously too small for me, because pictures don't lie and my boobs were practically hanging out. I sat there gazing at photos of your tongue lapping at my nipples, and your fingers thrusting into my slick pussy. The lights were low, but they still made my cunt juices glisten. There are shots of your cock sliding into the hot, pink home where only your dick has been. . . well yours and that toy you bought me. Yeah, there is a picture in here of that too.

After those I found the digital pictures of our fuck fest during the vacation to the coast. Baby, I think you know what they showed me. They showed the adventure we had with our friends, Brenda and Alan. I miss them. Their deaths were tragic, but we have their memories, or so I do and I have ours too. I sat there on the floor and smiled as I watched you enjoy the experience of your first man and I enjoyed my first taste of a woman. I know Brenda and Alan had a good time, besides the photos, we all did enjoy a few more romps together, before they moved away and we lost them. God, baby, you look so hot sucking on that hard cock of his and I know the picture of my red haired pussy covered by Brenda's long pink tongue always made you hard.

There was more in the box, but by now, I was in a bit of a dilemma. I was slick and wet, but also sad. How does one deal with passion when they are full of desire, yet full of memories of loves now gone? I sat the photos out on the bed and laid next to them. I stared at each one as my fingers parted the sides of my robe and I found myself exploring the areas that had been explored in the photos. God, baby, I was so hot as my fingers felt the ridge of my collarbone and the dip where they join. I imagined you behind me and your hands moved down my ribs and then up to cup my breasts. I stared at a picture that I took of your dick and I could almost feel it sliding in behind me. I lifted my leg and sent my fingers down to my pussy where I toyed with my hot, moist opening.

Another picture caught my attention and I moaned as my fingers dove deep, just like your tongue did the day it was taken. We fucked hard didn't we? Often too? We loved though, slow, torturous caresses that drove me mad with desire and you too, if my memory serves me right. It often does. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed in the scent of my pussy, wishing to the Heavens that your scent was with me. Suddenly it was and I knew the thoughts of you were taking me to a level of ecstasy that I rarely reach anymore. I could hear your voice in my ear demanding me to come. I could feel your teeth on my neck and your fingers on my hips as I showered my hand with my fluids.

No one was there to hear my gasps, groans and grunts of carnal pleasure. No one was there to feel the hot liquid spill from my pussy. No one was there to witness the glistening juices fill my palm and coat my fingers, or to see me bring them to my lips and cleanse them with my tongue. I opened my eyes and saw a picture of us, holding hands and looking out at the sunset. Baby, I miss you, need you, and long to be in your arms again. . .but for now, I have the box of pictures and the memories of our youth.

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