tagIncest/TabooMen of the Family Ch. 01

Men of the Family Ch. 01


My dad and I have never been very close. We've had our moments, laughed together, done cool things together, like going camping or upgrading computers, but we've never really been as close as he is with my brothers. I have two brothers, both of which are younger than me. They both like sports, like my dad, girls, like my dad, and are interested in the same things my dad is. Me, on the other hand, well I'm gay, but nobody in my family knows that, of course. I don't like sports, and my dad and I don't have much in common except for our affinity with technology.

I've wanted to compare his cock to mine for a long time, but recently I've been feeling a lot more lustful towards my dad. He's got a pair of boxers that he wears to bed every night, and they aren't exactly tight. They're actually pretty loose, allowing for things to slip out once in a while. Two Christmases ago he was sitting on the couch by the tree, and I was on the floor opposite of him, and when I looked up, what did I see? Well, two wonderfully giant dad-balls staring back at me. I've got a thing for balls. Pretending to text a friend, I whipped out my phone and silently snapped a picture of those two magnificent testicles. He didn't even notice that his ball sack was hanging out, or that I was the only one that noticed. That night I put them on my computer, and when nobody was around I jacked off while staring at his balls till I blew cum all over the hardwood beneath me.

After that I was sneaky about how often I looked for his big cock and balls. I would peer into his bedroom night after night, when he was wearing those loose boxers, hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock around the TV. Sometimes, when he moved, I would be able to see his penis peering back at me, but only momentarily before he would adjust his boxers again and hide it from me. He didn't know I was watching of course, but it still felt like he was teasing me. One time he was even playing with his flaccid dick while looking at something on his iPod, so I grabbed my video camera and silently filmed him playing with his dick and balls. They were all loose and saggy, so I got an intant boner. I zoomed right in and saw him tugging on his dick, still soft, flipping it around and then rubbing his hairy nuts. I was so excited I stopped filming before he put his junk away, scuttled back to my room, dick in hand, and blew a huge wad of cum onto my bedroom floor while I watched and rewatched him fondle himself on camera. That video was the cause of many an orgasm for me over the next couple of months, until my computer broke and I lost all my files.

I didn't just get off on watching his dick, either. Once when I was still exploring my body and my dick, I was lounging in the family room completely naked, with my clothes on the floor. Naturally, nobody was home, but I didn't know when my dad would be getting home. After watching TV naked and with a soft penis for about 15 minutes, my dad walked in after getting back from a buisness trip. Frantic, I jumped up, yelled a hello back to him, and tried to dress, but he had already started walking towards the kitchen. I only had time to put on my shirt, but not put my arms through, when he walked by and started to say something.

"Hey Cli- oh, heh!" and then continued to go into the kitchen. I was so scared I couldn't do anything but stand there with my soft cock and balls hanging down, not covered by my shirt, as he gestured towards them and walked off. After I had dressed, I started to go upstairs, when he said

"Wanna tell me what you were doing in there?"

"I was just sitting there naked." I said, because I was. I walked into the kitchen and saw him making himself a sandwich.

"Really?" He asked, doubtfully.

"Yeah..." I responded, looking him in the eyes. He never brought it up again.

Long after that, whenever my mother and brothers weren't home (and sometimes even when one of my brothers were home) I would jack myself off with my bedroom door open, compeltely naked, so if he came to talk to me he would get an eyefull of my dick. Once, I was masturbating on my bed, lower half positioned so that if he walked up to my bedroom he would see me jacking off. Eventually he did come up to ask me where I put something, but stopped in the hallway when he saw my penis being worked on and my balls flapping. He didn't say anything about it, and I didn't try to hide anything. When he said "Alright, thanks!" I started jacking off once more. I blew a huge load after that. He never mentioned it to me after.

Unfortunately after that he never did anything but get mad. Once I opened my door, lay down on my bed, and put my legs up, so that when I jacked off I could finger my asshole as well. My dad walked in, saw what I was doing, froze for a second, then walked out, telling me off. He then walked back in, closed my door, and didn't say anything else. Almost immediately I blew my load all over my chest and face. I did this a couple more times, either sitting on my bed so that when he walked out of his bedroom he would see me rubbing my own dick, and usually told me, however roughly, to close my door. I would mumble an apology and walk to my door, dick in hand, to close it, always looking him in the eye and shooting off after the door had closed.

I would think about him coming into my room and punishing me for pleasuring myself with the door open, for him to see. I would continue to steal glimpses of his dick whenever I could, always imagining what it would feel like in my hands, my mouth, my ass. It looked so big, so menacing, so delicious. I continued jacking off with the door open for a little bit longer, getting caught about 4 or 5 times, always cumming amazingly after I knew he'd seen my cock.

Then I got a little more risky. It was Saturday night, and it was just me and him at home. My mom was visiting my aunt in Montreal, and my brothers were both sleeping over at friends' houses, so my dad and I were at home. I saw my opportunity and leaped. When it was late enough, I changed into some of my own loose boxers, and a t-shirt, then brought my laptop downstairs into the living room which was attached to the hallway. My dad was already in his sleeping boxers when I came downstairs, but he stayed in his bedroom, moving things around looking for something.

I sat on the couch, and pulled my dick and balls out of the leg of my boxers. Then I put my laptop on my lap, over top of my package, creating a little tunnel for my smooth dick and balls to stay warm in. Soon, my dad quickly walked down the stairs, making his junk swing and move his boxers.

"Hey, have you seen my-" he froze when he saw my dick and balls sitting there, content, on the sofa, staring back at him. "-birkenstocks?" he finished, staring at my privates.

"Oh, uhm, no." I replied, watching him lick his lips.

"I can, uh, see your penis and your balls, you know." he said, still never looking away from them.

"Oh, sorry!" I pulled the leg of my boxers a bit, pretending to hide them, but really just exposing them more on the other side.

His boxers started to tent slightly.

"Is that better?" I said, my own penis starting to grow hard.

"Oh, uhm, yeah. Hey, hold on." He said, taking a few steps over to me. On one knee, he reached down into my little tunnel, and rubbed his fingers over my saggy ball sack. I saw his own cock and hairy balls fall out of his boxers when one knee went up, and the other down. "Nice package you got here, Clint."

I felt my dick jump when he made contact with my balls. I could feel his warm hands grasp my cleanshaven scrotum, twirling my balls around with his fingers, feeling them and making my dick even harder.

"Ohhhhhh," I groaned, moving my laptop to the side, reaching down to do the same thing to his own massive balls.

When I grabbed them, they were really loose, and his own big dick was getting harder by the second. He moved his hand up to my now fully erect cock, as I began to tickle the head of his only slightly floppy dick. I finally grabbed around the whole thing, and my finger and thumb couldn't reach all the way around it. He moved what extra skin I had left on my penis up and down with one hand, the other still playing with my balls.

With one of my hands then working up and down his big dick, the other bouncing his huge balls around, he slowly released the hand that was holding my dick and moved it to his mouth. He put his finger in his mouth and swirled it around, grabbing my balls around the sack and massaging them. When I realized what he was about to do I gripped his dick harder, bounced his hairy balls around, and got even stiffer. As I slid down the couch more to give him better access to my asshole, he took the finger, now thick and wet with his saliva, and moved it to my entrance.

"I saw you fingering you own ass that one day, and I couldn't stop thinking about how tight and warm it must have been."

As he said this, he moved his finger down to my puckered pink hole, and rubbed his spit around the outside of it. This made my dick let out a big drop of precum, which dribbeled down the front and onto my balls, eventually getting on his fingers.

He got up off his knees, and I pulled down his boxers for him. When the waistband relased his big cock, it bounced up and slapped him on the stomach. I looked at it, and my jaw dropped. It must have been about 9" long, and 6.5" around. I could already see some of his own precum starting to leak out the front of his pecker. He looked down, and with the finger he was using to massage my asshole, scooped up the leaking precum. He brought the finger back to my butthole, and worked the precum into the rest of this spit. As I grabbed his dick again, he moved his head down onto my own dick, taking it into his mouth. I squirmed with pleasure. My dad's finger at my asshole, his huge cock in my hand, and his mouth on my dick, I was in ecstacy. Then, when he deemed my hole wet enough, he plunged his finger inside. I gasped with pleasure, and he sucked down harder on my dick. I grabbed his own dick harder, and stroked it as he took my entire 7 inches into his throat.

He kept working his finger around, deeper, deeper, adding another finger, and making me squirm even harder. Then he took his mouth off my dick, his fingers out of my asshole, and stood up in front of the couch. I slipped off my boxers and my t-shirt, and, now bare, got up with him. He picked me up, swinging my legs around his waist, so that my dick was pressed up against his stomach and his cock was poking my back. When we got upstairs to my bedroom, I threw myself onto my bed, and swung my legs up to my head. My dad crouched down at the edge of the bed and moved his face right up to my ass, then started ringing his tongue around my hole. I moaned in pleasure as he put his tongue into my hole and wiggled it around. He moved his hand up to my dick and started pumping that up and down, making my balls hit his forehead.

After a couple minutes of that, he got up and walked over to the side of the bed, where he crawled over top of me as I swung my legs down. He positioned himself with his legs over top of my head, so that his veiny cock and balls were hanging down towards my face. His dick was leaking precum as I lifted my head to take the head into my mouth and grabbed his balls with my right hand. He lowered his own head onto my dick, again putting the entire thing into his mouth. He spread his legs too, so that his own gigantic dick would be closer to my face. His balls fell on my nose, and as I inhaled I could smell the sweet and sticky aroma of his balls, cock, and even a little bit of his own hairy asshole. He relubricated his fingers and plunged three into my asshole, making my head go up and take in a whole 6 inches of his big cock and making his balls cover my eyes completely. I moved my own fingers first into my mouth then to the enterance to his asshole, rubbing them around the outside and then putting just one finger into his amazing hole.

"Mmmmmmmmm." I heard him moan in his deep voice. As he did this, my cock reverbrated in his mouth, and I forced my dick farthed down his throat. Then he took my balls into his mouth as well, which was quite a feat considering I take after him in the ball-size department. Now, with my dick and ball sack in his mouth, he started leaking spit all over my crotch, which dribbled down onto his fingers, which were still in my asshole. I put another one of my own fingers into his hole, making him moan again causing an amazing feeling in my dick and balls.

"I'm gonna cum" I said, as I relased his giant dick, and moved my tongue to his balls.

"Not yet you don't," he replied, "I'm gonna make you last a while." He then got up, took his fingers out of my asshole, and tightly gripped the base of my dick, balls flopping over the tops of his fingers. I put his cock back in my mouth, and another finger into his asshole. I felt the need to cum subside, and felt my dick and balls go red and bulge as my dad squeezed it with his big hands.

Just then, he got up and crawled off the bed. Still holding onto my package, he walked around to my ass, and positioned his cock for entry to my hole. Still slick with spit from my sucking, he rubbed his cock on my also slippery asshole. I squirmed again, this time in anticipation for what I knew was inevitable.

"Please," I begged him "please just fuck me."

"You really want me to? Alright, here comes!" he said, as he forced just the head of his cock into my tight little hole, stretching me to the max and making precum ooze out the top of my dick, despite the grip he still held on it.

"Aaah!" I yelled, in pleasure, as it went in. My dad slowly pulled his cock head out of my ass, and then returned it, this time pushing in a little farther passed the head. Again I yelled in pleasure, which overcame the pain.

He kept working his big veiny cock in and out of my asshole, all the while gripping my own dick and balls with his big hands. Eventually he got the entire cock into my asshole, his balls pressed against my back.

"Get up." he said, releasing my cock and balls as he helped me spin over to get up on my knees. The feeling of his dick spinning inside me was almost too much for me to handle, and I almost fell over. When I steadied myself, I could feel his big warm balls rubbing against my own. Then he took his big cock all the way out of my ass and then slammed it right back in to the hilt, making his balls bounce into mine.

"OH! Fuck!" I yelled, surprised by the force with which he fucked me, and by the pleasure I felt as my father's monster cock forced its way into my body. He pulled out again, and slammed his cock back to the hilt in my ass.

"Yes!" I yelled, feeling the best pleasure I had ever felt, and dripping loads of precum onto my bed. He pulled out and shoved back in quickly a couple more times before he got a good rythym going.

Yelling like no tomorrow, he fucked me on my bed until I was panting so hard I had to lie down, leaving my ass in the air for my dad to fuck. I looked back at him, and saw him staring right back at me, sweat dripping down his pleasure-filled face just like mine. I felt his cock expand in my asshole as he brought it in and out, watched as his face went redder and he squeezed his eyes shut. I felt his cock throb over and over again after he shoved his penis into me, holding me there, tight against his body as his cock exploded jizz into my asshole. He yelled with each spasm, which made me moan with each huge blast of cum.

He collapsed on top of me, and we both landed in a puddle of my own cum. Apparently just getting fucked by my dad was enough to send me over the edge and cum without even touching my own penis.

We fell asleep like that, his cock slowly delating in my asshole as we lay beside each other on my bed.

I woke up with a smile on my face the next day.

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