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As the final credits are rolling, I look over and see you with your head in your hands. You thought you were so damn clever, slipping "Trois" in the DVD player for our afternoon movie. You have been after me now for a while to try a little menage a trois. I told you I thought it was a bad idea. Any freaky thing we want to do we can do with just us two. You thought showing me the movie would help. One of the boys down at the barber shot had told you how hot the sex scene was so you thought it might sway my opinion. Little did he tell you how the rest of the movie went. I am chuckling a little, because I know what is going through your head, as I start to straighten up the living room. I am waiting for you to say something, anything, so I can crack ya face about this. By the time the last music goes off, you are still sitting there, semicomatose, so I figure you are really bothered by what we just saw.

Trying to keep the amusement out of my voice I remind you that we have a dinner engagement and if you don't hurry to get showered and dressed, we are going to be late. Head hung down, lip poked all the way out, you shuffle your letdown self to the bathroom for a shower and shave. I am so tickled by how badly things went for the couple in the movie that I start to hum to myself. I know that now there is no way that you are going to try to make me do menage anything.

By the time we make it to dinner, the other couple, David and Lisa, have already ordered drinks. As we settle ourselves, I explain that we got caught up watching a movie and that is why we were late. Lisa asks in-between sips of her Watermelon Martini, which movie. I look to see your reaction as I tell her. She almost chokes laughing as I lean over to do a stage whisper, "Trois".

David starts to smile too, and rubs Lisa's back. "Y'all must be thinking about spicing up the bedroom," David observes.

You roll your eyes and take a long swig of your whiskey sour and I laugh. "Nah, it wasn't an 'us' kinda thing," I explain. "Mr. Freak Daddy wants to experiment."

I expect them to say something like "oh that is just too freaky" but they throw me a little loop. "Well," Lisa says slowly, "don't base your ideas about menage a trois on that movie. People do it all the time and love it. It can be fun if you have the right partner or couple."

We look at each other and then at David and Lisa. She leans out and puts her hand on mine and winks. "Yes, girl, I have licked the kitty and I loved it." She moves away to snuggle up to David and says, "Don't get me wrong, I still love how Big Daddy puts it down, but it was so much fun being touched in a different way."

I can see you out of the corner of my eye, and you are watching them as if they have just grown antlers. "Hey baby," you say to me, "I wanted to do a menage a trois, but I don't know about another woman licking at the treasure. I thought maybe she would just be licking my balls while I laid the funk down on you." Everyone at the table laughs.

"So basically, my brotha," David says, "it was supposed to be all about you."

"No," you say quickly, "it was about my lady too. I didn't want her to feel overwhelmed with having to please me alone." That sends everyone into laughter, because it is a known fact that you are a bit quick on the trigger when you are extra excited.

We talk and laugh about the movie all through dinner. We are all about to head to David and Lisa's to play spades when his phone rings. He excuses himself to take the call while you head out to get our car. Lisa and I head to the bathroom to touch up our makeup while we wait.

As we are in the mirror, I see her looking at my breasts. After the conversation that we have had all through dinner, I can't help but be a little curious. I am trying to play like I don't notice, though. My nipples give me away, because they start to poke out through the fabric of my dress. Lisa smiles, but doesn't say anything. I was really expecting, almost hoping, that she would make a comment. I get so flustered that I drop my lipstick on the floor in front of me, but before I can pick it up, Lisa is kneeling on the floor to get it. I feel her breath on my knee as she is looking up and holding the tube.

"Here you go," she says, sounding just a little breathless. I felt her looking up my dress a little. Had I known that anyone was going to be down that way, I would have put on panties.

I turn fast and make a bee line for the door of the restroom and run directly into David. He reaches out to steady me, one hand accidentally landing right on a very excited nipple. He pulls back and smiles apologetically.

"Hey," David says, "can you two just bring Lisa to the house? I have a run I need to make."

I say "sure," and feel her come to stand right beside me. It feels like her hand is rubbing my bottom, but it is too light for me to be sure.

When we pull up to the front of the house, Lisa tells you, "Let us out here, and pull the car into the carport. We get inside and set up the card table."

When you come in, we all sit down, ready to play. Lisa suggests, "Hey, why don't we play poker until David gets here?"

I am a little bit tipsy from the drinks at dinner, so that sounds like a good idea to me. You shrug an OK and Lisa gets up to look for the poker chips. She comes back empty-handed. "OK, guys, I can't find the chips. Look like it is going to be a game of strip poker."

We laugh and start to play. I thought she was joking until the first hand was up. I lost and both of you were looking at me, waiting for me to take something off. "Oh dang, y'all," I say. "I thought we were just kidding." You both look at me, waiting, so I take a deep sigh and shed my shoes.

After the fourth hand, I have lost my shoes, shirt, bra and skirt. I am down to nothing. I start to get up, seeing as how no one else has lost even a button. Lisa says, "Hey, where are you going?"

I tell her, "I don't have anything else to lose."

She says, "Don't worry, we will come up with something."

The fifth round I actually win and both of you decide to be generous and take off an article of clothing. You took off your shirt and Lisa took off her dress. I don't know if I like having her breasts across the table from you, all perky, still in a push up bra, and mine are el naturel.

The sixth round, I lose. I don't know what I have to take off when Lisa says, "How about we give your man a little show for this loss?"

I don't think that is a good idea, but you look like you just got the best Christmas gift in the whole world, so I ask, "What do you have in mind?"

Lisa says, "You don't have to do a thing. Just sit up on the table with your pretty kitty facing your man."

I get on the table, legs spread wide, facing you. I look down in your lap, and your member looks like it is about to break though your pants. Lisa comes and settles herself in your lap, thong panties riding up and starts to grind her bottom against you. I put my hand up to put a stop to that when I feel her tongue, ever so soft, on just the tip of my pearl, right at that second. My eyes get really big and I feel like I have just frozen. I can feel my wetness leaking out to greet her and my nipples getting hard as diamonds. You reach past her and her grinding hips to start to pinch and rub my nipples very gently. Her tongue reaches down into my honey pot to gather out more of my juices. It is so thick, so long, it kind of feels like a miniature penis. I slowly lay back on the table, and she opens me up with both of her slender fingers. You can't reach my breasts anymore, so you cup Lisa's breasts and start to fondle them, rubbing yourself up into her. If it weren't for the pants and the thong, you would be deeply inside of her right now. Her fingers move from my sex and travel up my body to take off where your fingers left off on my nipples. I can feel my sex dripping all over Lisa's face, hearing her slurp up my nectar.

You unzip yourself and slip on a condom. You lean around her and ask if it is okay with me, before you move the thong aside. I was trying to say no, but my moan turns into a scream as Lisa's tongue takes me over the edge. You take that as a yes and bury yourself deep inside of her. I can tell her muscles are milking you, because you are making that same little whimper that you make when I work my muscles up and down you. I know you won't last long, because of the amount of noise you are making. As you are grunting and releasing, David walks in.

"Ah, yeah," he says. "Just in time for my turn." He moves me off the table and moves me into the doggy style position. He slides into me deeply all at once. I am watching you finish your final shudder as David starts to take me on a hell of a ride.

When you are finished, Lisa starts to slide herself up under me. I am thinking that there is no way she is getting any kind of reciprocation when I feel her tongue teasing me sex once again. Between her tongue going between my lips and David's full nuts, I feel like I am going to explode. David rears back and starts to slam into me deeply. Lisa's mouth becomes like a miniature Hoover on my pearl and I start to shake all over.

David's hand grabs the back of my hair and pushes it down into Lisa's waiting sex. With you and he looking on, my orgasm imminent, I have my first taste of Lisa. Her finger snakes itself between David and me to tickle my anus and I latch on and do a little Hoover move of my own. We both start to writhe against each other, on the edge of completion. You slide between her legs, moving my head, sinking back into her as her body started to rack with pleasure.

I become very still because I know a big orgasm was on it's way. I say, "YES! YES! YES!" all over again, as Lisa's tongue finally brought me the release I sought. David took that moment to move from my front to my back hole. I am so into the sex and how great it feels that I just ride out the pain and let him empty himself deeply into my bowels. When he backs out, I place my azz right on Lisa's mouth and feel her tongue seek and gather all of his sauce.

You come one more time and fall off of Lisa, breathing heavily. We all take a moment to catch our breath before David suggests we try this again out in their hot tub.

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