tagMind ControlMental Telepathy Ch. 2

Mental Telepathy Ch. 2


Author's note: I want to thank Pearl for her words of wisdom and her help in editing this story. The first time I ever had an editor and her feedback was greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy this continuation of the Mental Telepathy tale.

* * * * *

John rose from the bed and slipped quietly from under the blankets. He padded Almost silently down the hall to the kitchen, his mouth parched, his lips dry to the point of cracking. He reached up to the cupboard to grab a cup, his favorite plastic cup, one large enough to hold more than a can of soda but not too large. The one he had gotten for free at the fast food place so many years ago, the one with Cartoons on the side. He poured it almost full with orange juice and walked quietly back to his bedroom to sit in the arm chair there.

He couldn't believe what had been happening to him and he wondered if it had, in fact, happened or had been just one fantastic wet dream. Nancy was still sleeping quietly in his bed, her soft silky hair draped over her face and she snored softly. He couldn't understand how she could snore "cutely" but she managed it. She looked so peaceful and just the fact that she was there proved what had been happening. He was still looking for the flaw in his newfound powers, could it be just a bunch of coincidences? He knew it wasn't. His real fear now was being able to control it. He knew he couldn't and wondered if he'd ever get it under control. He'd always had a more than just active imagination and reality always paled in comparison. Nancy rolled over and he watched her eyes open slowly, slightly out of focus, he was fascinated, watching the woman he had fantasized about so many times, seeing for the first time her waking routine. Her eyes slowly lost that glassy eyed, slightly askew drifting off to know where appearance as she looked at him, a hint of a smile played at the corner of her lips.

"hi" she said in a shy subdued tone of voice.

"Let me guess, we're not going to work today either huh?" He asked her. He watched the momentary panic cross her face as she searched for the clock and then she laughed. She had a delightful laugh, something he wanted to hear more of.

"It's Saturday, we don't have to work today" she said with the laughter still in her voice.

"What do you want to do today?" John asked with trepidation in his voice. He wanted to revel in this woman, with such a youthful spirit that he wanted to know more. He was terrified that she'd want to leave, he was afraid to be with his thoughts.

"I want to help you learn control today..." her meaning obvious.

Now it was his turn to laugh. "I've had the same thought patterns for my whole life and you're going to change them in one day?"

"No, but at least I can find out what you think about... We can learn to control it Over time sweets..." and that smile that just melted him played once again at her lips. She slid up the bed a little and turned slightly to prop the pillows under her head. As she turned the sheet slid lower on her chest, almost but not quite revealing her breast to him, drawing his attention. He knew he'd never get enough of this woman. As he thought about how soft her breasts were, soft to the touch but with a firmness under the skin, he couldn't help but remember how her nipple grew when he took her into his mouth last night. As he watched, her nipple became visible under the sheet.

"John! You're incorrigible!" her words told him to stop but the look on her face told him it felt good to her. He continued to think about her nipple, her firm breast and began to fantasize about taking her breast into his hand and gently kneading it, with his hand squeezing gently, her nipple pressing against his palm.

"That feels wonderful" she said in a voice full of air, "but... we've gotta go, we've got things to do, come on."

"I told you I couldn't control it" John said as he shook his head to try to clear the images from his mind, but try as he might he just couldn't quite do it. His mind's eye saw his hand sliding over her breast, leaning down to take her nipple in his mouth, trapping the nipple gently between his lips as his tongue worked the nipple from side to side in his mouth.

"noooo John, we really have to get going... oh that feel so wonderful" Nancy whispered as she settled back against the pillows. "I wish I knew how you do that... ohhh we really ohhh!" she exclaimed as John's imaginary hand slid lower the feeling of her sparse pubic hair in his mind. John was fascinated as she slid lower on the bed, her legs opening under the sheets and her hips began to move just slightly. John's mind image felt his imaginary finger slide between her nether lips. Even though he was sitting in the chair across the room he could actually feel the moisture as it seeped showing her excitement. He could feel her clit rise, growing in length and hardness as her excitement began to take over her body. "ahhhhhh, oh, don't stop... ohh John..." Her arms were straight out from her sides, her breasts jiggling with the movement of her hips, her hands clenching handfuls of sheet as she opened herself completely to his gaze as his telepathic manipulation of her clit continued. "John, ohhh, what about... unnngf! What about you...?" she managed to spit out between groans as she felt the pleasure waves building. "you're... ohh you're going to make me... ohhh I'm going to cummmm" and John continued his attack on her clit, gently rubbing it in small circles as he watched her from across the room. He watched as her head went back forcing her breasts to rise as her back arched off the bed. He gazed at her long hardened nipples as she thrust, her eyes rolling back into her head, her legs bent at the knees as wide as she could get them. He could actually watch the pleasure waves coursing through her body as she began to grunt rhythmically. He watched as her stomach contracted, her legs shuddered and her breast became taut with the tension of release.

"Ohhh! Ahhhh! Oh god oh god oh god" she chanted as she came with a force she had never considered possible. The pleasure of the feelings in her body compounded with the erotic image she knew she presented. She abandoned control as she sunk into a sea of pleasure, the most erotic vision John had ever witnessed. John slowed his mental stimulation of Nancy's clit as she began to settle down. "Ohhh! GOD! What a away to wake up in the morning... Oh John... What are you... OH! Ah! What are you doing to me?" she cried as John imagined first one finger then two fingers sliding into her moist and juicy pussy. He could feel his fingers getting wet and loved the sensation of the slippery lubrication that he could feel on his skin. He could feel the little clump of rough skin just inside, towards the top, inflamed from her recent release and he concentrated his thoughts on the spot. Her legs flew open once again dragging the sheet to the side so he could sit there and see her entire nudity as he rubbed his palm on her clit while his fingers played a gentle tattoo on her G spot.

"Ohhh God!!! John! Ohhhh... I'm going... ohhh I'm going to cum... unnnnnngf... again! Ohhhh losing it... ohhhh losing control..." and with that she let go and had a deep wonderful G spot orgasm, a deeper orgasm, an orgasm similar to the difference between a guitar and a bass, the waves of pleasure being longer and deeper, moving her to the depths of her core. John watched as a small burst of slightly milky fluid flowed from between her lips. He watched mesmerized and her pussy contracted and pushed, each time emission of the fluid, timed with the contractions of her stomach.

Her breasts appeared rock hard her nipples their steely peaks, pebbles of pink flesh, he just couldn't control himself any more and slowly crept across the room to take one of them in his mouth. Her hand finally unclenched to come up and rub the hair on the back of his head as he suckled gently, the tension slowly leaving her body as he held her gently stroking her skin, feeling for real this time her nipple against his palm.

"Ohhhhhh John... that was the most incredible feeling I have ever had..." Her body was covered by a thin sheen of sweat, her legs still twitching in her post orgasmic glow, she laid back and let John feel her body. She was as soft and as firm as his mind had imagined. She finally rolled over and stared him in the eye. John felt as if she was looking into his soul and found it slightly disconcerting. She smiled and leaned forward to lightly kiss his lips. Her lips separated to take his lower lip into her mouth a gentle sucking pressure as her tongue slid over it. The kiss wasn't the deep me-Jane-you-Tarzan kiss he expected but was one of the most sensuous erotic kisses John had ever been the recipient of. "I'm going to take a shower" Nancy said as she slipped from the bed, "then we have to go to my place so I can get a change of clothes" John had an awesome view of her ass as she padded to the shower... "John! Now Stop it!" she said and she let loose with another peal of that fabulous laugh as the shower door closed behind her. "Go watch something on TV or something..."

John was able to keep his mind off of Nancy long enough to let her take a shower but his erection remained an almost painful reminder of what he witnessed and, he couldn't quite get himself to admit, caused. Nancy came out dressed again in her work clothes from the day before. "You want to meet me somewhere or something?" John asked lamely.

"You think I'm going to let you out of my sight today? You're nuts! Take a shower while I get something to eat and we'll run over to my place real quick. We have to go shopping this afternoon we're going to a party tonight." "No way! I can't go to any parties like this, not until I have control" John said almost in a panic.

"You're coming with me and we're going tonight, period." John wondered how women get control so fast, he never understood it but they always did, might have something with how great sex, with a woman of course, feels. He marveled at the power of the clitoris as he walked into the bathroom with a gentle smirk on his face, slid his shorts off and stepped into the shower.

The images from the preceding day and last night played like a disjointed movie in his mind; the look on Nancy's face as the woman across the restaurant came, a mix of wonder and excitement, the look on Nancy's face as she came, so similar but different. A mix of pleasure and pain as she tried to conceal her pleasure from the other patrons in the restaurant, her intense loss of control this morning. And as he began to think about the feel of Nancy's breast in his hand, the flatness of her stomach as his hand slid lower to feel her pouty moist nether lips parting slowly allowing her nectar to seep into his palm he felt a hand wrap around his semi hard cock. His eyes flew open only to shut instantly as the soap stung... "Wha.. OW Shit! what are you doing!?"he exclaimed...

Nancy laughed in response, "I hope that means you're not used to this." She laughed.

"Hmmmm that feels really good" John said as his hips began a subtle pumping motion. "wait a sec and I'll rinse off and meet you in the bedroom"

"No John, this is for you, I figure if we make you cum we can get to the store and back without any embarrassing moments." And John saw an expression on Nancy's face he had never seen before. It was a mixture of, well, almost kind of... well, love was too strong, perhaps, really intense like. The tingles began to emanate from his hard member as her hand slid up to the top then with a slight twisting motion to travel the length back down to his pubic hair, only to begin the trip once again. He couldn't imagine that his cock could get much harder and the pleasure waves were so intense, her pace was enough to bring him right to the edge but not quite fast enough to get him over the top.

"ohhhh... please... I'm so ... ohhhh so close... Ohhhhh pleeeease..."

He opened his eyes long enough to look down at her. She had her face close to him, her eyes focused on his member watching the head poke from between her fingers on each down stroke, watching the skin gather slightly under his circumcised head as her hand slid up to cover the intensely tingling crown. She leaned down and licked the tip with the tip of her tongue as he watched. "Ohhhh Nancy, ohhh don't.... going... to... ohhhhh going to cum..." His hips began thrusting his hard cock between her fingers, the pace enough to take him over the edge, he couldn't hold it back any longer as his testicles pulled tight against his body and the tingles began to travel down his legs and up through his abdomen as his conscious thought began to dissolve into the red flashes of ecstasy pulsing through his body, timed rhythmically to coincide with each shot of his pearly white cum as it raced out of his cock to land on the tub floor, mixing with the rain drops of the shower to slide slowly into the drain. John's entire world was consumed with the soft hand stroking him and the big brown eyes watching his peak of pleasure.

His legs slowly gave out as he slid down the wall to end up laying on the floor of the bath, her hand gently rubbing his cheek as she looked deeply into his eyes. "That was awesome John... I've never watched... I've, I've... I want to do that again..." then her eyes snapped out of their wistful, semi-glazed condition, into the here and now. "That should hold you for a little while, rinse off and lets go... Now John! Stop that!" she said as he mentally goosed that fine ass as she walked out of the bathroom. Her hand flipped behind her as if to smack his wrist and he laughed as the door pulled shut.

As they walked into her apartment he noticed some things that were just... well, Nancy he thought. She had an artistic flair, the décor was neat but livable. He wasn't afraid to sit on her couch while he waited for her to change. He turned on the TV and found a soccer game to watch while he sat there.

"Who're you?" said the skinny delectable blond standing in the entrance of the hallway Nancy had disappeared down a few moments before.

"umm... I'm uhh... John..." He said feeling as uncomfortable as he ever had. "I'm uhhh a friend of Nancy's..."

"Must be a good friend! I've lived with her for two years and never met one of her boyfriends before, the bubbly blond said. "Oh! I'm not her boyfriend... well I'd like to be... ummm but I'm uhh just a friend from work..." and he was mortified as he felt the blush travel over his face.

"uhh huh... we'll see..." and she bounced out of the room.

Nancy came back into the room several minutes later, "I see you've met my roommate."

"yeah she seemed... nice" John said not very convincingly. John wanted Nancy so badly again, just seeing her brighten the room as she entered it, that he was once again stumbling over his words. She had changed into a casual skirt with a tight cotton shirt, he could see the faint outline of her nipples through her white shirt and smiled at her meekly. "ummm if you want me to control myself, well... umm... that shirt's not going to help much."

Nancy just smiled and said "Thanks! Let's go."

John was surprised at how wonderful of a time they had shopping. Nancy was trying to pick out an outfit for the party they would attend that evening but John hardly noticed that they were actually shopping. He made fun of some of her choices and she seemed truly interested in his opinion as she tried on outfit after outfit in store after store.

He never felt that trapped she's just testing me and I have absolutely no chance of winning here feeling. The feeling that every male has experienced when asked his opinion on fashion issues by any female. She even selected an outfit for him, a set of slacks that fit him better than any he'd ever owned before and a button down shirt with a hawaiian like pattern on it. She said he looked great but he wasn't so sure.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him into a dimly lit restaurant located against the outside wall of the mall. "You've been good today" Nancy said.

"I've had such a great time today, being with you, I haven't even thought about it..." John replied.

Nancy pouted and said, "I'm kind of disappointed..." and smiled at John.

They ordered drinks and as the waitress walked away John began to think about Nancy. He again looked at the swell of her breasts, the points of her nipples pressed against her shirt. He thought how nice it would be to reach out and just lightly run his finger tips over her nipples and he watched as they hardened. He thought of her trim thighs, how they tapered, the sinewy muscle beneath the skin that was so soft, the way they would feel as his hand slid slowly up the insides of her thighs.

"that feels so wonderful..." Nancy whispered across the table. His imaginary finger came into contact with her pantied crotch and he could feel in his mind and on his finger tips the wetness that had been seeping slowly out of her. His finger pressed gently on her clit and he began to imagine rubbing gentle circles, feeling the bump of her clitoral shaft slide beneath his finger. He was sitting back in his chair with his eyes slightly open, the images in his mind cutting off his sense of sight.

"ohhh god John... Don't you dare stop that..." and his awareness came back as he watched her chest rise and fall with her labored breathing... "I can cum so easily sometimes and you're going to make me cum right now if you don't stop..."

"This is a good thing!" John replied...

"No! Not in the restaurant! Someone will notice! Ohhhhhh..."

John continued his mental stimulation of her clit and watched her begin to climb to her peak... He would never tire of seeing that expression on her face, the pleasure passed from the almost painful to the point of no return crescendo of pleasure peaks as his imaginary finger dipped into her depths.

"No.... Ohhh nooo.... Please... ohh please not here... ohh so... unngf ohh soo close...." John's erection was so hard it was almost painful, the look on her face, her nipples, longer than John had ever seen, pressed against her shirt, raising the fabric from her chest as she trembled, her hands gripping the table, the muscles in her arms and neck tense.

"I'm... ohh... I'm trying so hard... ohhh... not to... ohhh... but I can't help it..." and she began to shudder just as the waitress walked up with their drinks... The waitress stood there watching Nancy cum, a quizzical look on her face, seeing Nancy's hands grip the table and looking to see John's arms folded across his chest. "unnh! Ohhhh Unnh! Quietly as Nancy moaned through her intense cum...

As Nancy began to collect her wits again she glowered at John and the waitress, of course, made things worse. "that was interesting!" She said and walked away from their table.

"Oh my God!!!! I don't believe you just did that!" Nancy said with total shock in her voice.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't realize she had walked up until you were already cumming." John replied.

"Don't be sorry John... That was the most intense cum I've ever had... Each one with you seems to get better and better. I loved the urgency, the need to cum quickly and it was exciting when I came, I thought about the woman in the restaurant from yesterday" Nancy said and she slid slowly down in her chair completely relaxed, while John's erection continue to throb in his pants.

"Finish your drink, its your turn baby." And Nancy stood to leave.

As they got in the truck Nancy put her hand on John's to keep him from turning the key.

"Just sit back and let me..." Nancy whispered in Johns ear.

She slid her hand down to his zipper that was tight over John's erection. Her hand slid into his pants and she pulled his raging cock out of his pants. The tingles traveled through John's body as her soft cool hand slid up and down his length, hand twisting slightly as it passed over the head of his cock. She leaned into him and said quietly in his ear... "I want to watch you cum again... but not now... Now I just want you to feel good..."

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