Metamorphosis Ch. 05


"Well... ya it'll take a little longer than two minutes I'm guessing" Sean said timidly. "I mean I can wait till after you get back, but I'd really like to talk to you now if possible." Although she had to prepare herself for the talk her son wanted to have, she didn't like denying his request to talk to her. She never had. Despite the subject matter, a motherly part of her felt obliged to listen. She didn't like lying to her son, but she had to for the time being.

Heather turned to look at her son compassionately. She closed the cabinets and dishwasher and said, "Well babe, if it's important, I don't want to rush through it. If you can wait, we'll talk about whatever's on your mind after I get back from yoga. I shouldn't be more than an hour, hour and a half tops. Can we talk then?" she asked.

"Of course" Sean said unconvincingly. Heather walked across the room and smiled. She planted a brief and innocent kiss on Sean's cheek as she passed him.

"Great" she said. "Now I gotta get going." She didn't know what she was going to do for an hour, but she played the part and put on her tennis shoes quickly. She grabbed her car keys from the kitchen counter and headed for the door. As she opened it and walked through, she paused for a moment to look back at Sean. "We'll talk about everything when I get back." she said, and with that she closed the door behind her.

Sean's anxiety wasn't any better. In fact, prolonging the conversation seemed worse. He churned with uneasy anticipation over the next hour.


Heather sat behind the wheel of her with a similar anxiety. She'd driven down the street and parked in a church parking lot. She didn't know if she'd come to any resolution in the next hour, but her mind raced all the same.

"Fuck.." she sighed out loud. I can do this one of two ways she thought to herself. I can tread lightly around everything and play dumb, or I can stop with act and lay everything out. Both ideas seemed to have their pros and cons, but only one of the options felt like the right on. She knew she had to stop playing this game. She knew when she back to the house, she'd have to sit down with Sean and tell him everything she knew. And that starts with today she told herself.

She decided if she wasn't going to hold anything back and let honesty be her policy, she would start right now. She wasn't going to hide out in a church parking lot for an hour pretending to be at a made up yoga class. She had to go home and tell Sean whole truth. She sighed again, this time a sigh of acceptance, turned the ignition, and headed back towards the house.

She had no idea how drastically things would soon change.

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by Anonymous11/25/17

I liked the story because it was a story 5 stars all the way

It is finished. Blow by blow sex stories are a fast read for me because I skip the's ALL the same for Most authors...kissie, kissie suckie, suckie, lickie, lickie, fuckie, fuckie. Blah Blahmore...

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by Anonymous07/03/17


no finish!?

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