Mia Mine Ch. 03


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Mia held David tightly to her, as they both came down together from their monumentally exciting love making session. "You are amazing" she whispered in his ear. "No, you are" he whispered back over his shoulder. They both laughed a little, and enjoyed the 'spooning' as Mia held him closely to her, with his hot ass still rubbing up against her now (amazingly) stirring penis. David felt her 'stirring' and began moving his ass to push against her. "I have never been the spoonee before, always the spooner". Mia laughed and pushed herself harder against his ass. They lay like this for a while longer, until David turned over so he could face her. "I want to look at your beautiful face" he said softly caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. Mia melted at his touch, closed her eyes and half sighed, half moaned.

"Do you mind if we talk for a while Mia?" David asked. "No hon, I would like that very much" Mia answered. "You are such an exciting, beautiful, intelligent, highly erotic and sexual being, it is so hard for me to understand how I am so lucky to be with you, sharing all the wonderful things that you are."

"That is so sweet, David, but you don't see what a beautiful, charming, witty, intelligent, attractive, but most of all understanding and open man you are. I find it extremely exciting to be in your company. I have had such a rough time of it, from my very beginning, you just wouldn't know."

"You are right, I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for you growing up. Do you mind telling me about it? I'm a very good listener, and would love to hear and share 'your story'."

"Well, ok David, I will tell you, it is funny, I have never really told anyone the whole story. So, I thank you for giving me the chance. Just tell me if you get bored and we can move on to something else."

"I won't get bored, Mia, I love the sound of your voice by itself, so having you tell me about yourself, the woman I am quickly and deeply falling for, would be a great pleasure for me."

"Wow, ok, with that type of intro I guess I can tell the story without fear of being judged. I think it will be a very good release for me, so here 'goes. I really don't remember ever thinking of myself as anything but a girl. My earliest memories are of playing dress up and having dolls to play with. As I got older, my father would try to take me out and play ball, or kick the soccer ball around, or shoot hoops. I found it to be very boring, and besides I wasn't very good at it. He got really upset one time and started yelling at me, well screaming really, that I had to start doing things boys do. I told him I wasn't a boy, that I was a girl. His face got so red and I thought he was going to hit me. He reached his large hands out and grabbed me, threw me down on the ground, unzipped my zipper, reached in and roughly pulled out my penis. He screamed, "See this? This is YOUR PENIS! This makes you a boy that will grow into a man.!" His rough hands pulling at my little penis hurt so much I began to cry. He scoffed that I cried like a sissy girl and stormed off, leaving me there on the ground, with my penis laying outside my jeans.

I lay like that for what seemed like hours, but it was only a couple minutes before my mom came out and helped me put myself back together. She picked me up and held me so closely to her, telling me 'it's okay baby, it's ok, he's gone now.' That's when I pulled back from her to see her nose was bleeding and her eye was blackened. I got up and helped her back into the house and tended to her as well as a 7 year old could. That was the last time I ever saw my father."

Mia had a little tear welling up in the corner of her eye, and David felt the need to reach over and hold her. She gladly fell into his arms and he whispered, "It's okay baby, it's okay, you don't have to go on if you don't want to."

Mia smiled through her tear, and just let David hold her silently for a while. She felt almost the same love from him as she did when her mother comforted her, but this was even better, because he was not only her comforter, but her lover as well, and it was a wonderful feeling.

"You give me such confidence, knowing I have a caring soul to share all this with, I think I can continue.......

So, my father left. At that time my mother was a Psychology professor at a local community college. I think her intelligence and understanding helped her understand me, and my situation. She decided then and there to send out her resume to several other schools in different cities. She finally found one, two states away, and we moved. Her parents had left her a little inheritance that she used to get me started on the hormone treatments as soon as I was old enough. Moving to a new state, made all the difference. I felt I could flourish and grow into the girl, then woman, I so desperately wanted to be.

The hormone treatments made my growth the same as all the other girls in middle school, then high school. My breasts grew as did my hips. I was beginning to really look like a pretty girl, and was so excited. But at the same time I was a little hesitant. I started liking boys, being attracted to them, and they began to ask me out. I turned them all down, and got a reputation of being stuck up. It wasn't that I was stuck up, I was just afraid to go out with a boy, start liking him, and then when he found out about my transgender situation, he would behave like my father. My mother tried to comfort me, and told me I would find someone. I really kept to myself most of the time, and really got interested in computers and programming. There was a wonderful teacher at my high school who saw that I wished to immerse myself into that work, and really became my mentor and gave me a whole bunch of extra work, well beyond the scope of the class. He had worked as a programmer for a large software company for a while, but wanted a little slower and less stressful life, so he settled in our little town, and I was glad he did.

Then there was this new boy, Jonathan, who came to the class and in very little time showed he too was removed from the social part of high school, and had thrown himself into computing, but especially loved the gaming end of it. He was very talented and had actually designed and programed a couple games himself. He started hanging around after class with me and the teacher. He was really good looking with his long blonde hair, clear almost piercing blue eyes, and relatively fit body. Oh, but when he smiled, I would melt. I could tell I was falling for him, and I thought I felt he had interest in me as well. We spent a lot of time together doing the extra work, and even collaborated on a couple assignments. We got along really well, and then one day he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house so he could show me a new game he was working on. I jumped at the chance and we left the school right away and walked to his house. He amazed me about halfway through the walk when he reached over and held my hand. It felt so good to be walking holding hands! I was in heaven!

We got to his house, and went down into the basement. He had basically taken over the basement as his study, lab, and gaming den. The entire room was jam packed with electronic equipment. He showed me his new game, we each held a controller and sat right next to each other on an overstuffed sofa. We laughed and played hard trying to capture each other's space station with all sorts of weapons and tricks. Finally, Jonathan captured my station and the game was over. We both dropped our controls and looked at each other, and then it happened. He leaned over and kissed me. Oh my what a kiss! He had me, I would have been putty in his hands. All those years of sexual frustration seemingly coming to an end! Our kiss soon became so hot and passionate, our hands began to roam. He found my breasts and started playing with my nipples that were so hard, tender, and sensitive by my being so turned on. I let my hand caress his thigh and then let it move up to his crotch, and could feel how hard he was as his hardened penis was straining against his clothes. I unzipped his jeans, reached inside, and brought his penis out through the hole in his boxers. He was so turned on he was moaning loudly. I stopped our kiss and moved my head down so I could start on his rock hard, veined penis, which was now standing a proud 7". I let my tongue gently lick his tip, so I could taste his pre-cum, it was delicious. I then opened my mouth and began to suck him inside, letting my tongue go crazy on the sides and under his fold. He was now moaning so loudly 'Yes yes Mia!'

I continued on and started moving my mouth up and down on him taking him as far into my mouth as I could. I had never done it, only read about it, so I didn't know how to 'throat' him, but I tried. But I don't think it would have mattered because with only a few of my head thrusts going up and down he soon shot his teenaged wad into my mouth. I took it all in, and swallowed it while he finished screaming. While he was coming back from his intense orgasm, I began undoing the buttons on my blouse and took it off. I finished taking off my bra that Jonathan had left a bit askew from his handling of my breasts. I stopped at the zipper of my skirt and started to be a little apprehensive as to how or if I was going to tell him about me being a transgender. I didn't have much time to think about it for Jonathan's mouth was now attacking my naked breasts, and moving his hands down to my skirt. Before I could even think of how to break the news to him, he had lifted my skirt, and put his hand in my panties, only to physically jump away from me after feeling my hardon. 'You have a penis?!?!?!?' He screamed at me as if I was a leper. It was like I didn't even recognize the boy in front of me now. His face had changed to extreme anger and repulsion. He screamed at me to get dressed and get out of his house.

I quickly put my things back on and ran as fast as I could, crying all the way home. I was so mortified. I thought I wanted to die. I felt like I was going to be all alone in this world my whole life. When I got home I immediately ran up to my room, jumped face first onto my bed, face in my pillow, and sobbed uncontrollably for hours."

David felt so much after hearing this, anger at Jonathan, and so sad for Mia. His mind was racing with all the emotions that were running through him. He wanted to punch out Jonathan for being such a fuck, but wanted to hold Mia as tenderly as he could. Since Jonathan was not there, his choice became holding Mia, which he did. He held her tightly, and she sobbed against his chest. He rubbed her back, and tried to even massage those hardened neck and shoulder muscles. "It's okay baby, you are safe here, I love you and will never let you feel alone again."

When Mia heard the "L" word she lifted her head up immediately to look into his eyes. He was looking at her with such passion and compassion together, she could feel the warmth and safety and wanted to be looking into those eyes for the rest of her life. "I love you too David."

They lay on the bed, silent, but together for a little while. Just enjoying the faint sounds of the harbor that filtered in through the thick hotel windows. The ferry horn was almost calming, as they heard it, and then heard the echoes as the sound made its way down the inlet. Finally, Mia said, "Do you mind if we continue the rest of the story at another time?"

"Of course not baby, whenever you are ready, so will I be ready to listen." Mia smiled and kissed her new man and thought how lucky she was now. A few hours ago, she was just a prim, proper business woman, keeping to herself (as always). Then, this wonderful man appeared in her life, and everything was beginning to change. She let her hand run up and down his side, and they lay on their sides, facing each other. Her hand followed the curves of the muscles on his thigh, then down to his calf, and then back up all the way to his shoulder. "Mmmmmm, that feels wonderful Mia" murmured David. She knew her caresses were making his manhood stir a bit, as she could feel him growing into her. Feeling his penis getting hard against her flaccid one excited her tremendously. She felt her nipples harden, and her own penis losing its flaccidity. David began to caress her as well, letting his hands free on her lovely body. He settled on her breasts, going from one to the other, cupping them, caressing them, squeezing the hardened nipples between his thumb and finger. Each squeeze brought a beautiful moan from Mia who began to close her eyes and rotate her head in pleasure. David let his hand move south, rubbing her tight tummy and then playing a bit with her navel. Mia giggled at this and reached down between them to hold both of their hard cocks at the same time. It was difficult, but she was able to almost circle the two of them, and pump her hand up and down. They both moaned and then Mia shot up and said "I want to ride you!"

"Oh my, I don't quite know what that means, but I think I am going to enjoy it tremendously."

"Ok, on your back, and scoot up a bit. Let me take this pillow and put it under your hot little ass."

She readied him and crawled over so she was straddling his crotch. She reached down with both hands and massaged him to full hardness. Then she leaned over to the bed stand and pulled out one of her bottles of lubricant. She carefully applied the scented and heated oils to his now rock hard penis. Holding it again with both hands, she lifted up on her haunches, carefully guided herself over his penis, and began to slowly lower herself. She could feel his tip at her small puckered opening. She slid down a little further while guiding him inside her anal canal. "Oh yes" cried Mia. She then pushed down full force and took him all the way inside her.

David was in heaven, watching this beautiful woman impale herself on his manhood, and enjoying herself beyond words. He loved watching her breasts move with each of her now up and down thrusts. He really loved watching her hardened penis bobbing up and down with each of her movements. He could no longer contain himself and reached out to hold her hard penis, and to stroke it. He looked over to the side of the bed where she had thrown the lubricant bottle, reached for it and picked it up. He applied a liberal amount to her hardness and after discarding the bottle, began stroking her in time with her thrusts on him.

"OH YES MIA! Ride me, buck me like a bronco, fuck me like a wanton whore, I want to shoot my load deep inside you and let you feel what you do to me."

"OH Yes David! Stroke my hard cock, let me know when you are ready to cum, I want us to shoot our loads at the same time."

"Mia mine, you are fucking me so good, I am really close."

"Stroke me faster David, bring me close." Mia thrust harder and deeper, and David could feel his balls tighten and the whole process beginning. He was amazed at her furious sexual frenzy. "OH Mia, I am so close!" he screamed. His hands were now wildly pumping her making sure to make contact with her sensitive head with each stroke.



As David shot what he thought had to be the biggest load he had ever felt, he watched her balls tighten and then her ropes of cum shooting out. She too had a massive orgasm as her first shot landed right on his face. The next shots filled his chest then stomach. He reveled in being able to see her orgasm, and then felt the load on his face trickling down towards his mouth. As Mia finally opened her eyes she was rewarded with the sight of her cum making its way into David's waiting and wanton mouth. He took it in hungrily and even scooped up some from his chest and stomach with his fingers. He put some in his mouth, then put some in Mia's mouth. She then leaned forward to kiss him, and they heard the soft little pop of his now limp penis popping out of Mia's luscious ass. She lay there, on top of David, kissing him deeply (and being kissed deeply right back). She could feel his seed starting to leak out of her, and she reached back to get some to bring to their kiss, to mix their seed together.

David was in heaven. He was totally into this woman whom he had just met a few short hours ago. He was amazed at how somewhere between their meeting and now, they seemed to have shared a lifetime. He felt he knew her inside and out and loved every view of her. He also felt he knew himself better, who he really was, what he wanted, and felt he now knew the pathway to find it.

"A penny for your thoughts" smiled Mia.

"I was just thinking how quickly we have come together. How safe and warm and open I feel with you, like we have known each other for ever. And how that could be possible."

"Well my love, perhaps in many ways we have known each other forever. You epitomize the man I have always dreamed of sharing my life with."

With that, Mia jumped up from the bed and bounded the bathroom saying "I have to pee" over her shoulder at David. He was transfixed at the site he had just beheld. Her simple little movement had mesmerized him. He had watched her gracefully bounce off the bed, with her now flaccid penis and ball sac bouncing up and down as she bounded then ran. It was a mixture of opposites. A beautiful woman gracefully doing such a simple thing, but her genitalia being what was heretofore known as male had made for a very erotic and enjoyable sight. He could hear the toilet flush, then the water run, then be turned off. Mia glided effortlessly back to him, and once again he watched her penis bob up and down as she moved, as did her breasts. He sighed. Mia, perplexed asked "what is it?"

"I was just enjoying your duplicity" he said. "I don't think I follow you," said Mia.

He tried to put his thoughts into words, explaining the excitement he felt as he watched her body move, and the parts of her body move. "I think I get it, but I will tell you, I will be waiting with bated breath for you to go, so I can watch," Mia said smiling.

"So, do you stand when you pee?" asked David. Mia playfully punched him in the ribs, "are you kidding me?" "Well, yes, I guess I am." They both laughed and once again folded into a full body embrace on the bed. The long day started to catch up with David and his eyes became heavy with sleep. Feeling so warm and safe in Mia's arms, it wasn't long before he was fast asleep. Mia didn't mind at all, she loved that he would feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in her arms. She knew his days started at 3:30 AM to catch the 4:40 boat, and since it was now well after 11:00, he had to be tired. Not just the time but the wonderful and dynamic sex they had enjoyed. She smiled to herself, content to feel him in her arms. Feel his breath on her breasts. She whispered "I'm never going to let you go."

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