tagLoving WivesMichael is Jilted

Michael is Jilted


This is a Loving Wives tale variation. I love stories where the man pushes his woman to the edge and is then surprised as she falls away. I would appreciate comments regarding the category chosen as well as the story itself.

I see my wife shaking her head smiling, and thinking "You don't have the stamina."



A cloudless azure blue sky hovers over the white sand beach. The blazing sun toasts everything with its hot rays. The sea is calm with gentle rollers washing the coastline.

We got in late last night after a short flight from the Azores. We made love on the balcony under the moon woke up this morning in each other's arms and kissed. Catie got on top of me and rode me cowgirl style and we both had satisfying climaxes.

We went to breakfast this in the main building wearing too much clothing. I had on a pair of surfer shorts and flip flops. Catie wore a Wild Weasel swim suit that was little more than 3 postage stamps strategically connected with cord. Her nipples were partially hidden by fabric and her areolas were prominently visible. The bottom fabric only covered half of her pussy. The top of her slit was open for all to see. Completing the picture her entire tanned ass is exposed.

I, personally, like the view. I get turned on watching other men ogle her ass and tits.

I'm Michael, 25, 6' 1" 185 pounds on a good frame with chiseled abs and a 9" cock. I'm a reinsurance underwriter. I assume risks of other insurance companies, helping their solvency.

My fiancée is Catherine, 23 years old, 5'10" tall, and 135 pounds with curly blonde hair extending five inches below her shoulders. Her blue eyes are large and expressive, and she is wearing dark red lipstick on sexy lips. She has 34D breasts with pink areolas, and nipples that stand out ¾ of an inch when aroused. Her waist is narrow accentuating her peach bottom ass. Her legs are long and well proportioned.

As I said, we were overdressed as the most of the guests were bare ass naked. Catie slapped my huge erection with the comment, "Behave." I'm the only one allowed to make you hard. Deflate now, Rambo."

We got in the buffet line and selected from the variety of foods. I selected a Chorizo Torta and Catie chose the Quiche Lorraine. We both had orange juice and coffee and sat outdoors at a table under an umbrella. We ate leisurely taking in the beautiful ocean view and checking out the other guests.

Catie kicked my ankle.

"There's a cute man at the far table just staring at me."

"He's staring at your gorgeous pussy, Cat, nothing more."

"Michael! No he's not."

I looked at her innocent face and said, "He's after your pussy Catie. If I'm right you have to let him finger you while I watch." My grin was from ear to ear.

I could see the wheels turning in her pretty little head "You're on. He gets to finger fuck me to an orgasm. What do I do?"

"Keep your eyes on him as though you are interested. Open your legs wider and let him see your pussy as that Weasel doesn't cover you. If he shows any interest, nod and point him to a closer table. When he moves give him a big smile. Keep exposing yourself more and more until you have him sitting next to you."

"Not gonna happen."

"What, you're not going to do it?"

"No, he's not gonna bite."

"We already made this bet. Do you wanna raise the stakes?"

She looked at me then "What's the raise?"

"You have to fuck him openly on the beach."

"Michael! You are a horny voyeur and I know your cock's already hard. You'd like to see it. If he doesn't do it you eat my pussy on the beach!"


"Deal. Start spreading your legs and give me a blow-by-blow description as I don't wanna look and scare him away."

"Okay. I'm raising my sunglasses to let him know I see him and gave him the slightest 'come on' look. My glasses are back on my face and I'm moving my left hand to my left inner thigh and spreading my legs for him. How can I tell if he's...wait I see him touching his cock. I'm smiling again and pointing to a closer table. Oh God, Michael he practically ran to the table."

"I smell victory in the air."

"That's my pussy you smell. I feel like I'm in heat."

"He has two more tables to get here, Michael. My legs are as wide as they go. I'm pulling the fabric down completely exposing my wet pussy. He's nodding at me and licking his lips. I'm raising my glasses again, smiling and pointing to the next table. I think he's gonna do it!"

"Yes. He flew to the next table. Just one more honey; just one more for Catie."

Wait a second! Are you throwing the game?"

"I could be. You'll never know. I took my sunglasses off again so he can see my blue eyes as he's that close. There's nothing left to show him so I am putting my fingers in my pussy and stirring my juices."

"Your juices?"

"I'm sopping wet, Michael and just want to get fucked. Great, he threw me a kiss. Now all I have to do is point at the chair next to me. I think I turned the tables on you. Do you want to win this game and watch him fuck your poor little fiancée's pussy? Speak Michael, or forever hold your peace."

My cock was rigid. I've dreamt of her being fucked by a stranger. "Bring him in, Catie. Let him fuck your pussy."

She looked at me surprised. "That was not the answer I expected. It's your decision. I'm stirring my pussy again and pointing to the open chair next to me giving him my biggest smile."

"He' coming, Michael. You win."

I turned around to see a tall, tanned man with a sexy five o'clock shadow pull back the empty seat and sit down noisily. He was looking at Catie with a really fucking great smile, dammit!

Taking her hand he said "Hello, I'm Ettienne. Call me Steven," and sucked the fingers that were in her pussy seconds ago.

Steven looked to be my age, with a good build, dark hair and sexy accent. He was much tanned. I caught Catie staring at his large erection showing clearly through his Speedo trunks.

Catie was flustered and blushed as he kept holding her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Steven. My name is Catherine, with a 'C,' and this is a... boyfriend, Michael."

Boyfriend? We've been engaged four months! When did I get demoted? I noticed then that her engagement 'rock' was missing. I sure hope she didn't lose her 2 karat ring.

I was ready to say something when she caught my eye giving me 'that' look and shook her head 'No'. Okay, this is her game. Let's see how it plays out.

"Mike and I are just taking a holiday after hearing about this place from friends."

I thought, 'Liar, liar!' She found out about the resort from a porn website and told me we had to fuck on that gorgeous beach. Also, she rarely calls me Mike.

""I'm a first grade teacher and Mike is in insurance."

"Ah, a professional woman. And you sell life insurance Mike?"

"No, it's a financial insurance product." I said not desiring to go into detail. Fuck! I'm jealous!

"I'm just a lowly salesman for my family's clothing business. Perhaps you've heard of our line - Poseidon?"

"Poseidon! Catie shrieked with her one hand to her mouth. "The sexy swimwear and Lingerie Company? Oh, I love finding their fashions on the internet."

Steve smiled at her and I caught him peeking at her crotch and wondered how exposed she was.

Steve smiled again and spoke directly to Catie, holding both her hands.

"We have a new line of lingerie for which we are creating some advertising photo ops at this resort. We feel the guests here represent exactly the demographics we are trying to reach. Young, urban, brassy and very sexy."

Fuck, he's got Cat blushing again and he's still peeking at her crotch.

Enough, I think and stand up and say loudly. "Enough of this shit. Steven, if you're so interested in her pussy, ask her to show it to you!"

"Michael! Behave yourself! Now apologize and go to the bar and get us some beers while I talk to Steven about his new lingerie line."

I stood there fuming, saying nothing. Abruptly I turned around and went to find the bar and cool off.

About twenty minutes later I'm back with a tray with six beers and find our table is empty. Did I pick the wrong table? I looked around and see Catie's Weasel on a chair. I picked up the suit, balled it and placed it on the drink tray.

I saw a waitress nearby and asked if she saw a blonde and a tanned man in a Speedo? She smiled and pointed to a path to the beach.

I followed the path and got to the beach and only saw people playing volleyball. I hear noises to my left and walk down along some flowering beach cabbage bushes realizing there are cul de sacs in the bushes for privacy.

The voice I hear close by is definitely Cat.

"Oh, fuuuck me harder, Ettienne! Fuck me like Michael never could!"

I heard that clearly and my heart stopped and my knees weakened. I approached the next cul de sac and peeked in and saw camera gear, lights and tripods, and a white beach blanket.

Catie was lying on her face and shoulders, ass up as Steven pounded her pussy with his enormous, thick black cock.

I was paralyzed. I watched him as he backed his cock out until just the tip was in her. He thrust down slapping her ass with his balls. He was thrusting three fucks a second. Catie cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh, Ettienne. I'm having another orgasm."

My cock got hard as I watched her reach behind and grab his hips to hold him in. Then her eyes caught mine. First there was a look of shock, then defiance.

"Mike is back...don't stop Ettienne. Mike said you could fuck me. Isn't that right Mike? Tell Ettienne you said it was okay to fuck me. Tell him Mike."

He continued fucking her without even looking at me.

What could I do?

I taunted her in the first place so now I had to man-up and eat crow.

"You can fuck her Steven."

"See, babe? He's fine with it. Now get on your back and let me ride that lovely big cock."

Steven lay down on his back and Catie jumped on his 10 inch rod screaming happily as she slid down to his pelvis.

I turned to walk away when she stopped me.

"Michael, you said you would watch. Now watch and take some pictures of me fucking him. Michael, take pictures with your phone and send them to me."

How much worse can this morning get? Will tomorrow ever come? As much as I wanted to leave, I couldn't. I didn't want her alone with him. And leaving would have been fickle on my part since I was the one who came up with the dare.

As if reading my mind Cat said, "You could have said no, Michael. I told you that.'

'Ettienne is going to let me model lingerie and I keep the samples. Isn't that great! He says you can come to the shoot and take pictures. If I photograph well, he'll ask to use me as a swimwear model. Wouldn't that be great? Go back to the room, Michael. Go! I'll be back soon. Then we'll nap and go lunch."

I reached down and grabbed two bottles of the beer I bought and headed back up the trail I so happily walked down less than a quarter hour ago.

I still had a hard on from watching Steven fuck Cat. I stopped in the last cul de sac and masturbated cuming violently with pent up emotions.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself spewing my spunk all over Steven's back. It gave me some relief that I knew would be temporary.

I got back to our suite and took off my trunks seeing it was only 11 AM as I stepped in the shower. The warm shower did soothe my neck muscles. I guess they're sore from gritting my teeth, watching him fucking Cat.

I was out in ten minutes, toweled off and sat naked in the lounge chair on the balcony where we made wonderful love less than twelve hours ago.

I picked up my iPhone and looked at the photos. I had videos also. They were mostly cock-in-pussy shots. Looking at Cat fucking someone else is a new experience.

Fuck, I'm hard again and masturbate on the balcony watching a video of them fucking. Boy, that release felt good.

I sent all the pictures and video to Cat's phone.

Five seconds later I hear the chime from her phone for incoming messages. Where did that come from?

I dialed her phone and followed the ring tone to the bathroom and found her phone under a towel on the sink counter.

She always leaves her phone behind. No problem, she'll be back soon.

12:0 PM It was now noon and no Catie. Where is she?

12:30 PM and still no Cat. I check the room phone to see if she tried calling. No messages.

1:00 PM I walk down to the restaurant and there is no sign of her. I found a waitress who served us this morning and she said she remembers my blonde fiancée, but hadn't seen her since this morning. I asked if there were any other places to eat at the resort and there were none.

I walked to the main building and there wasn't any message at the front desk. I asked if they had a room for an Ettienne. Nobody registered with that first name.

I asked about a room registered to Poseidon and they didn't have any such name. The front desk had no knowledge of a camera shoot at the hotel and called the head manager to confirm this.

2:00 PM I was back in my room ordering room service for lunch when it dawned on me they could be at that cul de sac taking pictures. I ran back to the cul de sac and it was empty except for the tray and Cat's Wild Weasel. The beers were gone. I picked up the Weasel and shoved it in my pocket and walked back to my room.

3:00 PM I've been back in the room for nearly a half hour phoning various listings at the resort trying to find any sales to a group with cameras.

My meal order was on the table. It was cold. I had a beer. There is no record of any camera crew on the premises.

I got another brainstorm that maybe she called her mom for some reason. I called Mary and she gave me no hint that Catie had called. I didn't want to worry her so I just said I was calling our parents to assure them we arrived safely and are having a good time. Mary asked to speak with Cat and I told her she was out with a new friend she met.

4:00 PM I checked all the phones again but no calls. I was feeling good that I wasn't panicking and calling the police or the US Embassy. I found myself back on the balcony watching Cat's video again and masturbating over the railing. It is so fucking erotic watching her get fucked.

I got the idea to open my laptop and do some checking on Poseidon just to know the enemy better.

Wow! Their lingerie and swimsuit lines are fucking great. They had pictures of models wearing the outfits and the models were basically naked. There was no hiding nipples or pussy lips.

I avoided getting lost in the sexy photos and read the company history.

The company is privately owned by family members and descendents.

The founder was Ettienne Allard. He married and had five children, three boys and two girls. Two of his sons died without heirs. One daughter married, but was childless. The second daughter had a child out of wedlock. The remaining son married and had a boy and a girl.

The rest of the info was investor stuff indicating the company had been profitable for many years.

At the bottom of the page was an asterisk that led to an affiliated company: La Grenouille, The Frog.

The Frog is a liquor distributor and a movie production company. I opened another web page and Googled 'The Frog' and found what I was after.

The Frog had an alleged history of involvement in white slavery and prostitution in connection with its porn movie business.

Next was a picture of Ettienne Allard; Cat's Ettienne. The picture of him with his arms around two nude showgirls was taken last month. Reading through several articles told me Ettienne was a suspect in a white slavery ring connected with the very resort we were staying at. There was also a list of successful porn movies he produced.

7:00 PM I had lost track of time. Still no message from Cat. I got up to stretch my legs and headed down to the restaurant as I was starving. I don't remember what I ate for dinner as I didn't connect with anything happening around me.

8"00 PM I'm back in the room watching Ettienne's porn movies on my laptop. I'm wearing out my cock watching the erotic couplings and BDSM.

9:00 PM I take a break from watching porn. His female porn stars are all natural blondes. I was worried. I'm on the balcony masturbating again watching the video of Cat fucking him. My heart is racing: "Fuck her again, fuck her in the ass!"

She looks so fucking good getting fucked that I can't keep my hand off my cock. I'm having multiple orgasms over the balcony rail and lay exhausted on the chaise lounge stroking my cock, picturing tem fucking.

10:00 PM I put on my shorts and an Izod golf shirt and head for the resort's late night bar, 'Dante's Lair.' It's dark and bustling with activity. I notice all the help are naked blondes with red chokers around their neck and 6 inch glass fuck-me pumps. I see little green frogs tattooed on their left breast.

I'm getting hard again and it must show as a waitress soon comes over and places her hand on my cock.

"You feel good, honey. Do you want me to take care of this for you?"

She's a knockout and I get harder and allow her to pull me along down the corridor off the bar. I notice a tattoo on her ass cheek "USE ME" and feel raunchy as she leads me into a private lounge.

She tells me her name is Fucking Dina. I say it's nice to meet you, Dina. She corrected me. "No, not Dina. Fucking Dina. All the girlshave Fucking as part of our first name. "

The lounge decor is completely red: red velvet drapes cover the walls and a thick red pile shag rug covers the floor. The couches and chairs are a plush red fabric. Red lighting bathes our bodies. There are four couples fucking on a sofa and the floor.

FD sits me in a thick upholstered chair facing a 60 inch wide TV screen and asks if I want a drink. I order the local beer I knew wouldn't give me dysentery and watched TV. It appeared to be a video of couples playing naked pool in a rec room. The couples were buff and well endowed males and females.

FD brought back my beer and then pulled my top over my head, and my shorts down to my feet.

"Oh. A big cock for a change." She cooed, placing my cock in her mouth stroking and sucking expertly.

On the TV guy naked guy is behind the girl attempting a shot when he fucks her from the rear as she aims.

"How can she make the shot?" I ask

"She really can't" replied FD. "Girls don't expect to win. It just prolongs the time until they get fucked. If she makes the shot the guy stops fucking her and it's his turn to make a shot, just like a regular game. When he misses it's the girl's turn again. If the guy cums in her before she shoots, the game is over and they start again."

"That makes no sense!"

"Of course it doesn't honey. It's just a lame excuse to seduce and fuck a girl who already wants to be fucked. You should watch them play Corner Pockets."

FD gets up to find the remote and changes the channel to show another rec room and pool table. The camera is focused down the length of a cue stick. The shooter is attempting a combo shot aiming the13 ball at a girl's open vagina sitting on the corner pocket. She has a tattoo right above her shaved pussy that reads FUCK ME in black 2 inch high letters

"Now watch." says FD squeezing me, her lips licking the pre cum from my swollen helmet.

The shooter slammed the stick into the cue ball launching the 13 ball that disappears into the girl's cunt. Gone! Vanished!

I came in FD's mouth as she vigorously sucked.

The camera pans back showing more of the room and, finally, the face of the girl whose cunt just ate the ball.

"It's Catie!" I yell out.

"You know her?" asks FD wiping cum off her lips.

"That's Catie, my fiancée! I've been looking for her all day. When was this video taken? Where was it taken?"

Now the shooter is aiming another ball at Catie's cunt and we pause to watch.

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