Michael's Search


Like many of the other Fielding family weddings this one was large and well attended. There were carloads of senior Army and Navy Officers. There were senior managers from the many businesses they either owned or did business with. There was even a smattering of politicians. Michelle's family was well represented but they were definitely in the minority.

Over the next several years, until they retired Mike and Mike (Michelle) became a team to be reckoned with. They became known in the business world as Mike and Mike and their names were enough to strike terror in the chest of many businessmen. In many cases just the threat that they would be called in to assess and solve problems in a business was enough. They were such a well known "hammer" team that outside companies hired them from time to time to turn operations around. Mike stayed in the Navy Reserve and retired as did many in his family. He retired after a 28 year career as a Navy Captain.

After their retirement the two Mikes were setting on their patio overlooking the river they still lived beside. Mike and his siblings were reminiscing when his brother said, "Mike I remember years ago when I was giving you hell for turning away some fine women and you said, the one you married had to complete you, be perfectly in tune with you. I thought you were crazy and that you were searching for a pie in the sky and ignoring women who would have been great wives. Well Bro you knew what you wanted and by damn you were right. There sure aren't many couples in this world who click like you and Michelle do." Mike smiled and pulled Michelle against his side. He gave her a quick kiss and said, "I almost gave up before I found my gem. I have always been grateful to Dad for talking me into taking that first "Hammer" job.

Mike's brother looked around for the other women and continued, "I love Terri dearly and we've had a good marriage but I am jealous of you. I am so jealous of how Michelle cares for you it almost hurts at times. Anyone who looks at the two of you when you're together knows you have one of those perfect marriages we all dream about."

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by Anonymous

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by KRD1925412/03/16

Good - buttttt

Seems like you went to light speed rush to end this story.... You jump from Mike being ~30 to ~58 in one paragraph.
The Mike's didn't have any children to pass on their values/methods?
What happen tomore...

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by TheOldRomantic09/29/16

Nice and sweet romance business love

I like this story.
I know is an old story, but just I find yesterday.
Is a sweet tale of a business couple.
5* for you.
I apologize for my English, is not my native language.

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by Anonymous04/22/16


have been reading your stories for a while now. Tehy are not bad but you tend to be a bit repetative. You seem to want to always end your stories with the hero's in old age or dead. Let me make a suggestion,more...

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