tagBDSMMichelle Ch. 01

Michelle Ch. 01


Michelle Ch. 1 - Public Humiliation

This is a multi-part story of a middle-aged lady named Michelle. She's a classy respectable wife and mother who becomes involved with her new manager. She finds out how very dominant he is and ends up as his submissive slut accepting anything he wishes to do to her regardless of how extreme.

* * *

Michelle's story starts where she works. She's been employed as a secretary for a large company in the city for quite some time. Michelle is a very attractive lady in her forties. She's married but her husband spends little time giving her any attention. Often times she's wondered how she wound up in such a loveless marriage. She considered herself lucky if her husband made love to her once a month. And even then he never satisfied her. But she couldn't get herself to leave him. She thought it would seem like her fault and that she would lose respect from the whole family. So she stayed and hoped that someday, maybe things would change. But unfortunately, the years went by and her frustration grew.

At work Michelle's manager had just retired and the new boss was starting today. He was being transferred in from another division. When he walked in to his office Michelle noticed that he was much younger than she was. He was good looking, very muscular, and when he said "good morning" she knew from his tone that he had a dominant personality.

She was curious about her new boss and called a girl that had worked for him at the other division. Michelle became intrigued hearing what she had to say. His name was Peter and he was thirty-five years old. She discovered from the girl that at his previous division he had a reputation as a womanizer. She went on to say that she had been told that he had a fetish for ladies wearing sexy lingerie and high-heeled shoes. She even told Michelle that one girl from the office knew that he was into bondage and discipline and also S&M.

As Michelle listened she was getting chills hearing about him. When she hung up the phone she actually felt a bit aroused. She imagined what it would be like having someone like him. Instead of her current marriage that was so unfulfilling, what could it be like having a man wanting her and dominating her. Despite the age difference between them, Michelle began to fantasize about being with him and imagining that she was his mistress. She daydreamed as to what he would have her wear and what he might do to her.

Thoughts were flooding her mind all day long. She recalled the girl saying "bondage" and "S&M." That sounded scary. She never did anything out of the ordinary with her husband. It was always the usual colorless sex. And that made her crave more sexual satisfaction, but didn't know how to obtain it. As a result, Michelle fantasized about the possibilities of giving herself to a man that could satisfy her.

She and her husband are a simple middle class family. They live in a very nice house in an exclusive suburb. They both drive good cars and dress well. Her husband is a successful businessman but at home he is a very weak person. He has never dominated Michelle. He has very little interest in sex and has only ever made love to her in the missionary position. Over the years that left Michelle sexually naive. She has never even gone down on a man before and has never had anal sex. Michelle is the perfect model wife and mother. She has always been a very respectable lady and dressed and acted quite accordingly.

As the first few days passed Michelle was constantly thinking about Peter. She became more and more excited by her thoughts and began to flirt with him attempting to get him to notice her. She began to wear shorter, tighter and more revealing outfits to work. Her husband noticed the change in the way she was dressing but never mentioned anything about it.

At the end of the week on Friday Peter asked Michelle if she would like to have a drink after work. She nervously accepted. The remainder of the day Michelle anticipated the evening wondering what she would say to him and what he thought of her.

Finally after work they were together at a local bar seated at a secluded table. At first it was just idle conversation about his transfer and what he hoped to accomplish in this division. He asked for Michelle's assistance getting to know everyone in the office. But then his questions turned to her. He wanted to know more about her.

By the time they finished their second drink Michelle was talking freely about her personal life. Part of it was her wanting him to like her and part was her inner feelings coming out. She spoke about her unhappy unsatisfying marriage. Remembering his fetishes she teased him by saying that her husband is very weak and never dominates her. She told Peter that she had tried to excite her husband by dressing up in sexy clothing for him but he didn't like it.

Of course he picked up on her lead saying that he would love to take her out for dinner one night and cheer her up, but that it would not be right to have dinner with a married lady. Michelle assured him that if he did ask her out, that she would never tell her husband. He smiled and responded, "excuse me for saying, but your husband doesn't know what he has." "You're a very sexy lady."

On Monday morning Michelle's head was still spinning. All she could think about all weekend was Peter saying to her, "you're a very sexy lady." She re-played that remark over and over in her mind.

Later that week on Thursday, Peter called Michelle into his office and asked if she would accompany him to dinner with some of their clients the following night. She eagerly accepted.

"What should I wear," she asked?

Peter replied, "I realize that you're a little older than me, but I find you very attractive and sexy." "I want you to dress that way; very sexy." He suggested that a nice short dress would be appropriate. "You're such a pretty lady." "I'd like to show you off."

For the rest of the day Michelle felt like she was on a pedestal. Her boss thought she was pretty. He thought she was sexy. She remembered that he had a reputation and that he was a dominant man. But this was like a dream come true despite the fact that he might be just using her. For once in her life she felt alive and like a sexy woman.

Right after work Michelle went shopping for the sexiest lingerie that she could find. She asked the girls at the shop what they thought of the clothes she had picked out. She inquired as to what she should wear to make men take notice of her. What would make her the sexiest? With their help she bought a few short skirts and a couple tight blouses. One of them was very low cut and the other was almost see-through. She bought skimpy panties and a few new bras, of which one was a tiny push-up bra that would expose her nipples completely. She also bought a pair of 6-inch stilettos. The clerk told her that if she wanted men to notice, then wear that bra with the see-through blouse. Michelle wondered if she could possibly have the nerve to follow that suggestion and wear that in public. Then she went to the beauty parlor and had her hair done, her bikini line waxed to a tiny little strip and her fingernails done.

When she got home she went into the bedroom while her husband watched TV. She tried on her new wardrobe trying to decide what to wear tomorrow night.

The next day seemed to last forever. Peter stopped at Michelle's desk a couple times asking, "you're going to be real sexy tonight, right?" Michelle smiled each time replying, "I have something special just for tonight." She knew she had to do it. She had to wear that bra and blouse like the store clerk suggested. That would certainly please Peter, she thought. That would show him how much she wanted to be sexy for him.

That night Michelle dressed for the dinner meeting. After showering she put on her new lingerie. She chose a pair of black seamed stockings held up by a very sexy black leather garter belt. She slipped on a pair of black g-string panties that was nothing more than a tiny piece of elastic with a small patch of lace covering her pussy. And she decided on that new very low cut black laced bra that exposed her nipples. She then picked out her shortest black skirt and her new six-inch stiletto heels. Looking in the mirror she could see that the skirt was so short that her stocking tops were showing and it was so tight that the lines of her garter belt was visible.

She told her husband that she was going out with some girls from the office. As she walked to the front door she felt the adrenaline flowing inside her body. In front of her husband, his respectable wife was wearing her new six-inch stilettos. He couldn't help but notice the short skirt that was half way up her thighs exposing the tops of her black nylon stockings. If she hadn't been deliberately wearing a light shawl he also would have seen through the flimsy blouse she was wearing and noticed her nipples poking out above that skimpy laced bra.

She opened the door and out she went. She felt so embarrassed that she couldn't deal with a comment from him, not now anyway. As it was, she didn't think he believed that she was going out with the girls. She would deal with him later when she got home.

Right now she was having a hard enough time dealing with her own emotions. She was a respectable housewife and had raised two children. It was a good thing they were both married and weren't home to see their mother now. She looked like a slut. She felt like one too. But she needed to please Peter. He thought she was sexy and nothing was going to stop her from enjoying that feeling, even if she had to lower her morals a bit to please him. She walked to the street where the taxi she had arranged was waiting.

At the restaurant she met her manager in the bar. Peter was quite surprised and impressed, especially when Michelle removed her shawl and he saw her nipples beneath the see-through blouse. "Very nice," he commented.

After a couple minutes of chat two men joined them. They were the clients Peter had spoken about. The two men were about the same age as Peter. Michelle was feeling a bit out of place being the oldest of the group and having never met these guys before.

The restaurant hostess called that their table was ready. As the four were seated one of the clients commented to Peter, "so this is your secretary, huh?" "She sure is a sexy thing."

"Yes I know," Peter replied.

Once seated at the table, Michelle noticed one of the clients looking at her chest to see her nipples. He commented, "forgive me if I stare, but those look great."

The other client agreed. "Yeah honey, you've got a great set there." You must like showing them off."

Michelle was feeling flushed as the blood rushed through her body. She had never done anything like this before. She felt like she was on display as a slut hoping to be picked up.

While the men were commenting on Michelle's breasts, Peter reached under the table and placed his hand on her leg. Then he pushed her skirt up higher, almost to her waist. Michelle looked around at the other guests in the restaurant. Some of them, both men and women, were occasionally staring over at her. She felt so embarrassed. Her legs were exposed nearly all the way to her waist. The tops of her stockings could easily be seen as well as the straps to her garters. And she knew they could see what little there was of her panties.

She thought of what this looked like to others. Even though she was a respectable housewife, she was allowing herself to be put on display like a cheap whore. She was certain that everyone in the restaurant saw only one thing, that there were three businessmen dressed in suits at a table with a lady dressed like a whore exposing her nipples and showing off her legs. Despite the humiliating situation it was actually arousing. She had never received so much attention before. These men loved her body and that made her feel so wanted.

Halfway through dinner one of the clients noticed all the stares at Michelle. "Looks like your secretary is getting noticed quite a it," he commented to Peter.

Peter responded, "she likes showing herself off, don't you Michelle?"

This was the most embarrassing night of her life. She was in a public place with half of her body exposed, or nearly exposed, and her new boss was humiliating her in front of his clients. She had never dressed like this before in her life. Now her boss was waiting for an answer that she liked doing this. These other men were going to think that she enjoys dressing like a slut. They probably already thought that she was Peter's mistress.

Michelle stared into her plate and answered what Peter expected, "yes I do."

When Michelle glanced back up she noticed one of the clients mouthing a question to Peter. Obviously it was a question not for Michelle to hear. But she did make out two words formed by his lips - "fuck her." Peter smiled and then reached to Michelle and stroked her arm while answering his client's unspoken remark. "I just met Michelle last week when I was transferred here." But maybe tonight."

Michelle felt frozen to the seat. She couldn't look back up again. Her boss was talking about fucking her tonight. Is this what she wanted? Was all the flirting she did last week and dressing tonight as he wanted going to result in being her manager's slut? Michelle didn't know what to do. Her mind was wandering.

Her daydreaming and embarrassment was broken when she realized Peter was asking a question.

"What's the matter Michelle?" "Are we making you uncomfortable?"

"No, I'm okay," she replied smiling. That was a lie of course. She was extremely embarrassed in front of these two strangers even though they were clients of Peter.

"You know my friends think you're pretty sexy." "And I'm glad you like to show off your body." "Does it get you turned on having your dress pushed all the way up like that?"

Michelle glanced down remembering her stocking clad legs were completely exposed. She didn't answer but for some crazy reason she was becoming more and more aroused. Her pussy was wet.

"Is your pussy wet, Michelle?" Peter asked.

'How did he know that,' she thought?

Peter looked across the table at the two men and then back to Michelle. "Well is it," he asked again?

Michelle just shook her head that it was.

"Rub it Michelle." "Rub your pussy." "Show us how wet you are."

The shock of his request nearly made Michelle faint as the adrenaline rushed through her head just from hearing what he wanted her to do.

"HERE!!!" She replied. "There's people right behind me."

Michelle was seated with her back to the restaurant patrons. Since they were seated in the back no else could see her face except the three men at the table.

"Yes Michelle, here." "Put your hand between your legs and stick a finger in.

The two men were squirming in their seats. "Are you really going to make her do it," they asked?

"Sure," Peter replied. "She dresses like a slut, so let's see if she can act like one.

Michelle glanced around to see if anyone was watching. Then she slipped her hand between her legs and a moment later pulled it out glistening with her own cunt juice.

"I guess you are wet," Peter commented.

Michelle was hoping no one else saw what she did.

"Why don't you finished the job," Peter instructed.

Michelle looked at him a bit puzzled.

"Put your fingers back. "We want to watch you masturbate."

Michelle looked at Peter, pleading with her eyes and mouthing the words silently...

"Oh no,... please!!!

Peter stared right back at Michelle replying. "DO IT!!!"

Michelle's hand went back between her legs. Her skirt was so high it was easy to slip her finger inside her skimpy panties and play with herself. She looked down at the table feeling completely disgraced because of what she was being made to do in public. She began rubbing her clit hoping to get this over as quick as possible.

"Don't look down," Peter whispered in a strong tone. "Look at us." "Right in our eyes." We want to see the slut deep inside you trying to get out."

Michelle looked up at the men and began breathing a little faster.

"That's it, rub it harder." "C'mon Michelle." "Cum for us." "We want to see you orgasm right here."

Earlier in the evening Michelle thought she was so embarrassed being dressed like she was. And then all their questions and comments were so humiliating. But this was beyond her wildest imagination. She was in a public restaurant masturbating for three men as they watched. She tried to conceal her movements as much as possible so she wouldn't draw any attention from the other tables.

Her eyes dropped down again.

"MICHELLE!!!" It was Peter's voice whispering, only louder. "I said look at us." "We want to see what a slut looks like when she cums." "Now c'mon.. fuck that cunt faster."

Michelle began furiously rubbing her clit. She was so close.

Does it feel good, Michelle," Peter asked?

She nodded...

"Is your clit real hard," he questioned more?

Michelle blurted out in a deep sigh, "yessss...... Oh God Yessss...."

She could feel her orgasm building. She was looking right into the eyes of the three men. This was so embarrassing. They were watching and she was performing like a slut for them.

"C'mon Michelle... cum for us... right here..."

"Finger that hot little cunt of yours."

Then it started. "Ohhh!!" She let out a soft whisper of a moan. There was no stopping it now. Her body was taking over. "Ohhhh!!!" She let out another soft moan. The men saw that she had stopped fingering herself. Her mouth opened. She was cumming. She wanted to scream out but she held back the sounds of her orgasm as best she could. It felt incredible. Her body was throbbing. But why did Peter make her act like this... and here in the restaurant.

Her head drooped down as she moaned a bit louder, not even caring anymore that she was on display. "ohhh!!" "ohhh!!! "ohhh!!! fuck!!!!.... Her whole body was trembling.

"Unbelieveable!!!!,".. the two men exclaimed. "She's got me completely turned on," one of the men remarked.

"And you just met her and she does this kind of stuff just by telling her?"

"Yeah," I guess so Peter answered. "I never thought she'd be this willing."

Dinner ended and the two clients got up from the table. "Why don't you stop by the office next week." "Maybe you'd like a closer and more intimate look at her." Michelle just looked at them when she heard that.

Peter walked them to front lobby while Michelle sat there waiting for her boss. She was trying to recompose herself. When Peter returned all she heard were his words ringing through her head. "C'mon Michelle, let's go to my house."

What did he have in for her mind now?



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