tagBDSMMichelle Ch. 04

Michelle Ch. 04


Michelle Ch.4 - Training Her Ass

This chapter is a continuation of Michelle's story. In the last chapter, Michelle is just now returning home to her husband after an entire day of being abused by her manager. After making it through the weekend, she's back at work Monday morning where she finds out how often her services will be needed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This was the second night Michelle arrived at home late from work. Only this time she was much more abused than the night before. Her husband hadn't said much to this point, but the way she looked today with her breasts so badly beaten, he surely would question her now. She was even afraid that he would throw her out of the house.

She walked in and he was watching TV. He looked up at her. "Have a good time being a slut," he asked? Michelle wanted to die right on the spot. She never felt so embarrassed and humiliated as she was now in front of her own husband. "Who is he Michelle? Who's fucking you?" Michelle ran upstairs ready to break out in tears.

Michelle's husband followed her up to the bedroom. She was on the bed crying. "I don't know what I'm going to do with you Michelle? I thought I married a decent girl. How long has this been going on?"

Still in tears all she kept saying was, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry."

"So what is it," he kept asking? "I know you're doing something Michelle. I want to know."

Michelle just kept sobbing while her husband pressured for an answer.

"You're fucking someone, aren't you Michelle? Who is it?" He paused only for a second while he mumbled under his breath, "filthy little whore." Then he resumed the barrage of questions.

"Are you giving your cunt away for free or is he paying you?" He was getting madder and madder.

"So how much is it for fuck?" ...... "You bitch!" ...... "Do you give blowjobs too?"

He stood there looking at Michelle crying on the bed waiting for some sort of reply.

"You dirty cunt. I'm so disgusted with you."

The sobbing got louder as he hit a nerve asking what she charges and how utterly disgusted he was. She felt so humiliated.

Unable to get an answer he left to take a shower. Michelle got up, wiped her eyes, and quickly changed. She didn't want him to see her breasts. She could only imagine the comments he would have about the way they looked.

The next day, Sunday, he didn't say much to Michelle. He didn't bring up what he knew she was doing behind his back. That afternoon when they attended a country club banquet, Michelle acted as the normal respectful wife. In fact, she went out of her way paying a lot of attention to her husband. She did however, have several flashbacks throughout dinner thinking how well dressed and classy all the women were tonight, including herself, and then remembering how she dressed and acted like such a whore for Peter. She knew that her husband was really upset and disappointed with her. But what she experienced with her manager was just so exciting.

Michelle spent the remainder of the weekend concealing her breasts from her husband. How could she explain what her boss did to her? And what was worse, Michelle wanted more. She couldn't get Peter out of her mind. Yes, he abused her pretty badly, but it was bringing out feelings that she had never felt before.

Monday morning at work Michelle dressed rather conservatively. She wanted her husband to think that everything was back to normal. Maybe he would think it was a one-time indiscretion. She wore her usual buttoned-down blouse and a much longer skirt. Her appearance was very business-like, although she did comply with Peter's original request and continue to wear sexy undergarments for him.

At work the morning progressed, business as usual. No one in the office suspected a thing. Little did everyone know that underneath Michelle's blouse were two battered abused breasts? She was truly the manager's secret whore and sex slave.

It was nearly ten o'clock when Peter called Michelle into his office. Once she entered he immediately ordered, "close the door and lock it." Michelle knew even from his tone of voice that he didn't call her for anything work related. She knew he had some other plans. "Get that hot little ass of yours over here," he demanded.

Michelle walked over to his desk where he was sitting and stood right next to him. "How are your breasts today," he asked. "They're still sore," she replied. Michelle felt a bit more relaxed now that he asked about them. She had thought that he really didn't care how much he abused her.

"Since you're still new at this I'll give them a little rest today." Peter responded. "But those tits sure get me hot for you. I've been thinking about you all morning." It was obvious to Michelle that her breasts excited Peter more than anything else.

"Dressed rather business-like today, aren't we," he asked?

"I know Peter," she replied. "My husband was asking a lot of questions. He's so mad at me. I couldn't leave this morning looking like you want."

Peter grabbed her by the arm moving her between his legs as he stayed sitting. "Turn around. Face the desk," he instructed. "I need to see that ass again." Once Michelle turned around he pushed her forward, until her chest was laying over his desktop. Then he unbuttoned her skirt and yanked it down to the floor. Underneath Michelle was wearing a pair of skimpy red panties. "Very nice," Peter remarked. "Did you wear those just for me?"

"Yes Peter, I did," she replied.

"Why don't we save them till later," he commented as he slid the panties down her legs and made her step out of them and her skirt at he same time. "Right now I just want that incredible ass."

Michelle wasn't sure what he meant exactly. She thought that perhaps he was going to try shoving that big cock up her anal hole again. It hurt so badly the last time he did that.

Peter slid his desk drawer open and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. "We're going to work on that ass today. You know I didn't like the way you backed off on me the other night? So today we'll make sure that doesn't happen again."

Michelle became instantly petrified. She knew this wasn't going to be pleasant. And to make matters worse, it was a working day and the next room was filled with people. Any feeling or expression of pain would have to be controlled. She couldn't scream out.

Michelle felt Peter spreading a good amount of the lube in her asscrack. He began working it around her anal hole just as he did the other day. Then his finger pushed into her ass. It really did feel good. But unlike the last time, Peter continued and inserted a second finger.

"Okay honey," he began explaining. "This is where you become my filthy anal bitch. When I'm done with you today you'll be able to take two cocks up that tight little ass. And I better not hear a sound out of you."

Peter was so demanding. He knew how to take control and dominate Michelle. And he knew she wanted it. He knew the type of woman that Michelle was. She was one of those decent girls that gets married, becomes a housewife for a successful businessman and then realizes later in life that she's missed out on something sexually. They're usually willing to do anything to make up for lost time. And that described Michelle perfectly. Despite the torture, the pain and the humiliation, she would do anything to maintain her acceptance by this younger man.

Peter continued digging into her ass, now with three fingers. He probed through her anal hole and kept going, pushing them all the way in to his knuckles. Her tight anal ring had a nice snug grip. He wiggled them around letting her feel how deep he was inside her rectum. Then he backed off and pulled them out. At first Michelle thought he was finished. She glanced back to see and encountered his three fingers moving toward her lips. "Taste them," he ordered. She could smell the odor on them. It was so disgusting. She had a hard time bringing herself to obey his request and taste her own ass. But pleasing Peter was most important. "Open that mouth I said," Peter sternly repeated his demand pushing his slime-coated fingers against her lips. She opened her mouth and Peter slid them in wiping across her tongue. She immediately could taste the vile residue. "That's it. Now suck on them." And Michelle did. She cleaned his dirty anal tasting fingers sucking them through her lips and licking them with her tongue.

"Good girl," Peter commented satisfied with what she did. "Soon you'll love that taste and beg for more."

When his fingers were thoroughly cleaned Peter stuffed them back in her ass. This time he began forcing in a fourth finger. Michelle's asshole was getting stretched pretty wide.

"Uhhh...," she grunted softly.

"What's the matter," he asked? "Too much for your ass?"

Peter knew her asshole was stretched wider than ever before. But he had no plans of stopping now.

"Better hold on honey," he suggested.

With that said, he backed out partially and started twisting all of his fingers, gouging them against her stretched pucker. His whole hand was sliding in deeper and deeper as he literally was forcing it into her gorgeous tight bottom.

"Oh Peter... it's too big," she whispered out in a desperate voice. "What are you doing?"

"Giving you the whole thing," he replied. "My whole fist up that cute little ass."

"Oh my God Peter...No!! .... I'm scared,...." she cried out. "Please don't! You'll rip me open. It's too big."

"Your ass will take it just fine. You should see how wide it's stretched already." He kept forcing his hand through her gaping hole while Michelle pleaded with him.

"Please Peter... No!!.... It hurts!..."

"Stop whining," he demanded. "You should see your dirty little asshole.... It's stretched wide open and taking it.... like a filthy anal slut." He kept twisting it in. "Pretty soon you'll be begging me to stuff your ass."

Michelle wasn't so sure about that. His fist was so big. Did he actually think it would fit through her tiny anus... and to beg for more? Michelle realized that reasoning with him was pointless. Begging and pleading wasn't going to work either. He was going to bury his fist inside her ass regardless and the thought of that was absolutely horrifying. What if he forced too hard and ripped her open?

She remembered a couple times right after she married. Her husband touched her ass and attempted to invade her most private hole. She quickly turned away saying... "NO"... that it wasn't something proper. She couldn't understand how women allowed a man to use their ass like that. When Peter forced his cock into her the other day, she felt so violated. That was her first time. Admittedly though, feeling one finger sliding in was rather arousing. But stuffing in more than that had to be more than her anal hole could comfortably take. It was frightening. And it was degrading to have him probing into her dirty ass.

Michelle tried holding back the sounds of her distress as best she could, but the pain was tremendous and he was still pushing hard. She was releasing muffled grunting noises as she tried to keep from screaming. She looked over her shoulder only to see Peter bearing down harder and mumbling with an increasing intensity while he drilled his fist into her anal hole.... "bitch's ass.... so fuckin' tight.... I'll fuck her so hard...."

She could see his arm twisting and could feel his fist burrowing into her ass. It didn't matter that her tight shit hole was not used to being stretched like this. He was just going to ram it in no matter how much it hurt.

"C'mon bitch," he softly yelled. "Relax that ass. I want to fistfuck that tight shit hole." He pushed harder. Michelle groaned into the desktop as she gripped the edges tight. She was bracing herself for the most violating act that had ever been done to her. Her boss was about to stuff his fist up her rear end.

He was in far enough now that the ball of his fist was passing through her anal ring and entering her ass. "Ohhhhh, Please!!.....Ohhhhhh!!..... It hurts,...." she panted out desperately.

Michelle wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, but knew she didn't dare. It felt like he was ripping her ass open and all she could do was let him. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!..... Peter.......Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!....."

But then suddenly she felt this quick entry pass into her body. He was in. Her anal hole relaxed a bit and gripped his wrist. His whole hand was inside her ass.

"Fuck you're tight, you hot little bitch," he yelled in a whisper.

After a short pause, she felt him pushing deeper. She was breathing heavily, recovering from the pain of his huge fist passing through her back hole. Then he began moving it, feeling around and actually going deeper with his hand. His fingers were probing inside her rectum. She felt him make a fist and begin fucking her ass. He was pumping his wrist back and forth through her hole and pounding her inner rectum. "How's that bitch?" "Like a good hard assfisting?" Michelle was afraid that she might pass out from trying to hold back any longer. The feeling of having her rectum abused like this was so intense. Every time he rammed his fist deep, her whole body slid on the desk. She felt like she was impaled on his fist and that he might shove his whole arm up into her body.

Then she began feeling his fingers. They were somehow digging deeper. There was a tightness deep in her rectum and his fingers were touching it. Michelle never felt anything like it. It was instantly arousing her. What was happening? She could feel this sexual electricity building and building fast. She moaned. "Oh Peter... Ohhhhh... Ohhhhh..." "Like that spot, huh," he replied. "Ohhhh Peter... Oh my God....." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Michelle didn't understand what was happening to her. It felt like she was going to orgasm. But how could that be? How could probing her rectum make her feel that way? Peter's fingers were teasing this spot deep in her bowels and it felt so good. Only minutes before she was pleading him not to do this. Now she was ready to beg him not to stop.

The feeling of excitement was swelling up inside her and it was growing so fast. The way Peter was manipulating her soft delicate flesh inside her ass was arousing her enough that she knew she was going to cum. He kept toying with that spot. It was making her nuts.

Then it seemed like in an instant her whole body tensed up. Peter couldn't believe it. She was approaching an orgasm. Michelle couldn't believe it either. And there was no stopping it.

Michelle began shaking violently spread out on his desk. Peter kept probing deeper into her anal cavity and that did it. "OOhhhhhhhhh...Fuckkkkkkk!!....." She started cumming.

"Michelle?...," Peter called out. "You hot little anal whore. You love it in the ass don't you?" He was rather enjoying the sight of her naked body squirming on his fist and sliding around on the desk.

Peter figured that since she was enjoying this so much that he may as well use her ass like he always imagined. He slowly extracted his hand from her back hole. "OOuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!" She groaned. As soon as he was out, he quickly forced it back in making her anal hole swallow his fist again. Her ass simply stretched wide-open and allowed Peter in. He repeated it over and over giving Michelle a hard anal fist fucking. She moaned and grunted while bouncing around on his desk. It was the first anal orgasm of her life.

It felt so good, but all Michelle could do was grunt. She knew she couldn't scream out as much as she wanted too. The next thing she knew, Peter was standing behind her shoving that huge cock of his up her ass. This time it went in easily. Her asshole was so wide open he slid his entire length all the way in. He buttfucked Michelle, furiously ramming his cock up her shitter. Michelle just kept moaning. "Oh, Peter.... Ohhhhh My God...." He grabbed hold of her breasts squeezing them while he rode her ass. And then it seemed to happen so quickly. Cum began pouring into her. She could feel it. She could feel his cock throbbing and dumping his load deep into her rectum.

When her body finally went limp Peter knew she was coming back to reality, He pulled his cock out. Michelle slowly slid off the desk completely exhausted. It took a little while, but she managed to pull on her panties and skirt.

Peter gave Michelle a little kiss and patted her cheek. "You keep getting better and better," Peter complimented. "That was the best assfuck I've had. Who would have thought it would be a housewife with a virgin ass."

"My God Peter," Michelle panted still out of breath. "I've never felt anything like that. I'm still shaking. You make me feel so dirty and yet so good."

Back at her desk Michelle tried to work. She could feel her panties getting wet from his cum seeping out. And her anal hole still felt so stretched. It was sore too.

The rest of the morning her mind wandered on what happened in her manager's office. Obviously it didn't matter when Peter wanted her, even while they were supposed to be working. Michelle figured she was going to be used as a slut whenever he felt the urge. She wondered what he might have in mind next? She wanted more.



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