tagBDSMMichelle Ch. 07

Michelle Ch. 07


Michelle Ch.7 - The Bondage Club (pt2)

Peter begins showing off his new slut and allows others to enjoy abusing her too. Michelle craves Peter so much that she can not refuse him anything. Subjected to extreme pain she's forced to submit further and show what a worthless needy whore she really is.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peter left the room again. Michelle was kneeling there waiting for his return. She was sure he was planning something for her. Her breasts were throbbing. They were so big and swollen. Her nipples hurt so much too.

After a few minutes Peter returned. He was completely naked. He grabbed the chain attached to Michelle's breasts and pulled, making her crawl out the door, down the hall and into another small room.

There were five other men waiting inside. They were completely naked too and quickly gathered in front of Michelle to get a look at her huge breasts. She figured that Peter must have told them what went on in the next room.

"What did you to her," one of the guys asked inspecting her swollen rope bound breasts. Michelle looked up to see who asking.

"I injected a solution into her tits," Peter replied.

"And she let you do that to her," he continued.

Peter answered, "She agreed to it. Said she wanted to be a slut with big tits."

That wasn't completely true, but what did it matter anyway. Peter was obviously making her out to be a whore that would do anything. The way she looked they had no reason to believe otherwise.

Another of the men reached out to touch them. He gently squeezed her stretched swollen breasts with a couple fingers. "My God they're so firm."

"Rings too, huh? Just put them in," he asked?

"Yep," Peter answered.

"Yeah, I thought I heard some screaming. Must have been her," the guy commented flicking one of the nipple rings with his finger.

Then one of the others started directing questions to Michelle. "Do you like being Peter's whore?"

After a moment's pause she replied, "YEssss,...." whimpering out. "He makes me cum so hard."

"Really!! You mean.... from the pain," he asked?

"Uhh..." Michelle stuttered a minute feeling ashamed to admit it. "Uhhh yes... I don't know why.... but.... but I like it."

Michelle looked up beginning to feel more embarrassed from the questioning. These strange men were asking about her brutal treatment. She realized how odd her answers must sound that she liked what Peter had been doing to her.

"Yeah I know women like you," one guy commented. "As soon as they get a taste of being treated like a slut...they can't get enough. They need the abuse... the torture ... the pain... is that want you like? Are you a filthy little pain slut that can't get enough?"

Michelle couldn't believe what she was hearing. Is that what she had turned in to, she thought? Had she become a greedy slut in need of being dominated.., abused.., beaten.., and used for any whim that Peter could imagine? She couldn't help herself even in her thoughts because the answer was... YES... She didn't even realize while they were asking questions that she was getting excited and had her fingers between her legs rubbing her pussy.

Michelle looked at Peter. "Oh Peter.. make me cum... please... make me cum. I need it.

Hurt me... Use me... I'll do anything for you." She humiliated and submitted herself to Peter in front of these men. She was begging for more. This was hardly the sweet little housewife from three days ago.

Peter looked around at all the guys. "What to see my bitch scream and beg?"

Of course they were all up for seeing a filthy slut get abused. "Where the fuck did you find this bitch," one guy asked amazed at what he just heard. "What a hot fuckin' whore. And she's begs for it too."

"She works for me." Peter answered. "I fuck around with her in the office and then she goes home to her husband."

"You lucky fuckin' bastard." They all had a hard believing she was married and submitted herself like this. But they were envious of Peter for owning her like he did. All Michelle could do was listen to them while they decided what they were going to do to her. She just wanted to cum.

Peter selected a thin wooden bamboo cane from the assortment of bondage and S&M equipment hanging on the wall. It was roughly four foot-long and had some flexibility to it. He waved it thought the air making this whistling sound.

"So is this what you want slut," he asked Michelle sternly? From the sound of the cane as he swung it, she knew this was going to be a pretty brutal beating.

"Yes my Master. "I just want to please you." That was the first time Michelle called Peter her Master. Even with her breasts engorged with the solution she realized that she needed more. Her breasts hurt. The pain inside them was constant. But she knew that eventually she would get used it.

This is exactly what Peter wanted. He wanted a whore with big breasts so he could use them and abuse them. And she wanted to be that whore, even if she had to endure pain and be subjected to the constant breast torture.

The other men stepped back waiting for Peter to begin. He swung the cane whistling it through the air...."SWISSSSSHHHHH!!!!"


The room filled with Michelle's scream. And it didn't stop. The cane struck Michelle's swollen stretched breasts right above her nipples. "How's that you filthy cunt? Does it hurt?" As he quickly pulled it back from her breasts a welt formed on each one instantaneously. The intensity of Michelle's deafening scream continued as... "SSMMAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!................." "OOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...." The cane impacted again striking her sore pierced nipples.

Michelle grabbed her breasts in agony holding them. She was crying out, "they hurt so much... Oh they hurt..." But still she felt that twinge in her cunt.

Peter handed the cane to one of the men. "Ever have the pleasure of whipping a set of tits like that," he asked?

Fuck No," he blurted.

"Go ahead... give it to her," Peter offered. "Everyone gets two cracks at her tits."

All of them were excited at the idea. Peter went behind Michelle and grabbed her arms pulling them backwards. This made her breasts jut out and bulge from her chest. And the tightly bound ropes only complimented their tremendous size.

The first guy raised his arm and swung the cane at her tits. Michelle was totally exposed the way Peter had her positioned. "SMMAAACCKKKKK!!!" The hard bamboo cane struck right across both breasts. "UUUUUUHhhhhhhhhhhh...." Michelle yanked free from Peter doubling over in pain. The fullness of her breasts from the swelling and the injected solution seemed to increase the pain from anything she'd felt before. Peter grabbed her arms again pulling her back up. This time he cuffed her hands behind her back. Then he moved in front and picked up the chain that was attached to her nipple rings. "She won't move now," Peter assured the others. He tugged on the chain extending her nipples outward. "Whaaaccckkk!!!" He lashed out again with the cane across her breasts. "UUhhhhhhh... UUhhhhhhhhh .. OOOuuuuuhhhhhhh!!! Michelle groaned out. The pain was so bad. It was so intense deep in her breasts that it traveled throughout her body.

Her breasts were becoming bruised. Her beating tonight was so much harder than the other day. She looked down to see her huge bulging breasts. They were becoming a darker color, almost purplish from the tight binding around them. And they seemed to be swelling more. She hoped that they weren't permanently deformed. The long welt marks where the cane impacted seemed so severe that she thought they might not heal completely.

Before the next guy took his turn whipping her, Peter grabbed this two-foot long flexible jelly dildo and inserted it into Michelle's cunt from behind. "I'll show them how hard you cum." Michelle knew what Peter was going to do. He was going to use the dildo on her cunt while they abused her tits. She knew Peter was right too. The feeling of having her cunt fucked while being abused did make her cum hard.

Peter began fucking the dildo in and out while at the same time the next guy began swinging the cane. Michelle was getting aroused quickly. She needed to cum so badly. And it seemed like each blow on her tits became harder with each new tormentor. Of course Peter picked up his intensity fucking harder and faster with dildo. He eventually got to the point that he was ramming it so hard that it bottomed out deep in her cunt.

When the last guy had his turn, he had Michelle lean over the back of a wooden chair so her bulging breasts would hang down. Then he walloped the cane two times in quick succession across the top of her tits. The pain just rocked right through her body. At the same time Peter had the dildo jammed up her cunt and yelling at her, "Cum, you slut!!" "C'mon you filthy fuckin' whore." The other guy then grabbed the chain yanking her up by her nipples. "Uuuuoooooooohhhhhhhh!!!" Michelle sobbed out as it felt like he was pulling the rings right out of them. "Stand up slut," he screamed out. "Let me see those tits." He grabbed her purple beaten globes in his hands and squeezed them. Michelle held on to the chair to keep steady. She wanted to beg him to stop, but all she heard was Peter yelling, "Cum...cum... cum you bitch." He was ramming the dildo up her fuckhole while this guy was pulling the chain. Her nipples felt like they were on fire. Her cunt was ready to explode. There was so much pain and pleasure that her body lost control. She screamed..."OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUUUCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!.... FUUUCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!...." She began cumming harder than she ever imagined possible. And it didn't stop. She was panting and yelling, "Ohhhhh....... Fuckkk....... Yess.....Yessss... Fuckkkkkk....."

Once Peter saw Michelle in her glory having the ultimate orgasm, he knew that this was all her breasts could take for now. They were beaten to the point of being two bruised purple masses covered with deep welts bulging from her chest. He knew once her orgasm subsided that her only thoughts would be of how much they hurt. Peter could see it in her face. But the sight of her battered tits made him so hot. That was something that always aroused him. And seeing her cumming so hard added to it. His cock was so rigid that he could barely contain himself. He wanted to do more to Michelle. The other guys were feeling the same way.

Michelle was kneeling on the floor moaning out of control. Peter moved to her and grabbed her head. He was so aroused with what he had done that he had to satisfy his hard cock. So he tilted her head back, stuffed his big stiff twelve-inches into her mouth and shoved it right down her throat. Michelle was so overwhelmed in her orgasm that all she could do was groan. Her throat was nothing more than a hole for him to fuck. Peter humped her mouth furiously ramming his cock in and out plastering his balls into her face. About a minute later he was holding her head up into his groin, fingers entwined in her hair and moaning. He was cumming right down her throat into her belly. There was not much for Michelle to do, but take it.

Peter backed away when he finished dumping his load into her. His massive cock glistened with her saliva and remnants of fresh sperm that he just deposited down her throat. Michelle gagged and choked spitting up some cum.

She hadn't recovered from her own orgasm yet or deepthroating Peter, when she felt another set of hands on her head. It was one of the other men. He put his cock to her lips. "Take it Michelle." It was the sound of Peter's voice ordering her to take this guy's cock too. She opened her mouth and he shoved it right in and down her throat, just like Peter had done.

Peter helped by grabbing Michelle's sore tits and squeezing them. "C'mon slut, milk that cock. Suck all that cum out." Seconds later sperm was pouring into her belly again. She had to do all of the guys that way. Five more times she was throatfucked and given a load of sperm right into her belly while Peter abused her tits.

A couple times Peter thought she wasn't participating enough. He was demanding that she suck their cocks and enjoy it. He wanted to see an eager slut that couldn't wait to get another load of cum. So one time he took this clamp-like instrument that looked like a pair of metal pliers. He gripped one of her swollen pierced nipples and began squeezing and twisting it. With a cock buried down her throat all you could hear was a muffled high-pitched scream. The pain was so extreme that she grabbed the guys' hips forcing his cock all the way down her throat. Her face was mashed into his balls while she sucked on his hard cum-filled dick until she drained the sperm out of him. Peter was yelling the whole time, "you fuckin' worthless cunt, get it all down your throat. Suck that cum. Choke on it."

Then if that wasn't enough, with the next guy, Peter grabbed one of her engorged beaten purple tits in his hand. As she sucked this guy down her throat, Peter started spanking it with a one-inch wide leather strap. At first he was just slapping her tit, but then he literally began beating it harder and harder making Michelle's body wince in pain with each stroke. Michelle's mouth and lips responded by gobbling at the guy's cock trying to quickly make him cum. Peter didn't let up either. "C'mon slut, you can suck better than that." And he kept brutally lashing her breast until he was convinced she had another load in her belly.

When her ordeal was over, the five guys simply left the room. Nothing was said. They all just stared at Michelle's purple-colored swollen breasts covered completely with welts. Her nipples still had a few droplets of blood from where they were pierced. Obviously she was nothing more than a piece of fuckmeat for their use. Peter grabbed the chain on Michelle's bleeding tits and began leading her out of the room. He still made her crawl like a worthless slut back to the other room. She cried and whimpered all the way down the hall. She was hurting so badly and she was so exhausted.

Peter finally removed the ropes tied around her breasts. What a relief she felt when he did that. "Get dressed," he ordered.

Michelle began slipping her clothes back on over the cum, over her nipple rings and over her new bulging breasts. Her blouse barely fit they were so massively inflated. That's when she began to think about her husband. There was no way to hide these.

They walked out of the room and met the five men. They were dressed and ready to go too. "She's a great piece of ass," one mentioned to Peter. "Bring her around anytime."

Peter looked at Michelle. "We'll be back."

Then out the door they went.

Michelle was daydreaming in the car about what to do when she got home. She could only guess what her husband would say. Then before she knew it they were back in company parking lot. It was 2am in the morning. Peter switched the light on in the car. "How's the tits," he asked. Michelle unbuttoned her blouse and could see the color returning to them. But they were still bruised and covered with red marks from the beating she endured. "There okay... I guess," she answered. She buttoned back up and kissed Peter good night.

A half-hour later she was in the driveway of her home. All the lights were out. She expected that. She slipped in quietly and crawled into bed hoping not to wake her husband. She lay there unable to fall asleep. She could smell the sweat and scent of sex on her body. Her face and chest were still sticky with cum.

Then almost as if in a dream she was awakened. It was morning. Her husband was in the bathroom. Fortunately the covers were still pulled up over her breasts. What would he say if he saw them now?

When he came out he saw that she was awake. "What time did you get in last night?

"It was late," Michelle replied avoiding a direct answer.

He just grunted. "So what was it? Whoring again, huh?"

Michelle just lay there hoping he'd just leave for work. She still loved him. But how could she tell him about the extreme things she was doing. She never thought a little office flirting would wind up like this. Maybe she did go too far.



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