tagNon-EroticMicro Wave Man Ch. 08

Micro Wave Man Ch. 08


Nov 21, 2009

Micro Wave Man Chapter Eight "Doctor's Appointment"

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Copyright protected on October 2009

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

The Cosmic Rays Incident

Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on The Cosmic Rays Incident Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker... Dr. Spy, an evil leader of a legion to take control over the world, was booting up some old files and reminiscing about how things started. On the case files Mark Surrender, an overweight accountant, was coming home from work hungry, and tried to cook some food in his microwave oven, only to have it explode on him, and when he revived after the explosion, he discovered he was now thin with new super powers. Also, on the case files, Dr. Spy was sending Tyrone Bookbagger to steal some chemicals from a group of scientists, after visiting his mom in a nursing home, Tyrone and his dog stole the chemicals, but was in an accident as they escaped, and both now have super powers as well. What kind of havoc will be unleashed by this duo? We then returned back to Mark Surrender, who went out on an actual date for the first time in his life. Now we got back to Punk Rocker who is returning to report back to Dr. Spy.

Chapter Eight

"Doctor's Appointment"

Punk Rocker and Battle Dog made their way towards the huge office building where Dr. Spy was awaiting their arrival. Both Punk Rocker and Battle Dog were covered in now drying and hardening cement. Punk Rocker still clutched the now half empty canister of chemicals. He hoped that the chemical left inside wasn't ruined from the exposure to the air, but even if it was he really didn't care because if the good doctor had a problem with it, then he would have no choice, but to put the good doctor in his place with his new abilities. It wouldn't take much to set Punk Rocker off either; he was already a ticking time bomb of anger from just being covered from head to toe in wet cement.

They made muddy wet cement tracks towards the elevator to go up to Dr. Spy's office. The elevator went up and the doors opened. Dr. Spy, though he sat calmly at his desk down the hall, already started berating Punk Rocker before he could even take one step out of the elevator.

"You are very lucky that you didn't lead the police here to me. I would have killed you right where you stand, but you are lucky though, aren't you?" Dr. Spy said as Punk Rocker and Battle Dog started to make their way towards the good doctor. "Though you did draw more than enough attention to yourselves, you are indeed very lucky. After all, you and your mutt there should be bleeding to death from gunshot wounds, but yet, here you are."

"If you want to kill me old man, give it your best shot!" Punk Rocker growled back through clenched teeth. Punk Rocker set the chemical container down on a nearby table next to a stereo system.

"If I wanted you dead my boy, you would already be dead. No, I have other plans for you." Dr. Spy stated flatly.

"What makes you think you could kill me now?" Grunted Punk Rocker as he slammed both palms of his hands down on Dr. Spy's desk.

"Oh, that's right, you have new abilities now. You think I don't know about those? The police reports, and my spies, brought that information back to me way before you got here." Dr. Spy said as he opened up a drawer on his desk and pulled out what appeared to be a D sized battery. "Do you see this here? Do you have any idea what this is? Of course you don't, but don't feel bad almost no one does. This is one of my battery bombs. This simple battery here could level this entire building around us. Hell, I only used a size triple A battery bomb to level my parent's house and kill them. But then again that would do nothing to either of us now would it?"

Punk Rocker was beginning to feel that the good doctor had a lot of nasty little secrets hidden up his sleeves, and though he didn't back down, it showed on his face.

"That's right sonny boy, we both have powers!" Dr. Spy said as he stood up. "Don't look so surprised. Let's get this farce out of the way!"

Both Punk Rocker and Battle Dog let out menacing growls.

"Go ahead Punk! Take your best shot!" Dr. Spy shouted as he tossed his desk to the side sending it slamming into the wall.

Punk Rocker was unable to control his anger anymore. He reared back his fist and let loose a swing. His fist hardened into stone as it flew connecting with Dr. Spy's chin. Dr. Spy's chin turned slightly, but other than that he was unaffected.

"That tickled somewhat, but now it's my turn!" Dr. Spy replied.

Battle Dog, sensing that his master was in trouble, let out some eye laser's at Dr. Spy, but they passed through him harmlessly and seared into a far wall, as Dr. Spy turned intangible into an astral form, and entered into Punk Rocker's body.

Punk Rocker was to shocked, by the fact that his punch didn't even hardly have any effect on Dr. Spy, to even try to fight off this new attack. After all that punch would have sent any normal human flying through the room. This wasn't going the way Punk Rocker had pictured it at all. The good doctor was far from being defenseless after all.

Once Dr. Spy had gotten into Punk Rocker's body, he easily gained control of it. Dr. Spy made Punk Rocker's fists harden into stone, but the rest of his body normal. Mentally Dr. Spy spoke into Punk Rocker's head, "Why don't you stop hitting yourself?" The stone fists slammed into Punk Rocker's face a couple of times, then once in the stomach, and once for good measure in the balls before both stone hands grasped Punk Rocker's throat. Punk Rocker gasped unsuccessfully for air almost to the point of passing out, before Dr. Spy finally exited his body and appeared again beside him.

Battle Dog half whimpered and half growled at Dr. Spy, and was uncertain as what to actually do. Punk Rocker, who was just now beginning to regain control over his painful body, had enough. Though he spit up a little blood, he also silently motioned for Battle Dog to back down.

"Now that you know that when I say, that if I wanted you dead you would be, and meant it, you can go get yourself cleaned up. There is another change of clothes for you as well, just like the ones you are wearing now, with a few modifications I think you will like. You are excused, while I straighten my office back up." Dr. Spy said as Punk Rocker began crawling to his feet and making his way back to the elevator. "By the way, I never say anything I don't mean. It's a waste of time."

* * * *

Punk Rocker and Battle Dog were making their way back towards the elevator. They had showered and scrubbed for an hour to get all of the cement off of them. Punk Rocker wasn't really hurt to bad either. A cut lip and bruised cheek was all he had, and those weren't to bad. Punk Rocker was surprised to find that every detail of his clothes was replaced, including his switchblades, and even his missing pistol. Even his morning star chain belt was replaced as well. Their was something different about it somehow though, but it would work. Dr. Spy was definitely an intelligent man, and if he could pull a small stunt like this off, who knew what else he was capable of. Better to get on the doctor's good side.

Again the elevator doors opened up and Dr. Spy began to lecture him, but this time he was in no particular hurry to get to the office and was definitely not going to challenge the good doctor, and yes, he was a good doctor for he had let him live.

"Ah, this chemical you brought me is simply amazing! This will greatly enhance my research immensely! Luckily for us it is still in great condition despite the lousy treatment it has taken!" Dr. Spy gloated.

"Yeah, it's simply done wonders for me and Battle Dog here!" Punk Rocker commented.

"Oh, no, no! On the contrary my friend. This chemical hasn't done anything at all to you. Nope, believe it or not, the cement itself is what gave you your powers." Dr. Spy said.

"What are you talking about? It splashed all over us before we went for a slide ride in wet cement. Cement can't do this to anyone." Punk Rocker stated in disbelief.

"You are absolutely right. Normal cement can not do this to you, but this wasn't normal cement. It was irradiated with something that has now dissipated away. My computer sensors had picked it up, but was unable to analyze it before it had gone away." Dr. Spy stated.

Unknown to Punk Rocker and Battle Dog, there was a stereo radio sitting on a table across from Dr. Spy's desk that looked harmless at all. It was quite deadly indeed. It was actually a robot that Dr. Spy affectionately named Sing Song. Dr. Spy had built it with sensors, scanners, and detection analyzers that far surpassed Dr. Spy's abilities on it's own. It could detect, analyze, and find a weakness in anything. Dr. Spy had sent it to spy on Punk Rocker's little mission. With superior x-ray thermal vision, and the ability to pick up any radio or phone signals, it had recorded and analyzed everything and reported it all back to Dr. Spy. In fact, this robot helped make Dr. Spy what he was today, but that is a story for another time.

"My computers have listed all of your known abilities, and some of which you might be unaware of. Of course, you know that you can turn your skin into cement or stone, but did you also know that you could turn your clothes, and quite possibly anything else you touched to stone as well?" Dr. Spy mused. "You also know that you can harness gusts of tornado like winds from your arms, but did you know that you could push that wind through your legs as well and use that through your legs as well and use that to fly? You seen that Battle Dog can shoot laser beams from his eyes, but did you know that you can do that too? In fact, you both share the same exact powers."

"Really! Maybe I should do some testing for myself to really get the hang of these new powers." Punk Rocked said.

"You can test yourself on the proving grounds. I have come up with some new missions for you, which I didn't know how to pull off before, but with your new abilities it should be a breeze. The pun was intended, of course." Dr. Spy said. He waited a moment to see if Punk Rocker got it, but Punk Rocker either didn't get it or didn't care, so he continued on. "Are you interested in uping the anty, and doing some jobs more suited to your new talents with great rewards for both of us?"

"Sure, old man, I'm game." Punk Rocker said.

"There are several museums in this area, which contain artifacts that contain clues to other artifacts that I greatly desire. These museums contain the highest most updated security systems that I've ever seen with alarms on every outside door and window. Breaking in and then back out again would virtually be impossible, but just breaking out would allow time to escape. Here's what I propose. You and Battle Dog go in disguised as statues by an artist, anyone you choose, and after the museums closed you snatch the things I need, plus a few other things to throw off what we are after, breakout, and bring them here to me."

"It sounds like it would work. I think we could pull that off." Punk Rocker agreed.

"Good. I'll have my men prepare to ship you in, and provide you with a plaque with the artist's name on it. What name would you like to put, for both the artwork and the artist?" Dr. Spy asked.

"A Punk Rocker and His Dog by artist Mark Surrender." Punk Rocker said with a devilish grin, after thinking about it for a moment.

"Why by Mark Surrender?" Dr. Spy asked curiously.

"Because I want to kill the bastard, and if this doesn't draw him out, so that I can, then, at least, maybe it will cause him some major trouble with the law." Punk Rocker spewed in disgust.

"Good enough for me. I'll make the proper arrangements for in the morning. On the bottom floor is a few sleeping rooms. Rest for tonight, and we'll begin things rolling in the morning." Dr. Spy said, as he secretly noted to find out about this Mark Surrender. "Oh, and don't think of slipping out. You're a wanted man. It's better to lay low for awhile. You'll be safe here for tonight."

"Okay, whatever you say, doc, but first a question about my morning star. Everything else was exactly the same, but the morning star is different somehow, what's the deal?" Punk Rocker asked.

"It's got several upgrades I think you will like. Able to freeze, heat, or blow up targets." Dr. Spy replied, as he pressed a button to print off something from his computer. Reaching to grab the paper, he handed it over to Punk Rocker. "These are the directions for its uses. You can practice with it a little in the basement target practice rooms."

"Thanks, doc. Come on, Battle Dog! Let's go practice, eat, and get some sleep. Doctor's orders." Punk Rocker said as he made his way back to the elevator.

"The doctor knows best." Dr. Spy muttered under his breath, as he was already typing in a search for all information pertaining to Mark Surrender. What he found from pulled newspaper articles, criminal records, court records, etc. was quite interesting, and yet perplexing as well. Why would Tyrone want to kill the man who kept his father out of jail? Oh well, if that's what he wanted, then so be it. Maybe Dr. Spy would tell Punk Rocker where this Mark Surrender lived as a reward. The good doctor wouldn't stand in his way.

Next Chapter Nine "Making a Name" Micro Wave Man actually starts becoming a super hero using his new found powers to actually help and save people. Stay Tuned.

File #: 15

Character Star Power: 3

Code Name: Sing Song

Alter Ego: None

Aliases: None

Nick Names: None

Legal Status: Robot with no legal status, except as being property.

Allegiance: The Evil Legion of Dr. Spy

Sub-Groups: Dr. Spy's Robots, and all other sub-groups.

Rank: Personal spy for Dr. Spy.

Occupation: Agent of Dr. Spy.

Known Relatives: Creator Dr. Spy.

Birth Date: September 22, 1976.

Birth Place: Jacksonville, Illinois.

Height: Usually 6'2", but varies.

Weight: 252 lbs., but varies.

Eyes: Red.

Hair: None.

Attitude: Has no real attitude in the sense of the word, but is programmed to follow any of Dr. Spy's men to give orders received from Dr. Spy & send messages back to Dr. Spy as a relay messenger. It is also programmed to fight in battle if necessary.

Known Powers: Super strength, sort of fast, flight, can cut thru things, pick up any radio, C.B., phone, or electronic waves & tell the meaning of them through speakers, sonic sound generation & control, transformations into electronic equipment such as calculators, watches, computers, (his favorite form a stereo), etc. also can evaluate people's weaknesses & use it against them.

Equipment: Saw blades, special lasers, speakers, & other such electronic equipment. Like all of Dr. Spy's robots, computers, vehicles, & weapons, it is made of Dr. Spy's Metal and Plastic, which make it practically indestructible & invisible to most tracking or security systems.

Known Skills: Only what it is programmed to do. Spying, finding weaknesses, etc.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Unknown, but it draws powers mostly from music. The sound waves & beat make it stronger. Turn off the music & it starts to run low on power. This is kind of hard though since it has a radio built into itself.

For More Info. See: Dr. Spy, Insectadroid, Shielder, Red Alert, & Dr. Spy's Robot group file.

History: He is just making a cameo appearance here, but he will be in other major storylines coming soon.

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