Midnight Veil Ch. 02


She went the only other way possible, after once again overcoming that terrible urge to flee, and went right. She wandered further into the labyrinth, her sister's voice echoing in her head about the monsters and creatures lurking down in this domain, wishing she hadn't been there to hear any of the rumours. But when her sister's voice came to her, and she was certain that it hadn't been in her head that time, she almost jumped out of her skin. She followed the sounds, not bothering to decipher what exactly were causing those sounds, until she came to another small dome-like room.

With a quick glance around, she was left to wonder if that blob in the centre of the room was actually her sister, or just a figment of her imagination. Maybe this was all just a dream; a really bad dream.

"Anna?" She couldn't just leave without knowing. She wandered into the small space, warily watching for any moving branches. She reached hesitantly into the mud, searching for some sort of solid form. Her hand touched something, and she was quick to wipe away the muck, not too surprised to see some semblance of human tissue beneath it. She continued to clear the jelly-like stuff from the struggling body it contained. Above her, a glob of mud landed on her shoulder with a heavy splat! The ceiling seemed to be leaking... maybe she had stepped into a sink hole and landed down here, if that was possible...?

Felicia grabbed the exposed arm she had dug out and tugged as hard as she could, putting all her body behind the pull. The figure inched out ever-so-slowly, until Felicia's fingers started to slip... and then she was flat on her bottom with a humph! Looking back at what her efforts had accomplished, she was quick to back peddle like a crab, out of reach of the searching fingers groping towards her. Tentacle beings? Living in the mud? Had she walked into the damn Twilight Zone?! And then she could see her sister's face, as mud streaked as it was, and saw that frightening look there. Her mouth hanging partially open, her eyes delicately closed, a look of peace filling her features. Her right hand gently stroking one of the gooey tentacles that hovered in the air beside her, seeming to soak up her attention like a pet. Other creatures lurked further in the dark depths of the cavern, their slight movement drawing Felicia's horrified attention.

"Anna? C'mon. We've gotta get you out of here. Please?" Felicia didn't want to alert any more tentacles as the ones at her ankles inched closer, but she couldn't just leave Adrianna there. Sure she looked like she was enjoying whatever the thing was doing to her, but they must have drugged her, or poisoned her, or something! But this was her sister! Her mind argued back and forth until Felicia was finally back out into the tunnel, still crab walking backwards away from the still stretching jelly creatures. When they began to retreat was when she finally scrambled to her feet and ran, with her mental promise that she would come back for Anna.

She would find Beth, who would no doubt want to run away from these problems, but with her help, they would free the other two girls and get out of this god-forsaken place and out of the swamp forever! She slowed to a walk a few corridors later, after several random twists and turns, getting herself more thoroughly lost in the maze. She mentally reprimanded herself for not paying more attention to which turns she had taken, and where they would have to back track to, to get her sister and Kimberly out of this mess.

She kept walking further into the ever-lightening corridors, until yet another sound froze her blood in her veins. That one was definitely Beth's voice! She turned back and retreated the last few steps she had taken and turned the opposite way. The sounds got louder, and Felicia's dread grew.

What she found was half what she was expecting, in a way, but still shocked her nonetheless. Despite the odd circumstances, she stared helplessly in a hurt silence at the scene before her. And her anger grew. Bethany had lied! When they had first gotten together, Beth had told her a horrifying story about why she had turned lesbian, strictly lesbian, because of the harsh reality of men, and how she had unwillingly lost her virginity. Through the tears and the emotional trauma, and Felicia had believed her. Like a fool! Her mind screamed the last part at her.

Beth was on her knees, her hands gasping part of a creature stationed in front of her writhing body, and from her vantage point, Felicia could see the thing stretched out beneath the other girl, between her stretched labia, and coursing into her at a steady rate. A moan rose from Beth's full throat, tearing through Felicia with a barely acknowledged pain. Fury was her first-most feeling. She was torn between the need to escape this surreal place, and her desire to go over to Beth and slap her out of whatever lust-induced trance she was in so that her ex would know exactly what was thought of her. The Whore!

But with a self control she didn't know she possibly possessed, Felicia turned and left the chamber as silently as she had come upon it. She wandered aimlessly now, the other two girls forgotten as she walked aimlessly further into the maze. She couldn't remember which way she had come, so what was the point of trying to leave?

The light got brighter, and Felicia quickened her pace as a voice floated towards her, wrapping around her like a cloak of invincibility, coaxing her out of her reverie. She came upon the biggest chamber yet, lighted in its mysterious way, creatures lurking harmlessly, furniture made of gods-knows what, and that voice... At the other end of the chamber, as Felicia wandered farther in, she saw the enticing throne, keeping that oh-so-beautiful woman seated high above her grovelling subjects...

"Felicia, my dear. You've made it at last, I see." The woman clapped her hands together in delight, standing and meeting the younger girl in the middle of the room. She wrapped her arms around Felicia's unresisting body, her warm lips brushing against the blonde's earlobe in a caress of breath, "I've been waiting." The whispered words sending a shiver of anticipation through Licia.

"Why?" The word came out husky, with a ring of innocent curiosity.

The mistress laughed, and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, led Felicia the rest of the way across the room. One of her obedient creatures was quick to bring a make-shift chair, shuffling it in front of the throne. "Why, because you're special, of course." She said it as if scolding a child.

"Special?" Again, that innocent confusion. Felicia felt like cobwebs were collecting in her mind, fogging any coherent thoughts and entering her into a hazy-like perception of what was happening.

Freya was behind the other girl, her fingers in that thick blonde hair, working a soothing massage on her scalp and the back of her neck. "Ah, must I give all my secrets away at once love?" She chuckled lightly as Felicia agreed that she didn't have to. "Just relax, sweetie. I'll take care of everything for you." She promised, her lips caressing that earlobe oh-so-sensually again.

Felicia felt herself slipping farther away from reality. The horror of what she had seen with Kimberly and Adrianna fading, the hurt and anger of the betrayal of Bethany just simply falling away. The massage felt so amazingly good... she leaned back into those skill-full hands, sighing in contentment under the pleasurable ministrations.

Freya worked away the tension in the young body. Her excitement was hard to force down until she could finish this massage. Couldn't have a tension filled body to work on. They could be difficult. And not as tasty. She grinned at the throne she was facing, a flash of white teeth in the dark. Her pets took a few steps forward, hoping it was an invitation, but were quickly warned off as her dark eyes swept over them menacingly. Her hands caressed the slim shoulders, pushing the torn shirt down, her hands slipping around Licia's neck to unfasten the buttons. Her hands grazed the lush mounds there, stopping to caress, lingering of the erect nipples stretching the material of the shirt so very temptingly. Freya couldn't resist any longer. She leaned over, taking that rogue peak into the hot cavern of her mouth sucking gently, her tongue flicking over it. Her subject arched into the sensations, moaning. The mistress finished unfastening the buttons and slipped the shirt from the girl, having to relinquish possession while she pulled the obstructing article from Felicia, quickly following with discarding the bra as well.

Felicia's eyes were half closed as she watched the dark haired woman walk around her and kneel on the floor in front of her. Was it proper to allow the mistress of such a palace to kneel in her own throne-room? Felicia wondered irrationally. She moved to get up, to change positions with her, but was pushed back into the seemingly cushioned chair. She relaxed into the comfort with a sigh.

Freya resumed her attention on that intriguing point, her tongue swirling and caressing while her hands worked to relax other areas. She grasped the blonde's firm thighs, and under the ministrations of a gentle massage, opened them, inhaling that heady scent calling to her. She let her mouth travel down the flat stomach, her teeth catching at the hem of the skirt in her way. Felicia lifted her hips in consent, allowing her clothes to be tugged off a tad eagerly. When they were out of the way, Freya went back to work, her mouth spreading soft enticing kisses along that lovely apex, her tongue dipping into the already damp curls. The taste was intoxicating! She dipped her head lower, finding the spot that made Felicia jump, the girls' breath hitching in her throat, before coming out in a rush as she relaxed again under that skilled mouth.

The mistress fed on the slick honey she was weening from her sweet little virgin. The only one of the group. She kept the thought to herself, slightly disappointed that there had only been one out of the four girls. At least there had been the one. The others would serve as good toys for her pets, as she was sure they were already within her lair. As for the males, well there were some creatures out there that fancied their kind of entertainment. And if they hadn't reached them first, then there were others that would simply make short work of the pitiful things. Not something she was specifically worried about.

She let those thoughts slide away as another virginal moan brought her back to the feast on hand. Her fangs lengthened ominously, she scraped them over her victim's inner thigh sensually. Then, while still keeping the hazy feeling utmost in the uncorrupted mind, sank her fangs deep, drinking her fill of the second nectar emitted from her host.

Felicia felt the faint prick on her inner thigh, but it was gone as soon as it had come, and she was left wondering if perhaps she had imagined it...? or maybe it was just her mistresses nails... Ah that must be it, as the pleasure surged through her again. A scream of pleasure rose to her lips and she was unable to hide the orgasm that shook her. She was left shaking with the aftershocks, her body convulsing and quivering, sated yet craving more...

Felicia came to with a wave of pleasure. She was being caressed and aroused in ways she couldn't have ever imagined! She kept her eyes closed, not wanting to shatter her dream. It felt as if tongues were lathering her with their attentions, wringing moans from her slightly sore throat, kissing her into silence...

The creatures' tongues glided over the young captive, making her writhe and beg for more. They covered every inch of that perfect creamy skin, paying special attention to the areas that brought forth the best reactions. The soft mounds with those sensitive peaks made her arch into their hungry mouths. But that dip between her thighs, that forbidden entrance, was what they currently worked at. Multiple tongues slid into her snatch at once, pressing gently at those soft walls, licking up the cream that was being readily supplied although careful to not break that thin barrier. The mistresses' instructions were as clear as they got and no creature wanted to defy her. So they obeyed, not delving too deeply into the virgin, but bringing her pleasure nonetheless while denying their own, even though that core was thrust towards them in a blatant invitation to take what they oh-so-very much wanted from her exposed body.

When Freya walked into the small cavern the creatures scuttled out of her way, bringing Felicia out of her dream-like state as her pleasure came to a halt. Her eyes opened reluctantly, and she smiled sleepily when Freya came into view.

"My queen, what can I do for you?" Felicia got to her knees in an eager movement to please the dark-eyed woman in any way she could.

Freya laughed, her hand twisting into the recently cleansed blonde hair, wrapping it around her fist with enough force to widen Felicia's eyes with that precious innocence.

Felicia smiled at her wickedly, then crawled closer to the mistress in a seductive movement, mindless of the hand tangled in her hair in an attempt to hold her back. She tugged the tiny skirt-like garment from those slim hips exposing smooth skin and secret hollows. Felicia's tongue darted out to wet her lips before she inched closer, her tongue sweeping out in a tentative lick. The groan that it brought forth was enough to make her bold as she wrapped her hands around Freya's hips, grasping her firm buttocks to hold her still while she experimented. She sunk into that tasty morsel, pleased to learn that she was moist. Her lips caressed while her tongue worked the inner walls, needing that honey like a newly acquired addiction. When Freya came, her fingers dug into the other girls shoulders, to hold her up as well as to hold the girl to her, her legs shaking uncontrollably. Felicia took this honey as well, lapping it greedily, needing more.

Freya pushed her back, surprised at the force of the orgasm. When was the last time...? She shook the question away before beginning her feast. That intoxicating scent was beckoning to her, pleading her to feed. And as Felicia fell back willingly, that sexy smile on her lush lips, Freya helped herself to the offering.


When Felicia awoke by herself some time later, she was confused and disoriented. How long had she been in this room? Had she been sleeping, dreaming up those multiple times that woman had come to her, pleasing her insatiable appetite, while she returned the favour when permitted to? Or had it really happened? She massaged her temples, trying to force the cobwebs from her mind. They seemed reluctant to leave. Yet one glance at her body told her the dreams had been reality. She lay naked, legs spread, bruises and red finger marring her skin. And was that... a bite mark?!

Oh, this sucked! She ran through her hazy memories, trying to figure out some way out of this disaster. Some reprieve from this dilemma. Her memories came to her reluctantly, and she saw where her weakness had been, in seeing what was being done to Beth and how it had affected her.

And slowly, a plan began to form...

Freya sat at her throne, it was almost time to feed! Her mind reminded her greedily. Perhaps the day she had allowed for the girl to rest would be enough so that another feeding wouldn't injure her too badly. Already her regeneration abilities were lacking, and Freya had ordered she be left alone to regain some strength. But she was oh-so-sweet and addicting! She licked her lips subconsciously in anticipation of her visit.

And just as she stood to go to her dinner, she was pleasantly surprised when the girl entered the chamber hesitantly, innocently.

"Where have you been?" She asked in that voice that screamed virgin! She crossed the vast area slowly, a sexy smile on her full lips as she came up to Freya and went to one knee in a manner of respect. Humbling her.

"I was just coming to you, my dear." Freya's reply was husky as she could already smell that heady scent, that intoxicating nectar: her addiction.

Felicia grinned into the animal fur skirt that she quickly undid and discarded. "Good." She murmured against that soft expanse of skin. "I'll save you the trip." Her tongue flicked out to taste that intriguing place tentatively. Freya's hands tangled in her hair, holding the younger girls mouth to her as she arched into those soft lips. She spread her thighs, (as Felicia knew she would) and didn't resist when she was pulled to the ground, and laid out like a sacrificial monument.

Felicia continued to eat her out, her tongue sliding in and pressing against her inner walls intimately. She moved her lips up to the engorged clit, sucking the small nub into her mouth while working her hands up the mistresses' thighs in a caressing massage. Her fingers found the wet dip, and sunk in, wringing a groan of satisfaction from Freya. The woman was caught in the thrones of her oncoming orgasm, Felicia could feel it gathering, knew the tell-tale signs as the vaginal walls clenched at her fingers greedily, and knew she had to do this quickly to ensure that it worked in time.

As the orgasm grew with force, Felicia eased another two fingers into that tight, wet snatch. Freya came, and at the same time her eyes shot open and narrowed dangerously. "You..." Her words caught in her throat as Felicia slipped her entire hand into the dark-eyed woman's twat, choking her in a gasp of surprise, and oddly enough, the rare sensation of pain. Felicia found what she was looking for, and pushed past that thin barrier which marked the virgin, before withdrawing her hand, and lapping at the honey there, mingled with the evidence of the mistresses' virginity, now stolen.

The creatures rushed to the scene as they scented this loss, and flocked to Freya, while Felicia quickly backed out of the way.

Felicia watched in an awed fascination as the creatures tongues lapped at the sheen of sweat on that pale skin, all seeming to be aware of the others crowding so close to that writhing body. Freya's screams echoed off the low ceiling, screams of denial as she tried to regain control of her domain, her subjects. The efforts remained futile, as she no longer held any sense of control. Her virginity was stolen, marking the end of her reign.

The creatures' tongues slid over her skin, leaving the thick jelly-like saliva in their wake. As the jelly grew in quantity, it moved of its own accord, gliding over the flat expanse of skin bringing new sensations with it. The creatures undulated together becoming one: tentacles emerging, searching, probing. Freya's eyes went wide with horror; she was immune to the drug they subjected their victims to, and there was no hazy dream-like reality for her to fall back on. She renewed her struggles, trying fervently to escape while she still could. Again, her efforts were futile as tentacles snaked out and lashed to her wrists and ankles, stretching her spread-eagle for the creature bearing down on her.

Her body was still damp from the orgasm she had just had, and when the first tentacle rubbed across those wet lips, she jumped in response. It seemed to enjoy tormenting her, dragging out the penetration she was dreading. It explored her exposed hot core, marvelling over the smoothness of the skin there, liberally applying its lubricant to every possible area. It slid between her lips, entering her an agonizing inch before withdrawing and moving up to touch her clit tentatively. When she bucked her hips, (Felicia wasn't sure if it was a movement of protest or lust) the creature slid down again, passing her snatch and moving lower, investigating other possibilities. The mistress bucked again, another scream of protest shattering the thick air.

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