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Midsummers Eve


This story is my own, slight reinterpretation of Gadolfsson's excellent, "Summers Eve" series. Gadolfsson's title is obviously in reference to the Scandinavian holiday of Midsummers Eve. However; "Summer's Eve" is also the name of a feminine hygiene douche that has in the past been used by some women as an expedient, post coital contraceptive as well as camouflage to rinse away the evidence of infidelity. Given Helena's desperate attempt to rinse her lover's semen from her vagina in episode 1, I was expecting that Gadolfsson might be going in this direction but it appears that he wasn't.

Using Coca Cola douche is a similar, more barbaric emergency contraceptive that was often used in the Southeast United States for decades before becoming somewhat popular in the California during the 1960s. They've actually done experiments that confirm that Coca Cola is a potent spermicide with classic Coke being particularly lethal. Of course the Coke can't kill much less rinse away sperm that has already penetrated the cervix, so the effectiveness is estimated at about 50% which is better than nothing.


Coca Cola Douche
The Fuggs

My baby hasn't got no money
But her snatch it tastes like honey
Cause she makes that Coca. Cola douche

Helena struggled to remain quiet while also trying to savor the sensation of Lars' penis thrusting languidly but arrhythmically into her vagina. She was certain that his random, uncoordinated thrusting was once again going to fail to bring her to climax. As his unsatisfying strokes continued, she appeased her resentment by reminding herself that her husband was tired from taking their boys out on a long hike to scale a nearby hill that afternoon.

Their lovemaking had once again began with a massage to sooth Lars' aching muscles and express her gratitude for his paternal commitment. It had been just like their first evening at the cabin when he had been so exhausted and cramped up from packing, the long drive and unpacking. They had been either too busy or too tired, or too worried about their children or Lars' parents hearing them through the cramped cabin's thin walls to make love during the days since. This time she had responded to the unexpected swelling of his penis by discouraging any unnecessary foreplay. This lovemaking was to be for his pleasure, not hers.

Although Helena had resigned herself to not climaxing again, their coupling was becoming uncomfortable. She knew that her discomfort would be worse without the lubricant on the damn condom. Lars' clumsy attempts to adjust his position to make it better for her weren't helping. "Relax. Just enjoy yourself," she encouraged.

In spite of her encouraging words, Helena was dismayed as well as relieved to feel Lars' penis withdrawing. There was now no hope of her orgasming.

The habits acquired during a dozen years of more often than not relying on the much maligned pull and pray method had made it unnecessary for Helena to remind Lars to withdraw as an extra precaution. She knew that he loved her enough to restrain himself. She still looked down to reassure herself that her husband was holding the base of the condom to ensure that it wouldn't slip off or leak as he dutifully ejaculated his semen safely into the latex sheath.

As Lars rolled off of his wife to recline beside her he said, "sorry. I tried to last longer but I ran out of energy. Maybe you should have let me go down on you again?"

Helena held her fingers to Lars' lips to silence him as she said, "it's okay. You were tired again from taking our boys for a hike. You even had to carry Teddy most of the way home after he sprained his ankle. I didn't want you to have difficulties again."

Memories of Lars' humiliation instantly provoked regret. He had been doing okay until his frustration with opening the stubborn wrapper for the damn condom caused him to become flaccid. Helena had been tempted to relent by suggesting that she was still early enough in her cycle that she could risk trusting him to pull out. However; she had been afraid that another failure to remain resolute would undermine her efforts to coax and cajole her husband into getting a vasectomy

Lars ignored the comment about him having difficulties. He didn't want to talk about his increasingly frequent difficulties yet again. "I still feel guilty. It's been months since it's been good for you while we are actually having sex. Are you certain that you don't want me to..."

Helena refused to confess that it was probably the damn condoms, not anything that Lars was or wasn't doing that was the problem. Everything would be fine if Lars were to relent and get a vasectomy. She wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant and they wouldn't have to use the damn condoms. She couldn't tell her husband that. Not tonight after another failure. "You've brought me to orgasm with your loving lips and tongue often enough. I think that I can survive not climaxing every time we make love," Helena assured her husband.

"May be it would be better for you if you were still willing to just trust me to restrain myself like you used to do. Do you remember how great our lovemaking was during our trip to the Caribbean? You agreed that since we were taking a vacation, we could take a vacation from using condoms. You climaxed almost every time we made love," Lars reminded her.

"Relying on the Pull and Pray method was okay back when it was a question of when rather than if I wanted to get pregnant again. It only seemed to work better than condoms had worked for us only because we wanted our children to be born only a few years apart. The sex during our trip was great. But you also failed to pull out that last night we were on the island. I was a nervous wreck for two weeks until my period finally started right on time. I can't risk getting pregnant again. Not now when I'm finally resuming my career. I can't risk having another miscarriage again," Helena argued.

"Why are you so worried about your career? Now that I've gotten that big promotion, I make more than enough money for us to live comfortably and save for the kids' college. I miss you. Our boys miss you when they're not in school. Our daughter should spend her days at home with her mom, not in day care," Lars asserted.

Helena always resented Lars guilting her about the children. This time she chose to just evade the subject. "We wouldn't have to worry about a pregnancy derailing my career if you'd stop vacillating about getting a vasectomy. It seems like you're keeping your options open in case you decide to trade me in for a younger woman," she asserted defiantly as well as defensively.

It was an old argument. "I guess I'm just worried that you'll have regrets or change your mind about having another baby. The idea of getting my balls cut is bad enough. The possibility of having to try to reverse the procedure terrifies me." Lars reached to fondle one of Helena's big breasts through her nightgown as he teased, "I'm certainly not thinking of trading you in for a younger woman. Especially not now after you won that wet teeshirt contest during our Caribbean vacation."

"Don't remind me," Helena pleaded as she blushed with embarrassment. Her memories and her shame remained vivid even though it had been a year ago last winter. "I can't believe that I got drunk enough to let the bartender coax me into entering."

Helena laid in bed, quietly savoring the loving embrace of her husband as she reminisced about their vacation. She was grateful that her husband still loved her after witnessing her shameful wantonness. A good wife shouldn't behave like a slut. The omnipresent sensation of the gold cross that hung on a necklace to nestle discretely in her cleavage rebuked her. A good Christian wife definitely shouldn't behave like a slut.

As Helena laid in bed cuddling with her exhausted husband, the warm, midsummer breeze blowing through an open window seemed to rouse her unsatiated lust. Lars had failed to satisfy her again and now she was lusting for release. She was tempted to ask him if he was still willing to go down on her, but that wasn't what she craved, at least at this moment.

After a bit of thought Helena reached down to fondle Lars' softening penis and testicles. She was bemused to see that while semen was beginning to leak from the base of the damn condom, it still clung tenaciously to his waning erection. She slipped the spent condom off of his now flaccid penis, tied a knot in it to keep the remaining semen from leaking out, then set it on the nightstand.

Still feeling frustrated, restless and amorous Helena coyly suggested, "may be we could go for a moonlit swim. It might give you time to recharge. We could take the row boat over to one of the islands in the middle of the lake to get safely away from our kids and your parents. It is an unseasonably warm, midsummers night and the islands are very secluded. You might be able to talk me into going skinny dipping which might lead to something more," she taunted.

Lars was ambivalent. The prospect of going out to one of the secluded islands to enjoy some skinny dipping with Helena was appealing. However; he was exhausted. The prospect of failing to bring her to orgasm yet again or worse yet not be able to achieve an erection terrified him.

An excuse was offered by the same open window that allowed the warm, summer breeze to blow through their room. The open window also allowed the faint sound of people partying on one of the islands. "This is Minnesota, not some Caribbean island. I don't think skinny dipping is allowed here. My parents are now living here in their retirement. Almost everyone who owns a cabin on the lake knows them. I don't want to do anything that might embarrass them. There are people partying on one of the islands. They might catch us," he argued.

"No one will see us in the dark and we'll be underwater most of the time. There isn't much chance of getting caught. Except for those few days we spent on the nude beach during our Caribbean vacation, it has been years since we went skinny dipping together," Helena argued as she seductively toyed with Lars' flaccid penis.

Frustrated by Helena's successful evasion Lars attempted a somewhat different ploy. "Maybe we could crash the party instead of going skinny dipping?"

Helena listened to the faint sound of people partying that came through their opened windows. They hadn't gone out partying since that final night of their Caribbean vacation. The idea was appealing. However; she knew that even a few drinks would probably ensure that Lars would be unable to achieve much less maintain another erection. Even worse, she might do something as scandalous as participating in a wet teeshirt contest had been.

The boisterous revelry suggested that the partygoers were probably college students or worse yet, teenagers. Even if they welcomed them to their party, she and Lars would obviously be the oldest people at the party. She didn't need to be reminded that she was a nearly forty year old mother who was married to a husband whose virility was waning.

"No! I don't want to go to a party. I'd rather just go skinny dipping with my husband and spend time together."

When his final ploy failed, Lars was forced to resort to stubbornness. "The day was warm but the water was cold. I don't think that I'd be any good for anything after getting chilled from going skinny dipping. Why don't we just stay in bed, get some sleep, then try making love again in the morning when I'm rested."

Helena said nothing as her husband rolled away from her again. She laid there quietly for several minutes before trying another tactic to motivate him. "It's okay if you don't want to go skinny dipping with me. I can go by myself."

When Lars didn't take the bait, Helena rose from the bed. She stripped off her knee length, cotton nightgown. She started to reach for her demure tankini swimsuit that she had left hanging on a wall hook before deciding to do more to taunt her husband. She quietly retrieved her yellow, polkadot bikini that Lars had coaxed her into purchasing during their Caribbean vacation from her luggage.

Wearing her bikini for the first few days of their vacation had given Helena the confidence and courage to visit the nude beach and go topless. She had packed her bikini just in case they were lucky enough to have some time together when their kids and Lars' parents weren't around. She blushed and giggled as she set aside the teeshirt with the bar's logo that had been her only prize for competing in that wet teeshirt contest.

Lars looked on as his wife put on her yellow, polka dot bikini bikini. It seemed to be almost florescent in the light from the moon. He said nothing as he watched her tie the top. As she was adjusting her large breasts in the cups he asked with poorly concealed alarm, "you haven't worn that bikini since our trip to the Caribbean. Now you're wearing your bikini to go swimming without me? What if you do discover that you're not alone."

Helena taunted, "Yes, I am wearing my bikini to go swimming without you. Why not? You were the one who assured me that my bikini isn't indecent, so it shouldn't be any problem if I meet someone. Who knows. Maybe I'll even strip off my bikini to go skinny dipping if no one else is on the island. May be I'll go skinny dipping even if someone else is on the island. May be I'll even accept if someone who catches me skinny dipping invites me to their party."

Lars was alarmed by Helena's threatened exhibitionism but he was tired and fearful of not being able to perform again. He also didn't want to yield to obvious blackmail and was hopeful that she was just bluffing. He watched silently as his wife tied her bikini bottom. She hadn't worn her bikini since their Caribbean vacation. Her untrimmed, blonde pubic hair was not fully concealed by the tiny triangle of fabric. "Okay. Just don't stay out so late that I have to worry about you."

Helena quietly slipped out of the house so as not to wake their children or Lars' parents. She savored the sensation of the warm, midsummer evening air against her nearly naked body as she carefully walked barefooted the thirty yards to the shore of the lake. She had been a competitive swimmer in college, so she ignored the row boat. Swimming the two hundred or so meters to the nearest island was exactly what she needed to relieve her stress and sexual frustration.

Helena paused to adjust her bikini again. The bottoms seemed to ride even lower on her hips than she remembered. Her hips had gotten even wider since Lars bought the bikini for her on their vacation. The bottoms had inevitably revealed her butt crease or her pubic hair or a bit of both during their vacation. They were even more revealing now. She eventually decided that it didn't matter.

The water turned out to be as cold as Lars had feared. Sunlight had made it only seem warmer during the day. By the time Helena reached the shore of the island, she was also being confronted by the realization that she was no longer a competitive swimmer. She wasn't exhausted, but she was cold and eager to rest.

As she carefully stepped onto the shore, Helena realized that her bikini bottoms had slipped down to reveal most of her butt as well as her sex. One breast had also escaped from it's cup. She was poised to adjust her bikini but paused as she recalled trying to motivate her husband by threatening to go skinny dipping without him. He had been the one who had decided to allow her to go swimming by herself so as to avoid going with her. He had been too stubborn to object when she threatened to go skinny dipping by herself. Going skinny dipping suddenly seemed to be the perfect gesture to defy her husband.

Helena quickly stripped off her bikini and hung it from a limb of the tree that their boys had been climbing on much of that morning. They had been playing pirate. They had named the little island Treasure Island of course. Lars had volunteered to play the role of their evil antagonist. It should be easy enough to find.

Helena laid down on a warm boulder to soak up some heat. The rough texture of the rock against her back and naked butt was amazingly sensual. After a few minutes she rolled over so she could press her soft belly and naked breasts against the warm, rough rock until her entire body was warm again.

Although walking around nude reminded Helena of that Caribbean vacation, there was no white, sandy beach to walk around on. Fortunately; many eager feet had worn a path through the rocks and sticks that circled the little island. Someone had even cleared the brush from a few areas and planted unkept grass.

As Helena walked around the small island, she became acutely aware that she was leaving her bikini further and further behind her. If she by chance encountered someone, she would have nothing with which to cover her nudity. Her wanton recklessness aroused her.

Helena decided to swim across a tiny inlet rather than walk a rougher segment of the path over more challenging terrain. She pulled herself up on another, warm boulder at the edge of the lake. After warming herself for awhile, she stood peering through the dark at another, nearby island. She could now see the bonfire as well as hear the party. It sounded as if they were having fun.

For only a moment Helena contemplated swimming over to the next island to crash the party. The thought that she would be leaving her bikini even further behind her made the idea seem even more appealing. She could even rationalize that her husband had suggested that they join the party. However; the people at the party weren't Caribbean tourists who were patronizing a bar that was infamous for it's wet teeshirt contests. She wasn't certain that they wouldn't be offended by her nudity.

Helena also knew that she didn't have her husband to chaperone her. She knew damn well what would have happened that last night of their vacation if the bartender hadn't been there to back up Lars. She blushed as she conceded at least to herself that she might not have even allowed her husband to persuade her to return to their hotel room if that thug that she'd been flirting and dancing with hadn't become violent. Since that vacation, her shameful memories of her wanton behavior had dissuaded her from imbibing more than moderately.

Helena's reminiscing and introspection was interrupted when the water beside her boulder suddenly erupted. It seemed as if a whale was broaching, but this was no whale. It was a very dark skinned, African American man. As the man stood up in the water, Helena realized that he too was nude.

The man was standing in water that came only half way up his thighs. Helena was astonished by the sight of an ebony penis that dangled down until the tip was almost touching the water. The guy was hung like the proverbial horse! He shamed even the most impressive of the men that she had covertly admired during that recent trip to the Caribbean. She was suddenly shamed by the realization that he made her husband look like their youngest, prepubescent boy in comparison.

Helena found herself staring at that ebony penis, examining it closely. There was something unusual but also familiar about that penis beyond it's near ebony hue. Instead of the elegant helmet shaped head that adorned Lars' penis and their boys' penises, there was a sheath of loose skin. The guy was uncircumcised! While most men in many parts of the world were intact, circumcision had become almost mandatory in America.

Helena had never allowed herself to become intimate enough with the guys that she had dated before Lars started courting her to even know if she'd ever dated a man who wasn't circumcised. She had reserved the honor of rupturing her precious hymen for Lars' uncircumcised penis. However; circumstances had conspired with Lars' disapproving parents to compel them to delay becoming formally engaged. Lars had needed to finish his degree at university and get established in his career while Helena needed a few years to go to nursing college.

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