Mike & Peggy Ch. 06


Todd was already hard. Mary's naked form would have that effect on any guy. His cock was somewhat bigger than average, but not much. Maybe 7 inches, and thicker than normal.

Mike was repulsed by this, he wanted to stop it somehow but couldn't. He realized that in spite of Mary lying there naked, he was totally turned off.

Todd climbed on Mary and was quickly pounding away. Mike could see that Mary was definitely not enjoying this and looked like she was even in some pain. Happily for Mary and to Mike's relief, Todd was a bit of a rabbit and shot his load after just a couple of minutes. This generated guffaws and derisive comments from the other three.

"Shit man, is that all the longer you want to fuck a looker like this. You hardly got started boy!" they laughed.

Peggy decided that Harold would go next. As he stripped off his clothes Mike saw Mary shudder. She seemed resolute, but looked miserable.

Harold was more well-endowed than Todd. Probably 8 or 9 inches and pretty big around. As he rammed his cock in Mary she grimaced in some obvious pain. Harold was oblivious and just pounded away. He lasted quite a bit longer than Todd before he finally grunted and slammed deep in Mary cumming hard.

"That is one nice piece of ass!" he swaggered as he started to dress.

"Okay Tons, you're next big boy!" Peggy exclaimed with obvious delight at Mary's misery.

As Tons undressed it became obvious to Mike that Peggy was selecting them in order of cock size. It wasn't lost on Mike that she obviously knew how big each guy was. Tons was an honest 10 inches and thicker than either of the first two.

He had to work a bit to get his whole cock in Mary, but it wasn't long before he too was pounding away at her. She was clearly in a lot of discomfort. She was biting her lip and groaning. Again like the first two, Tons didn't care; he just kept pounding away at her. He lasted much longer than the first two as well. It took a good 10 minutes before he finally came.

"Okay Willie, I got her nice and loosened up for you. I hope you can still feel the sides and she ain't too stretched out!" Tons laughed.

"Ain't no need you worry about that pencil dick!" scoffed Willie.

When he pulled down his pants it was obvious he wasn't kidding. His cock was a solid foot long and looked as big around as a beer can!

When Mary saw how big he was she gasped, "Oh shit!"

"Don't worry Mary, you and me gonna' have some fun now! 'Cause I'm a considerate kinda' guy, and to make sure this lasts a good long time I 'relieved' myself just 'afor coming here!" Willie said with a big shit-eating grin.

"Oh God," whispered Mary.

Mike couldn't watch. He pretended to be looking, but he just let his vision blur.

"Please, I can't take all of that!" Mary moaned.

"A bet is a bet sweetie, unless you want me to do you know what with this!" Peggy insisted, waving a manila envelope.

"It'll be okay Mary, I'll go easy," Willie said with a smile showing more compassion than any of the other three had.

With that he got down between her legs and guided his monster cock toward her abused pussy. Probably because he'd had to learn to go slow with his huge member in order for women to handle it, Willie was surprisingly gentle. He slowly worked his giant cock in and out, feeding Mary a little more on each stroke.

The problem was, Mary wasn't even a little stimulated and so wasn't lubricating very much. Still Willie went slowly enough that pretty soon he had the whole thing in her and was pumping more vigorously.

Peggy realized she'd actually done Mary a favor by having the guys go in increasing cock size. Mary never could have handled Willie's massive prick if he had been first. Peggy was determined to fix that!

Evidently Willie's earlier masturbation had the effect he'd desired. He was still steadily fucking Mary after more than 15 minutes and didn't appear to be close to cumming. Mary was clearly in some pain, but Willie's gentleness had made it possible for her to tolerate it.

Peggy got impatient.

"Okay Willie, since you have such great stamina, flip that bitch over and stretch out her nice tight ass for these other boys!" Peggy demanded.

Willie seemed to hesitate. The others noticed and jumped all over him.

"What's a matter Willie, you don't know how to ass fuck a white girl?" one shouted.

That was all it took. Willie pulled his gigantic cock out and flipped Mary over with one arm.

"NO!" Mary screamed, "You'll tear me in half with that thing. You almost split my cunt apart, I can't possibly take that thing up the ass. MIKE! Do something!"

Mike could stand it no longer, "Peggy, stop this. This has already gone too far!"

"Mike, she doesn't get the envelope until these four guys get to fuck her ass, that's the deal!" Peggy gloated.

"NO Peggy, this is enough, stop this NOW!" Mike said firmly. He was barely containing his fury.

"I'll tell you what Mike," Peggy said with a soft snicker. "You] get down there and lick Mary clean and I'll call the rest of this off!"

"WHAT!" Mike shouted, "That's disgusting, I'm not doing that. Now stop this!"

"Nope, that's the only way I give up this envelope without these guys getting off in her nice tight butt! Besides Mike, it wouldn't be the first time you licked one of these guys' cum out of a pussy!" Mary exclaimed.

"What the Hell are you talking about?" Mike demanded, clearly about to explode in anger.

"Mike, you dope, why do you think I was so 'juicy' on those Saturday nights when I'd go out before coming over to see you?" Mary said with an air of triumph.

Later Mike would admit to himself that this wasn't really a revelation, that he'd been in denial, but at this point he was forced to acknowledge Peggy's depravity and cruelty.

Mike snapped. "You lousy fucking cunt!" he screamed, "I ought knock the crap out of you right here. You fucking bitch! I'll show you!"

And with that, displaying strength he didn't normal posses, he tossed Willie aside and gently laid Mary back on the mattress. For the next few minutes he lapped at her sore pussy and mostly cleaned her up.

The other four guys had gone silent and just stood watching.

When he got up, he helped Mary to her feet and softly told her to go get dressed. He walked over to Peggy and got right in her face.

"Give me that!" he snarled as he snatched the envelope from her hand.

"Peggy, I hope you rot in Hell!" he barked as he moved toward Mary.

It was Willie who spoke next, "Hey, wait a damn minute here. We was promised we'd get to ass fuck a cheerleader. Hell, I didn't even get to cum! What 'bout dat!"

"Willie, as bad as this was, Mary was a willing participant until now. You go any further and I'm a witness to something I don't think you want to be a part of. This is over!" Mike said forcefully.

Then before anyone else could speak Mike had a thought, "Of course when Mary and I leave, there'd still be one way for you guys to get to ass fuck a cheerleader!"

"No fucking way!" Peggy roared "I'll see you all die in jail!"

"Yeah, man, how's that any different than Mary?" Willie asked Mike.

"Well, once Mary and I are gone, it's just the four of you and Peggy. Only thing I could say is I know Peggy promised you four guys were going get to fuck a cheerleader in the ass, and I guess she went through with it. That's what it looked like was going down when I left."

Willie smiled broadly, Peggy turned white!

With that Mike and Mary went out the door, "See 'ya guys. You have fun Peggy!"

Mike was just opening the car door for Mary when they heard a blood-curdling scream come from inside the house. Neither of them looked up, they just got in the car and started to drive off.

They drove quite a way in silence before Mary finally spoke, "Mike . . . you . . . well you saved . . ."

He cut her off, "It is mostly my fault for being so damn stupid in the first place that this ever went this far. I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you a long time ago. I'm really sorry Mary!"

Mary leaned her head on his shoulder and started to cry softly.

"Do you want to know what's in the envelope Mike?" Mary asked once he had regained some composure.

"Only if you want me to, but I think it would be best just to destroy it, what do you think?" he replied.

"Yeah, that would be best, but I'll show you if you want."


After a few more miles she whispered, "Mike, do you hate me after this?"

"God no Mary! I finally realize that I've been in love with you for a long time!" he said passionately.

That was the last thing Mary expected to hear. She looked up at him and asked, "Really, do you really mean it?"

"Of course I do!"

"Do you . . . well, uh . . . do you want us to be together?" she replied.

"Very much. Do you?" he asked rather tentatively.

She threw her arms around his neck and nearly choked him.

"Easy or you're gonna' get us killed. I can't drive with you breaking my neck!" he said with a mile wide grin on his face.

She released her stranglehold and snuggled up next to him as he drove.

After a minute she spoke softly again, with her deep sexy voice, "Mike, have you cum since last Saturday, when, well you know?"

Sheepishly he replied, "Un, well no I haven't."

She dropped her hand in his lap and started to massage his cock through his pants. He quickly began to harden.

"Mmm, you must be in pretty serious shape then," she teased.

"I think maybe we'd better go to your place and fix that!" she continued.

He just moaned as she kept teasing his cock.

"I'm afraid I'm pretty sore, so I think you'll have to settle for a plain old blow job today, okay?" she chuckled as she kept up her tantalizing strokes.

"Oh, God Mary, yes please!" he groaned.

"I wasn't kidding about swallowing," she whispered seductively.

"But Mike," she continued, "there is something we need to talk about."

"What's that?" he asked a bit nervously.

"Well, your relationship with Peggy proves something about you that we both know you need! You are basically submissive, and I don't think you'll be happy in a relationship without that."

"Mary, I don't really think . . ."

She cut him off, "And you don't have to, I'll do that for us, okay. So let's go to your house so I can solve this problem of yours . . . after a few more hours of this," she said, still teasing his cock.

Mike groaned, but his smile widened, his cock swelled even more and his foot pushed down on the accelerator.

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