tagGroup SexMike, Robin, & Me Ch. 03

Mike, Robin, & Me Ch. 03


The three of us lie there quietly for a few minutes, relaxing in the warm water. All kinds of things run through my head. This is the most exciting thing to happen to me since I first started having sex. I feel extraordinarily lucky to be with two people who know one another so well and who are also truly interested in making my fantasy into reality.

Another emotion has wormed its way into my head, though, and it's a strange one. I can't tell if it's jealousy or envy. Part of me wishes that I was the one going home with Robin when this is over. This has me worried. I fall in love easily and always have, but I'm pretty sure this isn't love. Or at least I think I'm pretty sure. It may be just a case of falling in lust. I've finally met someone who is uninhibited, carefree, intelligent, attractive, and a lot of other things I look for in a woman. Only one problem. She's married.

I can do one of two things; I can get up and leave so I don't fall too deeply into something I can't have, or I can treat this as the adventure I'd hoped it would be and just ride it out. It doesn't take me long to realize that I'll ride it out. I may never get another chance at this and I'm not going to screw it up now.

I look over as Mike, lying on Robin's left side, begins to slide his hand along her thigh, slowly running it back and forth under the water. He places his hand under it, lifts her leg, and rests her foot on the side of the tub. His hands glide along the inside of her thigh; I can see his fingernails lightly scratching her. Robin's eyes are closed, mouth slightly open, making soft sounds of enjoyment.

I mimic Mike, lifting Robin's other leg and placing her foot on the edge of the tub. She's spread open before us, her hairless mound visible under the water. I move to the other side of the tub and face both of them. My hands run up and down Robin's leg, again, mimicking the movement of Mike's manipulations. I slide back a bit and take her foot in hand. I begin to massage the small, delicate foot, running my thumbs along the underside, feeling her squirm from the sensation.

Mike's hand has found her mound and begins to tease her. I can see him cup her lips with his hand, dragging his finger along her slit as he slides back and forth. Robin's nipples are hard, little points. Mike notices this and changes his position to attend to them. He faces her, leans forward and places a nipple in his mouth. Robin arches her back as he begins to suck. His left hand dips into the water and again begins to tease her.

I continue to massage her foot and suddenly find myself tentatively licking the underside of her toes with my tongue. I've never done this before and am surprised to find that I really enjoy it. I trail my tongue along the base of her toes, moving it teasingly from side to side. Robin opens her eyes and looks into mine.

"Oh, Greg," she sighs, "that feels wonderful. Please don't stop. Mike, honey, put your fingers inside me."

I watch Mike's middle finger slowly slide part way into Robin's hairless pussy as I feel her foot tense. I slide my tongue down the underside of her foot, lightly tickling her with it. I close my eyes and let my tongue travel the length of her soft sole, then glide it back to her toes.

I notice Mike watching me when I open them again, smiling. "Let's move this to the bed," he says, I'm starting to turn into a prune."

All three of us laugh. Mike motions Robin to remain in the tub as he hands me a towel. We dry ourselves off, then he grabs two fresh towels, hands me one, and then helps Robin to stand up. I take the back and Mike takes the front. We gently dry her off, rubbing the cotton towel across her smooth form. I slide the towel down the back of her leg, and then back towards her ass. I can't help it. I place a small kiss on both cheeks of her ass.

"Damn," Mike laughs, "I keep drying your pussy, but it won't stay dry. I think it's sprung a leak."

Again, the three of us laugh. It is amazing to me that the sexual tension seems to climb the more we laugh. I'm also amazed that I'm so comfortable with these two. My inhibitions about this whole episode are completely gone. Several scenarios flash quickly through my head, each more erotic than the last. They have me doing things I would never have dreamed of before this night. I might just make some of them a reality before it's over.

"Hello? Earth to Greg? Are you there?", says Robin, laughing, "Hey, are you still with us?"

"Sorry," I laugh, "I was just thinking of a few things."

"Really? I couldn't tell," she replies, looking at my crotch.

"Hmm, where did that come from," I respond, noticing my erection for the first time.

"I don't know where it came from, just make sure it doesn't leave," says Mike, giving it a squeeze.

The three of us head to the bed, where Robin lies between us. Mike quickly resumes where he left off, rubbing his fingers in Robin's wet pussy. I begin to kiss along her neck, gently tweaking her nipple between my fingers. I remember her saying she licked them pinched, so I begin to pinch lightly at first, then harder. I hear her breathing increase and feel her start to squirm.

"That's it, Mike, finger my pussy, make me wet," Robin says, "you know I love to feel you finger me." The one thing I find fascinating about Robin is that she loves to tell you how she feels. She isn't the least bit shy about telling you what to do or how to do it. I love to hear her talk this way.

"C'mon, Greg, squeeze harder. That's it. Pinch both of those fuckers. I'll tell you when it hurts."

I watch Mike's fingers glide in and out of her pussy as I kneel by her side and pinch her nipples. Robin's hand starts to toy with my balls, her fingernails scratching that no-man's land between them and my ass. Her middle finger is seeking out my hole. I reach out and help Mike by rubbing Robin's clit as he fingers her.

"Ohh...that feels good boys, keep doing that," she moans.

Unable to control myself, I lean forward and begin to tongue her clit. I move alongside her body to get a better position. Mike continues to stroke her. I can hear the wet, sucking sounds his fingers make as they invade her pussy. Robin removes her hand from my balls, but it barely registers. I love eating a woman's pussy and am concentrating on making her feel good. I hear a small click, but think nothing of it.

Seconds later, Robin's hands are back. And slick. And probing my virgin ass. I tense up a bit and stop licking her.

"Relax," she says, "I'm not going to hurt you. Trust me."

I look at Mike. "It's ok," he says, "If you don't want her to do it, just say so."

My answer is to lean forward and continue to lick her. Robin runs the pad of her finger around my ass, making it slick with lube. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, but my hard cock is telling me to just relax. Who am I to argue?

She inserts the tip of her finger in me and I tense up automatically. I try to relax and it helps. She removes the tip, then inserts it again, and just a bit more. Before I know it, she has half of her finger in my ass. The pain is gone, but the weird "I have to take a shit" feeling is still there. As she moves her finger in and out, the feeling is replaced by one I never expected. Pleasure. I like it. I feel like the kid who tried Life cereal for the first time. "Hey, Mikey, he likes it!"

I push back a bit, trying to let Robin know I like it without removing my mouth from her. Mike, in the meantime, has one finger in her pussy and one in her ass. Robin understands the message and pushes more of her finger into me. My cock is rock hard.

No one says a word as we continue to pleasure one another. My cock, leaking fluid, rubs against Robin's side, as I move back and forth from the movement of her finger. I can see what she's doing to me in my mind's eye, and it's hard to believe it's actually me. Just a few days ago, I never would have dreamed this would happen. Or that I would allow it to happen. Again, I'm conflicted. Part of me enjoys what she is doing while the other part is telling me I'm less of a man. I know that's not true and try to enjoy the experience. I am able to quiet that part of my mind pretty quickly and the pleasure increases, which I didn't think was possible.

We stay like this for several minutes until Robin says, ""OK, boys, time to switch up."

Mike removes his fingers from her at the same time she removes hers from me. I'm left with a strange, greasy feeling that is anything but unpleasant. I think I've just found a new kink and tell them so. They seem delighted in the fact that they've helped me take another step in my sexuality; however, I can also sense that Robin is ready for her turn to cum. And she's ready now.

"Lay on your back," she tells me, "It's time to cross another item off your list."

I look confused until she straddles my chest, her pussy several inches from my face. A smile splits my face when I realize what she wants and I see her smile in return.

"Hey mister," she says in her best over-the-top Southern drawl, "how much for a mustache ride?"

"Well, little lady, today I'm giving 'em away for free. It's my way of saying thanks to all the nice folk I've met in town. So, how 'bout you just slide that pretty pussy of yours up here and start your ride?"

"Yes, sir!"

With that, another fantasy is crossed off the list. There I am, flat on my back, with a beautiful woman straddling my face, just waiting for me to eat her. And, as I've said before, who am I to argue?

I grab Robin's ass in both hands and begin to lick her in long, slow strokes from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. I can feel the muscles in her ass clench when I touch her clit, so I try and pay special attention to it. Since turnabout is fair play, I also begin to tickle her ass with my finger, rubbing the pad of it against her hole as she did mine. Most of my efforts, though, are concentrated on her pussy. I desperately want to make her cum.

As I lick her, an idea pops into my head. To me, it's so different from anything that I've ever done before that I'm afraid to try it. Then I remember them saying we could do whatever we wanted and if it wasn't desired, you could tell the other person to stop. So I did it.

I slid Robin forward a bit and began to rim her ass. I'd seen it done in porn movies before, but never thought about doing it until now. I was really afraid that she'd have a bad taste, but surprisingly, there's none at all. I can feel the heat from her crinkly, little hole as my tongue probes it gently. This is awesome. Apparently, Robin likes this very much.

"Oooohhh. Greg, that's just lovely. Keep doing that, dear, and I'll come in no time."

Dimly, my brain wonders where Mike is...and then I know.

I feel a familiar coldness on my ass and know exactly where he is and what he's planning to do. It seems he'd like to stick his finger up my ass as did his wife. I'm trying to tell him not to, but it's difficult to speak coherently with a mouth full of ass. Robin senses my movements and tells me to just relax. The hard part was over earlier and this should feel just as good. I trust her, against my better judgment. Once I agree, she gets up, turns around, and settles herself into position where I can still lick her, but now she can watch Mike.

"Go slow, Mike," she says, "Your fingers are a bit bigger than mine."

She is, of course, 100% correct and it quickly feels as good as it did earlier. Mike is sliding a finger in and out of me as I continue to tongue and tease his wife's pussy and ass. My cock is hard as stone at this point.

"Finger his ass, Mike. Slide it all the way in slowly, then wiggle it around. You know how much you enjoy that. Look at his cock flex and dance when you do that. I think someone likes it."

I do. I hate to admit it, but I do. When he wiggles his finger, it's all I can do not to cum. I can't though. Not till Robin does. I gotta be quick about this, though, because I can't last much longer.

I spy the lube lying off to the side and quickly put some on Robin's ass. She jerks from the cold, but doesn't pull away. I take my time, slowly loosening her up, until I can get my index finger inside her hot hole. She slides back and forth, fucking herself on my finger.

"That's it, Greg, fuck my ass. Slide your finger inside me. I love it. Harder. Shove it in, harder."

I do as I'm told. I can feel Robin's asshole clench and unclench against my finger. Her motions are not as smooth as earlier. She's jerky, like she's losing control of her muscles.

"I'm close, Greg. Don't stop now, baby. Keep fucking my ass. Now you need to lick my clit, baby, come on, I need to cum."

The positioning is a bit awkward, but I manage. Mike is still sliding his finger in my asshole. Hearing Robin talk this way is getting me very, very close and Mike's probing finger is not helping me control myself.

I hear Robin's breath catch as I capture her clit between my teeth and wiggle my tongue against it rapidly. She's beginning to spasm, and I can feel her start to moan.

"Yes! Right there! Bite my clit, Greg. That's it!" She begins to pant and squirm, her orgasm overtaking her. I feel a trickle of juice leak out and run down the side of my face. Hearing her moan and feeling her quake causes me to lose all control. I begin to cum without either of them ever touching me. My stomach clenches and the cum arcs up and onto Robin's back. Robin continues to shudder as another shot lands on her back.

Mike's finger is buried completely in my ass. My cum covers his wife's back and dribbles down the side of my cock. The intensity is almost too much and I tell Mike to hold still. Any more movement and I'm afraid I'll pass out. Robin's nipples crush against my chest as she looses control of her arms. I can feel her breath on my cock as she tries to slow her breathing. Both of us lie there like a pile of limp rags, too tired to move.

"That....was...unbelievable," I pant, "I thought Robin's ass was going to tear my finger off. I also thought my cock was going to explode it got so hard."

Robin rolls off me onto her back. Her chest rises and falls, but no other movement is visible. I'm a bit worried about her, but Mike assures me she's ok. When she comes, he says, it takes a lot out of her and she has to take a few minutes to get it together. I look down and notice a spot underneath Mike.

"Did...Did you cum?"

"Yeah," he says, sheepishly looking between his legs, "My cock was rubbing the sheets as I fingered you and the whole thing was so erotic that I couldn't help myself."

"Cool," I reply, astonished. My head suddenly feels very heavy as I lie back on the bed. I have never felt as relaxed as I do now. The last thing I remember thinking is, what's next?

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