Darkness had fallen on the city of Chicago, but the heat of the day had not yet died down. I had been awake for some time, quietly reliving the events of the previous night.

Hunting down prey was something I enjoyed. At the naïve age of 19, I had been attacked and changed, then left to my own defenses. Vampiric life suited me for I was able to dominate my prey. Night after night, I journeyed through city streets, searching for the most wretched amongst mankind, the ones who almost begged for their lives to end.

I was all alone in my life and often longed for a companion. But I would not make him until I had found the perfect man. And finally last night I had seen him.

He walked through the crowded streets with ease; his broad shoulders and light brown skin winning him smiles and flirting eyes from numerous women as they passed. I had followed him at a distance, quietly watching as a brazen female approached him offering her number. He took it with a smile, but I could see clearly that there would be no future phone call for her. He was mine.

Finally he reached his destination, a bar where he met with some friends, and they all sat down to have a drink. I watched silently through the window for a moment, before I decided to chance it and go in. I let my eyelids fall heavily over my glowing green eyes, not wanting to draw attention to myself. It didn't work; human's eyes are drawn to an immortal like moths to a flame. I felt eyes on me as I walked and they continued to stare as I took a seat at the bar, not far from the table where the young man sat, laughing and drinking with his friends.

The bartender asked what I was having and I ordered myself a Bloody Mary. The rich red drink was soon set in front of me and I sipped it, wishing it was the blood of the fine treat that sat at the table. My constant staring was too much; he looked up and noticed me looking at him. He smiled at me and I smiled back, careful not to let my sharp teeth show. Oh, but he was gorgeous. I knew I somehow had to get closer.

Downing the last of the Bloody Mary, I slipped off the bar stool and keeping eye contact with him, I headed towards the restrooms. I stopped in the dark corridor and waited for my prize to come to me, as I knew he would. Seconds passed and his dark body slid around the corner.

"My name is Aurelia," I said and he replied that he was Tavon. His lips were wonderful to look at and I wanted to taste them immediately. The trick to seducing a mortal is not to rush them, lest they grow frightened and run away. So I let my hand brush his face gently, feeling his fine bone structure and the softness of his moist lips. It did not take long for him to kiss me; I could sense his arousal just as easily as I smelled the blood which ran through his veins. We kissed for what seemed like hours; lips and tongues eating at each other as if we would never again find food as good, and I let my hand tangle in his hair.

Finally I broke the kiss, and whispered up into his ear. "If you would like to see me again, meet me outside this very same bar tomorrow night at 10:00." The next night being Halloween, everyone on the bar scene would be in full costume, and I could freely walk about without fearing someone would notice my unusual green eyes or pointed front teeth.

I left him then, finishing my hunting for the night and as morning came, retiring to my windowless apartment. Now as I rose from my bed, I imagined our life together once I had turned him. I quickly dressed and hurried out into the night, taking the first lone mortal I saw.

The hours passed slowly as I waited for 10:00 but finally it was time, and I made my way to the same bar I had been at the previous night. 9:45 and he was there waiting. The look of lust in his eyes as he turned and saw me sent shivers up my spine. He was wearing a red shirt and tight black pants, holding devil ears in his hand, but we would have no use for costumes; I was taking him where he belonged.

"Come," I said simply, holding out a hand to him. He took my hand and followed like an eager puppy, awaiting the pleasures of the night. It did not take long to reach my apartment; I clouded his mind and took back roads allowing us to move faster than mere humans. I closed the door behind us and jumped him immediately. His strong arms supported my weight fully and we kissed, as we had last night, long and deep, breathing in each other's essences.

Finally we broke the kiss and I disentangled my legs from around his waist, leading him to the bedroom. My lust for flesh and blood was rising and I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside me, taste his life blood. My eyes glowed with my need and I ripped the shirt from his body, exposing his hard, muscular chest to my vision. I fought against my animal urges that begged me to mar his beautiful skin and mark his body as my own. He quickly brought my black dress up my body and I raised my arms to allow him to completely pull it off. My hardened nipples and moist pubic hairs were exposed for his wandering eyes as they traveled up and down my body.

"I want you to make me yours," I said softly as I gazed into his soft brown eyes, and then the passion took over. Deftly unzipping his own pants, he quickly stepped out of them leaving only his red and black boxers between us. I had not seen a nude man for many years and so I quickly disposed of his last article of clothing; the fabric ripped as I pulled them, but either he did not notice or simply did not care.

He turned me away from him, pushing me into the bed and I felt his long cock behind me, teasing at the entrance to my body, pushing against my clit which throbbed with the need to feel him inside of me. Finally I could no longer bear it and I pushed my body back against his, in a desperate attempt to make contact. His hardness entered me without hesitation, his length sliding into me until I could feel his balls hitting my pulsing clit. I moaned as I felt him pressed into me and I bucked my hips back towards him, begging him to take me.

He began to stroke in and out of my dripping slit, slowly at first. Slow sex has never pleased me as much as rough, hard sex and I begged him, "Harder, please. Bruise me." His thrusts increased and soon he was pounding into me again and again, his sac slapping against my clit each time. He let out an animal groan, wild with passion and announced that he was going to cum. Not wanting the pleasure to end before I had a taste of him, I pulled away from him, turning onto my back and he thrust deep into me again.

He let his weight drop down onto my body and as he moved my breasts rubbed against his chest, my nipples becoming sore with the friction. I embraced him and let my tongue trace the curve of his jaw, tasting his sweat. His mouth fastened to my exposed throat and before I knew what was happening he clamped his teeth into my skin, barely drawing blood. I returned the favor, letting my sharp teeth sink into the tender skin of his neck, gently sucking the blood that escaped the small wound. He let out a small groan filled with pleasure and an edge of pain as I let my tongue play at the broken flesh, but he never stopped his strokes.

The bite he had taken from me had surprised me and added to the warmth that was slowly building in my body. His blood added to my body just increased that feeling and my orgasm hit like a hurricane, forcing the breath out of my throat as my muscles clamped tightly around his cock. He exploded violently inside of me, a loud moan escaping his throat as he shuddered his seed deep into my womb. Every muscle in my body tingled and neither of us could move as we lay there, gasping for air.

Slowly we came down from the sexual high. It was then that he noticed for the first time my unusually green eyes and he stared at me. "Why are your eyes so green?" he asked and I smiled. The time had come for me to make him.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me," I raised my lips to his ear, whispering into it. "So let me show you." There was moment in which he realized that something was wrong, but it was too late. I sank my fangs into his soft skin and drank him nearly dry. His heart began to flutter and I pulled away.

Pushing him off me, I bit into my own wrist and offered it to him. "Drink of my blood and you shall live with me for eternity." A moment of brief hesitation and then he pulled my arm to his lips, sucking and licking for all he was worth. Finally he pulled away and his body began to die, making way for his new unlife.

And then into the night we went. He learned quickly all the skills of a vampire and his lust for blood was immense. We left a trail of cold bodies as we journeyed through the streets and I smiled happily at him. Separately we were fearsome; together we were terrifying. Tavon and Aurelia: Chicago's newest nightmares.

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