tagInterracial LoveMine Ch. 05

Mine Ch. 05


Narissa had fainted. Again. Fainting was becoming a regular occurrence for her. Jake finally got off of Narissa. He stood over the bed admiring her motionless body. She was beautiful. Her virgin pussy had been so tight that he nearly came inside of her the minute he entered her. Blood and seamen oozed down the inside of her thighs. The site of his essence on her body made his cock stir once more.

He knew that he had inflicted pain on her, but that couldn’t be helped. He wanted her so damn badly, besides, she would grow accustom to him and his size. He would be gentle the next time, he decided: but only if she behaved herself. He smirked to himself at the thought of what lay ahead.

He crossed the bedroom to the dresser and pulled out two pair of padded handcuffs. Jake secured one of Narissa’s wrist to the bedpost with one cuff and then he repeated the action with her other wrist so that her arms were stretched out above her head. Jake stood back to admire her dark body, which was glistening with sweat. The look she had in those chocolate brown eyes as he fucked her was more that he had hoped for. Her eyes were filled with desire, pain, and fear. The fear was especially important. It would keep her bound to him. It seemed as if he had been waiting for her for a very long time. Narissa was his. She was his to use and fuck however he chose.

Jacob Phillip Daniels, was thirty-nine years old, worth millions, and had the looks that any Hollywood leading man would kill for. The ladies loved him from a very early age. He was initiated into he mysteries of sex at the early age of twelve by his seventeen-year-old babysitter. Heather Denton was her name. Jake remembered looking forward to his parents’ outings because he knew that he and Heather would screw for hours. She had been a cute girl, with red hair and freckles all over her body. Jake had once tried to kiss every single one. It was only after his parents had come home early one night that things ended. Jake’s mother had caught them in the act. Mrs. Daniels had thrown a hysterical fit. Jake’s mother had always been extremely uptight, which was why Mr. Daniels constantly strayed.

Jake took after his father Bill. Boys would be boys. Mary Daniels had wanted Heather thrown in jail for corrupting her ‘poor innocent baby”, but as Heather was still a minor there wasn’t a lot they could do. About a month after the incident, Heather was sent down south to live with an aunt.

After Heather, Marcia came along. Marcia was a bit of a geek. She was very plain and dressed conservatively, which was the reason Mary entrusted Marcia with her precious son. Within a few weeks, Marcia was in Jake’s bed. Marcia was little tough to crack in the beginning, but using the tricks that Heather taught him, Marcia was putty in his young hands. She especially loved having her pussy eaten. She was pretty wild for such a mouse. The fact that he grew too old for babysitters did not end his supply of ready pussy.

It was around his junior year in college when he met Lacey. She was a party girl. She had the most unbelievable body with the hugest set of knockers he had ever laid eyes on. Her long honey blonde hair that she wore loose hung down to her slim waist. There wasn’t a man on campus who didn’t want to fuck her senseless, and being the slut that she was, several of the guys got a shot. Jake took her out on a couple of dates, and other things, only to be told by Lacey that they weren’t sexually compatible. He was stunned by the revelation having been told all his life what a good lover he was.

It was only after finding out through a mutual friend that Lacey enjoyed the bondage thing, Jake understood. He had tied up a couple of girls before but it was never really a big deal. It had always been just another form of foreplay to him. He wanted another shot at Lacey, if only to prove to her that he was good in bed.

He began to do some research on the BDSM lifestyle. The more he read about it, the more he liked it. Soon, anything he could get his hands on about it such as books, magazines, and movies, he collected. It came to a point where he was obsessed with it. It wasn’t just the sex that appealed to him, it was the power of control of another human being. The thought of control was like an aphrodisiac to him.

He would visit clubs that catered to people who enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle. He met several women who were eager to teach him how to be a sub and how to be a Master. He learned that you couldn’t be a successful Master if you didn’t understand the dynamics of being a Master. Although being a sub wasn’t his favorite thing, he was a quick study. It wasn’t long before he had subs of his own, who fulfilled his every sexual whim.

It took nearly a year since their parting, but he eventually coaxed Lacey back into his bed. Lacey was the perfect sub, obedient and easily aroused. For a year they experienced a Master, sub relationship but Jake soon learned that he enjoyed control outside of the bedroom just as much. Lacey was only a slut behind closed doors. They soon parted ways, but there were several women who followed. He met women who liked to be dominated in bed, and some of them even enjoyed being dominated outside of bed but not to the degree that he fantasized about.

Several years later after quitting a dead-end job, he went into business with his friend Tim to take advantage of the dot com boom. They created a specialty shop online that sold novelty items. From the beginning they fought over the direction of where the site should go. Jake wanted to sell items that specialized in the BDSM lifestyle but Tim was adamant against it. After a year of butting heads, Jake sold out to his partner. He walked away a very wealthy man.

He immediately cashed in his stocks to get the immediate capital that he needed to begin his business the way he saw fit. Jake started out small, working with a distributor who made the products. He created a catalogue that sold the items, and though his several contacts, he built his clientele. Soon he was designing his own products and getting several patents. His business took several years to build, but it exceeded his wildest dreams. He had one of the largest adult themed companies in the world.

When he got his business to where he wanted it to be, he took a backseat in the running of the company, relying on his trusted staff to take care of things for him. He rarely went into the office anymore. The main thing he did now in regards for his business was designing new toys to distribute. Tim now ran the operating part of the business and Jake kept in contact with him once a week to make sure there were no snags in the business. It was ironic how Tim had to humble himself for a job, after the big dot com crash. Lucky for Tim, that Jake didn’t hold a grudge.

With his wealth, Jake bought his parents a ten-acre estate in Florida, mainly to keep his mother out of his hair. He saw them only on holidays. Thank goodness. He bought himself a house where there wasn’t a neighbor for miles away. He had the house, the cars and the women, but yet, he wasn’t happy.

He was getting older and increasingly discontent with how easy these women fell in his lap. He met different women through parties or through his business, and usually they were women who shared the same sexual fetishes that he did. They enjoyed his domination and he enjoyed controlling them, but soon that wasn’t enough. He tried to have a steady woman in his life, but he would soon lose interest. He tried women of all different shapes, and ethnicities, but they all ended up the same.

One day on his way to his attorney to discuss a business matter, he saw a girl pushing a mail cart and stopped in his tracks. Jake didn’t know what it was about this particular girl, since he had been with women who were far more beautiful. She was still attractive nonetheless. She stopped to talk to the receptionist long enough to drop off the mail. She flashed the receptionist a shy smile showing off the most adorable dimples he had ever seen.

His stomach fluttered all of a sudden like a kid in the middle of his first crush. As if the mystery girl knew she was being watched, she looked in his direction but he turned away quickly before she could get a good look at him. Later that night as he was breaking in a new sub, a saucy brunette, he thought about the mystery girl. What was her name? He sent the brunette home later that night, unable to concentrate fully on what he was doing, which was not a usual occurrence for him. After that night he didn’t contact her again.

All he could think about was his mystery girl. He tried to divert his distraction by working on a new product for work, when that didn’t work he looked for new partners, but still, she remained on his mind. He exclusively tried black women thinking that perhaps he had become partial to them, but like the others, they all fell by the way side. In the end, he admitted to himself that he had to find out more about his mystery girl.

He made an appointment with his attorney on the pretext if business when all he really wanted was to find out about his mystery girl. He hoped that he would catch a glimpse of her, making sure that his appointment was around the exact time, he thought she would be making the mail rounds. Unfortunately, he didn’t see her but he did decide to pump the receptionist for the information he needed.

He approached the receptionist after his appointment giving her his most winning smile. She smiled back with an awful buck toothed grin. “Hello, Stephanie.” He said reading her nameplate.

“Good afternoon Mr. Daniels, is there something that I can help you with?”

“There’s a young lady who works in the mailroom, I believe. She looks really familiar. Do you know her name by any chance?”

Stephanie frowned. “Well, there are a few women in the mailroom sir, but if you could give me a description, I can try to help you.”

“Black girl, youngish, around medium height.”

“Oh, that’s Narissa Lewis. You think you know her?” The receptionist asked incredulously.

Jake gave her such a cold stare that Stephanie blushed in embarrassment realizing her faux pas. Jake was an important client and it wouldn’t do, to upset him. “I’m sorry sir, I meant no offense. It’s just that she’s so quiet. She doesn’t really socialize much, but she’s really nice.” She tagged on quickly.

“Hmm, I suppose it was my mistake. I thought I knew her, but I guess not.” He smiled again before leaving.

As Jake left the office building, Stephanie shook her head. That man was way to good looking for his own good.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Narissa Lewis. He liked the exotic sound of her name. It fit her well for some reason. On impulse, he waited in his car that day as it was close to five, just to get a glimpse of her leaving the office. Sure enough, his waiting paid off. She came out of the building, and she was just as he remembered her, the big eyes, the nice body, and something he had noticed but hadn’t taken a really good look at, was her ass. Her ass would have made J-Lo green with envy. It wasn’t overly big or sloppy, it was just, perfect. The thought of screwing her from behind held a certain appeal.

Any woman that he was interested in, he usually approached and asked out, but there was something that held him back with this one. The whole thing was strange, because she wasn’t his normal type. She seemed more like the shy librarian type, but yet, he wanted to know everything about her.

Jake hired a private detective to get anything and everything on Narissa Lewis. The detective provided more information than Jake had hoped for. He found out her social security number, vital statistics, where she was raised and about her family. He learned that she did not keep in touch with her sister, and that she and her roommates weren’t particularly close. Her personality seemed to embody his original assessment of her as the skittish church mouse, yet he could sense her spirit. She carried herself with a quiet dignity. Instead of it being a turn off, it actually excited him. He discovered from his and the detective’s observations, that she didn’t date. That was good. The more he found out about her, the more proprietary he became.

Jake soon began to think of her as his exclusive property. He wanted to be the one to initiate her in the art of sex and domination. He wanted to fuck her, control her, and own her. He wanted Narissa Lewis more than he had wanted any other woman, and when he had her, he would keep her. She would probably resist in the beginning, but when she learned that there was no escaping him, she would grow to realize that she belonged to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He devised a plan to meet her. Approaching her was not good enough. She was the type to run the other way. He needed to create a scenario where she would have to accept his presence. Jake paid a guy begging on a street corner to frighten her a bit. The plan was for the homeless man to grab her, and maybe shake her, but basically she was to be left unharmed. That was Jake’s one mistake.

The guy was a little rough and ended up hurting Narissa, so when Jake rushed over to intervene like he had planned all along, he was not acting furious, he really was. How dare this miscreant touch his angel in such a way, never mind that it was his idea for the man to scare Narissa in the first place.

Jake ended up beating the nameless man to a pulp, pummeling the man with his fists. The poor guy could only put his hands up to defend himself. The man finally got the strength to push Jake off and run away. Jake would have chased him, had Narissa not been lying behind the bushes.

Jake went to her then. She was unconscious. He cradled her in his arms and placed soft kisses on her brow. She felt so right in his arms. He knew now, what it was he was missing in his life.

From that point on, his slow courtship began. He took things slowly until he had her complete trust. In the meantime, his detective was still keeping a close surveillance on her. It soon came to his attention that she was spending way too much time with a gentleman at work. This pissed him off. He hadn’t gone through all that work just to lose her. After several weeks of courting her, Jake could tell that she still didn’t completely trust him. Well fuck it, he thought. He would try a different approach, his dick could wait no longer.

He was such a big client at the law firm he gave his business to that it was easy for him to put in a word to his attorney about the rude girl from the mailroom that he had had a run in with. The unsaid threat of removing his business elsewhere was all that was needed to put an end to her job there. Her greedy roommates were even easier. He paid them off with a couple thousand a piece in order for them to get rid of Narissa. They were only too happy to take his money to find another roommate, especially the fat one.

As for school, paying off a couple of students to set Narissa up as a cheat was the hardest. The guys involved were basically honest, but Jake’s detective had found some pretty interesting details about them both. They opted for the money. He couldn’t have planned it better. Everything took place within a couple of days of each other. He did these things to ensured that no one would be curious of her whereabouts when she went missing.

Perversely, he found out where she was going for lunch the day before and decided to see her with the fellow she was hanging out with. It pleased him that she looked upset that he had someone with him. He rationalized to himself that he was doing the right thing.

It was unfortunate that their first time together had to be so painful for her, but he had wanted to hurt her a little for making him so jealous with that other guy. She would soon learn the way of things. He would never let her go. He would be the one to clothe her. She would only eat food that he provided. She would only live under his roof. She wouldn’t look at other men unless he said she could. She would fuck him and only him unless he said otherwise.

* * * * * * * * *

Jake sighed getting off the bed. He ran a finger over her still tight nipples before leaving the room. He took one last look at her before leaving the room. Life would certainly be interesting now.

To be continued…

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