tagInterracial LoveMine Ch. 12

Mine Ch. 12


Jake paced his living room floor wondering if he should pick up the phone and make the call that he had been longing to make all day long. He had woke up with a sense of excitement that he hadn’t felt in a long time. A whole year had passed since he last saw his angel. Narissa. His missed her so much that he ached. There wasn’t a day that went by when he didn’t think about her since he had let her go.

Letting her go had been the hardest thing that he had ever done. He had made a promise to Tim however, that he wouldn’t make contact with Narissa for a full year. Tim had originally asked Jake to stay away from Narissa forever, but after seeing the despair in Jake’s eyes, Tim had conceded and agreed to only a year. A year would give Narissa a chance to settle into her new life without the threat of Jake hovering around.

Tim would periodically tell Jake what Narissa was up to and through these reports, Jake learned that Narissa was happy and moving on with her life rather nicely. Jake knew he should have been happy for her and he was, but he was still miserable nonetheless. After what he had done to her, Narissa was entitled to her happiness.

Tim had been right; he was a bastard. Jake didn’t know exactly when it happened but he began to view women as instruments to be used for his amusement. Not knowing whether it was his looks or his money that drew women to him, there were always women in fulfill his needs. They were all the same to him. Women liked to pretend that they were prim and proper but behind closed doors, they were nothing but whores.

There were plenty of Jake’s former flames who enjoyed his parties, fucking any available person who had a cock or a pussy. His favorite part of the relationships had been one on one time, where he would tie them up and administer a few lashes with his favorite toys, and then he would fuck them thoroughly. They all enjoyed it, and his ego grew with each conquest. No woman could resist him for long.

When the relationships were over, he would buy his current lady an expensive bauble as a parting gift and send them on their way. If they protested then that was their problem, not his. When it was over, it was over.

Jake had never really had a high opinion of women. He could remember from an early age how miserable his mother had made his father. Sometimes Jake would wake up in the middle of the night to hear his parents screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. The arguments were usually about the same thing, his father was angry from being denied sex with his wife. After a while, the arguments stopped. Bill Daniels stayed away from home as often as he could. Jake had always been aware of his father’s affairs, which he blamed on his mother’s frigidness, but when Jake found out about his mother’s infidelities he never looked at her the same way again. She was a hypocrite but, Mary Daniels had always played the put upon victim, suffering the unwanted attentions of an oversexed husband. She wasted no chance in belittling her husband in front of anyone and everyone.

The infidelities of his mother and father, didn’t bother him so much as his father choosing to remain with a woman who denied her body to him, but yet gave it so freely to others. Jake had vowed from then on that he would never let a woman treat him the way his mother treated his father. He vowed that he would always hold the upper hand, which was probably why he couldn’t stand being with any woman for more than a few months. That was however, before he had met Narissa Lewis.

* * * * * * * * *

He didn’t know what it was that had drawn him to her but he had wanted her and why shouldn’t he have her? No woman said no to him. Ever. He had to have her. Soon his days became consumed with thoughts of her. The more he discovered about her, the more he wanted her. He decided that he would keep her. It suited him to know that eventually he would be the one providing her food, clothing and shelter. Her livelihood would depend on him. He had plans of seducing her with his glamorous life and she would fall into his plans, but it didn’t happen that easily.

He was obsessed with her but he didn’t care. He thought about his plans for her every second of the day and it excited him and frightened him at the same time. He couldn’t believe this innocent young girl had the power to make him feel this way, but he would soon possess her and show her who was in control, he told himself.

Somewhere along the line, he fell in love with her, but he didn’t recognize the emotion in the beginning because he had never felt anything close to it for any woman before. All he knew was that thoughts of her with other men or the thoughts that she kept hidden from him drove him to a jealously that he didn’t know he was capable of feeling. He knew she often thought about escaping him and that only made him mad. When she finally made her escape attempt, it drove him to such a violent rage that he unleashed upon her the worst punishment he had ever given to any woman before.

He had wanted her to fear him so he could keep her in line. He needed to make her aware that there were grave consequences if she tried to leave him again. Her cries and screams did not penetrate through the barrier he had placed over his emotions as he whipped her. All he could think about was how she had tried to leave him. Hadn’t he taken good care of her? Hadn’t he showered her in jewelry and expensive clothes and yet she wanted to leave him.

When she hung limply after passing out, he finally had the good grace to feel some degree of shame. Never had be resorted to such extreme measures of discipline with anyone but all his brain had been able to register was that she had tried to escape. He undid her bondage and carried her back to her room. An overwhelming sense of guilt washed over him as he examined her back. The last thing he had intended to do was mar her beautiful brown skin. He touched her back reverently.

“No Jake. Please let me go.” She had whimpered. Narissa was still unconscious but she was obviously in the throes of a nightmare.

At her words, all sense of guilt deserted him. Ungrateful bitch. He would teach her. He would teach her that she would never escape him. He was so angry in that moment that he devised a plan to make her his guest of honor at his party.

He saw the humiliated look in her eyes when he placed the dog collar around her neck and he nearly had second thoughts, but when she tried to pull away from him, it only hardened his resolve. During the party, he had convinced himself that she was enjoying herself, especially as she was spread out on the table for his guests to enjoy. He told himself that there was no need for the guilt that he felt, besides, this wasn’t the first time that he had ever put a woman on display like this. This was however, the first time that he was jealous because of it. As he watched Sergei pumping away at Narissa’s ass, his blood began to boil. Not even Sonny who sucking earnestly on his cock could take his mind off of the scene in front of him.

His eyes locked with Narissa’s. Her bottom lip was poked out in a pout and it quivered ever so slightly. All he could think about was taking that bottom lip in his mouth while he thrust his cock into her pussy. He could almost smell the scent of her from across the room and that did it. She was his Goddamit! He wasn’t going to let anyone touch her ever again. He shoved Sonny roughly off of him not bothering to spare her feelings, since he had made it clear to her many times that they were finished. When

Narissa was freed from her bondage, he picked her up and carried her upstairs to his room where he fucked he senseless. Narissa had been hot for him. Her pussy was so wet that he had easily slid into her. The sex with Narissa was like nothing else he had ever experienced. Afterwards when they lay breathless in each others arms she finally admitted that she was his. He held her tight as she fell asleep.

Later that night he woke up with his dick harder than a rock. Unable to wait for her to wake up, he turned her over and gently parted her thighs. Her cunt was still slick from his seed. He slid slowly into her sheath and began to move. Narissa slowly came to, making a satisfying mewing sound in the back of her throat. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. She felt so good. Her pussy was so warm and tight. He kissed her lips, savoring the sweet taste of her. His hands roamed the length of her body while his tongue mimicked the thrusting of his cock. He came shortly after she did. He didn’t immediately pull out of her. He wanted to enjoy the feel of her a little longer. He knew then that he would never tire of making love with her. Making love, he thought reflectively. This was the first time that he had ever made love to any woman.

The next morning, something didn’t feel right. He left Narissa sleeping and he felt confident that she no longer wanted to leave him but something was still bothering him. It was only when Tim had ripped him a new one, at lunch Jake finally realized what he had been fighting since he had laid eyes on Narissa Lewis. He was in love with her.

Jake had stubbornly convinced himself that because he wanted her, he should have her. It hadn’t mattered to him if Narissa had never admitted to having feelings for him because she was his and that was all there was to it.

Jake felt like an asshole. He was everything that Tim accused him of being. He thought back guiltily at all the things he had done to her. He had treated Narissa like a whore when she didn’t deserve it. What the hell was wrong with him? His hands fell into his face and he felt as if he couldn’t breath. He didn’t want to do it, but he knew what he had to do.

From the restaurant, he drove. He drove twelve hours straight only stopping for gas. He ended up in a run down hotel on the outskirts of Canada. Images flitted through his head. He thought about how he had cost Narissa her job, her school, and her apartment. He thought of the frightened look on her face when he first beat her. He thought of the utter humiliation at his hands as he led her into the dining room buck- naked.

There was no excuse for what he did to her. If he wanted something, he took it, not caring how it affected anyone but himself. That had been his rationale. The only reason he could give himself was that he was scared, of his own feelings. He was scared of losing that control he fought so hard to maintain all his life. He had know that she was too young, too sweet, and too innocent to mess with, but he did. Maybe he loved her because she was all of those things but regardless of the reason, he loved her. He loved her so much that he hurt.

He had always loathed that word. Love was a word that was thrown out when a man wanted some pussy. He didn’t believe in the flowery love that women gushed over so when he realized that he was falling in love with Narissa, his love for her manifested into something dark and ugly, and all because he was too chicken shit to admit how he felt. And now he not only crushed her, his plan to use her while remaining emotionally detached backfired. He would let her go. That was the least he could do. He would do everything in his power to make sure she got back on her feet.

Jake had called Tim. Tim had hung up on him the first time, but when he called Jake back was quick to explain that he would let Narissa go. Tim was still pretty pissed at him, but Jake knew his friend would eventually get over it. The two other them had been through so much together.

Jake drove back to Tim and between the two of them, they worked out a deal. Tim would let Narissa stay with him until she found a job and was able to support herself once more. The only thing that Narissa wouldn’t know was that the job Tim suggested was through a company that Jake owned. Jake hadn’t disclosed to Narissa where all of his income came from, only some of it. Jake then apologized to his friend for what he had done to him and to Narissa.

Jake drove home wondering how he would tell Narissa that it was over. The minute he saw her, his heart squeezed. She slept peacefully but suddenly she was awake. She threw her arms around him and Jake was hard pressed not to push her back on the bed and make love to her but he couldn’t so he told her that it was over.

The hurt and bewildered look in her eyes cut him to the quick, so he knew he had to end things swiftly and brutally. At least if she hated him, she could walk away with her dignity, so he said things to her that he didn’t actually mean. He knew that his words hurt her, but they hurt him too. He stood there as she pummeled him with her fists. The pain of her fists didn’t hurt nearly as much as the pain in his heart.

He watched helplessly as she walked out the door. As Tim followed behind, Jake grabbed his friend’s shoulder. “Tim, I love her.”

“You have a funny way of showing it.”

“If I get my act together, maybe I can win her back.”

Tim gave Jake a long hard look. “I don’t think you should try and contact this girl again. She’s been through enough.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Jake hissed.

Tim was surprised to see Jake eyes water a bit. Good. He deserved to feel this way, Tim thought, but he couldn’t ignore that look. “Jake, at least give her a year. You owe her that much.”

“Okay, but in a year, I will contact her.”

“And if she has no feelings for you, will you promise to leave her alone.”


“Okay, well. Narissa is waiting.”

“Tim, about your job. Please reconsider.”

“We’ll talk about that later Jake. She’s waiting for me. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Jake could only nod his head in despair. As he watched Tim drive off with Narissa, he felt that a part of him had died.

* * * * * * * * *

Now it was a year later and as he promised Tim, he had not contacted Narissa. He took a deep breath and went to the phone. He knew Narissa’s phone number because Tim had given it to him. He slowly dialed her number. His heart raced as he heard her voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hello Narissa. It’s Jake”

To be continued…………….

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