tagFetishMinnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 08

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 08


Angie had to suffer the ignominy of being dragged back through the department while still trying to pull her panda panties up properly and at the same time trying to keep her ridiculously short dress covering her buttocks. It was an almost impossible task and she continued to draw stares from passing shoppers, especially males of all ages.

Once outside the store Angie was led compliantly around the corner and before she knew it she was being dragged into the Replete Café again where her husband Peter was working. Angie cringed yet again with intense embarrassment as she knew all the staff in the café. A couple of them raised their eyebrows in obvious surprise at her choice of clothing, but politely said nothing. Angie quickly seated herself at the first table she could find, thankful of the protection it afforded her from prying eyes.

Peter had notice Alice and Angie enter the café and his mouth dropped open when he noticed what his wife was wearing. He knew it was not something she would ever choose to wear. It was outrageous, but heavens he had to admit it made her look very sexy. Quickly he made his way over to the table to take their order. Alice ordered trim lattes for them both before enquiring whether Peter liked his wife's new outfit. Peter smiled and nodded that he did. Angie stared aghast at her husband. How could he think such a ridiculously childish outfit looked nice on her?

Alice smiled her agreement at Peter. "I knew you had a great fashion sense. The skirt is not too short on her, is it?"

Peter had noted his wife's glare and was wary of what to say. He decided to sit on the fence. "I am not really sure. I didn't really see the length," he lied.

"Oh, that's a shame. Stand up Angie and give Peter a good look. I value his opinion."

Angie bit her bottom lip, and didn't want to risk making a scene in the café so reluctantly stood up, at the same time tugging on her skirt to ensure it covered her cotton panties.

Peter was awestruck by his wife's gorgeous long legs that looked great in the short skirt. She normally wore jeans and a tee shirt so to see her dressed like this was a real turn-on.

"It's not too short," he mumbled, being careful not to catch his wife's eye.

Angie was finally allowed to sit again and quietly sipped her coffee, trying to remain as inconspicuous as she could.

After finishing the coffees Angie pleaded with Alice to head back to Minnie's apartment, but Alice insisted she had to collect something for Minnie before they went home. Angie had to suffer the stares of astonishment as she was dragged for two blocks by Alice to the shop that sold fancy dress costumes. She was then made to wait outside while Alice went into the shop to select some fancy dress items off the racks. Angie tried to peer in but could not see past the window display. When she turned around to look at the people in the street she felt as if everybody was staring at her with a mixture of bewilderment and contempt. She blushed profusely and wished the ground would literally open up and swallow her.

Finally Alice emerged from the shop with several items in a big shopping bag. With a sly smile she grabbed Angie's hand and headed off walking towards Minnie's lakeside apartment.

Curious as to what was in the bag, Angie enquired but was met with a firm, "You will see, my little sweetie."

Angie endured the walk back to the apartment in embarrassed silence. People openly stared at her childish clothing and provocatively short dress. Some youths in a car slowed right down and gave her a wolf whistle and made rude comments about what they would do if they had a 'little sister' like that. Angie kept her head down and blushed with shame.

Back home the two shoppers entered the apartment and could hear conversation in the lounge. Angie tried to pull away but Alice kept a firm grip of her hand and led her into the lounge where they were greeted by Minnie, who had returned home in their absence. To Angie's utter dismay there were also two other women in the room, both mature ladies in their fifties. Angie tried to hide herself behind Alice so that her ridiculous clothing could not be seen, however Minnie was having none of that.

"What a delightful outfit you are wearing, my little darling. Stop being a silly little girl and come over here so Mummy can get a good look at you." Minnie beckoned her over.

Angie could not believe that her landlady used the "Mummy" word in front of her guests, as well as calling her a "silly little girl". To make matters worse she did feel like a child being admonished by her mother, which created a pot pourri of confused emotions in her head. Although embarrassed beyond belief she also felt a strange, exciting warmth in her belly.

With a deep breath she stepped out from behind Alice and stood in full view of her landlady and the two female guests. She was so embarrassed she could not bear to look them in the eye.

"Where are your manners," Minnie admonished, "Look up and say hello to my good friends, Jane and Bev. You can call them Aunty Jane and Aunty Bev."

Angie forced herself to look up at the smiling faces of the two ladies. "Hello Aunty Jane and Aunty Bev," Angie managed to mumble.

"Such a nice outfit," Jane responded, "I bet you think you look really pretty."

"No, I don't think she does think she looks pretty," Alice interjected. "She has done nothing but grizzle and told me she does not like the clothing because she thinks it makes her look like a child. I even had to take her into the washroom and give her a damn good spanking on her bare bottom."

Minnie raised her eyebrows and smiled at the antics her 18 year old niece had been up to. She was obviously a chip off the old family block, and clearly was adept and confident at dominating people with a naturally submissive personality.

Minnie then turned her attention to Angie, and her smile quickly turned to a look of mock dismay. "So you don't like your pretty clothes that Alice so kindly purchased for you?"

Angie pouted defiantly, "No I don't. They are childish and everyone stares at me. My dress is ridiculously short and I have to hold it down so my stupid cotton panties can't be seen. What must everyone think of me?"

"Well I would say they look at you and think what a naughty little girl you are and they would be right," Minnie responded, "What do you think Jane and Bev?"

"I totally agree," Bev responded, trying hard to contain a smile, "Naughty and ungrateful I would say."

"Absolutely agree," reinforced Jane.

Angie bit her bottom lip. She wanted to protest how unreasonable they were being. She is a 19 year married woman and she should not be made to wear clothing that was totally unsuitable for someone of her age and maturity. But she suspected she had opened her mouth too much already, and to further protest her innocence would only worsen her situation. Little did she know that it was already too late for these sentiments.

"Well, if you don't like the clothing, naughty little girl, then take it off." Minnie wagged her finger at Angie.

Angie looked up hopefully. "Yes, Mummy," she responded, and quickly turned to make a hasty retreat to her bedroom.

"Where do you think you are going?" Minnie's voice boomed out, stopping Angie in her tracks.

"To take my dress off," Angie responded quietly, fearful of what might come next.

"Yes, take it off. But I didn't say you were to leave the room. You are to stand in the middle of the lounge and remove your clothing. If naughty, ungrateful little girls do not like their clothes then they can remove them. Since you obviously prefer to show off your nude body rather than your pretty dresses."

Angie's mouth dropped open in horror. "No, please Mummy," she pleaded, "I am sorry. I do like the dress and I promise I will wear it all day."

"I see your naughty girl also tell lies," commented Bev.

Minnie let out a deep sigh. "She is indeed very naughty, and I believe naughty girls learn their lesson better when they are punished totally naked. Nothing like the humiliation of nudity to reinforce a spanking, don't you agree Jane?"

Jane looked back at Minnie with a serious frown. "I could not agree more."

Despite their outward display of indignation over Angie's naughty behaviour, both Jane and Bev were in reality excited by what they were witnessing. They were both lesbians and had been together for over 20 years. They had met Minnie several years ago through the local gay community. Minnie had told them all about the young submissive American newly weds who were staying at her apartment, but they honestly believed she was only spinning them a yarn as the story seemed too far fetched to be true. But now to their total delight they were about to find out that the truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. The thought of seeing this beautiful young American girl naked was already making them squirm in their seats.

"Please, Mummy," Angie pleaded despairingly, "Don't make me take my clothes off in here."

"Get undressed right now young lass, unless you want to make your punishment far worse," Minnie wagged her finger again.

Angie rolled her bottom lip and looked as if she was fighting back a tear. She knew that to continue pleading was only going to be to her detriment. Awkwardly she gripped the bottom of her pink dress and tried to pull up over her body. Despite several attempts to pull it over her head she realized that for the second time today she was stuck, and no one seemed to be willing to help her.

I desperation she turned to Alice, "Please Mummy, help this naughty little girl take her dress off."

For a long while Angie was left standing there in embarrassed silence, her dress stuck around her mid drift and her panda bear panties exposed to the onlookers. Finally Alice stepped forward and roughly pulled the dressed over the shoulders of the hapless Angie.

When the dress popped off her head Angie staggered backwards and fell awkwardly into Jane's lap. Embarrassed she quickly stood up, and modestly placed one arm in front of her breasts. She knew her breasts were small for her age, but having worn the tight fitting dress for the past two hours they felt as if they were flattened down to almost nothing. It made her feel even more like a naughty little girl standing in front of fully grown adults.

"As delightful as those panda panties are, they need to come off as well," Minnie smiled.

With a sigh of resignation Angie reached her fingers around the waistband of her panties and quickly lowered them to the ground. As she stood up she quickly placed one arm over her breasts again and the other in front of her pubic region. She stood there in awkward silence, feeling the eyes of the four women in the room focused on her nudity.

"Is that how you normally stand when in this room?" Minnie enquired.

"No, Mummy," Angie's voice was barely a whisper. Slowly she lowered her arms to her side, totally exposing herself to those present in the room.

The excitement in the room was palatable as everyone soaked up the sight of the slim but very pretty 19 year old American. Bev and Jane had never witnessed anything like it before. They did not really consider themselves as kinky and weren't into the discipline scene at all, but what they were now witnessing was exciting them more than they could ever imagine.

"She is truly a sight to behold," Bev complimented. "She almost is a woman in a child's body. That thatch of pubic hair is the only thing that tells you she really is a young lady."

"I know," Minnie responded," I have thought of getting her to shave it all off so she is smooth as a baby down there, and I might one day. But on the other hand I like her to see her pubes as a constant reminder that she is indeed a woman who loves to be treated like a naughty girl."

Angie blushed even more profusely as they openly discussed her naked body. She was also crushed by the knowledge that she knew she was becoming sexually excited by the degrading manner in which she was being treated. Desperately she kept her legs firmly together to hide her arousal.

"I just love those tiny boobs she has," Jane purred in a husky voice, struggling to conceal her excitement. "I think I will call her Miss Tiny Tits."

They all laughed, except Angie who just continued to blush with shame.

"Don't you think that is a pretty name?" Jane directed her question to the hapless Angie.

"No!" Angie pouted.

"Well we could call her Miss Puffy Pussy," Minnie interjected with a laugh, "Cause you can guarantee her pussy will be nice and swollen."

Bev and Jane looked at each other in mock indignation.

"No, surely not," Bev responded.

"It is so very true," young Alice interjected, "Being humiliated like this gets her so hot. She gets all swollen down there and has a cute little clit that pokes its head way out."

Angie's mouth dropped open in shock. She could not believe Alice was being so graphic in her description.

"This I have got to see," Jane exclaimed, wide-eyed and flushed with excitement.

"Open your legs, honey, "Minnie urged, "and show Auntie Bev and Auntie Jane that pretty little pussy of yours. Because I bet you are all wet and swollen, aren't you?"

Angie just hung her head in humiliation.

"Well?" Minnie pressed for an answer.

"Yes, Mummy, I feel like I am all swollen." Angie whispered.

Not wanting to prolong the embarrassment any longer, Angie slid her feet open to reveal her pubic region to the women in the room. But she didn't just open her legs slightly. She wanted her degradation to be complete. She splayed her legs as wide open as she could. Angie felt her swollen labia open up and she knew her clit would be on display for everyone to see.

For what seemed an eternity there was a deadly silence in the room as the women soaked up the incredibly erotic sight.

Finally Bev spoke, her voice raspy with excitement, "That is the nicest little honey pot one could ever hope to see."

"And she is so swollen her juices are beginning to run off the end of her clit," Jane chimed in.

Minnie smiled with pride at the submissive behaviour of her protégé. "Go and fetch the hairbrush for Mummy," she urged.

Without hesitation Angie quickly departed the room and returned with the heavy wooden instrument held securely in both hands. As she had been taught to do, she stood in front of her landlady and held out the hairbrush.

Minnie did not take the hairbrush from her. "You have behaved very poorly today and have been a naughty little girl. And what happens to naughty girls?"

"They get spanked, Mummy." Angie grimaced.

"Indeed they do. And since you have been so naughty for Alice I think you need to go over to her and apologise and ask her to spank you for being such a bad girl."

Angie took a moment to compose herself. It was going to be gut wrenchingly tough to ask a girl even younger than herself to give her a spanking. With a deep breath she turned and shuffled over to Alice.

"I am sorry I have been such a bad little girl," Angie whispered, "and I deserve to be spanked."

Alice smiled gleefully. "And where do you deserve to be spanked?"

"On my naked bottom," Angie blushed.

"Very well," Alice reached out and took the hairbrush from a nervous Angie. "I want you to stand in the middle of the room, open your legs wide, and bend over and grip your ankles."

Angie quickly complied, splaying her legs open and bending over so she could take hold of her ankles. Alice took hold of her shoulder and made her shuffle around until her grossly exposed buttocks were pointing directly at Minnie, Jane and Bev. Alice then stepped back out of the way to ensure that the ladies could fully take in the view. Bev and Jane could not believe that Angie's vulva looked to be even more swollen than it was a few minutes previously. Juices were flowing even more freely from her vaginal orifice. This was clearly one very excited young American lass who was getting off on the way she was being treated.

Without warning a sharp smack of the hairbrush landed firmly on Angie's left buttock. Angie gasped in shock, and even Bev and Jane jumped in surprise. They had never witnessed a grown lady being smacked before. Up until now they had never had the desire to be involved in any sort of discipline activity, but witnessing it for the first time they were enticed by the sheer eroticism of what was unfolding before them.

Alice continued to administer the punishment in hard rhythmic smacks, alternating between buttocks. By the twentieth smack Angie was sobbing loudly but continued to hold her position. When the fortieth smack was delivered Alice finally relented. Angie's buttocks were aflame in bright red.

"Go and stand in front of Aunty Jane and Aunty Bev," Minnie directed, "Put your hands on your head and open your legs."

Angie did as requested, resisting the desire to give her very tender bottom a rub with her hands. She stood in front of her 'Aunties' and again opened her legs as wide as she could.

"Ask your Aunties to put a finger inside your pussy so they can see for themselves how wet you are," Minnie requested.

"Please Aunty Jane and Aunty Bev, will you put a finger in this naughty little girls pussy and see if I am wet?" Angie pleaded, her face flush with desire.

For a moment Bev and Jane were almost overcome by erotic overload. They were exploring territory way beyond their normally staid lesbian lifestyle. But they were having so much fun that it was easy to throw off the shackles. Bev reached out a finger and tentatively wiped it along the ridges of Angie's swollen labia, causing her to swoon with pleasure. Jane quickly followed suit, and circled her finger around Angie's swollen and protruding clit.

Angie was so aroused she desperately needed more stimulation of her vagina. She bent her knees and arched her pelvis towards her 'Aunties'. Seeing the obvious pleasure the young American girl was getting from their touches made Bev and Jane bolder, and both of them began to work a finger into the depths of her vagina. Angie groaned louder and began to rotate her hips.

With a smile Bev and Jane both proudly withdrew their fingers and held them up on display. They were coated liberally with Angie's juices.

Angie's eyes were glazed with pleasure. "Please Aunty Jane can I suck your finger while Aunty Bev sticks her fingers deep inside this naughty little girls pussy." Obligingly Jane held her moist finger up to Angie's mouth. Angie closed her mouth over it and began to suck noisily, and at the same time arching her pelvis towards Bev in a clear message that she wanted to be penetrated. Bev boldly rammed three fingers deep into Angie's vaginal canal. It was as if she had lighten a fuse. Angie's hips instantly began bucking wildly and she breathed loudly through her nose.

Angie's orgasm came like a charging horse, nostrils flaring, hips bucking. When it hit her she arched back her head and screamed as she was overcome with pleasure.

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