tagFetishMinnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 10

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 10


Angie's mind was awash with confusion. All these conflicting emotions were dancing around inside her. At one extreme she felt ashamed and humiliated that she was allowing herself to be demeaned in such a manner, but offsetting this was the warmth and contentment that flooded her whole body. Yes, she was allowing herself to be degraded by parading herself in front of a room full of people dressed only in a diaper, a tee shirt and a bib. She was, after all, an adult and a married woman, not a baby. And now, to add further insult to her predicament, her landlady has whispered in her ear that it would make her happy if she wet her diaper.

Angie knew Minnie's request probably had nothing to do with a desire to see a wet diaper, but was purely a way of demonstrating the total dominance she was able to exercise over her. It would be an act of pure submission from Angie. It would be a clear indication Minnie had control over her and Angie would submit to almost anything.

Still kneeling on the floor and with her head on her landlady's lap, Angie closed her eyes to try and block out the contrasting emotions swirling around in her head. She just wanted to focus on the warmth and contentment she felt at that moment. She liked being with Minnie, and she liked being under her control. That much she clearly knew.

Almost unconsciously she found herself relaxing her urethra and felt the wet warmth of the first few drops of urine escape from her bladder and dampen the diaper. However it felt so unnatural to be urinating anywhere other than the total privacy of a toilet that her muscles clamped up and the flow stopped after the first small squirt.

As if sensing Angie's inner turmoil, Minnie stroked her fingers through her tenant's hair and down the back of her neck. Angie felt herself drifting back into her relaxed state, and as she did her urine began to trickle out again. Before she knew it the trickle turned to a flow. She really didn't intend to fully wet her diaper. She only intended to make a small wet spot to make her landlady pleased, but her bladder was so full that once the urine began to flow out of her she just couldn't seem to stop it. As she glanced down she was mortified to see a big yellowish wet spot clearly visible on the diaper, and as she watched the wet spot continued to expand.

Angie couldn't help but groan in dismay at her predicament. She glanced around at the door to see if it was going to be possible to surreptitiously sneak out before her embarrassing situation could be spotted. At that moment she felt she would die with shame if anyone were to notice what she had done. She was a grown woman, yet she had just wet her diaper in a room full partying people.

Minnie couldn't help but notice her young tenant's distress, and as she glanced down she smiled in surprise and disbelief. She could not believe the submissive young American would actually go so far as to urinate in her diaper. She felt Angie trying to get to her feet but kept her hand firmly on her shoulder so she could not get up. Angie apprehensively glanced up at her landlady.

"Please Mummy, I desperately need to go to the bathroom," she pleaded.

Minnie smiled. "I think it might be a little late for that, my darling."

"But I have to get changed," she continued to plead.

"But I think you look just lovely. Let's see if the others agree."

Before Minnie's comments even had time to register, Angie found herself being dragged to her feet and being led by the hand to the centre of the room where most of the guests were standing, drinks in hand and engaged in chatter. As Minnie and a very reluctant Angie joined them the conversations continued. Angie desperately tried to put her free hand in front of her damp diaper, but Minnie noisily smacked her hand and berated her for her naughty behaviour. The commotion attracted the curious attention of a number of the party goers.

"Oh, my heavens!" It was Jane who first noticed the wet diaper. "Has my little angel peed in her diaper?"

Angie blushed brighter than she ever had before. She felt so ashamed, and could only glance down at the carpet. She was suddenly aware of a room full of eyes focused on her, and she just knew what they would be staring at.

"Well, Miss Tiny Tits?" Jane continued to seek an answer to the obvious. "Have you peed your diaper?"

"Yes, Aunty Jane," Angie mumbled, mortified at having to admit to it in front of a room full of people.

"I think you need to walk around the room and show everyone your big wet spot, honey," Minnie commented as she let go of her hand and gave her a gentle nudge forward. "And be sure to hold your tee shirt up so everyone can get a good view."

Angie glanced tearfully back at Minnie. "Please Mummy, I don't want to."

"You are right. Why should you have to hold up your tee shirt. Just take your bib and tee shirt totally off. That way everyone can have good look at your delectable boobies while you show them your wet diaper."

Angie was even more horrified. "No, Mummy, that's not what I meant," Angie pleaded, "I don't want to....."

Minnie curtly interrupted. "Do you want to make Mummy angry?"

"No," Angie pouted.

"Then you had better remove that bib and tee shirt quickly and do as I asked."

Still blushing bright red she quickly removed her bib and tee shirt so she was only left with her soaken diaper. To add to her embarrassment the nipples on her small breasts were erect and hard as pencils. She couldn't believe that, despite being totally humiliated, she was still aroused. And everybody could see this was the fact.

Once she had discarded her tee shirt she slowly made her way around the group. The smell of her urine was clearly evident in the room. She was mortified that a number of the guests actually wanted to touch her wet diaper, and Minnie made sure she opened her legs so they could get a good feel of her sodden crotch.

Angie was left entertaining her guests for half an hour before Minnie took her hand and guided her to a clear space that the guests had made in the centre of the room.

"Lie down on your back, honey," Minnie requested.

Angie was apprehensive as to what might happen next, but did as she was requested. As she lay down she noticed her landlady hand a clean diaper to the Pacific Island woman who had been nursing the baby earlier. The attractive young Pacific Islander knelt down beside Angie and began laying out the diaper. She also had a container of wipes with her and talcum powder.

"Hi," she smiled, "I am Tania and I am going to change baby's very wet nappy."

Angie's total humiliation continued. Tania was very similar in age to Angie's nineteen years, and she was about to change her diaper. All the guests were now gathered around in a circle, totally fascinated by the events that were unfolding in front of their eyes.

Tania reached over and undid the Velcro strips that held the wet diaper in place. Without being asked, Angie raised her hips off the carpet so the diaper could be slid out from underneath her. Tania then removed a wet wipe from the container.

"Now open your legs wide so I can give baby a good wipe down. We don't want you to get a nasty rash or anything, do we?"

"No, Mummy." Angie grimaced as she realised how instinctively she referred to Tania as 'Mummy'.

"My, oh my, our baby has a very cute little bush of pubic hair. I am surprised your Mummy hasn't shaven it off yet." Tania playfully rubbed her hand over the hapless American's pubes.

"I know I should," Minnie responded. "And I probably will soon. But I also like to remind her that she is a woman allowing herself to be treated as a child. I think it is sweet and adds to her humiliation."

Tania nodded in agreement as she raised Angie's legs, one at a time, and vigorously began wiping her inner thighs before moving to her labia. Angie closed her eyes as she knew for sure her arousal would be clearly evident to Tania, and probably everyone else in the room.

Tania wiped extensively around Angie's vagina, and then made it even worse by lifting Angie's legs higher up her chest and proceeding to wipe around her anus. When she was satisfied it was clean she took a fresh wipe and moved back to Angie's vagina, this time opening her labia and wiping her inner flesh. Angie could not help but groan from a mixture of humiliation and intense arousal, which provoked sniggers and smiles from the onlooking partygoers.

As Tania continued to caress her vagina Angie began to rotate her hips, fighting a losing battle to keep a lid on her building orgasm.

"You are not going to cum in front of all my party guests, are you?" Minnie stated in mock indignation.

"No, Mummy," Angie panted unconvincingly.

"Cause if you do you know that Mummy will spank you in front of all my guests?"

"Yes, Mummy," Angie mumbled, desperate for Tania to stop rubbing her so vigorously.

Angie breathed a huge sigh of relief when Tania finally let go of her labia, and for a brief moment felt she was safe from further intense shame. But then to her horror Tania took a fresh wipe and began encircling her clit, before squeezing the extended hood in the wipe and stretching it. At that point Angie just lost all ability to control her emotions any longer. With a loud scream she erupted in one of the most intense orgasms to have ever ripped through her young, delicate body. The spasms of pleasure continued for so long she felt sure she was going to pass out.

When Angie did eventually open her eyes again she briefly hoped it had all been a dream and she would wake up in her own bed with husband, Peter, tucked in beside her. But as her eyes refocused she saw the smiling faces of all partygoers peering down at her, the looks on their faces varying from slight amusement to utter disbelief. Her landlady, Minnie, stepped forward and assisted Angie to her feet.

"I thought I asked you not to cum in front of my guests?" Minnie reprimanded her.

Angie blushed and hung her head. "I am so sorry, Mummy. I tried not to but being touched like that on my pussy was too much. I know I have been naughty."

"And what happens to naughty girls?"

"They get their bottom spanked," Angie shamefully responded.

"Indeed they do. I think you had better fetch the hairbrush and give it to Alice."

Angie cringed at the thought of having to give the hairbrush to her landlady's eighteen year old niece. It was going to be humiliating enough being spanked, but the thought of being punished by a girl even younger than herself just added to the embarrassment, which she assumed was why Minnie was handing the task over to her young niece. However she knew better than to protest so meekly went and fetched the hairbrush from the side table where it had been left following her husband's spanking earlier. With her head down she shuffled over to Alice and held out the hairbrush for her to take.

"Will you punish me please, Mummy Alice? I have been a very naughty girl and deserve to have my bottom thoroughly spanked."

"Indeed you do," Alice smirked. "I want you to stand in the middle of the room, bend over at the waist and hold your ankles. And of course I want those legs of yours as wide as possible."

Angie was not surprised she was being asked to display herself in such a lurid manner, but it still took all her courage and she had to fight back the tears as she walked to the centre of the room, slid her legs wide open and bent over at the waist. Alice left her positioned like that for a full fifteen minutes while she fetched herself another glass of Chardonnay and chatted with the party goers.

Finally she walked back over to the hapless Angie and placed her hand on the American's bare buttock, caressing it and in the process brushing her fingers over her anus and vagina.

"Such a delightful little butt and twat," Alice sneered. "So utterly fuckable. I think we should invite the men over to fill those inviting holes with some big hard cock. What do you think?"

Alice gestured to the guests and there was widespread agreement."

"Even Michael fancies you," she continued, "And he's gay."

"You bet your ass I do," he responded to widespread laughter.

"Nooooo!" Angie pleaded. She had been bent over for so long she was feeling lightheaded but she dared not straighten up in case it made her predicament worse.

"But your pussy lips are so swollen and wide open that I think a big old penis could slide in their and do its thing without you hardly noticing." Alice continued to wind up poor Angie.

"Nooooo!" was Angie's moaned response again.

"I really am not sure if we should spank you or let the men fuck you?"

"Please Mummy, just spank me. Spank me as hard as you want. I promise to be a good girl." Angie sobbed.

Alice took time to consider before responding. "All right. As a favour to you it will just be a spanking. Are your legs spread as wide as you can get them?"

"Thank you Mummy," Angie responded gratefully, and forced her legs even wider.

Alice showed her no mercy, with a prolonged and severe spanking that had the American crying and groaning loudly each time the hairbrush impacted on her buttocks. When it was finally over Angie was made to stand up, keep her legs open, and put her hands on her head. She asked if she could wipe away the tears and snot that were running down her face but was told she could not. The guests were all then invited at their leisure to wander over and touch the flaming red buttocks of the American tenant. Unfortunately for poor Angie many of the party goers wanted to touch more of her than just her buttocks. She groaned as she felt yet another orgasm welling up inside her.

Two further orgasms ripped through her body before all the guests had finally finished their intimate caressing of her body. Angie was then directed to lie down again, and Tania took the fresh diaper and placed it under her. Talc powder was then liberally poured over her before the diaper was pulled into position and secured. After kissing Minnie, Alice, Tania, Jane and Bev goodnight a sore, but very contented, Angie skipped off to bed to join her beloved Peter.


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