tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMiranda's Desire

Miranda's Desire


She was sitting nervously on the plastic bucket shaped chair, her eyes flicking back and forth to the door; the office door; the office door with 'her' name on. It was a quiet Friday afternoon, the clock on the wall read almost 4:30 pm, the school unnaturally quiet, all but deserted, the majority of the staff, and all of the pupils having escaped for the weekend.

Apprehensively she sat outside Ms Gardiner's office, feeling agitated, uncomfortable, twitching, and fiddling with her fingers. She chewed her lip, biting down slightly too hard, tasting the metallic tang of blood on the tip of her tongue. Finally she summoned the determination, and, slipping the envelope out of her bag, she knocked on the office door.

"Come in", the voice from inside, oblivious, unaware of the apprehension going through the girl's mind.

Slowly, she pushed open the office door, little chance of going back now. Her heart in her mouth she stepped inside and let the door close behind her.

"Hi Miss, erm, are you busy?" looking at the floor, able to glimpse, beneath the desk, a view of Ms Gardiner's legs. The tension in her stepped up another notch.

Ms Gardiner was sitting at her desk, finishing her paperwork for the week. Out of hours, she had discarded her jacket, which was slung over the chair in the corner. She wore a tight, white blouse, the full size of her impressive breasts highlighted by the fit and the tautness of the material. Her legs were crossed beneath the desk, revealing the slit in the skirt, and her shapely nylon-clad legs.

"No not busy Miranda, have a seat, how can I help?"

" Thank you." She moved to the indicated chair, her hands trembling, sitting down quickly to try and hide her frayed nerves. Facing Ms Gardiner, she leaned back into the chair, crossing her legs, exposing her lower thighs, clad in opaque, patterned tights, desperately trying to appear in control, nonchalant even. She had not changed after school, and was still wearing her grey tartan skirt, white blouse, and black blazer.

For a moment the only sound was that of pen scratching on paper. Finally, Ms Gardiner put down her pen and turned to face the student, slid her glasses back up her nose, an expectant look on her face.

"I'm not sure I know how to begin Miss," the student smiled nervously, slightly unsettled, fidgeting with an envelope.

Ms Gardiner rested her hand on her chin to lean nearer, "It's ok Miranda, take your time, you're not being bullied are you?" She paused briefly, seeing the student fidgeting again with the sealed envelope. "Is that something you want me to see Miranda?" her movements indicating the letter.

Miranda tried to speak but her mind would not shape the words that needed to come out; the words she had rehearsed a million times. Finally,

"I'm confused Miss..." her eyes hesitantly flicking towards Ms Gardiner.

The teacher leaned in closer to Miranda, looking concerned, her cleavage visible between the open buttons at the top of her blouse. "What is it Miranda? Confused about what?"

" Sex," she whimpered, softly gulping, the subject broached, all bridges burned. "I have been with a couple of boys and... well I felt nothing... but well, you know, they never lasted that long, but I felt... well, I still felt nothing..."

Ms Gardiner nodded concern evident on her face. "It's okay, just as long as you're not at risk Miranda. Anything you say I can, and will keep confidential, you know I won't blab don't you Miranda?" A soft comforting smile on her full lips; "Besides, you know, you're still young and sex is something that takes practice".

"But..." as Miranda smiled softly, nervously",I went to a New Year's Eve party and we played truth or dare and I had to go to a cupboard and kiss who ever was stood in there. Well the room, the cupboard was dark, no-one spoke, but my lips found theirs," a pause, a gasp, her eyes dropped from those of her teacher, "found hers".

"Well that's not unusual" was the reply. Her tone of voice calming, relaxing, comforting, as she tried to reassure, thinking this is just another ordinary teen worry.

Miranda continued her story; Ms Gardiner just listened, nodded, injecting the occasional comment, a little surprised but she kept it under control.

"...and we kissed for ages, I still don't know who it was, but I left that cupboard not knowing who it was feeling so very flushed, you know, aroused. Since then all I have wanted to do was to see her again, to kiss her, to know who it was, to find her and well, you know, go further," her voice trailed off, her heart poured out without realising, and certainly not to her well-honed plan.

"It aroused you?" the teacher asked innocently.

"Miss, you know when you have a real good kiss, a good snog, you get all aroused, you know wet, tingly, down there you know at your fanny, inside." Finishing the sentence she looks at Ms Gardiner wanting a reassuring reply.

Ms Gardiner smiled, nodded, blushed, dropped her gaze momentarily as she heard her student use that word, that term.

"But Miss," blushing, the words tumbling from her, "I've never ever been aroused like that before or since just by kissing; not even when fucking..."

"It's perfectly natural Miranda," replied Ms Gardiner, trying to regain her composure, bring the conversation back to a less emotional footing. "Many of us go through same sex experiences and it's all part of developing and understanding our sexuality..." The teacher paused.

Miranda broke the silence, "Miss?" she gulped.


"It's rumoured that you are, well, you know, maybe gay. Is it true?"

With slight embarrassment, Ms Gardiner smiled, skillfully ducking the question that had been inevitable through her whole teaching career,

"And where are these rumours coming from?"

"Oh the sixth form common room I think," unnerved by the sidestep.

Ms Gardiner just nodded, a knowing almost supercilious smile on her face, trying to disguise the rapid beating of her heart, "And you believe them?"

"I'm not sure..." Miranda replied, suddenly regaining confidence, offering Ms Gardiner the letter, "but maybe there's a possibility that it might be..."

"Is there now? And what is this Miranda? You want me to read this now?"

"I guess you should..."

Slowly and with some hesitation, Ms Gardiner took the letter, slowly opened it and started to read.

The Headmaster Mirton High School Julesby England.

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Miranda Ward, who has made some startling comments regarding one of the teachers at the school, a Ms J. Gardiner. I have met this teacher on numerous occasions including parents' evenings, and I find these accusations a trifle absurd. However, my daughter's well-being is of the utmost importance to me and as such it behooves me to bring these incidents to your attention.

As she read the letter, her face dropped, a sinking realisation of the full implications of the letter, as she continues to read.

Miranda has brought to my attention the fact that Ms Gardiner may be homosexual. Although having no personal issue with such practices, I feel the incidents brought to my attention by my daughter become far more serious when viewed in light of this revelation.

The look on her face slowly turned to a mixture of shock and bewilderment as she muttered to herself whilst reading further.

Miranda has reported that on a number of occasions Ms Gardiner has touched my daughter's shoulder, her lower thigh, and pressed her breasts against my daughter in a most unseemly and deeply disturbing way. This over-tactile manner has been observed by Miranda and a large number of her female peers.

"But these are lies Miranda, why, why, why would you do this?" she continued to read, her expression despairing.

Additionally, Miranda claims that Ms Gardiner's attention towards her has caused her peers to comment that my daughter is Miss Gardiner's favourite student, and that their relationship may be more then platonic.

This situation is causing my daughter a good deal of distress leading to her poor attendance of late. I expect you to investigate this affair fully, and help clarify any misunderstandings that may exist between Ms Gardiner, my daughter and other members of the school.

I look forward to hearing your reply, and Miranda and I will be more than happy to visit the school, to see you and the Chair of the Board of Governors regarding this matter.

Yours faithfully

Mr Ward

"That is a copy Miss Gardiner. I have another letter in here to be posted tomorrow morning," she whispered, her anxiety apparent.

"But, but, but... Miranda, why? What have I done? None of this is true and you know that!"

"Is it all lies?" Miranda replied softly, daring to challenge her teacher by looking her straight in the eyes. Ms Gardiner looked at Miranda, the shock, the look of disbelief weighing heavily on her face.

"I would beg to differ on some of those issues being lies Miss," Miranda's confidence grew the more she spoke.

"Like what Miranda?" she demanded, her voice filled with anger, with rage, aware that this pupil was making serious, career-ending allegations.

"Your breasts Ms Gardiner; when you lean over my shoulder, you regularly press your breasts onto my shoulders, together with some other girls."

"But that is just because my breasts are well large; I am a 36DD after all."

"But how come none of the boys make the same comment. In fact they have noticed it and feel left out, and you wonder why there are rumours that you may possibly be gay," Miranda paused slightly as if to regain her composure, "Ms Gardiner, contrary to popular belief, some of the students, the pupils do talk to each other about these sorts of issues."

This is just ridiculous; I don't have to listen to this puerile adolescent rubbish."

"No? Have you ever been stared at by a man, who seems to be mentally undressing you?"

"Well of course I have."

"And how Does it Feel Miss?"

"Uncomfortable, especially if you're not in the mood for it and, or it us unwanted attention. Look Miranda where is all this going?"

"Sometimes I, well, we feel that you do that to us Miss. Not in class but sometimes in the corridor as we walk up to you I feel that you are staring at me; through my clothes and so do lots of my friends..."

"Well I guess it's just that I'm preoccupied, you know, staring into space with too much on your mind, unaware of what your features are doing?"

"Would that be thinking of what it would be like to fuck a younger girl Ms Gardiner?" Miranda raised an eyebrow, although her words had far more effect than any gesture could have, "even possibly me?"

"Don't be so disgusting Miranda," the teacher's face red, anger and some embarrassment at war.

"No?" Miranda asked, recognising the discomfort, probing for the truth.

"Miranda, I am a professional and I thought we got on, I don't know what your game is but it sickens me!" Ms Gardiner's voice more strident with every utterance, a growing undertone of panic.

"You've read the letter Miss?"

"Yes Miranda, but I'm sorry, I just don't understand, I don't understand at all. I mean... well," her voice trailed off, as she sat there absolutely deflated, scared, sweat gathering on her brow as her whole teaching career beginning to unravel before her.

"But Miss, but... well... it is rumoured that you're gay..."

"So you want to hound me out of the school for being gay? I thought better of you Miranda..."

"I want to sleep with another girl... no, no... I want to sleep, I mean I want to have sex with a woman, someone older, someone experienced... caring.... pretty..." Miranda's voice quieter as the outpouring continued until she barely whispered, "Miss, I want to sleep with you," a tear ran down Miranda's cheek, as she forced out her last heart-felt plea, "I want to experience it, sex with a woman."

Slowly it dawned on Ms Gardiner what Miranda's scheme was, the wind taken from her sails as she realised, "You're, you're, you're... blackmailing me? Into sleeping with you?" The teacher's tone one of pure astonishment at the turn around of what she thought was a career-wrecking situation into a potential custodial sentence.

"Yes Ms Gardiner," Miranda looked down at the floor, biting her lip, a slight sly smile appeared on her lips.

Ms Gardiner, looked, stared at Miranda astounded, unable really to comprehend the enormity of Miranda's scheme, the devastating effect it was likely to have upon her; her career, her life.

Miranda saw the opportunity to push her advantage, "Yes Ms Gardiner, I am bi curious, and you it seems are curious about me, and some other girls in this school." Miranda stared unflinchingly straight at her teacher as she made the accusation.

"I think it is all in your mind Miranda and I think this idea of yours stinks, do you have any idea what could happen to me because of this scheme of yours?"

"You have very little choice Miss. The law now gives us children more rights then teachers or parents. If I accuse you, your career will finish. Even if it is found that some of that letter is false, questioning the girls will realise that some of it is not as far-fetched as you think, Ms Gardiner. Besides I have a letter ready to post to the headmaster. I can do a very good forgery of my father's signature."

"You are so out of order Miranda, so out of order!" tears of frustration threatened to cascade down Ms Gardiner's florid face.

"I am out of order Miss?" Miranda tossed back the accusation, the implication obvious.

"So you are willing to destroy my career for what? You hate me? I have never done anything wrong by you? Have I Miranda?" Her tone had become almost pleading.

"Who is the one out of order? In my mind Ms Gardiner you're the one who is out of order. You're the one that stares at the girls in her care. You're the one that masturbates over them when you are alone at home!"

"Take that back!"

"Take what back Ms Gardiner, the truth?"

Miranda slowly stood, walked around the desk to where Ms Gardiner was still seated; stood in front of her teacher, reached out, softly caressed her cheek, "Miss Gardiner you are even more beautiful when you're angry."

"What? What are you talking about? You're calling me beautiful? But seconds ago you wanted to destroy my life, what the hell is going on Miranda?"

Miranda replied, a softening of her tone, "So you have never imagined being with a pupil?"

"Don't be stupid Miranda; it's not worth my job."

Miranda continued to lightly caress her teacher's cheek, "That's not a 'no' now is it Miss?" Slowly she leaned towards her teacher and then very lightly planted a soft kiss on her lips... a kiss troubled by inexperience, but still a soft gentle kiss. Ms Gardiner allowed a slight sigh to slip between her lips before she remembered where she was, what was happening.

Quickly she jerked back her head, "Oh my god Miranda, what are you trying to do, I don't want to lose my job" the fear rising within her that she was dealing with a frighteningly unstable kid, remembering with regret the strict guidelines on seeing students alone, always feeling that it could never happen to her.

"So soft Miss, such delicate lips." Miranda played her advantage for all it was worth. She continued to gently press kiss after kiss on her teacher's lips and in-between kissing she whispered to her, all the time her left hand cupping Ms Gardiner's face, carefully touching her cheek. "So soft, so silky, oh Miss please respond..."

Ms Gardiner struggled to reply, catching a lump in her throat, her proximity, her lips, oh god so arousing, the anger still there, but more fear, fear of her own desires. As Miranda kissed, desperately attempting to persuade Ms Gardiner to respond, she moved her left hand, to cup her teacher's breast, cupping the fullness through the blouse, finding her nipple, softly caressing it, her young hand touching her nipple feeling it respond, feeling it grow and stiffen, pushing against the lacy bra and smooth blouse. "See Ms Gardiner you do desire someone young, you do desire me..."

The teacher gulped loudly, visibly as she felt that familiar pang deep in her belly, felt herself getting wet as the liquid ache grew, the thoughts that haunt her every night becoming reality in her own office, her nipple responding against her will.

"Kiss me back Miss, please... share your desire with me...." Ms Gardiner pulled away, pushed her pupil away from her, shaking her head, so confused, so aroused, so angry, so scared. She pushed her seat back and stood.

Slowly Miranda looked up, looked up at her teacher whose face was a mask of confusion as she tried to speak but all she could do was stammer, "What, what, what?"

"Kiss me Miss, let your true desires go, let them flow."

"We're in school Miranda, we can't do this here, there're cleaners about." She stuttered, almost a whisper.

"Yes we can... please Miss."

She backed away slightly, her mind racing, "No Miranda, no."

Miranda smiled at Ms Gardiner, with the sexiest, sultriest look she could muster. Ms Gardiner's insides turned liquid another, louder gasp involuntarily escaped her lips. "Miranda no, no, we can't, not here not now."

Miranda stepped closer to her teacher, her hand moved to once again cup the side of Ms Gardiner's head as she softly guided her teacher's head around to face her, her lips so close. Miranda looked up, raised her lips to those of her teacher, "Kiss me."

Confusion, mixed emotions all battling across Ms Gardiner's face, as she made to move, but stopped, hesitated, "Miranda, not here, not now. How about Saturday, we can discuss this Saturday, my house, not here Miranda not now.... oh God not now." Anything to escape this awful situation.

Miranda took control, forcing her lips onto her teacher's, as she kissed her with her lips, her tongue clumsily parted Ms Gardiner's lips, sighing, pushing her lips open, swirling her tongue inside wanting to explore, wanting to feel that feeling from the party, wanting to make her teacher feel the same way.

Miss Gardiner valiantly fought the temptation, despite Miranda's young body pressed against hers, despite the closeness enabling her to smell Miranda's scent. However, it's cloying sense of youth and naivety invading and defeating every modicum of resistance finally she succumbed, responded to Miranda's intent, her hands moving to hold her pupil; the kiss returned. A kiss that was tentative, yet wanton, until the sound of a mobile phone receiving a message interrupted them. Recognising the phone as hers, Ms Gardiner broke away, annoyed that real life was intruding, yet shocked by what she had just been doing. Quickly she moved away, breathless, relief flooding her system, reaching for her bag, taking out her phone, flushed and panting.

"Oh my, I enjoyed that," whispered Miranda, touching her lips delicately with her fingertips, panting softly, her arousal evident, as she moved her other hand, folding, collapsing down her mobile, hoping the picture would be appropaite.

Ms Gardiner desperately scrabbled in her bag for her phone, wanting to read the message in the vain hope it would transport her away from this nightmare, as she looked sharply, angrily at Miranda,

"Miranda don't say that!"

The icon on her phone indicated that it was a picture, a photo message. Julie Gardiner looked at her phone as it slowly appeared, her heart in her mouth, tears welled from an eye, realising she was beaten, looking at the picture of the two of them kissing, of her responding to Miranda's kiss. "I'm done Miranda, what is it that you want from me?" she asked, resigned, slumping, broken-spirited into her chair.

An eerie silence descended on the room as both Ms Gardiner and Miranda contemplated what had happened, both thinking over the possible subsequent actions, their options and the out of control snowballs of consequence that would inevitably follow.

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