tagIncest/TabooMissing Her...But Then... Ch. 02

Missing Her...But Then... Ch. 02



This story is a continuation of my original story, expanding on an experience that Sarah and I had that I mentioned in that original submission. It involves sex between a widower and the adult daughter that his deceased wife left behind, along with many other sexual themes, or 'tags'.. Names have been changed to...well, you know why. It is written to provide erotica for those who find some stimulation by the various topics contained within...MFM threesomes, cream pie, bareback, oral, pussy-eating.....and you just might find more.

Now, if this subject is not your thing, move on, please. Further, if this is not your thing, why in hell did you even enter the "Incest/Taboo" category? Don't read it, don't comment on it. Instead, go to a book store to find non-erotic writings. Better yet, go read the Bible. Oh, wait...the Bible is full of erotica, too. But, of course, you will anonymously 'troll' this piece anyway....just as you always do with all of the articles in this category. But I digress.

For those who do find some pleasure in this topic, I have added a lot of graphic descriptions and details to get your imaginations going, and to paint erotic pictures in your prurient minds. Enjoy. And....I would be grateful for your constructive comments.

To bring you up to speed for this story, I recommend that you read the original story first, to see just who Sarah and I are, and how we got to this experience.


Sarah had learned a lot about sex while living with me after her mother, my wife, died unexpectedly. I taught her as best as I could. I have to say that she was a willing pupil. I found that, over time, I could push the boundaries, but only one small step at a time. This new-found sexuality of hers was all so exciting to her.

There was just something about her, or about our situation, that propelled my libido into the stratosphere. It was a combination of many things, actually. Perhaps it was that I was enjoying sex that would be considered as 'taboo' in the eyes of others. I know that part of it was that I loved running my hands all over her youthful body. I loved the feel of my cock in a pussy that had not been stretched by child birth. She felt like a soft glove around my shaft. I loved how her breasts were just the right size for me, and just how firm they were. I loved her unique eyes, and looking right into them as I fucked her. And I loved that she would fuck me just about any time that I got the urge. In time, she got comfortable enough with sex to let me know when she, too, got the urge. It didn't take long for me to rise to the occasion.

As I wrote in my original submission, I eventually arranged for Sarah to get fucked by other young men to placate her. I suspected that she was beginning to object to my having sex with other women my age, while she was not one to be 'hit on' by young men....or 'boys'. They were just too immature to realize what a diamond in the rough Sarah was. Their loss. This little experience might just also become another chapter.

When I was on active duty in the Marines, and before I met my first wife, I lived off base in a four-bedroom home that my Marine buddy owned. He and his wife bought it, then she ran off with another guy, leaving him with the home. I rented a room from him. Bill was a little older than I was, and of a higher rank. He had combat experience. He shared with me that, when he was pinned down by hostile fire with bullets striking all around him, the thought came to him that, if he survived that ordeal, he would celebrate life to the fullest. He swore to himself that he would never refuse any woman. And Bill lived true to his word. He was constantly hosting women in his bedroom. Some came and stayed with him for a while, others just came and went. But there were frequent nights when I'd hear his bed squeaking or pounding against one of the walls. His bedroom was directly over mine. I was not seeing anybody at the time, and Bill's 'sexploits' sure made it difficult for me to keep a clear head. Most of his women were hot, some were okay, and a few were not what I would have pursued. But he intended to keep his pledge, so he spent his nights with all comers.

In time, Bill and I went our separate ways, but we sporadically stayed in touch. He ended up marrying and divorcing a few women. They would enjoy his insatiable appetite. He would be honest with them, though, about his battlefield oath. The poor things. They actually thought that, once they tied the knot, they could make him become exclusive. Instead, he tried to talk them into swinging. Some did....for a while.....and some just walked right out the door. He was a real horndog that was just not going to be housebroken.

Fast forward some years. Bill had settled down with a 'wife-du-jour' in a southern state. He shared with me that he and his wife Cyndi were into swinging. That didn't surprise me in the least. He still shows Marine pride in his physique, maintaining an athletic build. I got an email from him, letting me know that he had a week-long work-related conference to attend up in my part of the country. He wanted us to reconnect, seeing how it had been a long, long time since we shared a beer together. I had to consider this long and hard before I responded. Even though Sarah and I had a real relationship at that time, I was concerned about what Bill would think if he caught on to her and my arrangement. She and I worked very hard to keep appearances of a platonic arrangement between us. I discussed it with Sarah, letting her know that he'd likely stay a night or two with us to get more out of our visit. She said that she was okay with it. She'd be on her guard.

I told Bill that he was welcome to stay some nights with us for some of his trip. We had the extra room. And it would be nice to bring some liveliness into our home. He accepted my offer.

After getting his reply, I began to wonder just what he would think about my arrangement with Sarah. The answer came to me, remembering his old mantra. He always said, "If it feels good, do it," and then would add, "...as long as no one gets hurt." Well, I could only imagine that 'cockhound' Bill would only be envious that I had such a lovely, young nymph to fuck at will. That put my mind at ease. I probably wouldn't be on edge like I thought I might have to be.

Then, another line of thinking crept into my mind. What if he brought his 'horndog' game with him? I know that he did have thoughts about getting into the pants of a girl that I briefly saw when we were roommates. Surprisingly, I wasn't pissed about that at the time. That was just Bill. But Sarah was different. She was young, and still sexually inexperienced in many ways. But MY 'horndog' started howling in no time. I shared in my original story that I have always had a fetish about wives and girlfriends having sex with others where the husband or boyfriend was also involved and pleasured. I found myself getting a bit aroused at the thought...no, the prospect....of Bill with Sarah and me. The more I thought about it, the harder my cock became.

I soon had to find Sarah. She was in her room, reading. I took the book from her hands as she lay in bed. When I began undressing, she sat up and, without a word between us, took her top and bra off, freeing her magnificent tits. Then she leaned back on the bed, raised her hips up, and slid her shorts and panties off her legs. I climbed on the bed between her spread legs, and guided my now-rigid cock to her pussy lips, parting them with the head of my dick. I looked down to watch the shaft of my cock disappear into her hole. When I withdrew it, her juices coated it, making it easier to push back in. It didn't take but a few minutes of pumping in and out of her for me to feel the pressure of my orgasm building, until I exploded in her, shooting wave after wave of jism in her. There was so much that it immediately began flowing back out of her pussy and onto the bed.

"Wow! What happened?!" She asked. "You came quickly....AND A LOT!"

"Yeh. Sorry! I just couldn't help myself. I began getting some really sexy thoughts about you, and had to have you in the worst way!"

"That's okay. I don't mind. It still felt good. What kind of thoughts?

"Well, I was just thinking about sex with you, that's all." I didn't want to tell her the real reason that I was so turned on. I wasn't so sure how she would take it. But I found myself constantly fantasizing about Bill's visit nearly every day until he arrived. My mind went wild as I conjured up visions of what might possibly be.

Bill called on a Sunday evening to tell me that he had arrived at the airport, and that he'd be staying there for a couple of nights to get settled in to the conference, and to get his bearings. But we agreed that he'd come over Tuesday night for dinner, and stay that night and the next.

My imagination went into overdrive. As my thoughts of Sarah being naked in the presence of Bill and me took over, I found myself getting constant erections. As much as I wanted to satisfy my urge to cum, I also knew that I had to refrain a bit from having sex with Sarah. I wanted her to be ripe for the idea when it came. Instead of actually fucking her, though, I did engage in a lot of petting and foreplay to get her libido up to a high state, and to keep it there. She had no idea of why I was doing it.

I also had taken her out shopping over the weekend, looking for some nice, eye-catching dresses and some sexy underclothes. I bought her some exquisite pantyhose and some new shoes with three-inch heels. I would have gone higher, but she has a hard time with heels. The three-inch heels did just the trick, though, accenting her legs in a most provocative way.

Tuesday night couldn't get there any sooner. Around 7 p.m., the doorbell rang. Sarah was upstairs, putting on finishing touches to prepare for his arrival. I told her that Bill was a very special friend, and that I wanted us to make a good impression on him, so she needed to wear one of the dresses that I bought for her. With her dark, sholder-length hair, the red dress was perfect. It had a vee-neckline that dropped down her front to show some of the cleavage that her firm breasts produced, thanks to the push-up bra that we also got for her. The dress came down to about three inches above her knees, had narrow shoulder straps, and had one narrow strap across the back that covered the bra strap. The rest of the back of the dress was non-existent down to the small of her back. With the accent of the black pantyhose and the black pumps, she was quite exquisite. She wasn't the best with make-up, but she managed to do just fine. What she put on showed off those killer eyes of hers.

I invited Bill in, we gave each other man-hugs, then went into the living room where I fixed us drinks. I also made a screwdriver for Sarah, just about the only cocktail that she will drink....a stronger-than-usual screwdriver. We settled into comfortable chairs in the living room and began to get caught up on life. Sarah came downstairs and entered the room. I intently watched Bill's face to gauge his reaction when he saw her for the first time. She was beautiful.

Bill stood up, walked over to her, held out his hand to shake hers, and told her, "Dan never told me just how gorgeous you are!" She giggled a little, blushed, and thanked him. I had already placed her cocktail on the coffee table in front of the couch so that, when she sat down on the couch to drink it, she would be centered on it. That was my plan so that there would be room on the couch on both sides of her....should there be the need.

However, that wasn't the case. We just sat in our respective chairs, talking and catching up. Bill was especially attentive to Sarah, asking her question after question about herself. He eventually got very personal and asked if there was anybody in her life. She got a funny little grin on her face, lifted the screwdriver to take a sip, and perhaps to hide her grin.

After the sip, she just looked down at the glass. Bill asked, "Your answer?" With a little giggle, she said, "Well, kind of."

"Now you have my curiosity," he replied.

I cut in and said, "It's a little complicated. I'm not really sure how to describe it." Sarah looked over at me, the smile having been replaced with a look of worry.

Bill caught it, and said, "Don't worry about it. I was just making conversation," then looked at me with a little grin on his face.

Still looking at Sarah, I just said, "Maybe sometime I could find a way to explain it." Bill spent the rest of our 'cocktail hour' staring at Sarah. I don't blame him. I don't get to see her so dressed up and looking hot like this, myself.

We ended our cocktail hour with preparation of dinner, consisting of surf and turf, steamed vegetables, a rice blend, and a lot of wine. Conversation continued during the course of dinner. Finally, we addressed the elephant in the room.....my wife's, Sarah's mom's, death. Sarah teared up a little, but maintained her composure. I assured Bill that it was still painful for the both of us, but we have been finding ways to move on with our lives, being there for each other.

Bill asked If I had started seeing others. Again, Sarah and I exchanged glances. I told Bill that I had seen a few women, but nothing involved. Bill knew better than to push any questions about my sex life in front of my step-daughter.

After dinner, Bill and I went out to the upper deck just off the kitchen to resume our cocktail hour while Sarah cleared the table and put the food away. He turned to me and said, "I didn't mean to cause any embarrassment for Sarah with my earlier question, about if there is someone in her life. It's just that she's so gorgeous that I can't imagine her being unattached. But what about you? How is your 'adult life'?"

"Oh, I've had a few 'liaisons'. Nothing serious....or permanent. I've had a few ladies in bed. I just want to keep my freedom for a little longer before I even think about seeing someone on a regular basis, not that I'm even thinking about it at all. But, Bill, I should let you know....and I think you of all people would understand and withhold judgment, at least I hope you would, knowing that you are who you are....Sarah and I have developed somewhat of a relationship." I felt numb as I was uttering the words. I had never shared that little fact with anybody else before. Ever.

"Look, you know what I always say, "If it feel s good....""

"Yeh, yeh," I cut him off. "But I just want to make sure that I can live according to the last part...about not hurting anybody. I have to be careful about Sarah, that I don't hurt her, that what we are doing is okay with her. I get a strong sense that she is okay with it. But I'm still concerned."

"How deep is this relationship?" he asked.

"It's about eight inches deep," I said with a little smirk.

"Ahhhhh, I see. You two really are a couple then, aren't you?"

"I would say that that's the only way to put it," I said. "So, what I am going to say next will need your fullest understanding, Bill."

"What's that?"

"When Sarah's mom died, Sarah was a virgin. She and I sort of evolved into our relationship. It become sexual...very, very, sexual. We do have to be very cautious to keep it under wraps. I've not told anyone but you, knowing that you would likely understand."

"Well," Bill said, "it's not really incest because she's not a blood relative. It would be awkward if it got out, true. So, my opinion is to keep it under wraps and continue to take care of each other as long as you both need each other."

"I knew you'd get it."

"I do."

"Then," I said, "that brings up the other thing that I wanted to discuss with you."

"And what might that be?" he inquired.

"Again, Sarah was a virgin until she and I got things going. She's only been with a couple of other young men that I secretly set up for her in order to...well, never mind why....but they were likely too young to show a woman how to really be treated in the bedroom. I have tried to set that bar very high for her. But I am thinking that there needs to be another point of reference for her....someone other than me who is mature enough to help her see the difference, and to make her feel very sexual about herself."

"What do you have in mind?" he asked.

"It might be very good for her to experience two mature men making love to her, to make her the center of attention of two men who know how to bring a woman to full sexual satisfaction. She's only had one-on-ones so far. Having an MFM threesome would push her to the next level."

"Is she okay with this?"

I replied, "Honestly, she doesn't know about my thoughts yet. But she knows that my libido has been in overdrive while I've been contemplating this over the past couple of weeks. I've been revving her motor the whole time, too. And I do believe that her libido is very engaged. I appreciate your concern. You and I wouldn't want her to do something that she wasn't ready for or comfortable with. But, we can take one small step at a time....put our feelers out....drop hints and innuendos....see how she reacts. If she seems comfortable, we'll know it. Then I'm comfortable...and looking forward to it."

"Okay, I'm good with that," he said.

With that, we both went back into the kitchen where Sarah had just finished up. I recharged her screwdriver, but this time toned down the vodka because of all the wine that she had at dinner. While I wanted her inhibitions loosened a little, I didn't want her to overdo it. Then we would not be able to know if she was truly up for what we had in mind.

I walked over to her, snuggled up behind her, and wrapped my arms around her under her arms, crossing them in front of her dress. She looked up with a start over her shoulder at me, not expecting that. I said softly, "It's okay, Sarah. I discussed our relationship with Bill. He understands, as I knew he would. Bill is all about sex, too. Aren't you, Bill?"

Bill stood just a few feet in front of Sarah, facing her, bourbon glass in one hand, the other hand on his hip.

"I absolutely am. I can't get enough of it! I'm glad that the two of you are enjoying each other. You are enjoying it, right, Sarah?"

"You told him that we have sex?"

"I did....and that we do it a lot."

Again, a giggle with, "I do enjoy it. More than I thought I would. I didn't know what was so important or great about it...why everybody talks about it all the time...until we started doing it," she said.

Bill then started in with questions again, apparently designed to get and keep her mind on sex. "Have you done it with anyone other than Dan?"

At that question, Sarah lifted her drink to her mouth again, pretending to take a drink, glancing sideways at me. A blush began to show on her cheeks.

"Sarah has had sex with a couple of young men. They found her to be sexy, and wanted to see just how sexy she was," I cut in. "Am I right, Sarah?" I asked, looking at her.

"Yes. Two guys," holding two fingers up as she told him.

Bill then asked, "Tell me about it, okay? I'm very curious. Two guys at the same time?"

"No, two different times."

"Was it fun?"

"It was okay. It felt good."

"Were they able to get you to an orgasm?"

"No. But they had theirs."

"Did it turn you on that they came?"

"It kind of did. I like that I have that effect on guys...that I can make them ejaculate."

"What did you think of having a man's cum in you?"

"Oh, they didn't. Dan got me on the pill, so I can't get pregnant, but they both brought condoms with them. I'm glad that they did. I made sure that they wore them because I didn't want to get anything from them. You never know. I told them that I couldn't do it with them unless we used them."

"How did Dan feel about you having sex with others?" Bill asked.

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