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Mistress Nicole


I could see as we approached it that Nicole Dunne's house was large. There seemed to be many additions and renovations to the original design. I didn't know it then but it had all been made possible through inheritance, hard work and also her "counseling" fees. The work had been performed by out of town builders. She had paid them extra for the job to ensure that no questions were asked and some of her special modifications were kept secret. Tom pressed the door bell, recessed into the brass plate.

Mistress Nicole smiled as she closed the door to the games room. She grabbed a startling blue kimono off a hook near the door and wrapped it around herself. She walked up the stairs and closed the door behind her. Walking up the hallway she looked at herself in the mirror.

'Ooops,' she voiced as she saw her hair was tousled after the flogging she had delivered to the new boy. The doorbell rang again. She grabbed a nearby brush off the hallway stand, and quickly brushed her hair.

She opened the hallway door to see a man and a woman standing there. They were wet from the heavy rain, which was really pelting down.

'The Creighton's I presume,' said Mistress Nicole smiling in a disarming way.

'Yes,' replied the male.

Nicole looked out beyond them to see how they had traveled.

A navy blue sedan was parked in front of her neighbour's house.

'Your car?' she asked.

'Yes,' he replied, 'is that a problem?'

'Next time leave it down the street further in that empty lot and walk here. Okay?'


'Come in and sit down in my office,' said Mistress Nicole, gesturing with her hand to the room nearest the front door.

The couple stepped into the office.

'Take off your coats, you find it is quite warm in here. Leave your keys in the bowl on the desk'

The couple took off their coats and sat in large leather and wood chair opposite the desk. Tom reached forward and dropped the keys into the bowl. On the desk facing Mistress Nicole was a computer monitor that she reached over and switched on. She hit a few keys, smiled briefly and then turned to face them.

'You are Tom Creighton?' asked Mistress Nicole.

'That's right, ...ummm what should...?'

'Tom, as we have spoken about you and your situation over the phone, you may both call me Mistress Nicole from this point on. It is permissible to shorten it to Mistress, but nothing else will suffice. Whenever you are in this house, and your house, if we graduate to house calls and over the phone and via email it is always by that title. Any breaches of this rule will be deemed punishable. It is the first rule. Clear?'

'Yes Mistress Nicole,' said Tom.

'What about you Susan?'

'I'm not sure why I'm here?' I replied looking defiantly at Tom.

'Mistress Nicole got up from behind the desk, walked swiftly around and slapped her on the face.'

'What the fuck did you do that for?' I cried out, now alarmed and outraged. I began to wonder what she had agreed to. Tom had told me they were going to visit a relationship counselor. This was nothing like that. I was angry that Tom had deceived me, and worried about where this was all going. The slap made my eyes water and my cheek was stinging with the strength of the slap.

'What was the question?' asked Mistress Nicole in a firm voice, her eyes glaring at me, one hand placed on my shoulder to stop me from rising. I felt nervous, and fearful all of a sudden. She never once glanced at Tom who was staring, anxious, wanting to say something, but the tone of her voice prevented him. Mistress Nicole looked from me to him.

'Let me help you out a little. What do you call me at all times Susan?' asked Mistress Nicole.

'That hurt,' I spat out. My hand rubbing the red hand prints on my cheek. She surprised me then by tenderly rubbing the back of her hand up my neck to my ear.

Like a cobra the arm swung and a loud slap stung the other cheek of my face. The loudness of the slap in the quiet room made Tom jump a little as well. He wondered if he had overstepped the mark in his relationship. Still it was Friday. The weekend was ahead of them.

'Ooowwwww, but...wait... its Mistress Nicole, just stop hitting me,'I uttered as I wiped the moisture from below her eyes. I looked at Tom for help. He was looking at Mistress Nicole and her glance and a shake of the head told him that he couldn't offer any help.

'Now we have that sorted out Susan may we continue sorting out the details?'

'Yes Mistress Nicole.'

'Good girl. You are a quick learner. You know this is the opening phase, and this will be a frank and honest discussion. It must be in order to proceed. Are we clear on that?'

'Yes Mistress Nicole,' the Creighton's said in unison. I looked at Tom, still fearful but he looked down at his feet.

'I'm pleased to hear you abiding by the first rule. Susan,' said Mistress Nicole, looking at the anxious woman before her, 'Tom has spoken to me about your frigidity in the bedroom.' I started to rise, my face reddening. 'No... No... don't take offence;' continued Mistress Nicole, 'it's a common thing. I have done some investigating and found that you have come from a small devout family. You went through 12 years of strict catholic education before going to a catholic university. It's dirty for you to have sex. You have to look up to the Virgin Mary. How many years have you been taught that sex is bad? Too many! Perhaps, just perhaps Susan is sex meant to be pleasurable? You are in my world now and you may be startled to find that sex when you are helpless. Or a sexual mix of pleasure with pain makes you orgasm so strongly, makes you beg for more. Don't be shocked Susan, your life education starts today. Is sex dirty Susan?'

'Yes Mistress Nicole,' I blurted, 'I only tolerate it because I am married to Tom.'

'Do you love Tom?' asked Mistress Nicole.

'Yes Mistress Nicole. I do. I always have, since we met anyway.'

'Tom do you love Susan?'

'Yes I do Mistress Nicole, but....'

He left the statement unanswered. He didn't want to let Susan hear what he wanted to do, what he had said to Mistress Nicole. He was feeling nervous in his stomach and didn't know if he could go through with it. Mistress Nicole sat and watched them as they looked at each other. She reached over to the computer keyboard and typed a few keys. Then with the mouse, she clicked on a few icons. The couple in front of her could not see what was going on. 'I am just making some preparations,' said Mistress Nicole as an explanation.

'Now Tom, do you want to reiterate what you told me on the phone about your sex-life?'

I looked around suddenly with a mixture of disgust and anger on my face, feeling both embarrassed and disgusted he should do such a thing. 'How dare you talk to strangers about our marriage, and what's worse, our sex-life. I'm think I'm ready to leave.'

'Mistress Nicole, I can't tell her that, I'm embarrassed and ashamed,' said Tom.

'No matter, she'll hear it anyway.'

Reaching over to the mouse, she deftly moved it over the screen and then clicked the button. In seconds there was the sound of a male voice in the room, coming from speakers on the desk and behind the chairs.

Both the Creighton's swung their heads, trying to identify the sounds and then Tom recognized, only seconds before I did. It was his voice and it was his conversations, at least one of them with Mistress Nicole the previous week. He was shocked. His voice was speaking about how his wife wears numerous nightclothes to bed, won't shower with him and doesn't ever swear, and hates him swearing or using vulgar language. On he droned describing his persistent attempts to talk her into other positions than missionary. Then the lack of oral sex, and how she won't let him "go down there because it's dirty" and he spoke about how it seems to be a chore for her and she never really seems to enjoy it. The entire edited package ran for a few minutes.

I began to weep. I felt violated and humiliated.

'How could you say those things Tom?' I asked.

Tom looked forlorn. He felt betrayed to some extent but why he felt that was beyond common sense. He had said those things in confidence, and here was his wife hearing them. Nicole felt things were progressing well. They had reached their lowest point. They loved each other but trust and honesty had been abused. Communication had broken down along the way to this point. Nicole became excited at the thought of bringing them back, and opening up their minds to the wonders of sex. She knew the world of the erotic was limitless, largely because of the infinite range of one's imagination. She watched their body language. Susan was mild of temper and naturally submissive. Tom was confident, but caught up in his fantasies. She would have to show him how to be better for his wife as well. It was time. She rose from behind the desk, turning off the desk light. She moved to the door. Inwardly she knew that any easing off on the rigid discipline would let them off the hook.

'Come with me you two', she ordered.

Looking at each other, before they stood, but the Creighton's hesitated. Maybe they sensed this was one of the last moments of opportunity for flight in their minds.

'Now I said!' Mistress Nicole uttered firmly and that door was shut.

The Creighton's rose and followed her out of the room into the hallway. Nicole walked down the hallway towards the rear of the house. On the left hand side of the hall was a door with an electronic lock. Nicole put her thumb on the pad and it unlocked. Pushing it open, she gestured to Tom.

'Tom, this is your room. You will find some apparel in the wardrobe that I want you to wear. There are three outfits. Put your street clothes in the other side of the wardrobe. There is a bathroom with two doors. Only one door can be opened at a time and only from the room. The light above it tells you when it is occupied. Please undress, shower and clean yourself thoroughly.'

Tom glanced towards Susan, but felt himself being pushed firmly into the room. The door was shut behind him. There was a handle and a thumb pad on the inside as well, but he stared knowing it would be the same as outside.

'We'll leave him to undress,' said Mistress Nicole. 'Walk this way.' I followed numbly. She kept walking along the hallway, passing a door, which was the bathroom and then to another locked door similar to the room Tom was in. Same thing, Nicole opened the lock with her thumb on the pad, and pushed the door inward.

'You will wait Susan until the light goes out above the door and then you will be able to open it and go in. I want you to have a thorough wash as well, before dressing in the garments in your wardrobe. You will have an hour or so. Please be ready when I come back.'

'But... I don't want this...' I stammered, 'I didn't ask for it. Who are you to boss us around.'

Mistress Nicole reached out and grasped Susan's nipple, pinching and twisting it. She saw her face react and a load moan come from deep in her throat, not a pleasurable one. 'What's the first rule?'

'Oh... I'm... sorry...aaah... I...forgot... Mistress Nicole,' I sobbed feeling the sharp pain in my breast easing.

'Don't forget again.'

'No, I won't,' I said.

'Now do what I have asked of you. You will bathe, toilet and dress for me. You may tie this up,' said Nicole, fondling Susan's hair.

Surprised, I pulled away. I backed into the room. Scared and with a sore face, and I watched Mistress Nicole smile at me as she closed the door and heard the locking mechanism click shut. I went to the wardrobe and slid back the mirrored door. On the right were three sets of leather garments, hanging up. I reached in and touched one. The leather was cool to my touch. The smell of fresh clean leather hit my nostrils. Sobbing a little, confused and anxious, but enjoying the delicious smell of the clean, new leather, I lifted the costume out of the wardrobe and gasped as I saw how brief it really was. It was like a one-piece bathing suit with large holes in it. Lots of silver metal studs and a couple of metal clips. Appalled, I threw it on the bed. I sat, clutching my arms about me and sobbed, then with my face in my hands. Nothing I had done in her life had ever prepared me for something like this. It was a nightmare. I looked for a way out for me and Tom. The thought of Tom and his shameful deception and betrayal and it filled me with more sadness, and a little anger and him getting me into this predicament. Why? Why couldn't he have told me? But I knew the answer to that, he'd tried in the past and I'd not listened. Who was this strange woman and how had Tom come to find her? I stopped her train of thought there, before it went into areas I wasn't prepared to go.

Nicole switched off the computer screen. The sight of Susan sobbing was not new to her, but she knew that Susan would want to find a way out of it. She would convince herself that she had to get through it to save the marriage. Susan would talk herself into it, because she couldn't face her parents and the church groups, admitting the failure was her fault or because of this. It was just this desire to get through it that would enable the Creighton's to submit to Nicole's demands. Initially they would do it to get through the weekend, but Nicole would change them and their lives, hopefully forever. They had already started doing what she ordered. There were promising signs and they were unaware.

Time for her to prepare for her new arrivals and the journey they had in front of them. Nicole went to her room to change and freshen up. Her previous play with her new boy had passed. He would be useful and she wanted to make sure he came back. She liked him, liked his defiance. Nicole had been absolutely delighted by his pleasuring of her. She smiled as the warm glow spread through her again as her body remembered. But she had important work to do, and he might be missed if he stayed here too long this first occasion.

She ran the shower and hopped under the hot water, cupping her breasts and letting the water race over her pierced nipples. She sighed aloud before reaching for the soap.

Nicole finished her shower, drying her shiny black hair first and then herself. She brushed her hair straight and left the ensuite. Then she slipped on her special outfit for this evening and over it a full-length bright red kimono. She left her room and walked quickly down the stairs to the lower level. Opening the first door Nicole stood quietly as Jason lying prone on the bench swung his head around to determine where she was. The chains and manacles holding him clamped in place rattled.

'It's time for you to go Jason. But before you do, remember I have your address from you wallet and I have several great snapshots and a video of your performance. It was a good performance too!' said Nicole. Laughing aloud she said, perhaps I shouldn't have cut your clothes up. Ah well, not to worry."

Nicole went to one of the cupboards, opened it and then sliding out a draw she took out a pair of white panties. Opening another draw she took out a halter neck top and then a windcheater. Finding a tracksuit bottom in another part of the cupboard, she gathered them all up and left them in a pile near the bench in the middle of the room.

'I am going to release you now and you will behave yourself. Dress in the cloths I have given you. But I do want them back. Take you stuff from over there and we'll go upstairs. Don't do anything stupid. Okay?'

Jason nodded his head as he watched her face for some sort of trick. Nicole quickly released the manacles, he didn't see how, and helped him up.

'But they're girl's clothes, aah... Mistress Nicole,' he exclaimed when he saw them.

'That's all I've got dear.'

'Oh shit.'

Jason stooped and picked up the panties looking at them before scowling and bending down, putting them on quickly. He dressed himself hurriedly, walking over and grabbing the remains of the clothing he had worn here. He blushed as he felt his cock hardening in the soft lace panties. He checked for his wallet. Not there! Looking back he saw Mistress Nicole, smiling and holding it in her hand.

He walked over, snatched it and headed for the door. He was angry now and confused, but the soft material of the panties was rubbing against his cock. It was a strangely pleasant sensation. He walked in front of Mistress Nicole; up the stairs and towards the front door.

Nicole came up close behind him, touching his back with her front. 'Now Jason Woolley,' said Nicole quietly into his ear. Her hand swept around in front and rested on his semi-erect penis. 'If you are a good boy from this moment on, there may be more special treats in store for you. Remember to tell no one what happened here. I have ways of finding these things out if you do. Some of these pictures will look great on internet sites and in some of the porno magazines you can buy. Do you want that?'

'No Mistress Nicole.'

'Do you want to come back Jason?'

'I'm not sure Mistress Nicole,' said Jason, 'maybe... I don't know. Yeah maybe.'

'I think you will, but it won't be until I call for you. Goodbye Jason, for now...Maybe.'

She opened the door and Jason stepped out. He turned to say he would like to come back, but the door was shut. He looked at it longer and then walked down the steps to the gate. He opened it and walked out and up the footpath in the direction of where he lived. A few blocks away, but he felt stupid in this "girlpower" top. He hoped no one he knew would see him

Mistress Nicole settled herself behind the desk. Flicking on the monitor she clicked on the desired icons and saw that Tom was out of the bathroom and back in his room. Susan had entered the bathroom and was on the toilet.

Nicole exited the function and switched off the monitor. She walked across the hall into the kitchen and made herself a strong coffee. Putting a shot of Tia Maria liquor in it added the extra flavor and made it more of a fortified coffee. She took the coffee and went down the stairs to the fun rooms. The first one wasn't all that messy. The session with Jason hadn't been too long. She went out into the walkway and opened a small door near the stairwell. In the alcove were a basin and a cupboard. She grabbed some disinfectant spray and a cloth and went back in and wiped down the benches and the manacles. Satisfied with the clean up, she returned the cleaning gear to the alcove and closed it. I must get a maid to help with the cleaning around here again she mused.

Returning upstairs she opened Tom's door. He swung around, surprised and a little embarrassed and being seen in such a costume.

'You look great Tom,' said Nicole, 'black suits you. It shows off your pale skin and blond hair nicely. Do you want a hand with it?'

'No... I mean no Mistress Nicole,' said Tom.

Tom stood and looked in the full-length mirror. He was wearing a leather G-string. It had a flap that opened at the front. The rest of the outfit was a series of leather straps that went around his torso, under and over his arms and all connected by rings of stainless steel. He clipped it together on his stomach.

'I see you like leather Tom,' said Mistress Nicole looking at the bulge in his leather "G". 'Come with me.'

Mistress Nicole exited the room and waited for Tom to follow. She motioned him to walk in front of her and guided him to the stairs.

'Go down.'

Tom, hesitated, took in a breath and went down the steps. The steps down between the kitchen and laundry went down two flights and into another hallway. Off the hallway were two large rooms. The further room had a series of steel pipes running parallel to each other about 10 centimetres below the roof, embedded in the end walls. As Tom soaked in the details of the basement area he resolved that he was going to see this through, no matter what. At the bottom he stopped, waiting for more directions. Nicole pointed to the first door, a bright red one. 'In there,' she ordered, 'this is the downstairs fun area.'

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