Mistress T


"Get your fingers all wet with your cunt juices, Mistress. Rub your pussy juice on my cock." I loved talking so dirty to such a beautiful woman. And she reacted to each word. She obeyed my command. The scent of her aroused cunt wafted through the air.

She coated my cock in her wetness and then gobbled me down to the root.

"You like so eat your cunt slime off my dick?" I held her head down. She gurgled some reply. I held her head so she couldn't move. She gagged and I released her head. She pulled off, choking, took a breath and plunged down on it again. She gulped and pumped her mouth on my now rock-hard cock. Her spit drooled down my balls to my asshole.

"Look at the fucking mess you are making all over me. Clean this shit up." I lay on the bed and raised my legs up like a baby to be diapered. Mistress T looked directly in my eyes and never looked away as she moved, snake-like. She slithered up my body and began licking my balls and sucking each one carefully. She wiped her face with them. She pushed my legs up and started to lick my asshole.

"Yes, Mistress T, lick my shithole. My fine whore. Eat my ass. Jam your tongue in that nasty hole. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Deep, damn it."

A gleeful smile stole over Terri's beautiful face for a moment. Then she dived down onto my ass. I couldn't see, but I could feel her tongue way up my ass. She twisted and pumped and flicked it. I could feel it inside my cock. I know it sounds crazy. But her tongue up my ass seemed to be stimulating my cock from within. I could feel my nut rising just as if I was fucking her. My cock was so hard I thought it would split. I needed her cunt now.

"Get your cunt on this cock now!" I shouted.

"Oh yes. Yes, my cunt is so hungry for your meat. Your asshole felt and tasted incredible. You have to let me eat it later."

She was impaling herself on my cock, facing me. And she rode it. Not like the women I've has who straddle you and expect you to 'fuck up' at them. She rose up and down and twisted and pumped and screwed like an animal. This gorgeous woman was made to fuck. Her hips twisted and undulated. I could feel her pussy muscles like hands squeezing and rippling over my cock. She could grip it so tight I could not have pulled out if I had tried.

"Do you mind if I come, baby?" she whispered almost sheepishly. She smiled at me. She had wanted to make it about my pleasure, but seemed to be having a good deal herself.

"Come on my cock, bitch. Fuck your slimy cunt raw on my cock. Pump that meat up in yourself deep. Come like a fucking cockslut."

Mistress T suddenly shrieked. Her arms shot out behind her as she lunged backwards. Then she sat up and I thought she was going to rip those nipple rings out! Then she hunkered down on my cock and just started grinding and screaming.

"Fuck. Shit. Your god damn cock is so stiff! I want to devour it with my pussy, baby. Jam it hard. Stuff me."

She shuddered and then almost collapsed. I rolled her onto her back and climbed on. I pumped my cock into her and fucked her with the deliberate pace of a marathoner. I looked into her eyes and she was fixed on mine. I fucked that bitch like I'd never get another piece of ass.

"Don't stop," she pleaded.

"No fucking chance," I snarled. "Take it like the cockslut you are. Get fucked like a whore. This is the stroke I used when I jerked off to your pictures."

I pumped in hard and deep. Mistress T's eyes rolled back in her head and she came again.

"You know how many men jack their cocks to your pictures. They see you acting like a fucking cunt and they shoot their cum wishing they could fuck a hot whore like you."

She was in another world. I didn't even know if she could hear me any more. Her pussy seemed to have become liquid. I pulled out and saw how her lips had swollen and now gaped lewdly open. I rolled her over roughly, lifting her hips a little.

"I'm gonna jam my cock up your tight shitter now, sweetie. Brace yourself." I felt my lip curl into a sneer. I pushed my cockhead against her asshole, lubed as it was by her dripping cunt. And I jammed every inch I had as far up her ass as hard as I could. She screamed into the mattress. Again and again. I was insane with lust. I fucked her asshole mercilessly. I roughly jerked her hips up and down my meat. I slapped and spanked her fine rounded asscheeks until welts formed.

We spat obscenities at each other without meaning. It only made the atmosphere more erotically charged. I felt my nut overcome me. I felt all my energy driving to split this glorious woman in two, right at the asshole. I roared as slammed her flat against the bed as my cumload exploded into her ass. I pumped her harder and bounced her off the mattress. I pumped until the sensations overloaded my mind and I couldn't control myself enough to pump any more.

After a few moments, I was overcome by dread. Surely I had gone too far. The slapping. The language. How could I have gotten so out of control? Then I looked down at Mistress T.

She looked back over her shoulder at me.

"Nice going, tiger. Whew! So that's what twenty years of frustration feels like. This is going to be a great weekend." She looked over at her slave hubby. "Watch this," she said casually.

She roughly threw a leather leash around Dan's neck. She jerked him to the ground and then squatted over his masked face. She looked up at me and smiled that devilish smile. Then she looked down at Dan and unzipped the zipper over his mouth.

"Open," she commanded in an even tone. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out.

Mistress T positioned herself over him and then seemed to pause. I saw her anus bulge outward slightly and then the huge load of cum I had just irrigated her ass with came dripping out. And with it traces of her scat. It dripped down onto Dan's tongue and he lapped it up as if it was honey. She strained to pump out the last of it, and then lowered onto his tongue. He licked her asshole clean.

Mistress T stood and walked back over to me. She curled up in my arms and said, "What fantasy would you like to live out next?"

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by Anonymous07/12/17

Nice going except for the scat

Thanks for sharing your fantasy OldBearSwitch

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