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Misty Shower


It was only when I realized that the obnoxious odor I thought was coming from my trash can was actually coming from me that I decided to take a shower that afternoon. Fighting the need to gag when I pulled my tee shirt over my head, I tossed it in the hamper and removed the rest of my clothes. Although I debated with myself whether or not to simply burn the clothes, I tossed them all into the hamper and figured I'd trust the washing machine to magically transform them back into something acceptable.

I walked over the cold tile floor and reached into the shower, turning the hot water knob until the water kind of flowed through the showerhead. Yeah, it had been a while since I cleaned the gunk out of the showerhead, so saying the water flowed might be an exaggeration, it was more like a trickle-flow. Anyway, at that rate I knew it would take a few minutes so I wandered back into my bedroom and began studying some of the porn magazines I had in my collection.

Hey, I'm no pervert, the collection is actually part of an unofficial, unscientific study I was doing to determine which over-the-counter porn mag had the most obscene (delightful?) porn. After hours of exhaustive study I had narrowed the choices down to about four different ones and now I was just looking deeply for the winner. Anyway, after some time perusing the magazines, I noticed a few wisps of steam peeking through the doorway so I headed for the shower.

Once again I crossed the, now damp, cold floor and opened the shower door. Needless to say, after the few moments I spent studying the magazines had my cock was quite hard, so I turned on a bit of cold water and then, covering my erection with my hands, I climbed into the shower. When the water cooled enough to be bearable, I moved under the slow flow of water and grabbed the soap.

Quickly kneading my hands generating a lather, I ran my hands quickly under my arms, down between my legs and then over each foot. Once those trouble spots were covered, I could relax, soap up again and this time slowly begin circling my chest with my soapy fingers. Moving them in increasingly tighter concentric directions, I slowly honed in on my nipples until I gently brushed over the small, but hard nubs.

I could feel the tingling sensation run through my body and down the shaft of my cock. Planning to tease myself a bit more I continued toying with my nipples when I felt an odd sensation on my cock... well really not odd, it felt like someone had just touched it. Glancing down I noticed two beautiful hands, not just any type beautiful hands, these were hand model hands, like you'd see on TV or in a magazine advertising expensive jewelry or hand cream.

Anyway, the hands were lightly touching my cock, circling over it as if trying to decide just the best way to take hold of it. Looking at the hands, I let my gaze follow up their forearms, past their elbows, but about midway up the upper arm everything was covered with a cloud of steam. Now, since I turned on a bit of cold water, the steam coming from my shower had mostly dissipated, but this was a cloud so thick I couldn't see anything beyond her arms.

I reached my hand out, hoping to touch a breast or at least part of a woman I could pull on into the shower with me, but the two hands immediately blocked me. As I paused, one hand held up one finger and waved it back and forth before me and I was reminded of first grade when my beautiful, young teacher would scold me, running her finger back and forth just like that.

Giving up on reaching out and pulling the woman into the shower, I simply leaned back and let her have her way with my cock. The hands quickly returned to me, finally wrapping themselves around my shaft and starting to stroke up and down. They weren't soaped up, but the hands were so soft they slid easily over my sensitive skin.

I don't know who this woman was, but she knew how to handle a cock, changing her motion from a twisting one, to up and down and then with one hand sliding up and down over the head and the other working the base, except moving in the opposite direction. I was absolutely divine, no woman I ever knew, hell, I had never done my cock so perfectly. It was magical, just as I started thinking that it would be nice if... well the hands would move and my thought was completed.

Obviously, with such a perfect manipulation, I couldn't hold off, and much quicker than I wanted, I felt a pressure build in my balls and then the pleasure bolted up my cock and I came. Spurt after spurt of cum splashed on her forearms and fell into the shower as I arched my back and let loose. As the last of the cum dribbled from the tiny hole, the hands pulled back and disappeared into the mist.

I quickly finished rinsing off and opened the shower door and called out, "Why don't you come back in, the water is still warm?"

There was no reply so I opened the door, grabbed a towel and quickly ran it over my body before heading into my bedroom. I stepped into the room fully expecting to see a beautiful woman, perhaps my ex-girlfriend, reclining on my bed, but it was empty. "Damn," I thought quickly drying off and pulling on some underwear and shorts, "where did she go?"

I pulled on a clean tee shirt and walked through the rest of my apartment, but it was empty. Looking at the door out into the hallway, I noticed my door had been unlocked. Nodding, I pictured my pretty next door neighbor slipping in for a quick surprise. Since my girlfriend moved out last month, we'd been getting a lot friendlier.

Still barefoot and with dripping hair I tiptoed over to her door and knocked. In just a moment she opened the door and I noticed her hair was a bit mussed up. "Julie, you didn't happen..."

"Who's there Jules?" came a deep voice from back in the apartment.

"Oh it's just my next door neighbor." She looked back at me and smiled, raising up her shoulders. I looked down at her hands and noticed that her nails were all short and stubbly.

"Oh Julie, never mind. I was in the shower and thought maybe someone knocked on my door."

"No, I was ah... well, I was..."

"It's okay, I was just wondering," I replied backing away. I then turned to look at apartment 5K, Mrs. Rollitz, surely she didn't... Suddenly I heard a banging coming from the elevator and saw Mrs. Rollizt lumbering down the hallway with a bag of groceries in each hand.

"Here, let me help," I said, grabbing one bag from her, fat, pudgy hand. She unlocked the door and I followed her into the apartment. Setting the bag on the table I said, "You have been gone for the hour or so right?"

"Oh yes, I been gone for at least an hour."

"Okay, well have a nice day," I replied.

"Thank you for the help," she said as I slipped out of her door.

Quickly moving back into my apartment I grabbed my cell phone. The only other person who might have come in was Charlie, my ex-girlfriend. She was still on my speed-dial so I pressed her number and waited.

"What the hell do you want?"

I guess that probably answered my question, but I asked her anyway. "Charlene, you didn't happen to come by my apartment about an..." I was interrupted by the god-awful cackle of a laugh that quickly reminded me of the one thing I didn't miss about her.

"Okay, okay, I was just asking, Christ!" I hung up.

It was only then that I sat down on the bed and really thought about what had happened. I realized the hands appeared but I never heard the shower door open or close. When I finished my shower the door was still closed. How could a woman have reached into the shower without opening the door? And the mist, where did it come from? It certainly wasn't the shower. I dozed off to sleep pondering those wonderfully, divine fingers sliding up and down my cock.

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