tagIncest/TabooMitchie Ch. 02: Mitchie goes Dogging

Mitchie Ch. 02: Mitchie goes Dogging


This is a direct follow on to story 'Mitchie', so would suggest you read that for background information on the characters involved in this story.


"So, how's your sex life now you have got it on with Mom & Dad?" Julie asked as she sat at her kitchen table opposite her neighbour Michelle as they sipped a glass of red wine.

"Can't complain," giggled Michelle as she thought back to last Saturday night where her Mom had used a strap on to spit roast with her Dad.

It had all started a few weeks ago when her Dad had watched her masturbate on the sun lounger and unable to resist had his daughter suck him to a climax. From there Father and daughter had consummated their lust and when Michelle's mother returned from America she joined in the family fun.

"The only thing that annoys me is Friday nights," said Michelle in a petulant voice.

"Really?" Said Julie raising a quizzical eyebrow, "Why is that?"

"They go out, they won't tell me where, and when they come back they are all giggly like children and go to their room and from the noises they make have pretty wild sex." Said Michelle as she folded her arms and pouted.

Laughing Julie said, "And what really annoys you is they don't invite you into the fun." Michelle sat there fuming like any 19-year-old would, hating that something might be happening that she didn't know about and worse people having fun she wasn't involved in. "Well why don't you find out where they go silly girl." Said Julie still chuckling at Michelle's pouty face.

"And how exactly do I do that Mary Poppins?" said Michelle, using her pet nickname for Julie, "It's not like I can drive and follow them, and I can't fly."

Julie looked at Michelle and shook her head, "Kids, they just don't use what's at their fingertips," muttering under her breath before saying out loud, "Your parents have iPhones don't they?"

"Yes," said Michelle unsure where this was going.

"You all have 'find my phone' activated don't you," said Julie still smiling.

"Oh my you are a genius," said Michelle clapping her hands and started to type frantically on the laptop Julie had spun round in front of her. After a few minutes of clicking and tapping fingers as she waited Michelle let an exclamation of joy, "Got them, Silver Birch Woods about five miles down the road and by the looks of it they have stopped."

"Well, well," said Julie slowly, "Would never have had your parents down as doggers but that sure as hell looks like what they are doing."

"Dog what?" Said Michelle looking confused, "The only dog we have is Chico and he is at home."

"Dogging," Said Julie, "A very British thing, though I do believe it is spreading a little now. It's where two people, in this case your Mum & Dad, go out and preform sex acts in a public place."

"So how do people know where and who," said Michelle leaning forward getting a little wet thinking of her parents doing this kinky act.

"Well," said Julie, "There are well known dogging sites, often in car parks near woods. The couple arrive and will flash their headlights to indicate they are about to perform. People will gather and watch. They can either be inside or outside their car and quite frequently strangers will interact to a varying level of involvement."

"What do you mean involvement?" Said Michelle wetting her lips that had become dry in total contrast to her pussy that was flooding.

"Some people will perform in their car and get a thrill from being watched, some will let people put their hands through the window and touch or they will suck, some will get fucked or even gang banged." Said Julie watching Michelle's face become flushed.

"Wow," said Michelle in awe, "I am learning things about my parents every day this is something I just have to see."

"Just be careful," said Julie as she saw the familiar dreamy smile pass across Michelle face and could see that she had one arm under the table and by the movement was almost certainly touching herself.


On Saturday morning, the Lynch's sat round the breakfast table and Michelle was dying to ask about last night to see if what she had discovered was true but kept quiet. Then her mother, Sarah said to Michelle's father, "John, it looks like I am needed to go back to the States next week, but Mitchie will be here to look after you."

"Fine," said John as he carried on eating his cereal.

"Perhaps we could pop out this evening as it might be out last chance for a while, that's if you don't mind Mitchie," Said Sarah looking at her daughter.

"That's fine Mum, " said Michelle, 'I was thinking of going out anyway and may not be back till late.'

That evening Michelle left the house around half an hour before the time she knew her parents went out waving goodbye. Sneaking through the side door of the detached garage Michelle climbed into the back of her parent's 4x4 SUV and didn't have to wait long before her parents got into the car. Hidden under the blanket Michelle couldn't hear a lot of what they were saying as they drove to the car park but once they pulled up and switched off the engine Michelle could hear perfectly, but the frustrating thing was she couldn't see.

Michelle heard some rustling from the front seats and then her father spoke, "That's it get your skirt nice and high so they can see your lovely pussy, and undo your shirt so your breasts are free. I am going to flash the lights and get the show started." Michelle heard her Father say.

Michelle almost squeaked when there was a knock on the window and she heard the whine of an electric motor and the air flow in from her mother's side. "Nice to see you again," Said an unknown voice followed by, "Mind if I touch?"

"Sure, help yourself," Michelle heard her father say and from the sounds her mother was making the stranger was touching her breasts at least.

"My cunt is so wet John," Michelle heard her mother say in a faraway voice.

"Yes, it is," Said John as he pushed two fingers into his wife's pussy, "Shall we let all these good folk see just how wet it is?" Michelle was beside herself and could feel herself soaking through her thin cotton panties and unable to resist she pulled her skirt up and started rubbing herself through the material.

Michelle could hear her mother moaning and the squelchy sound of her pussy as she was fingering herself. Michelle nearly orgasmed when she heard her mother say, "Finger my cunt John while I suck these cocks."

The car was filled with the noise of her mother's pussy and the noises of her mother cock sucking, then one guy groaned, "I am cumming," followed by the guttural sounds of him unloading into her mother's mouth.

Michelle was going crazy under the blanket, too scared to cum but to turned on to stop rubbing, consequently she was on the brink of an orgasm for ages. After what seemed forever her father started the car and drove home and Michelle thought to herself that her mother must have swallowed half a dozen loads.

Her father had barely shut the garage door after parking the car before Michelle pulled her panties to one side and thrust two fingers in and out of her aching pussy before having to bite her arm to stop any noise as she arched in the back of the car in a mighty orgasm. Resting for a while Michelle caught her breath before climbing carefully out of the car and into the house and by the time she got to her room she could hear the noises of wild sex coming from her parent's room. Michelle lay on her bed and listening to them as she bought herself to another shuddering climax, before falling asleep with plans whirring round in her head.


Michelle's mother left on Sunday evening for America and Michelle put her plan in action straight away, she made sure that her father was almost never without an erection. She would make sure whenever she was coming out of the shower she was naked and her father could catch a good look at her. During the day she would sunbath topless and the string thong was up between her buttocks leaving her almost naked. Michelle actually heard her father moan in frustration when she asked him to rub sun tan lotion into her ass cheeks and could see the way his trousers bulged. At night Michelle would fuck herself with her dildo and where normally she would be discrete, she made sure that her father could hear her cumming loudly and very noisily.

Every time her father made advances to relieve some of his tension Michelle would giggle and say, "But Mom has only been gone a few days," or, "Maybe later Daddy." By Friday Michelle knew that her father's balls must be fit to burst and to push him the final bit, Michelle had deliberately left her panties off and sat with her legs tucked under herself knowing her father must be able to see her pussy.

John tried to avert his gaze but having tasted the delights that lay between his daughter's thighs, with his wife away and the teasing he was desperate for release and stared at her, his imagination in overdrive.

"Daddy you know it's Friday, don't you and Mom normally go somewhere special?" Michelle said in a coy voice. The words didn't register with John at first but before he could say anything Michelle went on, "I know you and Mom go dogging, and I want to go, will you take me? Please."

John looked at his daughter in shock and spluttered, "How do you know?"

Michelle smiled as she replied coyly, "I have my ways of finding out these secrets though don't know why you kept it from me." As Michelle husked the words she stepped forward and began to run her nail along the outline of her father's cock through the material of his trousers. "Please Daddy," she purred. "I promise to be good."

John could feel his cock straining and his daughter's nails scratching made his cock ache with excitement. He nearly came in his boxer's when his daughter looked at him and said in a sweet innocent voice, "Don't you want to see how many cocks I can take Daddy, all for you and just to make you proud."

John looked at the excitement and lust etched on his daughter's face and finally giving in said, "Yes OK then, but on one condition."

"Yes Daddy whatever you want," said Michelle barely able to keep the joy contained knowing she was going to see and experience what she had heard last week.

"You need to do something about this," John groaned as he dropped his trousers and his rock-hard erection sprang free and bobbed about. Michelle smiled and knelt in front of her father's fat cock and slowly licked the head loving the way his cock twitched as she touched it.

John placed his hands on his daughter's blonde head as she began to suck him into her warm wet mouth, and as he felt the tension mount quickly he started to thrust himself into her willing mouth. "I can't hold," John moaned as he pumped his hips before erupting into Michelle mouth.

Michelle felt the hot cum spurt into her throat and the force surprised her causing her to cough and remove her father's cock from her mouth. John continued to spurt hitting her face and hair leaving gooey splatters hanging down where she had been unable to swallow it. "Sorry Daddy," she cooed, "I didn't mean to waste it, just there was so much, I will quickly have a shower before we go ou.t"

"It's OK Mitchie," John said as he tried to get his breathing back under control, "And don't worry about a shower I think the guys at the woods will like to see you like that."


Pulling into Silver Birch Woods Michelle started to feel a little nervous about what was about to happen. "Daddy," said Michelle, the nerves showing in her voice, "How does this work?"

"I will flash the car lights and people will come over and talk and watch," said John.

"What do I need to do?" Said Michelle still unsure.

"Whatever you want Mitchie," said John reassuringly, "They won't touch unless you open your window or get out. You are in control of how far you want this to go."

Michelle felt happier with this news and waited as her Father flashed the lights and people began to drift over. As Michelle watched a couple of men approached her window and as they looked in they started to rub themselves through the trousers. John put his window down and one of the men spoke, "Hey nice to see you again," then looking though at Michelle, "That's not your wife is it?"

"It's my daughter," said John proudly.

"Looks like she has already started the fun by the looks of her face," the man laughed.

Michelle felt relaxed by the way her father and the man were talking like old friends and as she looked back out of the window she saw that another man had eased his track suit bottoms down and was sporting a very large erection. Michelle felt herself get wet and start to rub herself through her panties that were soaked though and the man spoke, though his words were muffled. Michelle let her window down and the man said in a guttural voice, "Take them off," and as he spoke started to work his cock.

Michelle quickly wiggled out of her panties and spreading her legs started to rub herself with more vigour. Every so often she would dip a finger into her wetness and then lick it before pushing it back in, working it deeper as the audience watched her performance. "Can I have a taste?" The man said as he worked his cock slowly and Michelle didn't reply just stuck two fingers deep in before offering them to the man. Michelle looked at her fingers coated with her juices as she held them up and as the man sucked them she could feel his tongue cleaning her juices. "Do you want a taste of me?" Said the man working his cock in the direction if Michelle's face.

Something inside of Michelle flooded from within making her whole body hot and flushed, she almost growled her response, "No I don't want a taste I want to feel it in me." With that Michelle opened her door and went to get out.

"Are you sure Mitchie?" John asked seeing the lust running in his daughter's eyes.

"Yes Daddy," Michelle groaned as she opened the door and got out, and before the man could speak Michelle walked round the car and opened her Father's car door. Michelle leant into the car, her ass up in the air, and bending into her father's lap fished his semi hard cock from his trousers and started to suck.

The man with the large cock had followed Michelle round and once she had settled into position flipped her short skirt round her waist and placed a large hand under her and felt her pussy. "Wow you are soaked," He exclaimed as he thrust two fat fingers into Michelle's pussy.

Michelle broke from her sucking, "Fuck me," she hissed and then went back to her sucking.

"You heard my daughter," John said and the man withdrew his fingers and pushed his cock into Michelle's willing pussy. John felt his daughter exhale round his cock then moan as the man grabbed her hips and started to fuck her with fast rough strokes. It didn't take him long before he moaned and started to pump into Michelle filling her pussy with hot seed.

He pulled out and Michelle felt the cum drip from her open pussy and onto the floor as she carried on sucking her father, as she heard a new man say to her father, "May I have a go?"

Michelle groaned with pleasure at the feeling of being owned as her father didn't even ask her as he said, "Sure help yourself," as the next man drove home.

Michelle lost count of the number of cocks that fucked her, all she knew she was a gooey mess between her legs and could feel cum dripping down as one man withdrew before being replaced with another. Her father was now hard again and she heard him say, "OK guys that enough it's my turn, after all she is my daughter."

Michelle was in a lust filled daze as her father moved so that she was bent over the front of the car with him behind her. "You are pretty full Mitchie," John said to his daughter as he looked at the seed oozing from her puffy pussy, "So I think we might have to look for an alternative."

Michelle felt her father scoop some of the cum from her pussy and smear it on her anal star, pushing some in with his fingers. Then she felt his cock pressing and moaning softly she said, "Yes Daddy fuck your daughter's slutty ass," and then groaned loudly as her Father thrust his cock deep into her bowels. Michelle was in heaven as her father grabbed her hips and drove himself in and out of her tight ass as the watching men applauded. Michelle heard her father's grunts of exertion and then the spurt of hot cum deep inside her ass. Pushing back, she tried to milk as much as she could before she felt him withdraw leaving her feeling open.

Wrapping her in a blanket from the back John led his daughter back to the seat as her legs were like jelly and she couldn't stand unaided. Helping her into the car John leant and kissed his daughter softy and whispered, "you did brilliantly Mitchie, I am so proud of you and your Mom will be as well when I tell her."

Getting into the car John said out of the window, "wife is home next week so will bring them both down so hope there are lots of you here," then drove back to their home as Michelle dozed on his shoulder.

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