tagIncest/TabooTiny Spaces with Mom

Tiny Spaces with Mom


Catherine was relaxing on the beach resort and her eyes were still glued to her phone.

For good reason too: she was an actress and her agent had just sent her a last minute movie role. Apparently the original lead actress was forced to drop out because of an unexpected scheduling conflict and they needed someone on two weeks notice to save the film.

It was right up Catherine's alley, with great characters, a talented writer behind it, and a highly-acclaimed director at the helm. Basically, this was her latest attempt of winning an Academy Award, a prestige which had been eluding her.

She emailed her agent and film director to let them know that she was on board with the project. A part of her considered cutting the vacation short so that she could get to work immediately, but she couldn't do that to her son. This trip was supposed to be his gift for graduating college.

As she laid on a lounge chair on the beach, underneath a large umbrella for shade, she kept on reviewing the script on her phone to figure out her acting portrait. Her son Bradley finished a brief swim and laid on the beach blanket, sharing the same umbrella.

"You're still on your phone?" he asked, getting comfortable there.

"Technically, I'm working here. I just emailed my agent and told him that I'm accepting the part."

Bradley rolled over on the sand, totally relaxed. "Hmmm... that's nice, mom. Are you finally making an action movie?"

"Quite the opposite," she said, feeling a hint of excitement that she finally got to discuss the part with someone. "It's about a female character, played by me once I sign the contract, who has to fight for survival in the harsh terrain while also struggling to reunite with her true love. It's sort of an epic love story told on a small scale in the harshness of nature, if that makes sense at all."

She downplayed some of the more explicit natures of the script. Not that it mattered to him at all.

"Bradley?" She noticed her son had dozed off.

She poked his rib with the tip of her foot. He awoke instantly and pretended to be listening to every word.

"Sounds awesome mom," he said, clearing his throat. "Survival stories are always cool. Like The Revenant, right?"

Catherine playfully sighed. "Kind of, but with more love in it. A lot more love."

"So you're working? You can't have fun on the trip anymore? I mean, come on, this place is paradise. It's gorgeous here. Take a look around. Everyone is having a great time enjoying the weather and scenery."

Her son had a point. She looked around and noticed the happy faces on the stunning beach. There weren't many people around, since they were staying at a private resort.

"Maybe a little fun wouldn't hurt," she admitted.

"Let's put your phone back in the hotel room. Then we can explore this place before lunch."

Her eyebrow rose. "Anything in mind?"

"Yep. There are these really interesting hot springs nearby, where warm water naturally forms in small beds of rock. They're basically hot tubs made by nature. I've always wanted to lay in one of those."

It certainly sounded appealing. Her mind filled with pleasure at the thought of dipping her feet in warm water.

"Sounds like a plan. I can always review the script later."


After putting her phone back in their room, she changed into something more appropriate for the adventure. She wore an appropriately-fitted bikini with a beach skirt around her waist. For good measure, she remained makeup free, so no one would recognize her. She tied her hair in a ponytail, put on sandals and was ready to go.

They walked up a hiking path for several minutes, enjoying all the benefits of nature. All the while, Catherine's mind was still focused on that movie script she had been reading.

"You look like you're in a meditative state," Bradley pointed out.

She turned to him. "Something like that. This area reminds me of where I'll be filming in a few weeks, so I'm trying to get a feel for it. I'm supposed to be natural in this sort of environment."

"Method acting again?"

"You bet."

"Are you still going for that Academy Award?" he asked.

"Do you think I'm ever going to stop?"

He shrugged. "You know all those awards are b.s. right? I mean, you should know since you work in the industry; but seriously, most of the winners aren't the best in my opinion. It's like a popularity contest for pretentious people."

"That's a fair point. But it's always nice to be acknowledged by your peers, especially on a glamorous stage with millions of people watching around the world."

"Well, your career is paying for this trip, so I can't complain."

She nudged his shoulder. "I expect you to take me on vacations when you can afford it."

As they walked on the hiking path, they came across a river where a small group of middle-aged nudists were relaxing in the water. This was an exclusive place and the group took full advantage of the seclusion, being totally casual about it. They were so nonchalant, they didn't even bother looking at Catherine. She appreciated that, since the last thing she wanted was to be asked for autographs.

Her eyes were glued to the outdoor nudity. Maybe this trip could have some career benefits after all? She wondered. She needed to prep for the role by making herself feel as hardened as possible in the outdoors.

"Does that make you uncomfortable?" she asked, when she noticed Bradley glancing at the group.

"The boobs and cocks? Not really."

"So, it doesn't arouse you at all seeing them so exposed?"

He was taken aback. "No, jeez, what kind of question is that? Inappropriate, mom."

"I'm just curious. Do their breasts arouse you at least?"

He glanced at the women again. "They're nice, but I'm more interested in girls my age. Why?"

Was that true? Catherine wasn't so sure. She usually knew when he was telling the truth or not. Nonetheless, she accepted it.

"Nothing. Good to know."

As they walked, Catherine kept her eyes along the river. When they had passed the group of nudist, she purposefully walked a bit slower, so she'd be behind her son.

Catherine reached back and undid her bikini top, letting it fall to the ground. She untied her beach skirt and let it fall, too. Bradley was still walking ahead, completely oblivious to what was happening.

Catherine stepped out of her sandals, so that her bare feet were walking on the dirt. Finally, her bikini bottom came off and she tossed them away.

When she dove into the river, her splash made Bradley turn around and look. His eyes sharpened in his mother's direction and he saw her clothes on the ground- all of them!

"Are you..." his voice trailed off.

"I'm naked," she said confidently, swimming up the stream.

"Jeez, what the heck are you doing?"

She smiled as she swam alongside him. "I'm preparing for a part. I can't show up on a film set with butterflies in my stomach. I've got to shake the nerves out now. It'll make my performance picture perfect."

"You're going to be naked in the movie?"

She had done a couple of nude scenes in the past few years, but those were all brief shots of her breasts or ass. Nothing like what he was seeing.

"Like I mentioned earlier," she said as they both continued moving. "This movie has aspects of survival. So, I'll be naked in the wilderness for a couple of scenes. I have to get used to it."

He blushed and looked away as he kept walking. "This is weird."

"What's the big deal? My boobs are getting old. You wouldn't be interested, since apparently you only like younger, firmer boobs."

He tensed awkwardly. "Boobs are boobs. And you're my mom, okay mom."

"Then get naked too. That'll even things out. I don't mind."


"What? It really won't bother me. In college I spent most of my time around artists who've painted live models. I'm okay with nudity, even yours."

"Are you serious?" he asked, still in a state of disbelief.

She exhaled deeply as she treaded water. "I'm trying to push my comfort levels to the fullest. I want to give this part my all. I truly think this is my chance of being recognized as a great actress."

"And you need me to help you with that? I mean, don't you think that's taking method acting to extreme levels?"

There was an awkward tension between them. Bradley was apprehensive, and Catherine was trying not to push more than her son could handle.

"You're right," she finally admitted. "This is stupid. Can you turn around while I get out of the river and get dressed?"

Bradley paused a moment. "Wait, I'm sorry. I know how serious you take your career. Honestly, I really respect that. So I guess I wouldn't mind if, you know, you wanted to be naked or something. It might be incredibly weird, but if that's what it takes, then so be it."

A tension lingered between them.

"Are you sure?" she asked hesitantly.

He gulped and mustered his courage. "I mean, yeah. If it helps at all. Frankly, I don't think you're going to get out of that water. I think you're too afraid of actually walking around naked."

Her eyebrow arched. "Is that a dare? A little reverse psychology on your part?"

"No, mom. It's my honest opinion. Look, I understand if you're embarrassed. If you want me to turn around so you can get dressed, no problem."

Catherine's response was the opposite of embarrassment. She stopped treading water and swam closer to him, then planted her feet on the bottom of the river and stepped out. Her steps were slow and hesitant with each stride revealing more of her body.

Her tits were small and slightly sagging. Her brown nipples were rock hard and dripping with water. After a few more steps, her stomach was exposed as she kept walking toward him. Her bare crotch, her legs, and finally her feet came into view as she stepped onto the river's edge.

Water kept dripping from her near middle-aged body. Like most Hollywood actresses, she fought her hardest to remain thin and in shape, but the signs of aging were undeniable. She was, however, still extremely proud of her figure.

She instinctively wanted to cover herself. It took every ounce of Catherine's strength to keep her hands down so that her son could continue staring at her nakedness. And if she could be naked in front of her son, she could be naked in front of anyone, including the small film crew she'd soon enough.

"Ummm... mom... you're naked..." Bradley said, hardly able to believe what he was seeing.

Catherine experienced a mixture of emotions, from fear to excitement. She even felt a strong sense of arousal, which really surprised her. She wondered if she had just made her biggest mistake as a parent. Bradley kept on glancing at her hard nipples.

"Should I get dressed?" she asked, moving her hands up to cover her breasts.

"No... ummm... it's for your film right? Method acting?"

"Yes, method acting," she agreed. "Discipline and hard work."

She put her hands down and revealed her wet breasts once again. Her son's eyes gladly accepted the vision of mature beauty.

"What now?" he asked. "Should we just stand around while you're... you know ... like this?"

Catherine thought for a moment. "I'm supposed to be natural in this sort of environment. The script calls for me swimming in a river and resting in a small pool of water. So, the hot spring would be perfect."

He nodded. "And your clothes?"

"If I'm supposed to play a tough frontier woman, then I should act like it, don't you think? And that means not giving a shit about clothes."

Then Catherine did a trick with her hair which she used to hide from the paparazzi. She untied her ponytail and let her hair fall, parting down the middle and sweeping around her face. She tucked some of it behind her ears and let a few loose strands cover parts of her face. Being makeup free and completely natural, she hardly looked like anyone who could ever be famous.

"This should work," she smiled and adjusted her hair to add style.

Bradley gazed at his mother.

"What?" she asked.


"No, tell me."

He blushed. "You look really pretty."

"That's funny. The first time you compliment my appearance is when I'm butt naked and soaking wet."

They continued the rest of their walk until they reached the rocky area around the hot springs. To their unfortunate discovery, the spatial hot springs were already taken by other groups of people- some dressed in bathing suits, some naked. All of them were middle aged and lounging around, enjoying the naturally warm water in the small rock formations.

Different people waved "hello" and Catherine waved back. She was certain that none of them recognized her. If they did, she was certain that they'd gawk at her hard nipples. Instead, they returned to their leisurely activity. This was her first foray into public nudity, standing naked in the outdoors where at least a dozen people could see her.

"Should we turn back?" Bradley asked curiously, trying to be mindful of his mother's nudity by not admiring her tits. "We've already seen the hot springs and geysers. All the good spots are taken."

Normally, she'd agree, especially in her fully naked state. But this time, her mind was in character mode. She didn't want to waste this opportunity.

Her eyes quickly surveyed the rocky area and she saw something several feet away which caught her attention.. Upon closer look, she found what she was looking for.

"There's a tiny hot spring over there," she pointed out.

Bradley squinted his eyes at it. "A little small, don't you think?"

"Yes, but we didn't hike all the way up here just for a look. You've got me in the mood to relax in nature's warm water. Besides, my feet are aching."

"If you're okay with something that small, then so am I."

They made their way over to the vacant hot spring. The closer they got to it, the smaller it looked. It was nothing like the large spaces that other people had already taken.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

Catherine dipped her toes in the water. "At least the rocks inside look smooth so we can lay against them. And the water is nice and warm. Let's give it a try."

They prepared to get in, and Catherine's eyes locked onto her son's body as he removed his t-shirt and sandals, standing in only his swimming trunks. She took a moment to admire him while trying not to be blatant about it.

She entered the hot spring first, slowly dipping her feet in the warm water and then making her way in. It felt incredibly soothing, and she was glad her bare body was no longer exposed as her feet touched the bottom.

When it was Bradley's turn to enter the tiny space, all she could think about was how unfair the situation was.

"Your trunks are still on," she pointed out.

"Yeah, I know."

"Well, take them off."

His eyes widened. "Are you kidding?"

"First of all, you're seeing me completely naked. Fair is fair. Secondly, I need a sparring partner to prep for this role. I can't do it alone."

He sighed. "Alright, but only because you're paying for this trip."

"That's the spirit, big boy."

Bradley tried not to blush as he pulled his swimming trunks down to expose his flaccid penis. His knees buckled slightly and his natural instinct was to cover himself. Not only did he look at his mother, but he also glanced around to see if anyone noticed that he was naked. No one was watching them so far, so he got in the warm water before anyone could see him.

No one cared that he was naked except for Catherine. Seeing her son naked gave her a stirring feeling inside her pussy, but she kept a poker face and didn't show the aroused effect that his nudity had on her.

The space was only a few feet wide and Catherine had to press her back against the rocky wall so that her son could enter. They both made an effort not to touch each other by accident.

When they finally got settled in the water, they looked at each other face-to-face. Things couldn't have been any more awkward and there was nowhere else to turn. By the look in their eyes, each of them wondered if they had made a horrible mistake.

Thinking fast, Catherine decided to have some fun to break the weirdness. Their situation was nearly identical to a scene in the movie she'd be doing, so she decided to use dialogue from her character as a form of rehearsal.

"I have a confession to make," she said in a sultry voice, quoting the movie script verbatim without telling her son. "I've wanted you for a very long time and I'm so glad we're here together. I don't care what the circumstances are; I need you. Everything I've done these past few years is for you."

In the script, the male actor was supposed to say something back, to which Catherine was supposed to say, 'Kiss me.' As it turned out, Bradley was too shocked to say anything, so she kept the joke going.

She quoted her next line in the script. "Kiss me already. Just kiss me. Do I have to wait a few more years for this?"

At that point, Catherine fully expected Bradley to laugh it off and tell her to stop, like he normally did when she'd randomly practiced dialogue at home. Instead, he seemed totally shocked by this revelation, thinking it was real. She was about to tell him that it was only her character, but she stopped herself. She was curious over what he'd say or do.

Catherine got her answer as her son's body tensed up and his eyes looked confused.

Bradley leaned forward in the tiny space and he kissed his mother on the lips. She froze and kept her eyes open the entire time as her son gently pressed his lips onto hers. It was so unexpected that Catherine could only accept it.

Then he leaned back and the awkwardness intensified.

"Why did you kiss me?" she asked.

"Because you asked me to. Or was that...oh shit...was that...?"

She slowly nodded. "Dialogue, Bradley, that was dialogue from the script. I do that all the time at home, remember?"

"Oh fuck," he groaned, sounding like he was being crushed. "I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry."

"No, no. Don't be sorry. It was all my fault. I didn't do a good job of creating the character and I sounded too much like myself. I was supposed to do a southern accent. I'm a horrible actress, apparently. Don't be upset."

"You're a great actress," he sighed. "I'm an idiot."

"Don't worry about it. Shall we go?"

"Yeah, that might be a good idea."

Catherine made the first move to exit the tiny space. She had to pull herself up by grabbing the rocks, but the space was so small that she had to be pressed against her son for a moment.

When their bare bodies came into close contact as she tried climbing out, she felt something brush against her stomach. Her legs flinched, thinking there was a small creature swimming in the water. But as she looked at her son blushing and his uncomfortable body language, she knew exactly what it was.

Instead of exiting the water, she felt compelled to step back and return to the same position again, looking her son in the eyes.

"Looks like you enjoyed that kiss," she said.

He blushed harder. "Let's not make this a bigger deal than it is."

"Do you still want to leave the hot spring?"

"Yeah, of course. This is embarrassing."

She looked around and saw the other naturists still there lounging around in their large spaces, as they were waist deep in warm water.

"But everyone will see your erection," she pointed out casually, knowing it would only humiliate him further. "Wouldn't that be even more embarrassing?"

He sighed, shaking his head. "Let's wait a minute then. It'll go away soon."

"What gave you that reaction anyway? The water? Or kissing me?"


"I want to know."

"Guys can't control, you know, their privates," he answered shamefully. "Things happen naturally."

"So, you became erect from kissing me?"

He tensed. "Don't ask."

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