tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModel Slave Ch. 01

Model Slave Ch. 01


Authors Note: Normally I write the entire story with only the editing process delaying the posting of chapters. However, this story is a little slow in getting to completion. Life and real work keep interfering, so expect several weeks between chapters. As always the characters are consenting adults and figments of my imagination.

Please comment and vote. Nothing helps me improve as a writer more than getting feedback from readers.


Penny came into the reception area and took a seat in a cushy chair far away from the door. Her long honey blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail that hung to her lower back. With her hair pulled back her stunning doll like face was offered in startling simplicity. Her face was oval with sharp cheek bones and minimal makeup. Everything about her face was delicate and at the same time regal.

Her skin was flawless with its polished flesh tones containing nary a wrinkle or blemish. Her petite ears, delicate celestial nose and bow-shaped lips were perfection on her face, but it was her large golden eyes that completed her doll face. Once you saw her eyes they drew you in and you couldn't look away.

She was wearing a simple striped sweater and small pleated skirt. Both were very tight with the outfit revealing enough of her shape that anyone could see there was beautiful woman underneath. The sweater was snug, stretched tightly over her chest revealing her large, very nice bust. She had a small waist, with shapely killer legs displayed beneath the short skirt.

As she crossed her legs her skirt slid up her thigh revealing a long expanse of sleek toned thigh all the way to the cheek of her butt. The photographer was appraising her from a one way mirror on the wall and the look on his face revealed his lecherous thoughts. His wicked grin grew as she crossed her legs and more of her elegant, succulent stem was revealed. As the skirt drew higher he noticed a tight firm ass cheek attached to her stylishly exposed leg.

He marveled that a gorgeous young innocent had walked into his lair and he knew she was ripe for his manipulation and corruption. It had been a long time since he had dominated a young naive model and he also needed the money. With her stunningly beautiful innocence face, silky skin and sleek wholesome cheerleaders body he knew the camera would love her. He knew the corruption and degradation of this natural beauty would command top dollar in addition to being a lot of fun.

He rubbed his chin and his eyes popped open with an idea and he started to rub his hands together in glee. His smile grew even bigger as he got up to go greet his new victim.

"Hello, you must be Penny! I have been setting up the studio for our shoot. Come on back." He said has he strutted into the room.

He shook hands with Penny, holding her hand a little too long, feeling her softness and sensuous warmth seep into his arm. As they walked from the reception area into the studio, the photographer placed his hand on her lower back, guiding her into his lair. The studio consisted of an open area with several backdrops and a section next to that with what looked to Penny like a bunch of wood props. Then, further over to the side there was a bed with backdrops behind that as well.

Penny was usually pretty good at reading people and the minute the photographer came out of the back room she knew he was a sleaze ball. He was over 6' tall and lanky with a two day growth of beard over his rugged, angular face. His short sleeved shirt revealed stringy ropes of muscle that hinted at strength beyond his lack of bulk. He was not ugly but he seemed hard and old beyond his years. Penny thought he looked like he would have been more at home roping cattle on the range.

His lecherous grin told her she had to be on her toes if she was going to deal with him. Unfortunately, she didn't have any more money and she knew she had to take the chance of dealing with him. She couldn't afford the reputable photographers, so she had to deal with people like him.

She had seen some of his work and she knew he could produce excellent photographs. In the photographs she had seen the expressions on the models faces had been incredible. She was really hoping he could bring out in her the intense expressions she had seen in some of his work. So far all of her photographs had been fairly generic and to be honest she looked bored in her photographs. She was willing to risk dealing with him if he could help her capture a large range of emotions with her body and face.

"Well Penny, tell me what kind of photos you need today," he calmly inquired.

"I'm trying to start my portfolio and I need some different categories of photos to fill in my blank areas," she responded fidgeting from one foot to the other while wringing her hands. She was really nervous dealing with this photographer, but she needed to push through and hopefully get some great photographs.

"Okay, so you're new at this. Did you bring any of your current portfolios? What areas do you need to fill in?" He queried noting her nervous ticks.

"Well, something that's different that might catch an agent's eye. All I have now is some general and close up face shots, some natural light shots and a few overall full length photos. Sorry no, I forgot to bring my portfolio."

"Well what kind of modeling jobs are you looking for, runway, print, swimsuit, glamour or pin-up?" He queried.

"Well, at 5' tall, I've been told, that I'm too short and my breasts are too large for runway, so I thinking print and maybe swimsuit or lingerie.

"I see, did you bring any costumes for the swimsuit or lingerie, because if not then I have several," he said.

"I brought some, but I can look at yours as well."

"Okay let's try the swimsuits first. The changing room is over here and there are racks of costumes in there. If you see something you like try it on."

Penny went into the changing room and looked through the costumes, all of them were skimpy and risqué. She felt uncomfortable being almost naked in front of a stranger so she opted to try on her tight one-piece swimsuit that she had brought with her.

When she came out, the photographer gasped and said, "Honey, you will only get jobs in "Old Maids Quarterly" in that outfit. Agents want to know what you look like and how you will look in their clothes. If you want, I will take your photo in that, but a string bikini would probably be much better," said the photographer.

"Besides, swimsuit and lingerie modeling is going to show lots of skin, so you need to be comfortable showing off in front of the camera. Plus, the agents need to know how you look in a skimpy swimsuit or lingerie." He added exasperatedly.

Penny looked slightly embarrassed and agreed, "Yeah, I guess you're right. I know I need your advice on how to fill out my portfolio."

She could tell he was trying to get her out of her clothes and into something much more risqué. She could see in his eyes he had ulterior motives and his lecherous looks hinted at what those motives were. Even so she needed to do this and she needed some photographs of her nearly or even completely naked. Her hands were trembling at the thought being nearly naked in front of this man, but she knew coming here what she had to do. She needed him and she needed him to push her into some beautiful and exciting photographs.

She turned around and went back into the dressing room. Since she didn't own anything like he had suggested, she rummaged through the rack of swimsuits to see what she could find. Everything was tiny and some hardly even covered her nipples or quim. She was really glad she shaved all her hair and even shaved her pussy bald before coming here. Finally, she settled on something small but still had some modesty, and as she looked into the mirror, she thought. "I do have a nice figure and this looks really good on me."

She looked at her own expectant face in the mirror as her glistening eyes that traveled down to her breasts bulging out of the skimpy top. Her breasts always attracted attention and she thought her petite slender body only made them look bigger. She looked down at her tiny waist with her diminutive hips and her small ass flaring into her stunning legs. She had always thought her hips and butt were too small and her breasts too large, but combine they seemed to create a perfect Barbie doll figure. She threw her shoulders back with confidence and went out to face the photographer again.

As she came out from the dressing room, he got his first look at her figure. Wow, she was a walking wet dream. She had beautiful firm breasts with nipples trying to poke holes in the swimsuit, an incredibly small waist with a flat belly, nice shapely hips, tight butt cheeks, and killer legs.

"That's more like it!" Then, he pulled down a beach scene backdrop and said, "Come over here and strike some poses."

Penny walked over and stood in front of the backdrop and started twisting and turning like she saw models do on TV. She saw him pull the camera from his face and look very disappointed.

"No Penny, what are you doing, what we need are poses that accentuate various parts of your body. What are your best features and what do you think shows you the best?

"Well my breasts always seem to get a lot of attention, but so does my butt and legs. I have done a fitness shoot and they liked my tight Abs and small waist." she admitted.

"So if we want to show off your breasts or belly, we can try you lying down and bowing your back or bending over while facing me for a cleavage shot. One of the best ones is the hand bra or the arm across your breasts. Of course, for those you'd have to take off your top."

She shivered at the thought of being topless in front of him, but considered it. Well, she thought, it certainly didn't take him long to try and get her naked. Something was changing and while she was scared of being naked in front of him, she also felt excitement. "We can try that later. Let's try some of the other ideas first."

The photographer took her back to the set and started trying to take some photographs, but once again Penny seemed stiff and unnatural and the photographs of this stunning woman were crap. So he pulled the camera down stopped taking photographs and said.

"Penny, you also don't seem comfortable or relaxed in front of the camera. You have a stunning figure, but your face is showing your fear and apprehension. All the photos will look terrible until you loosen up and look like you're having fun. Do you think you can enjoy this and at least look like you're having fun?" He admonished.

Penny looked embarrassed and the photographer knew he had hit a nerve. Penny knew this was exactly what happened before and she needed him to do something, or else these photographs would be horrible as well.

He looked at her and then with a quizzical look on his face said. "I have another idea and you could actually earn some money as well. I have a photo shoot coming up for a "Real Life Detective" and another for "BDSM Quarterly" and both have pretty girls in a bikini tied up for several different poses. We could try some of that and see if that helps you relax in front of the camera."

"How much money?" she questioned, but the thought of being tied up made her stomach quiver with apprehension and excitement.

"I don't know. If they like the shots, it could be around $500, but if they don't like them then you get nothing. But, with your figure, I think you're a shoe in." he said.

"You really think?" she asked shyly. She could see he was getting excited at the prospect of tying her up and truthfully so was she.

"Absolutely! Want to give it a try?" he asked hopefully.

He saw an opening and thought he would try to sell it more. "Honey, you have the body of a centerfold and you can make a ton of money if you can loosen up in front of the camera and show a little skin. I can tell you with that beautiful innocent face yours on top of that sinfully delicious body you can go a long way if you just loosen up in front of the camera."

"Hmm, well, what do I have to do?" she asked innocently. However, inside she was quivering at the thought of being tied up and the butterflies in her stomach were telling her to go for it. She also knew her expressive face was showing her range of emotions and she wanted him start pictures.

"Come over here and follow my instructions, and let me show you something."

He took her over to the area where there were lots of props and after rummaging through a box he came up with something. It looked like a long leather glove except it was wider than the normal glove. He came up behind her, pulled both her arms behind her and began sliding her arms into the glove and then began to buckle and tighten it.

Penny felt her shoulders pull backwards, forcing her back to arch forward thrusting her breasts high and full on her chest. When he was finished Penny had both arms buckled tightly together behind her back and she felt the strain in her arms and shoulders. With her back arched, her breasts were straining forward on her chest and her bikini top was almost bursting trying to contain her bountiful breasts.

She looked down and shivered seeing the bikini top straining to contain her breasts with her hardened nipples threatening to poke holes in the top. She shuddered and felt emboldened thinking of what her breasts must look like and her nipples hardened even more. Being all alone, erotically tied up and almost naked in front of his camera made Penny tremble excitedly. She knew what was going to happen and the thought of people seeing her photographed like this thrilled her to the core.

As he led her over to the different kind of set Penny started to feel more helpless and exposed. She also noticed that she was tingling with excitement and she was feeling suddenly very wet between her legs. He stood her in front of a set that looked like a jail cell, then backed off and took several pictures. He came back to her, turned the camera around and started showing her pictures he had just taken and then he began to elaborate what she was seeing.

"Now in these pictures you are just wearing the bikini and what you see is a generic beautiful girl in a bikini. Now look at these, with your arms strapped tightly behind you, your chest is pulled up an out making you're already gorgeous breasts look bigger, fuller and even more spectacular. Likewise, with your chest pulled up your already tiny belly is flattened and tight compared to your chest. You look really hot in these pictures and I know people would buy them."

Penny looked at the pictures and even she had to agree the change was dramatic between the two pictures. She had to agree that with her body displayed like that she looked hot and she felt exhilaration in being displayed so brazenly. Exhilaration was not her only feeling and she felt her pussy getting very wet. She didn't know if it was being displayed in such a shameless way or being forced through the bondage, but Penny liked the feeling.

After she got over looking at the dramatic change in the way her body looked, she looked at her face. The expression on her face was one of excitement. None of the fear she felt inside the showed on her face. She knew then and there this was what she needed; the expression on her face said everything she needed to know. She knew the photographs could be really good if he could capture the looks on her face. As she tried to clear mind and get back to business at hand, she said.

"Yes, I see what you're talking about and I think we could do some more pictures like this."

The photographer set his camera down and then came over, put his hands on her hips and moved her to a different location in the set. His hands caressed lightly over her belly and Penny felt like it was liquid fire trailing up her belly, except the fire was in her pussy. He reached up and started making the bikini cups smaller revealing more of her breasts. As he did, his fingers grazed her already hard nipples and she felt electricity traveling from her nipples to her already soaked pussy.

Penny took gasping breath, let her head roll back and panted as she felt his touch setting her body on fire. He moved over and started adjusting the cup over her other breast and by the time he finished Penny was trembling and both nipples were so hard they were threatening to rip the fabric asunder. He then slid his hands over her trembling belly and adjusted one of the side ties on the bikini, so the bikini bottom hung loosely and drooped on one side.

As the photographer stepped back and picked up his camera he smiled to himself, he knew by the end of the shoot she would be his and he would also I have some fantastic photographs. He looked over at Penny with her beautiful face flushed, her eyes had lusty distant stare, and her almost naked body was trembling with excitement.

He walked around Penny taking various pictures and after he'd shot several dozen pictures he picked up a straight back chair with a low back, wide base and brought it onto the set. He set Penny in the chair then picked her up and draped her bound arms over the back of the chair. This forced her head over the back of the chair and bowed her back trusting those awesome breasts into prominence. To keep her in position he strapped the arm sleeves to the crossbar on the legs of the chair and then got some handcuffs and cuffed her ankles to the front legs of the chair.

In this position Penny's body was tightly bowed over the back chair, with her breasts being prominently displayed. Her flat belly was stretched taut as her hips strained to reach the chair and her legs were tight with the strain of holding her body in such a position.

The photographer started running his hands over her tightly stretched body and slid his hand underneath the loose bikini bottoms. Then slid a finger through her pussy lips and curled up inside her drenched pussy. He heard Penny gasping followed by a long sensuous moan and he could feel her hips and pussy trembling with need and excitement. Penny tried to put up a good front and said.

"No please stop, we're taking pictures ... please stop."

This was what she had been afraid of in the very beginning. She had been afraid that he would somehow manipulate her into a compromising position and now she was. But something was very different, she was excited to be tied up like this. She liked this and she wanted more and when he slid his finger through her pussy lips, both of them knew she wanted this. She was so wet and so excited there was no resistance to his finger at all.

He didn't respond but instead pulled his finger out of her pussy, stuck it in his mouth and as he savored the taste he made a mental reminder to get more of that. He trailed his finger up to the cups of her bikini and completely moved them to the side exposing her breasts and hard thrusting nipples. He then took each nipple into his mouth and sensuously worked nipple with his tongue and teeth. Penny's whole body quivered and her hips began a thrusting motion, but her words belayed her body's actions as she said.

"Oh God ... please stop, oh please stop, just take pictures."

Penny's body was on fire and she knew what he was doing but the feelings rampaging through her body were not to be denied. When he bound her arms in the sleeves she felt compliant and she let things happen, but when he strapped her to the chair all of her resolve crumbled. But it was easy, she could blame it on the bondage because she had no control over what was happening to her. The minute she relinquished control and let it happen the fire in her pussy flared into an inferno.

But it wasn't just the bondage, he was displaying her body in such a way to excite others with his pictures of her. She knew others would be looking at her naked body and lusting after her body. She felt energized with a lusty fervor and she wanted more. She wanted to be shown off, to be displayed to others, to have them lusting after her body all within the safety of the studio. The exhibitionism was a heady aphrodisiac and she wanted more, much more.

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