tagExhibitionist & VoyeurModeling with a Motorcycle

Modeling with a Motorcycle


This story is mostly fantasy, but it's based on a couple of true events.

A few weeks ago the daughter in law (my step daughter in law) came by after work and mentioned that she'd gotten a new job offer that day. She said that someone had stopped her during lunch and asked if she would like to be photographed posing with his Harley motorcycle and left his business card with her.

She was excited about doing it, but her husband Bob had told her that she couldn't do it. She still wanted to do it anyhow, but she was too scared to go by herself. My wife told her that all this guy wanted was a chance to see her naked. But she argued that it was a paying job and that she'd always wanted to sprawl out on a hog anyway. Besides, this might be her last chance since she was getting close to 30 and felt that she was starting to become less attractive.

I looked at the card and noticed the e-mail address was dropyertop@XXXXXXX and told her that I didn't think he was talking about putting the top down on a convertible, but that he was expecting her to pose bare breasted. She gave me a look that could almost kill and told me that she knew that, but still wanted to do it.

After she packed up the kids I walked out to the car with her and told her that if she was serious I would talk to the guy and even go with her to the photo shoot so she wouldn't have to be afraid of what could happen if she was alone. I quickly called Radar and after some discussion he offered a price of $250 for a couple hours of modeling topless for photos with his Harley.

He also suggested that he thought she would be willing to do more if asked so I told him that I would do everything that I could to make sure it went as far as she wanted, and if she was willing I would try to encourage her to do whatever he wanted.

A few weeks later Joy and I were in the car on the way to meet up with Radar. We had set up the time and he was going to have the money ready as soon as we showed up. Joy was already dressed for the photo shoot as she was wearing her blue floral bikini underneath the Oakland Raiders leather coat she liked so much. I thought that it was too bad we weren't stopping anywhere along the way as the jacket was just barely long enough to cover her ass when she got out of the car and stood up.

He lived about an hour away so we had plenty of time to talk about what was going to happen, and how she felt about being seminude in front of me, and letting a stranger photograph like that. I could tell that she wasn't feeling at all self conscious, but instead seemed to be quite excited by the whole adventure.

We finally found Radar's house and pulled up in front of his garage. When he heard us drive in he came out and quickly brought us into his makeshift photo studio. He'd done a pretty good job of putting up sheets for a back drop and even covered the floor with cloth so if was difficult to tell that we were still in a garage.

Sitting in the middle of the draped off area was Radar's pride and joy; a gleaming chrome and black Harley Davidson motorcycle. It was evident that soon it would become even more the center of attention as all the lights were pointed towards the bike.

I was also a bit chilly in the garage, I'm sure by choice, so I knew that as soon as we got started and Joy took off her top her nipples would be firmly pointed. Although I had never seen her without clothes I had often seen her braless while she was just sitting around at home and her nipples usually were trying to poke their way through the front of her shirt.

Radar passed along the agreed upon amount of money and left a pile of cash still sitting on the table. Joy looked at it, but didn't say anything. I knew that it was to be used for incentive later on to see how far she was willing to go. Radar asked her to take off the jacket and after a quick turn around and a long whistle she straddled the bike. Radar had suggested a few photos of her still in the swimsuit so she could get used to sitting and posing on the motorcycle and being in front of the camera.

After about 5 minutes and perhaps a dozen poses he announced that now it was time to "drop yer top." She didn't hesitate a bit but quickly reached behind and untied the ties and pulled off her top and tossed it to Radar. At that point we all stopped for a moment while Joy showed off her tits and we just stared at her. I was a bit surprised that her tits had sagged as much as they had, but still she is a 34C and has very long hard brown nipples.

It wasn't long before the moment of posing and staring passed and Radar started shooting photo after photo of her sitting on the bike, kneeling on the bike, and laying in just about every position she could think of. He did several close up photos of her tits, and many that were just from the waist up.

I should add her that I had slipped my digital camera in my pocket before we left so I was also taking a shot here and there, just enough to keep track of what was happening.

When it seemed like Joy had exhausted just about every possible pose Radar asked her to take off the bottoms of her bikini. At that point she looked over at me for some help so I asked him how much more he was willing to pay. He told me another $100, which I told her was fair, so she shrugged her shoulders after I took the money from the table and stripped the rest of the way.

Joy was now totally nude in front of us and didn't seem to be the least bit bothered by it. Her nipples looked like they had become even harder, if that was possible. As she leaned back onto the bike and put one leg on either side of the tank it she gave us both a long look at a cleanly shaved pussy on the botton and just a bit of neatly trimmed fluffy hair on the top.

She now went back through most of the poses that she had already done topless and eventually ended up putting her jacket underneath her so she could lay back on the gas tank and lean her elbows on the handle bars. She had both feet up on the seat and had her legs spread wide as Radar zoomed in for close ups. She held that pose for several shots and then we both encouraged her to start to pull her nipples and touch herself.

She didn't need much more encouragement than that so for the next 10 minutes we both watched as Joy took turns pulling her nipples with one hand while she rubbing her pussy with the other. She was spending so much time rubbing her clit and playing with herself that she didn't even notice Radar had taken off clothes.

He quickly moved into place on the motorcycle by lifting up her legs and sliding onto the seat of the bike. He placed her so that his hard cock was now laying on top of her pubic mound and the little strip of hair she hadn't shaved off. We both encouraged her to keep on playing with herself so she started up again, but as she reached for her pussy she keep on stroking Radar's cock for a few moments before and after each time she touched herself.

It wasn't long before she had given up pulling on her nipples and let Radar take over instead. He was pulling them hard enough that it would lift her back off the bike, but it only seemed to make her more excited. She also gave up rubbing her pussy and instead had grabbed onto Radar's cock with both hands and was slowing pumping his cock as he kept pulling her nipples.

He had a remote control for his camera so he would stop and trip the shutter every once in awhile and then go back to pulling her nipples of feeling her pussy. I was wondering how long this could continue, but just then Radar looked over at me to see what I was willing to let him do. I nodded yes for him to go ahead and do whatever he wanted.

Right away he picked up Joy's hips and in one swift move plunged his cock deep into her pussy. She let out a howl, but didn't try to get away and eventually he started to fuck her with slow, long, hard thrusts deep into her cunt by actually lifting her up and then pulling her down onto his cock. It only took a dozen of so of these hard thrusts and Joy started to howl again, but this time from an orgasm.

After her initial screams of pleasure she kept on yelling "fuck me, don't cum in me, fuck me, don't cum in me." Radar paid attention to what she was saying and was a perfect gentleman about her wishes. He continued to pull her onto his cock and pound her pussy as slow and hard as possible.

Just before he was ready to cum he laid her back down on the bike and let her stroke him to an orgasm. He let go with several hard bursts of cum that reached all the way up to her chin and covered her tits and stomach very well. He held her that way for a few minutes and then took some more photos while she followed his instructions and rubbed his cum on her tits and then licked her fingers clean.

He soon crawled off the bike, and as he got dressed we watched for a couple minutes as Joy came down from her orgasm. She was still laying on the bike, and after playing with the cum on her body most of it was spread out and dry. Radar commented then about how hot she was, and that he just knew she had it in her to be a real slut when he saw her that first day and just had to ask her to come and model for him.

We talked a bit about the possibility of another session, and perhaps even having a friend come in that had a really fancy bike. He was sure that she could do 3 or 4 guys without a problem, but I thought that might not be safe. Joy finally came to and asked what we were talking about so Radar told her. She frowned at him, and said no thanks, but I think the idea may have been planted for the future.

I tossed her bikini bottoms to her and after she pulled them on she slipped on her jacket, Radar was going to keep her top for a souvenir of the evening. As we went out the side door and got back into my car she made me promise not to tell Bob or anyone else about how far she had gone.

She also mentioned that she had noticed that I had a camera with me, and what was I going to do with the photos? I told her that they were for my use, and that maybe I'd use them for blackmail if I wanted something from her later on. She laughed and said "you only have to ask to get whatever you want."

The drive home was quiet, although I was wide awake, Joy drifted off into sleep now and then. I must add that it was difficult to focus on driving, but easy to stay awake, as she hadn't zipped up her jacket when we left so almost all the way home I had the pleasure of seeing her tits as her jacket had fallen completely open while she slept.

When I dropped her off at home she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me thanks for making her dream come true. That was a difficult spot for me as when she leaned over her tits were hanging way too close to not reach up and fondle them a bit. She just smiled as I caressed her tits and pulled her nipples, and then kissed me and said "remember, anything you want, just ask."

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