Barely legal age I entered the adult store, The clerk checking my ID leered at me, asking if I wanted to buy tokens to go into the peeps at the back. Too nervous to say yes I blushed, pocketed my ID and walked over to the magazine rack.

I sidled along the magazine section slowly zeroing in on the CD/ TV/SHEMALE ones hoping no one was watching me. I glanced at the covers and selected one to check out, turning so no one could see what I was looking at.

Captivated and enthralled by the pictures of all the lovely and very sexy young gurls wearing such lovely lingerie and showing themselves so explicitly I never noticed the middle aged man moving closer to me.

Not till he whispered beside me that he loved looking at these magazines as well. I blushed and turned to rush out but he was blocking my way.

"Calm down, there's nothing to be embarrassed about! I told you I like to look at those magazines too. What I'd like even more is to see someone like that in person.

Do you know anyone who likes to wear lingerie? My wife has drawers full of it and I have the house to myself all weekend. They could enjoy wearing it and I could enjoy seeing them wear it in perfect safety.

I'm not looking for a hooker or an escort. I don't even want to touch them just see them all dressed up and looking sexy!"

I blushed deeply and turned away trying to hide my reaction. I'd never thought of doing anything like what he was saying. Sure I liked to dress up when alone at home and since I'd gotten my own apartment that had become every night.

But I'd never dared to venture out. Too scary! I'd thought about it, a lot lately, but I wasn't sure how I'd react if anyone actually saw me.

If my reaction the few times I'd nearly been caught were any indication I'd run and hide while praying they hadn't seen me dressed like a girl and wearing make up. If they had no one had ever mentioned it. He placed his hand on my trembling shoulder.

"There's nothing to be scared or ashamed of if you like to wear lingerie son. Some people like to wear women's things to feel pretty and feminine! Some, like me, enjoy seeing those that do. Do you like wearing frilly, lacy, sexy lingerie?"

I have no idea what possessed me but I found myself nodding and whispering back that I did. He smiled at me.

"I thought that might be the case. Would you like to come over to my house and model some of it for me? My wife never wears any of it anymore and I hate the thought of it going to waste the way it is now.

We'd be all alone, everyone else is out at the lake. I won't touch you or expect you to do anything but model a few things for me, promise."

I nodded again and looked around the store to see if anyone was watching us. No one seemed to be. He set his magazine down and took mine from my hand. Placing it back he turned and walked out of the store with me following behind.

I was wondering about my sanity as we rode in silence to his house. Every time he looked my way I blushed and squirmed. What was I doing? He pulled into his garage, closed the door and got out. I followed him inside and he led me thru the house to his wife's room.

"Here you are. Use whatever you want."

He pulled open drawer after drawer of lacy lingerie then opened her closet to show me skirts and dresses galore. Pointing to a dressing table covered with make up and perfume bottles he told me I could use any of it then left me alone.

I just stood there stupidly for a minute or two before sinking down unto the chair in front of her make up. I looked around at the open drawers and closet in amazement. It all felt so surreal at that moment.

He came back in with a strong rye and coke for me, saying I might need it to relax. Going to one of the drawers he sorted thru it to find a black lace corset, matching panties and a pair of very sheer black nylons. From the closet he picked out a pair of black pumps with three inch heels.

"Would you start with these please? They made my wife look so sexy and were my favorite."

He left again. I looked at the lingerie then down at the make up as I removed my shirt. I took a small swallow of the drink and reached for a bottle of liquid foundation.

I wanted to take a long time doing my face so it'd be as perfect as possible but at the same time didn't want to keep him waiting too long now. (Besides I wanted to see what that corset would feel like on me.)

It felt like a long time till my face was done and I was finally hooking the corset around my nude body, attaching the nylons and slipping the panties up into place. By the clock it was only a bit more then half an hour. Going to the closet I found a long, fairly sheer black robe I slipped on overtop.

Trembling and with butterflies in my stomach I stepped into the hallway and minced my way to the living room where he was watching the tube. His face lit up as he stared at me in wonder.

"I'd forgotten about that robe. My wife used to wear that outfit just like that way back when she used to sleep in the same room as me. "

He turned off the television and gestured for me to walk around. I felt so different as I did; more feminine, more alive, more excited then I'd ever felt before.

I stopped right in front of him and stared down at the bulge of his crotch then knelt and put my hands on his legs. His hands twitched but stayed where they were.

"I have a lot of memories of my wife wearing those things ... very intimate memories ... very loving memories ... none as exciting as I find it to have you here like this."

I rose to my feet and walked around the room in a circle letting the robe flow freely under my arms as I preened and posed for him. Blowing him a kiss I walked back down the hall to her room.

White lace garter belt and nylons with white bra and panties, both light and dark blue corsets and garter belts and finally a light pink set followed as I modelled for him for the next hour or two.

With the last one he took his cock out and stroked it as he eyed me greedily. I'd been so excited I'd already stroked myself to two orgasms in her room but never stopped being hard for very long.

Maybe it was the drink I'd finally finished, maybe it was the further intoxication of all the lingerie, maybe it was the way he looked at me while I wore it or maybe just the sight of his cock.

Whatever it was I slowly knelt in front of him, my head bowed and my lips surrounded the head of his cock eagerly. It just seemed so right, so natural for me to run my tongue over it, to suck it gently at first then more and more tightly, more and more deeply until I was gagging.

His moans and gasps let me know what I was doing right and what not to do. Not to let my teeth get in the way. To relax my throat to get more of it inside. And even how to tell when he was going to explode, the hard way.

I swallowed what I could and gagged on the rest, coughing and spluttering as it shot out and overflowed my mouth. He was so apologetic and concerned after it was touching. I explained that it was my first time and I was sorry I'd ruined it for him.

"You couldn't have ruined it! I'm just sorry I didn't let you know or pull out. Thank you my dear for allowing me to be your first."

I felt so incredibly pleased with myself and his reaction. He lifted me to my feet and hugged me tightly. I felt so small and feminine beside him even if we were about the same size.

"Now do you want to change and be dropped off or would you like to stay here tonight and spend tomorrow modelling some more for me?"

I smiled as I told him I'd like to stay.

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by Anonymous06/20/18

My first blow job

I really liked the story. The best part of it was when he gives a blow job.
It sort of the way that I felt the first time that I was dressed en.femme and met a man who liked the way that I looked inmore...

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That had lots of anticipation and nervousness crossdressing and sex,
Makes me want to try the next step and give some sex while dressed

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