tagSci-Fi & FantasyModern Harem Ch. 01

Modern Harem Ch. 01



This first chapter is less about erotica and more about character development. Scenes will become sexier as the plot progresses.


Richard strolled coolly to the penitentiary where the fulfillment slaves were held. Though his heart was pounding in his ears he kept his face stoic and expressionless and his pace leisurely despite his hurry to get this done before it was too late. He was dying to find out if the Elizabeth on the list he 'acquired' was the Elizabeth he taught two years before, before the raids began taking place. He felt confident that she would be; her family would probably not have submitted to the administration and been considered insurrectionists. The parents would be killed, the sons would be sent to battle and the daughters would be relegated to "desire fulfillment."

He got to the gate and the guard attempted to direct him to the line of human slime lined up waiting to violate these poor girls. Richard handed his ID to the guard. He had bought it from a contact in the administration's offices and was very worried about it actually working. He waited to see if the guard would hand it back to him or open fire on him. The guard perked up and said, "Please follow me, Mr. Hart." Richard was given a pass that read "Administration Official." Looks like the seventeen thousand he spent on the ID was well worth it. Robert clipped it to his button-down short pocket and followed the guard, who escorted him through a side door into a long, lime green hallway. The hallway smelled musty and buzzed with flickering fluorescent lights as their footsteps echoed loudly.

The hallway seemed endless. It felt like ages before he finally got to the end. The guard stepped out of a door and Richard followed. It took a moment for Richard's eyes to adjust to the light. When they adjusted he could make out a row of women facing away from him, all in bra and panties, all standing arms down, most quivering and squirming. "Here are the new virgins, Mr. Hart. You can pick which one you want to bring home and I'll collect the cash after."


Elizabeth stood terrified. Utterly terrified. She had never dressed even provocatively and here she was standing out in the open in panties and a bra that didn't even fit. Her breasts were pushing out the top and the panties were practically floss for her bum and revealed every crevice of her pussy. Suddenly she heard the door open and voices... men's voices! Her face flushed at the thought of men coming to look at her like... like this!

She heard someone say Mr. Hart. Her heart jumped into her throat when the man answered, "Thank you much." She knew that voice! It was Mr. Hart, her Government teacher from High School two years ago! Was he going to see her this way?

She heard someone come around the row and turned her head to see who it was. It was him! It was Mr. Hart! He saw her looking at him, and made eye contact briefly before turning to look at the girls he was passing. Did he not recognize her? His appearance had changed a lot but it was definitely him!

She looked downward again to avoid having her ass spanked with the guard's cane. One of the girls was beaten with the cane repeatedly yesterday because she refused to comply. Eventually she was tied up and brought into the prison house. Elizabeth hadn't seen her since. Mr. Hart continued to examine the girls slowly. Elizabeth was mortified that he was going to see her. Anticipating this humiliation, her skin began to flush. She always has a respect for Mr. Hart; now he was going to see almost everything.

Mr. Hart stepped in front of her, then passed her. Maybe he hadn't noticed! Maybe she wouldn't have to - but then Mr. Hart stopped. "Let me examine this one."

The guard said, "You heard the man. Step forward." Elizabeth felt a prod and she stumbled forward and stood still. Mr. Hart stroked her long, wavy, black hair and put a finger under her chin, pulling her face up to look at him. Her body flushed all over with embarrassment. "This one is very pretty," Mr. Hart said as he looked into her eyes. Then his eyes moved downward. He looked at her neck, her chest, her breasts. "Perky tits, I like it." Mr. Hart was examining her! Not only did he see her like this, he was looking at her! Her lip began to quiver. Mr. Hart looked at her belly, tracing fingertips over it. She shivered. "She's not rail thin, that's very nice." He looked further down. Elizabeth couldn't bear to watch him look at her crotch. She couldn't believe this was happening. Mr. Hart walked around behind her she heard him commenting about her ass and legs but she seemed to be slipping out of reality. She was so incredibly humiliated.


Richard made a show of examining Elizabeth, but in the process his pulse quickened and his breathing increased. He was torn between the strong attraction he felt for this angelic young lady and the fact that she was his former pupil. In the end the fact that she used to be his student mattered not and he would have to get over that hang-up if he were to rescue her from being a slab of 'fulfillment' meat. As he again gazed at her cleavage, he realized that this hang-up would not last long at all.

Her long eyelashes accentuated her amazing hazel eyes. Her face was gorgeous, especially framed by her long wavy black hair. He admired her breasts, rather large and as he said perky. He remembered that she was quite developed but didn't remember her being so full, though it may have just been the too-tight bra pushing them out. She had enough body fat on her to not be stick thin and had a small paunch. "She must have been recently abducted," he thought, "they don't feed these poor girls well enough for them to have any shape." When he gazed at his muscular thighs he nearly forgot where he was and stood there spellbound for a moment. He indeed wanted her very badly.

"This one. Cuff her hands and throw a collar on her. Girl, your name is now fucktoy and you will be called 'F.' You belong to me now and will reside on my compound. Any attempt to escape will cost your life and that of any remaining family you have. Come now."

The guard cuffed and collared Elizabeth and Richard turned to leave. He did not look back but took the leash from the guard and walked away, sure that she would follow. When he approached the door to the long musty hallway, he saw in the reflection in the window that she was indeed following him, head lowered but matching his pace. He was filled with so many mixed feelings. He was still nervous that his fake ID and fake position in the administration would be discovered. He was ready to jump out if his skin in excitement that he had just acquired Elizabeth. He felt nervous that she would not respond well to the new arrangement. He felt aroused from admiring her nearly naked form and knowing that she would be his slave.


Elizabeth followed Mr. Hart out, afraid that if she didn't, the leash would tug and she would lose her balance and fall without being able to catch herself. Everything was a blur, from her abduction to the night in the dark to this morning. And seeing Mr. Hart? Here? She never expected him to come to a 'fulfillment center;' he seemed too clean-cut, too average, too respectable. He was always very friendly to her and she was never uncomfortable to ask him for help with her homework after class. He never gave her a gross vibe, not Mr. Hart. Had he changed? He was certainly in much, much better shape than when she was in school. What happened to him? And what did it mean that she was being 'bought' by him? What would he expect her to do? Would she have to me a maid? Would she have to have sex with him?

The door creaked open on rusty hinges and they entered the long green hallway. Down the hall was a door on the left. The guard let Mr. Hart in, and she followed. In the office was a desk. Behind the desk was a woman in the same kind of uniform the guards had. In front of the desk were two metal chairs. The woman asked Mr. Hart, "you buying this scum, sir?"

Mr. Hart nodded. "I am." He pointed to Elizabeth, "Have a seat, F," he said gruffly. She sat in the metal chair closest to Mr. Hart, trembling. The cold metal on her naked legs gave her a shiver. He really was going to buy her. "How far we have come in a year," she thought, "that political dissidents are sold as slaves."

"How much?" Mr. Hart asked the woman.

"Fifty thousand." she responded.

"I was told ten by the regional czar."

"The regional Czar isn't here. Fifty thousand."

Mr. Hart huffed. Elizabeth started to wonder if this 'transaction' was going to fall through. "I'm not paying you forty thousand to put ten thousand in the prison - excuse me - 'fulfillment center's' account and keep forty thousand for yourself. I'm calling the czar."

The woman smirked. "Be my guest. And by the time the Czar gets here, this thing here will have been fucked and sodomized by so many men that no amount money you pay to cleanse her will make her suitable for a priest of 'the way' such as yourself."

Mr. Hart shrugged and turned to leave. "What do I care about this dissident slime. I'm calling the Czar. Have a wonderful day Ms." he began to squint and peer at the woman's name badge. Elizabeth's heart sank. Would Mr. Hart leave her here to have... that happen to her? Her eyes welled with tears and her lip began to quiver.

The woman seemed to panic a little. "All right, all right, let's not get crazy. I know you have plenty of money to pay for this."

Mr. Hart turned around and put his hands on the desk, leaning closer to the woman, who seemed to rear back. "At hand is not my ability to pay. The issue here is that I keep my word to the Czar, and he keeps his to me. The kind of trust I can put in the Czar I expect to be able to put into his people. You have betrayed that trust. He wold be appalled by this. I am willing to pay ten thousand and give the guards here a stipend of another five thousand. Otherwise you can take this piece of meat back and I'll have the Czar hand-deliver me one next week when we have our next meeting, when he brings you to work in the mines."

Hope rose in Elizabeth when she saw that the woman was clearly rattled by the idea of the Czar getting involved. "My apologies, Mr. Hart, sir. My family is facing the possibility of losing our -"

Mr. Hart cut her off. "Spare me the sob story. I think my offer is very generous. Do we have a deal, for today and the future?"

The future? Would Mr. Hart be buying more girls? Elizabeth started to think maybe the situation wasn't so hopeful. Would it be worse to be raped by someone you don't know or someone you trust and respect? The woman sighed, "You have a deal Mr. Hart. Enjoy your... thing."

"I'll need a robe for her. From this moment on, no one will look upon my slave's flesh but me. And slippers. I'll not have her injured." They brought him a bathrobe and he wrapped it around her, and tied it in the middle. She slid her feet into the slippers which were too big for her. With the cuffs, the leash the robe and the slippers, it was even more awkward to walk. Mr. Hart seemed to soften up when the transaction was done and he led her down the hall, more slowly this time, almost making sure that she wouldn't fall.


They left the building and again had to let their eyes adjust to the sun. Elizabeth almost stumbled but Mr. Hart caught her and held her by the shoulders until she steadied herself. Though he had the air of roughness, there was something tender about the way he held her.

Richard grabbed her by the upper arm and led her out of the complex. He led them across a long parking lot. It seemed to take forever as she shambled awkwardly but it was necessary. At the end of the lot there was a helipad, and on it was a bright red helicopter. As they approached it she could see that it had a pilot in the front and four creme leather seats facing each other in the back. She gasped as Richard put one hand on her back and the other behind her knees as he lifted her up and put her into one of the chairs. Elizabeth was amazed with the strength and ease with which he lifted her into the helicopter. Richard shut the doors as he got in and signaled for the pilot to start the chopper. The engine began to whir.

Richard took the robe off of Elizabeth and undid the handcuffs. "Just relax your arms and keep your hands in your lap so you don't injure your shoulders," he said as he began to gently massage her triceps and shoulders. "Here, sweetie, put these on," he said, gesturing to a pile of clothes on the seat next to her. She saw a t-shirt, sweat pants, bra and panties. "I'll go up front and give you some privacy. Knock when you're done."

Richard opened the tiny door to the pilot's compartment and squeezed through, shutting it behind him. He sat in the copilot seat and waited, wondering if he was going to hear the back doors open as she escaped or if he would hear the knock when she finished dressing. He chatted with the pilot for a couple minutes, asking him about his family. Richard's heart leaped into his throat when he heard a knock on the door. She didn't run off, that was a good sign. Maybe he really would be able to win her heart after all.

He opened the door and squeezed into the back. He tried not to smile as he saw her, sitting there in the outfit he picked out for her. Everything was loose and baggy like he wanted. She had even put her seatbelt on. He pulled out a blanket out from under the seat and offered it to her. Elizabeth wiped tears from her eyes and nodded. He knelt down wrapped the blanket around her in an embrace. She leaned into him and pressed her face into his shoulder, sobbing. He wrapped his arms around the lovely young lady, stroking her pretty black hair and comforting her. Her arms wrapped around him as she squeezed him for comfort.

Elizabeth sobbed and sobbed. She had bottled up all the emotions she was experiencing, trying to stay strong in the face of this ordeal. Now the top had popped off the bottle and all the emotion began to flow. It was several minutes before the girl's despair had subsided enough for her to let Richard go. She straightened up, a little flustered that she had just grabbed and squeezed Mr. Hart and cried all over his shirt. "I-- I'm-- sorry." she said as she looked at the big wet spot on his shirt. He kissed the top of her head and said, "It's allright."

Richard sat in his seat, buckled up, and knocked on the door. Elizabeth grabbed the arms of the seat as almost instantly the chopper lurched upward, leaving the 'fulfillment center' off in the distance.


On the way Elizabeth told Mr. Hart how she came to be there. How her family would not submit to the Administration even though the country had willingly relinquished its sovereignty. Her father shot one of the peacekeeers that came to raid the house and take the girls before he was killed. Her mother was shot in the back trying to protect the girls as they fled. Her brother was pressed into service. She and her sister were taken. Her sister managed to escape but was killed when they found her. Tears continually streamed down her face as she told the story. Richard was deeply heartbroken by the loss of her family and his friends.

"I have so many questions," Elizabeth said. Richard nodded. "Where are we going? Am I your slave? What-"

Richard cut her off. "Ok, let me explain. I left teaching when Dierdre bailed on me. I locked myself in the house and began to focus on trading. I made some good trades, but then I heard about the impending loss of sovereignty. I made a few trades based on that and did very well. I bought a mine, which I knew the administration would be wanting. I sold it to them soon after, and they agreed to pay me to run it. Anyway, I made tons of cash and am making tons more in dividends and management fees. I was able to purchase a license to be a priest and 'purchase' an official position with the administration as part of the mine deal. I have a lot of freedom, relatively anyway, as long as the cash keeps flowing."

He continued, "What I am not immune to is the requirements of this bizarre religion. Of course it's all a money-making scheme. You pay 50,000 a year for a license and you are supplied with free 'fulfillment.' In fact, it's a requirement as part of their 'worship.' Priests are required to have sex daily as part of their service. In reality their religion is an opiate of the masses. It caters to the base hedonistic desires to placate the populous and adjust sensibilities. And of course to bring in tons of cash. Are your clothes comfortable?"

"So much better than what they made me wear! It was sooo uncomfortable! This is warm and soft." she said.

"What did you do with the stuff they put on you?"

"It's on the floor there."

"They're watching me," he said. "There are tracking devices in those to catch you if you get away but they'll also be checking that you get to my home. They don't take kindly to people rescuing dissidents so when we get home you won't be allowed to leave, for your own safety. Ever. I will have what you were wearing incinerated and disguised with the waste from the mine."

"Are you really a priest of the 'the way'?"

"I have the title but do not perform any services. As I said, they're concerned with hedonism and cash, so requirements are pretty light. The only requirement that I am under is to have sex every day," he said. He figured he'd broach the subject now.

"Have - have you been - " she felt almost too embarrassed to ask.

"Not yet. But they have been watching and I need to start. That is part of the reason that they agreed to let me purchase you." he said. Then the awkward moment of silence that he had been dreading. That moment when the realization began to set in. When she began to fully understand what her role would be. How upset would she be? Would she be devastated? Would she feel like she was getting out of the frying pan only to get into the fire? He watched her face for any kind of expression.


Elizabeth sat there, stunned. Her mind spun trying to process it all. She was going to have to have sex with Mr. Hart? She was twenty and he had to be at least forty- He was one of her father's friends! And he taught her government class in High School. She had sometimes talked to her friends about older guys but that was just fantasy. This was real.

"You should understand that if I hadn't bought you, you would have been placed in general population. You'd have been given over for 'fulfillment' and been used 3 or 4 times a day. A beautiful girl like you, probably more," he explained. Her face flushed a little when he said she was beautiful. It was a little weird to hear that from him but it felt good too.

"Where you're going, you will be well fed, well dressed, you'll have a comfortable place to live, and you'll be loved." Hey eyes widened a little when he said that. Was he saying that he loved her?

"Also, I know the idea of having sex with me is uncomfortable for you to think about," he said as he put a hand on her hand. "I want you to know that over the next couple of weeks I intend to win your heart. I want us to grow close. I want your role to be a natural part of our relationship. And unlike what they would probably be doing to you right now at the prison, I will take every effort to make you comfortable when the time comes."

So it was true. She would have to sleep with him, and a lot. Yes it could be worse but she would need time to think about it. She thought to herself, I guess I get two weeks to be ok with this. It could be much worse.


He let go of her hand and gave her a moment to process it. Now the hard part begins, he thought to himself. He really didn't want to take her against her will but he would. It was either that or she got taken away.

After he'd had enough silence he said. "I have made a lot of effort to make it more pleasant for you. I have hired a personal trainer and a personal chef, and I'm in better shape than I've ever been in." He was quite proud of the weight he had lost and was pretty impressed with his new muscular build. He hoped she would be too.

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