tagIncest/TabooMom and Dad's Surprise Pt. 1

Mom and Dad's Surprise Pt. 1


I had been away from home for quite some time due to my job. I am a freelance photographer. It had been over a year that I had been home to see my parents. I called and told my parents I would be home for the Fourth of July. I explained to my mom that I would arrive on Wednesday the second of July and be home for a week or two. Well all was set for my big arrival Mom had big plans to have the family over for a huge picnic.

I was counting the days until I could go home from the current assignment I was on, when I got the okay to leave on Friday June twenty seventh. I jumped from my desk and made a beeline for my motel, before my bosses changed their minds. I caught the first plane out of country and headed home. I was very excited; I was in such a hurry I didn’t call home. I had a lay over and thought I should call and decided against it so I could surprise mom and dad as I came through the door on Saturday night.

Upon arriving back home I rented a car and drove to mom and dad’s home. I figured it was about nine o’clock, mom and dad should be home and I could surprise them. As I drove up to the house I noticed the lights were on and there were quite a few cars parked out front. I figured it must be an early Fourth of July party with friends for my parents, who loved to entertain. I parked a couple of houses down and across the street. As I walked up to the house I didn’t see any movement in the front window so I figured they must be in the back yard barbequing. I walked around the side of the house and as I passed the bay window, in the den, I saw movement through the two or three inch space in the curtains. I decided to peek in and see what might be going on and that is when I got the big surprise.

I saw my mom on her hand and knees blowing my Uncle Martin. All she had on was crotchless pantyhose and heels. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Here was my mom, a woman who never mentioned the word sex, with her big tits with dark nipples hanging down sliding her lips up and down my uncle and her brother’s cock. Then I noticed that my Aunt Nellie was sitting next to them watching her husband’s cock disappear down my mom’s throat. As she did this, my aunt was fingering my mother’s pussy. The scene was just unbelievable I actually rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I wasn’t sure what I should do, should I stay and act like nothing happened or should I go in or yet, should I just watch.

I finally decided I had to find out what else was going on, so I silently crept around to the back of the house. As I turned the corner I saw there no one was out by the pool. As I moved closer to the backdoor of the house I heard noise coming from the hot tub. Mom and dad had had it enclosed on the deck. I peeked in through the screen and saw my dad sitting in the hot tub with my Aunt Alice, Aunt Seles, Aunt Bernadette and his brothers Angel, Ben and Rudy, who are married to my aunts respectively. The thing that shocked me is they were all naked, of course. I decided I had to see what else was going on so I continued into the house. As I snuck in the back door I saw my mom and dad’s old friends Tony and Della, who are married, also Chan and Dora, who are husband and wife also. They were sitting in the kitchen and the ladies were only in panties. I heard them talking about how great a party my parents always put together. Then the four of them said they should go join the fun in the den. I decided I was going to see what fun they were going to have, so I would sneak down the hall later.

I waited a minute or two and then slinked down the hallway. I couldn’t believe my eyes there was Mom on her back with Chan’s cock in her pussy and Nellie sitting on her face and Tony had his cock in Nellie’s mouth. Uncle Martin sat on the couch watching as Dora sucked his cock. The scene in front of me was out of this world and I was getting hot and horny. It didn’t help that it had been over six months since I had gotten laid. I didn’t care that these were my relatives and good friends. I stood to the side of the door and unzipped my pants and released my swollen pecker. I began to slowly pump it up and down as I watched my mom get fucked deep and hard. After a few minutes, mom told them she wanted to switch positions. So Martin lay on the floor and she straddled him and she began sucking Chan’s cock and then Tony came up behind her and pushed his slick cock up her asshole. Here was the woman who brought me into this world being triple penetrated. I was transfixed on the scene that was going on and didn’t realize Della wasn’t in the room. I was pulled from my trance as I felt a hand on my shoulder, and fortunately I didn’t jump or yell, and I just froze.

As I turned my head, there was Della with her hand on my shoulder. She motioned for me to be quiet, as she stood there naked. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “you enjoying the show?” I just nodded and looked at those big juicy tits hanging down before me. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. We began to kiss softly and then she pulled back and told me to watch the show in the den while she began to blow me. I leaned back and watched as mom was still pleasuring the three men and Nellie and Dora were in a sixty-nine position on the couch. Della was excellent at what she was doing. I don’t know what got me to the brink faster the scene in the den or her well trained tonsils. Next thing I knew I was cumming and she pulled it out and let me shoot all over her face. After I came I noticed she was looking over my shoulder.

As I turned around and focused I realized my father and the rest of my relatives were standing there watching me unload in Della’s face. I didn’t know what to do, as I laid there turning red from head to toe. Then the sounds of moans and groan as someone reached orgasm snapped me out of it. I turned and looked in the den and Chan began to cum in mom’s face and then Tony pulled out and came on mom’s ass. At the same time Martin blew his wad deep in mom’s cunt. Mom just slumped over in exhaustion from her own orgasms, as she encouraged the men to cum all over her. At that point dad’s voice broke the silence as he announced to everyone that I had arrived home early.

Mom popped out her ecstasy to see what was going on. She turned and looked at the door and our eyes met. It was not a look of shock or embarrassment it was a look of wanton lust. I looked at everyone and then dad told me to get up and join the excitement. As I got up my dad explained to me how this had been going on for years since my sister and I had been young. We would have family-get-togethers and after we would go to bed they would swap partners and fuck one another’s brains out. I was now part of it, but felt like it was all a dream.

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