Mom and Sister Carjacked

byGeorge VI©

Traffic cleared up. We were out in the middle of nowhere, it seemed, surrounded by farm fields. Roberto turned around again and watched us. Caesar said, "Now Mamacita. See Mamacita's tits!"

"OK, Mama, he wants to see your tits," Roberto interpreted. "Your turn. Take off your top. Or should I have your son do it?"

I was willing, but Mom slowly crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her sweater at her waist. Choking back a sob, she lifted her sweater up, until her big coral-colored bra was exposed. She pulled the sweater over her head through her brown hair, and dropped it on her lap.

Mom's molded bra had some lace between the cups, but was otherwise smooth and unadorned. Her cleavage was spilling out over the top of them, and pushed together. Caesar moaned and chuckled, with a big toothless grin.

"Unhook it, son," ordered Roberto. I leaned to my right, and Mom turned her back to me, refusing to look at me, as I fumbled with her bra. Hers had three clasps holding the wide back together. Clearly this bra was designed to support a lot of weight. Finally, in a little less time it took me to unclasp Ashley's, the bra was open in back.

"Lean back, Mom," ordered Roberto. "Son, pull Mom's bra off." Mom leaned back against the seat, placing her trembling hands on her lap. I could see her lips quivering as I pulled down her right bra strap, then her left. I pulled down on the tops of the two cups, and peeled her bra off.

Mom's two gigantic tits spilled out and hung freely. I studied them from inches away, as the two Mexicans moaned and complimented Mom's tits. If Ashley's teen tits were perfect, Mom's had some flaws by some measure I suppose. I wouldn't say they sagged, just sloped down a little from my side view - but not bad considering her age and the fact that she's had several children. They still stood up pretty good, her nipples pointing out. Some might think her areolas were too large and too dark. I didn't. I enjoyed the size of them, as well as her long fat nipples. In some ways they weren't perfect. Maybe they were BEYOND perfect, as I wanted to touch them more than I did Ashley's.

As he did with Ashley, Roberto ordered Mom to put on a little show for himself and his partner in crime. Mom, now naked from the waist up except for her pearl necklace, was forced to sit up straight and shake her tits back and forth. They shook differently than Ashley's. While my sister's young tits shook rapidly, Mom's wobbled slower. Sometimes as she shook her shoulders or bounced up and down on her seat, her tits were moving in the opposite direction that she was. "Yeah, Yeah!" Cheered Caesar, "Big tits, si!"

"Feel her tits, Son," Roberto ordered. "Make them jiggle for me. Shake them hard." I reached over with my left hand, and cupped Mom's big right tit. Mom lifted her head and moaned as I squeezed her tits. They felt different than Ashley's. They were softer. The flesh squeezed through my fingers more. And seemed heavier as I lifted them. It was such a great feeling to have them in my palms. Her nipples were so long, and so fat. I tugged on them, and diddled them with my index finger.

Both men laughed watching me feel up my mom. "Hey, son, kiss her," said Caesar, puckering his lips to show what he meant.

"Yeah, make out with Mom," seconded Roberto.

I looked at Mom. For the first time since she took off her sweater, she looked at me. Our faces were inches apart. Make out with my own mom? I studied her face for a brief minute. She had some lines around her eyes. Lines were starting to form on her upper lip. Her mascara was running. But she was really pretty. She had very kissable lips, not something I'd really noticed much before. Her perfume seemed to be calling me. As ordered, I slowly moved closer to her, and pressed my lips against hers.

Mom flinched once, but when I persisted, she pressed back. I opened my mouth wide, and made out with her. She was reluctant initially, but soon her lips moved with mine.

"Use your tongue, Son. You too, Mom." I stuck my tongue out, and licked Mom's lips. She tried to close her mouth, but surrendered and parted her lips. I slid my tongue into Mom's mouth and licked around inside of her. Finally, after I poked her tongue with mine a few times, she straightened her tongue and allowed me to circle my tongue around hers. Then she started circling her tongue, and we were into a full-blown French kissing session. While still feeling her tits!

"Let me see your tongues. Open your mouth." I backed up a little, but kept my tongue on Mom's. Our tongues were outside our mouths; sword fighting with each other so our captors could see them.

"Good, Son, now kiss down her neck. Go for her chest." I didn't need to be told twice. I kissed and licked my way down Mom's chin, then neck, over her pearl necklace, then straight down the middle of her chest, until I found her cleavage. I pushed her tits together and stuck my tongue down between her tits, and buried my face into her tits.

After surrounding my face in tit flesh for a bit, my lips worked their way over to Mom's left tit. I latched onto her nipple. It was so much longer and fatter than Ashley's. I tongued it, and even bit it once. I sucked on it like I imagined I did as a baby, like it was giving me nourishment. I wondered if she was having a similar flashback. Mom was panting unevenly, her chest heaving, as I nibbled on her.

"Hey, Brother, your sister's lonely over there. Give her some attention." I looked up from Mom's chest, not sure what he was "ordering" me to do. "Play with her pussy."

I looked at Ashley, who was slumped down in her seat so not to be seen by passing cars, but was still topless, and still had her dress pulled up to her waist. She gave me a frightened look, but didn't stop me from putting my left hand on her right thigh. Without giving her a chance to object, I slid my palm over her pussy mound. Ashley flinched involuntarily once, but on Roberto's orders threw her knee over mine again, spreading her legs wide. I could feel wetness where my palm rubbed her slit. I could see the pinkness glistening. I played with the pussy flesh, ran my fingers through her patch of blonde hair, and slid my index finger along her slit.

"C'mon, Brother, finger fuck her." As ordered, I slid my middle finger inside of my sister's pussy. Ashley emitted a whimper as I slowly worked my way in past the second knuckle. Wow, what a nice feeling! Wet and slippery and warm!

"Do Mom, too," said Caesar. I glanced at Mom, who was also slumped down, topless, and with her skirt up to her waist. I put my right hand on her left knee, and slid it up her smooth thigh. She shuddered as I combed my fingers through her long pubic hairs, whimpered when I squeezed and rubbed her pussy mound, and then emitted an audible squeal when my middle finger began working into her pussy. Her slit, too, was quite lubricated, and only slightly roomier than Ashley's.

We rolled down the highway, my mom and my sister on either side of me, topless and bottomless, as I fingered their pussies, with two Mexican dudes watching us. Both were breathing heavier, and reacting to my thrusting fingers. As I worked a second finger in each, they both opened their legs wider and arched their pelvises.

"Do 'em good, Son. Wiggle your fingers around. Go fast." I did as Roberto told, and rapidly slid my fingers in and out as fast as I could, wiggling them around. I could hear a sloppy "shika shika" sound emitting from both of their pussies. Both of them were thrusting their hips in and out, and wiggling their hips from side to side. The difference was that Ashley, with a wide-eyed fearful expression, opened her legs up wider as she pumped my hand, while Mom turned towards me and closed her fleshy thighs around my hand, her eyes half-closed, her mouth wide open.

"Frig their clits. That button above their slit," pointed Roberto. I wasn't sure where a clit was, but once I found them, both Mom and Ashley let out squeals, and began to shudder. I diddled them as fast as I could, circling the little buttons.

"Ha haaa! They're cumming! Oh, I don't believe it! " Laughed Caesar. He and Roberto both laughed out loud as Mom clamped her thighs hard around my hand. She buried her head into my shoulder. Ashley put her hand on my thigh and clenched it as she shuddered and shook. Were the Mexicans right? Would they really have orgasms from having me forced onto them?

Finally they both started to relax and lay their heads back. Both of them wordlessly pushed my hands from their quivering crotches, like it was too much for them. I took my fingers out from their pussies, and rested them on their thighs.

"Shit, kid, I bet you got a real boner now. I think the ladies should take care of YOU now. Mama, whip Sonny's cock out."

Mom moaned her displeasure, but slowly sat up, and started unsnapping and unzipping my pants. I lifted my butt off the seat as she tugged down my slacks and boxers. My cock sprang out. Roberto was correct; I did have a "real boner". I couldn't help it if I wanted. As Mom pulled my pants and shoes off as ordered, Ashley, as instructed, put her right hand on my cock shaft, which caused an involuntary flinch on my part. I was just a little embarrassed at first, having my cock out in front of my mom, my sister, and two strange men. But somehow it seem sort of erotic being exposed that way. My cock stayed firm, red, and throbbing.

Roberto gave Mom and Ashley instructions on what he wanted done. Soon Ashley was jerking me off, and Mom was cupping my balls and gently massaging them. My hands were temporarily in the way, so I put them around their waists. I found that I could reach around under their arms and feel their tits, so I did.

"Hey, kid, kiss your sister. The way you did Mama. Stick out your tongues." As ordered, I leaned into Ashley's face. Her blue eyes looked at mine for a minute. She was real pretty this close, such smooth skin, and full lips. Her expression was almost one of repulsion, but I didn't' care. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

We licked each other's tongues for a minute for show, and then got into some real wet slopping French kissing. Our mouths and chins were wet, and our lips smacked, as our tongues met inside of our mouths. I turned to Mom, and we made out some more, too.

"Ladies, kiss each other now," ordered Roberto. Mom and Ashley were forced to lean over, right in front of my face, and French kiss each other. I could hear their lips smacking and watched my mom's and sister's tongues entwine, their eyes closed, their faces moving from side to side.

"Feel each other's tits." Mom and Ashley fondled each other's tits, leaving my cock unattended for a moment. They pressed their chests together and rubbed their breasts back and forth, letting their protruding nipples sword fight.

Since they were sitting up a little, and since the Mexicans insisted that I keep playing with the women, I reached down and grabbed their asses. Ashley had Mom beat hands down on this one. Her ass was flat out perfect, firm and round and smooth. Mom's was definitely bigger and softer, but still round and still fun to squeeze. For some reason I had the urge to run my finger up and down her ass crack. I enjoyed it so much that I did the same to Ashley. She bucked her hips to suggest she was annoyed by it, but when Roberto saw that, he told me, "Yeah, stick your finger up Blondie's ass. She'll love it." I got the idea to go down to Ashley's pussy and get my middle finger lubricated with her juice. Then I slowly worked it in her crack, found her asshole, and took my time working my finger deeper.

I really liked the idea of goosing my older sister with my finger, knowing it was annoying and humiliating her and she couldn't stop me.

"OK, Blondie. Time to give back to your brother. Give him some head." Ashley lowered her head down onto my lap, her long blonde hair tickling my thighs. She reluctantly placed her lips over my dick head, and bobbed down maybe and inch. It felt so good that I thought I could come right then, but Roberto told her to go lower and faster. Mom had to play with my balls some more, but then she too was forced to plant her lips on my cock and suck me. Mom and Ashley took turns sucking my dick, the other licking my shaft and balls, as I reached down and played with their dangling tits. This was heaven!

"OK, Blondie, sit up. Stop, Mama." Both sat up, awaiting further instructions, leaving me with an unfulfilled cock.

"Blondie, sit on Brother's lap." Ashley lifted her butt, and started to sit on me, hard on and all. "No, one leg only. Facing me," instructed Roberto. She threw one leg over me, and lowered her body down on my lap. Due to the low car ceiling, her head was bent down, her hands on either side of me. Clearly my stiff cock was in the way. And now Roberto made it clear that the stiff cock was my sister's objective.

"Open wide and take it, Blondie." Ashley moaned and whimpered, but did as she was told. She reached down and spread her own pussy lips, and guided it down on my cock. Once she got the head in, she slowly lowered herself and slid down my shaft.

Holy fucking Christ! What an awesome feeling! That tight but slippery pussy wrapped around my cock, slowly moving up and down. What perfect friction! I can see why everybody loves fucking so much!

Ashley got somewhat comfortable on my lap, her back to me, her legs spread wide on either side of me, her feet on the floor, her head bent down a little. I grabbed her hips a little, as we got in a rhythm. Then my hands roamed, up to her tits, squeezing both of her wonderful firm bags.

"Ohh, Ohhh!" Moaned Ashley as she used her legs to thrust up and down on my cock. It wasn't as fast as I wanted, so I thrust up fast, and made her try to keep up the pace. She did pretty good. It was fun fucking my sister!

While I fucked Ashley, Roberto had me feel Mom's big tits some more, and make out with her. Mom reached under Ashley, and tickled my balls. She was also made to feel Ashley's tits.

We cruised down the highway as I lost my virginity to my sister with my mom and two men watching. Ashley's eyes were closed, her moans getting louder, her thrusts faster. I was fucking faster, gritting my teeth. Mom was told to diddle Ashley's clit.

"OOHHHHH! UNNNGGG??" Groaned Ashley as she gyrated. I shot a load of sperm up into her pussy as she squealed. I continued thrusting, but as my thrusts slowed, so did Ashley's. She leaned back onto me, crying, and her torso shuddering.

Finally a teary Ashley climbed off of me and collapsed on the seat next to me. I was panting, but my cock was still pretty firm, read and glistening, and lightly pulsating.

"OK, Mamacita. Your job now is to get him ready again." Mom was forced to give me a hand job. She stroked rapidly, her tits jiggling. Then Roberto told her to blow me again. She wrapped her lips over my juicy cock, and sucked me hard, no doubt tasting her son's sperm and her daughter's juices.

"Hey, Mama, give him a tittie fuck. Wrap those big jugs around his cock. That would get me stiff." I was already stiff, but when Mom got down on the floor and dangled her tits over my cock like she'd had experience at this, I was ready for it. Mom pressed her tits together over my cock, like a hot dog in a warm smooth bun, and rubbed her chest up and down on it. It didn't necessarily feel better than her cock sucking, but the sight and idea of any woman, much less my mom, shaking her giant tits around my cock, was extremely arousing.

"Right Mama, he's ready for you. Get on, now." Per Roberto's orders, Mom straddled me, but this time she was facing me. She too had to lower her head so she would hit the car ceiling. She hunched over my shoulders, her long legs spread wide around my body. She lowered her pussy down on my cock. First I felt her forest of pubic air touching my head, and I wondered it I would ever find her slit through all of that jungle. But soon enough as she slid down on me, I felt the same warm lubricated friction as I had with Ashley. OK, Mom was just a bit looser. But she knew how to fuck, and tightened her cunt muscles around my shaft as she bounced up and down.

Mom's hips thrust in and out at me, and I grabbed her big ass cheeks while they bucked me. Her big tits were pushed into my face, so I reached out and grabbed a tit with my mouth. I put my hands on them, too, and squeezed them as I thrust my cock as hard as I could up into my mother's birth canal.

I got a glimpse through the rear-view mirror of Mom's ass thrusting in and out of me. So I was aware of how slutty and sexy Mom looked from The Mexican's point-of-view.

"UNNNGGGG! HUNNNNNNGGGGGG!" Mom grunted hoarsely, in a very unladylike fashion, belting out sounds I've never heard her make before. Ashley was forced into action again, feeling Mom's tits, kissing her, and finally, working a finger into Mom's asshole.

"URRRGH! AHHHH!" She thrust rapidly into me, moving her hips from side to side for better friction on my cock. She looked very slutty. Her brown hair shook in my face, her tits swung around wildly. Her Mexican captors cheered her on.

"UNNNNGGGG! GUCCCKKKKK!" She gurgled as I shot my wad in her. She gyrated her hips wildly. I had to hang onto her hips to keep her from bucking off of me. Her face was contorted and sweaty, her makeup running down her eyes. "OHHHHHH!"


I wasn't really conscious of it, but as I was fucking my mom, Roberto was giving Caesar some driving directions. As my sobbing Mom fell off of my lap, I noticed that we were on some narrow county road, surrounded by cornfields. Caesar slowed, and pulled into what was some sort of tractor lane right in the middle of a cornfield. Not a road at all, just a private dirt path wide enough for a tractor to go down, a few feet wider than the car. The car stopped about a quarter-mile into the middle of a cornfield. There almost certainly weren't any people within shouting distance.

The two Mexicans got out of the car. Caesar walked around the front, to the passenger side. Roberto walked around to the driver's side. Almost simultaneously, they opened the two rear doors. The hulking Roberto grabbed Ashley by her arm, and pulled her out of the car. The older skinnier Caesar grabbed Mom by the arm, and forcefully pulled her out of the car.

Ashley was like a rag doll in the big Mexican's grip. She screamed as he wrapped his arms around her. Her skirt hem fell and covered her legs, but she was topless, and Roberto wasted no time kissing her and roughly feeling her tits, his black hair contrasting with her blonde hair.

Mom might possibly have outweighed the skinny older Caesar, but he appeared to be a tough dude, and was able to control Mom. Mom's skirt also covered her bottom and legs, but she was still topless, her big jugs bobbling around as she fought her captor, her shoulder-length brown hair flailing wildly as he tried to kiss her. She broke away and actually tried to flee, her tits flying all over as she ran. But the wiry old Mexican grabbed her within six feet. He wrapped her up from behind, and roughly squeezed both of her tits. I could see her white tit flesh squeezing out between his darker fingers. He jiggled and mauled her two large jugs from behind as Mom screamed.

Ashley had been pushed up against the now-closed back door, her naked back pinned against the window, which was open just a crack. Roberto's face was buried in her tits, as Ashley screamed, threw her head around, and flailed her arms helplessly. From my angle I could just barely see the Mexican's lips wrapped around my sister's left nipple.

Caesar dragged Mom back over to the car. He kicked the back door shut, and threw her up against it, her face pinned against the window. He continued kneading her big tits, which were now only about two feet away from me on the other side of the window. That window was also open just a crack, enough that I could hear Mom's whimpers and sobs, and the shuffling of feet in the dirt. Caesar yanked her skirt down off of her with one quick jerk, and Mom was naked except for her pearl necklace and earrings. He pushed her torso against the window. Inches from me, her tits were mashed against the glass, her nipples, areolas and much of her pale tits flattened. Caesar quickly dropped his pants, exposing a long dark dick surrounded with black pubic hair. He took quick aim at Mom's pussy from behind, and rammed it in hard. Mom screamed. I could hear the slapping of flesh-on-flesh as he thrust rapidly into her.

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