Mom's So Hot! Pt. 02


“UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm! UHMMmmm!” she moaned.

It was strange seeing my Dad with his arms around my wife kissing her passionately and my wife, with her arms around my Dad, kissing him madly, her lips exploring every inch of his! They went at it with a ravenous hunger, as if they were love starved, there mouths sliding across one another’s, there heads constantly swiveling from side to side, as if they were searching for some way to enter one another’s souls through this kiss! I knew then that I was about to watch them consummate this illicit session when the baby suddenly screamed out in a sharp cry. At first it seemed that they didn't hear him as they persisted to furiously kiss, but as he continued to cry out they quickly calmed down. It was evident that they were still reluctant to break away as they continued to hold on to one another, their mouths surging against one another again and again as they waited for their passion to settle. Finally they broke apart, breathing in a desperate pace as they stared at each other for a moment.

“I'……” Rita panted.

“Yea,” Dad answered, trying to catch his breath.

As Rita got up I could see the results of this wanton mingling written all over her as her nipples were rock hard and appeared ready to burst out their confinement in her dress. She unsteadily walked to our room to tend to the baby and I turned and left. I was wracked with feelings of lust at the spectacle I had just witnessed and promised myself that I would keep close tabs on them. If and when they finally fuck, I wanted to be there! I ran to my car and quickly brought it back to the house where I made a noisy entrance. Dad was sitting back in the loveseat, obviously still trying to catch his breath.

“You ok Dad?” I asked.

“Uh yea, just had a twitch of pain in my back,” he lied. Rita finally came out holding the baby, startled to find me there.

“Oh your home!” she blurted.

“Yea, need anything?” I asked.

“Uh, no. I'm just going to feed him,” she said and made her way to the kitchen.

Chapter 3

The rest of the day was uneventful, but then I didn't let them out of my sight. At dinner they were both very quiet, with Mom and I holding the conversation up. We did note how much better Dad was getting about and he confirmed that he felt much better and in fact wouldn't need to spend any more nights on the couch. Mom and I shot a disappointed glance at each other, realizing it just got a lot tougher to make those rendezvous! We went about cleaning up without much being said and finally settled in at the t.v.A couple of hours later the baby woke, crying for his late feeding. Rita got up to get him and as she returned, Mom offered to feed him. Rita took her up on it and said she'd be right back with a bottle, leaving the baby with her.

As Rita prepared the bottle in the kitchen, Dad suddenly got up saying he needed something to drink. I became suspicious and decided to follow them as soon as Dad made it into the kitchen. Luckily Mom was sitting in the couch with her back to the kitchen so she couldn't see me sneak over to the doorway leading into the kitchen. I peered around the corner, careful not to be seen. Rita was at the stove heating the baby' bottle while Dad was looking in the refrigerator for something to drink. You could feel the tension in the room. Rita quickly shut off the stove and poured the contents in the pan into the bottle. Dad turned to watch her and as she turned to leave he reached out with his right arm, hooking her waist. Rita didn't seem too startled by this, putting the bottle down as she allowed Dad to turn her until she faced him.

Dad wrapped his hands around her waist as she brought her hands up to his neck, staring into his eyes. They looked at one another for a moment then started moving in close to each other, parting their lips and closing their eyes as their lips covered each other’s in a deep, lust-filled, open-mouthed kiss! They ground their mouths together as their heads swiveled up and down and side to side. The kiss grew in passion as Dad's hands began to run up and down Rita's torso and she slid her arms around his neck. Their lips fused together, Dads hands ran down to the hem of Rita’s dress and lifted it around her hips, exposing her yellow silk panties. His hands slid down her back, grabbing a round cheek in each and started massaging them lustfully. This caused Rita to moan quietly into his mouth, crushing her lips into his. Finally Rita pulled her lips off his.

“We have to stop before we get caught,” she whispered.

Dad just nodded in agreement as his hands continued to run across her ample ass. They leaned in again for one more quick, open-mouthed kiss and then parted. I ran back to the living room, turned on by what I had just seen, as they came in. Rita handed Mom the bottle, trying not to bring any attention to her rock hard nipples as they threatened to burst through the dress. The rest of the night went by fairly fast and we soon found ourselves in bed. At about midnight the baby woke and Rita got up to get him a bottle. She had changed into a thin, sleeveless cotton nightie that laced up the front. She had lost the lacing a while back and never bothered to replace it. The gown really clung to her and without any lacing she displayed a lot of cleavage. I mean with every move, those big puppies jumped up and down and the nipples were looking like they were about to burst through! She fed the baby while I lied there in the dark, dozing off and on.

She finally finished and said while she was up she may as well fix a couple more bottles and leave them in the fridge. She walked out leaving the door open and made her way to the kitchen. I could hear her in the kitchen when after a little while a shadow left the gust room and went across my doorway into the living room. There was little doubt who it was - Dad! I quickly got out of bed and silently made my way out to the hall, hiding behind the wall that separates the hall from the living room. I could see him standing by the couch, dressed only in pajama bottoms, waiting for her to come by. I saw Rita shut the light in the kitchen and make her way into the living room, not realizing Dad was in there waiting for her until the last moment.

“Oh! You scarred me!” she cried in a hushed voice.

“Sorry” Dad whispered. I saw Dad just stare at her for a moment, drinking in the incredible sight of her huge tits pushing against the thin material, the nipples boring their way through! He reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her to him.

“No we can't! They'll hear us!” she whispered. But even as she protested her hands caressed his naked chest before slithering up to the back of his head and pulling it down towards hers. Their lips met in a fiery, open-mouthed kiss as they clung to one another. Their arms wound around each other as they kissed hungrily, their heads swaying wildly! Dad’s hands crept down to the hem of Rita’s gown and pulled it up her back, exposing her large, naked ass. As the kiss continued, Dad roughly massaged her ass, pulling her lower torso tight against his.

“UUUHHHMMMMMMMMM!!!” Rita groaned into his mouth as she started to hump her mound into his groin. Dad had her right up against the arm of the couch and as Rita felt the back of her legs hit the arm, she began to lean back pulling Dad with her. They never lost a beat in their kiss as they slowly draped themselves over the arm of the couch, finally coming to rest on the seat cushion. Rita's legs were splayed apart, one foot on the floor, the other leg dangling across Dads ass as they dry humped at one another, kissing franticly! Rita's hands were furiously working at the waistband of Dads pajamas, trying to unsnap them. It occurred to me at this point that she had told me no sex for weeks! So much for that! I thought about going in to visit Mom while they were busy, but just then the baby cried out and I made a mad dash for the bedroom! I heard hushed voices in the living room as I made my way over to the baby and I was soon joined by Rita, looking a bit disheveled.

“Is he o.k.?” she asked.

“Yea, must have been a bubble.” I replied. I put the baby down and we both made our way to bed. I was trying very hard to get to sleep, but Rita kept tossing and turning making it hard for me to doze off. Suddenly I felt her arm drape across my hip and rest on my stomach.

“Tom?” she whispered.

“Yea?” I said without turning around to look at her.

“Are you asleep?” she asked as her hand snaked down to my crotch. I was shocked, considering the way she had been acting toward me. It dawned on me then that the little session with Dad in the living room probably left her horny and frustrated.

“Kinda.” I said as I tried to figure out how I felt about giving her what she obviously was looking for. As they say, men's brains are located in their dicks and mine is no different. Just thinking of Rita's big tits got me going and I couldn't resist.

“Tom.” she whispered again as her hand snuck under the waistband of my shorts and grabbed hold of my suddenly growing cock.

“Huh?” I groaned turning to face her, pretending to be half asleep. Rita let go of my dick and quickly sat up and shucked off her gown and lied back down next to me, pulling my face into those huge, pillowy tits of hers. I didn't need any more coaxing as I attacked her big tits with a vengeance, sucking at her nipples like a starving man.

“Ohhh Yeessss!!!!” Rita moaned pushing her tits firmly into my face as her hands roamed across my back.

“MMMMmmmm!!!” I moaned with my mouth full of tit as I allowed my hand to snake down across Rita's hip and inside her thigh until it found her bush. As I wormed my finger through her wiry nest until I found the crease of her slit, I was astounded as my finger easily knifed its way easily into a searingly hot, wet swamp. She was far more turned on then I would have ever imagined. I slowly sawed my finger in and out of her steamy twat, quickly adding another finger.

“Ooohhhh!!!” Rita groaned as she started humping her crotch back at my hand, grinding her dripping gash onto my fingers. She desperately pulled on my shorts, working them down over my hips and down my legs, freeing my pulsating dick. She grabbed it and began franticly pulling on it until I thought she might rip it right off!

“ Tom!!!!!!” she begged. I turned my face away from her tit and shoved my open mouth down on hers, driving my tongue down her throat. She released her hand from my dick and wrapped her arms around my neck, returning the kiss with wild abandonment, shoving her tongue against mine. We kissed and squirmed against each other like wild animals as I rolled over her and came to rest on top of her, her huge tits squashed under my chest. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls already and knew this wouldn't be a long session as we continued to ravish one another's mouths.. The way Rita continued to jab her crotch against my buried fingers gave me reason to believe she was getting close too.

“UUUHHHMMMM!!!!” Rita moaned into my mouth as my fingers drilled deeper and deeper into her steamy swamp. Her hands went wild across my back pulling me towards her. She grabbed hold of my searing cock, pulling it toward her dripping slit. She pulled at my hand, dislodging my fingers from her drooling pit and pulled my cock toward her twat. I didn't need any more coaxing as I flexed my hips and aligned my dick at the opening of her hot, leaking canal. I ground my mouth roughly against hers and then drove my cock deep into her slobbering tunnel in one thrust.

“UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Rita groaned into my mouth as my dick drove through her hot, soaked trench like a hot knife through butter! Even though she was quite a bit looser from just having had the baby, I could feel her twat clinging at my root as I began to saw in and out of her pussy.

“OOHHH....OOOHHHH.....GOD!!!!” Rita moaned as she broke off our kiss. She arched her back, shoving her twat up at my buried shaft, practically lifting me off the bed. She quickly wrapped her legs around my hips, squeezing them in a death like grip as she thrust her twat up at me in rhythm to my thrusts. We went at it like sex starved animals, writhing and clutching at each other in a mad, savage, dance, driving our groins together as the bed began to groin under our relentless attach at each other!

I'M.....OOHHHHH..... GONNA...........CCCCUUUUUUMMM!!!!!” Rita screamed as her whole body froze beneath me, clutching at me as her sopping twat began to clutch and pull at my engorged shaft! This was enough to pull me over the edge as I felt the cum race up my shaft.

“EEEHHHHHHHUUUUUHHHHH!!!” I moaned, clinging to her for dear life as my seed exploded out of the tip of my dick, drenching Rita's red-hot cunt. We both held rigid as our orgasms washed over us in wave after wave as my dick continued to spurt spoonfuls of cum deep inside Rita's steaming canal. Finally it subsided and we both fell limp and I rolled over to my back, trying to catch my breath. I looked over and saw that Rita had fallen asleep immediately, the intensity of my orgasm still leaving me stunned.

Lying there, totally spent, I heard murmured voices from the guestroom and felt the overwhelming need to take a look. Dad had not fully shut the door when he went back to his room and all I needed to do was push it just a bit to get a full eye view of the room. The window is right near a streetlight, which bathes the room, so seeing what was going on wasn't hard. Dad and mom were laying in bed, Mom with her back to Dad and he was caressing her arm, obviously trying to get her in the mood. The little tryst with Rita must have gotten him all worked up too.

“C'mon Vickie.” he groaned “How about it?” he begged as he continued to run his fingers up and down her bare arm.

“No, I said, I'm tired and not in the mood.” she said harshly.

“Ah, give me a break.” he said “After all the times that you complain about me not wanting to, here I am and your shutting me out.”

“Yea, well your timing is impeccable.” she groaned sarcastically. “I'm tired. Leave me alone.”

“Ah, jeeze, Vickie, I really need it! Please?” he begged. There was no answer from Mom. He stared at her for a moment, looking like he was getting pissed. I knew she was turning him down because of the love we had professed to each other.

“Damn it Vickie!” he cursed. He grabbed a hold of the blankets and pulled them off their bodies, exposing Mom fully. She was wearing one of her silk nighties, dark red with thin straps and fairly short.

“What are you doing?” she asked angrily.

“Feel this!!” he demanded, taking her hand and pulling it back and onto his obviously hard dick ballooning out from his pajamas.

“Stop it!” she cried, ripping her hand from his.

“That's it. All you do is complain about the lack of sex in our marriage and the first time I ask you....!!!” he never finished as he grabbed Mom by the hip and turned her fully around so her torso came crashing against his.

“I said stop!” she cried as she put her hands up against his chest, trying to push him away. Dad's head dropped down slightly, opening his mouth as he bit down lightly through Mom's gown onto her right tit, his tongue darting out wetting the material as he tried to locate her nipple. She looked down at what Dad was doing, moving her right hand to his forehead trying to push him away. She succeeded for a moment and Dad pulled his head back but quickly returned again using his tongue tip on Mom's hardening nipple.

“Uuumm!” Mom let out a slight sigh. Dad began to run his tongue over the now firm nipple, her thin nightgown now wet through where he'd been licking at it.

“Ohh!” Mom let out a little moan, opened her eyes and raised her hands to Dad's chest and tried to push him away, but Dad stood fast pushing his weight back against her body.

“Please John, stop. I told you I'm not in the mood and your forcing yourself on me!” Mom pleaded. Dad just looked at her for a moment and then he leaned forward kissing mom full on the lips. Quickly, while she was taken by surprise, he took his hands from her sides and pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress, guiding them down her arms. The top of her nightie sliding down over her round, full breasts, exposing the large, hard red nipples which stood out against the creamy skin around them. I felt a pang of jealousy run through me as I watched my Dad about to ravish my Mom, the woman I loved. He quickly moved his hands back to her arms, pinning her against the mattress and lowering his head, taking her left nipple into his mouth. He started sucking on it, his tongue running over it intensely.

“Ohhhh.......Noooo...Stop! John...Stop!” Mom begged. Dad paid no attention as he took her dark red nipple between his teeth, chewing on it lightly, then giving it a gentle suck, all the time running the tip of his tongue across it.

“Uummpphh!” Mom moaned as her body shook as the sensation pulsed through her body! Dad took his hands away from her arms and pulled the straps of her gown down further and moved his hand under her right breast, pushing it up towards his waiting mouth. He ran his other hand down the left side of her body and onto the top of her thigh. Mom held her eyes shut tight, her head tilted back against the headboard, as Dad teased her nipple, making her shiver with sexual delight. He moved his hand to the inside of her thigh, gently guiding it upwards, lifting the front of her silky gown up, his fingers touching the exposed matching red panties.

"Mmmm" Mom gasped when she felt Dad touch the front of her panties and pushed her ass back into the mattress, away from the caress of his fingers, trying to resist his touch. Dad moved his hand forward again, this time pressing his forefinger and index finger against my Mom's silk panties.

“Ooh God!” Mom murmured, throwing her head forward, her forehead brushing against Dad's left shoulder as she raised her left leg off the mattress and began to rub the inside of her thigh against Dad's leg. He began to slowly rub on her panties, which was beginning to show signs of wetness bleeding through. He continued to tease her right nipple with his tongue, swirling the tip back and forth across the hard nib. Mom was quivering, obviously reacting to the pleasure her body was feeling from Dad's eager rubbing on her cunt, sending her crazy sexually.

“John............Ohh!......John.......don't....I.... don't....want...w....Ummmm!...Stop!” Mom managed to spit out, the erotic sensations exciting her to the point of not being able to talk. Dad wasn't listening as he continued his two fingers rubbing, pressing her panties harder against her raised pussy mound, his tongue continuing to wash over her tit.

“Uummmpphh.......Ohhh!” Mom moaned. Dad let go of mom's tit and moved his mouth up her chest and neck in a trail of kisses until he reached her open mouth. He clamped his parted mouth down over hers in a fierce open-mouthed kiss! Mom didn't resist his kiss and quickly began kissing him back, grinding her mouth up against his. Dad moved his right hand, grabbing hold of her elastic waistband on her panties, holding them up as he hooked his fingers underneath, pulling the elastic away from her body slightly.

“What are you waiting for?” Mom gasped Dad pulled on the elastic waistband hard, a tearing sound filled the room as the elastic stretched, then snapped, followed by the rest of the silk panties ripping down the side.

“OOOHHHH!!” Mom gasped, the force of Dad's actions pulling her up off the bed and then letting her fall back. Dad pulled the panties away and then threw them to the floor. Mom's eyes scrolled down Dad's body to his pajama bottoms where she could see his cock sticking out, fully erect, stretching the material.

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