tagIncest/TabooMom's So Hot! Pt. 04

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 04


Chapter 1

I drove home feeling quite spent and a bit curious as to what I would find there. I got through the door and stopped, listening for any noise, but there was none. I walked through the kitchen and into the dinning area when I saw a note on the table addressed to me. It was from Mom explaining how she had run off with Pete and how guilty she felt and how she never wanted to hurt me, but….yadda, yadda, yadda.

I went to the fridge, made myself a drink and came back, sat in the living room and read the note several more times. I was flooded with a mixture of anger, resentment, sadness and abandonment. The only thing I didn’t feel was sexual loss, due to Pepper having just fucked my brains out with the promise of more to come. I got up and fixed myself another drink and sat there trying to think of what I should do when the phone rang. It was Pete’s Dad. He went on to explain that his son’s wife had just come back to their house hysterical over a note Pete had left her, probably identical to mine. I told him that I got a similar note and was sitting here trying to understand it all. He asked me to come over so we could all talk about it. I told him I would be right there.

When I arrived at Pete’s folks, the first one I saw was Marlena, Pete’s wife. Just looking at her caused me to think that Pete must be out of his mind, even if he did leave with Mom. The girl had a face and body that belonged on the cover of Playboy, and the thought of needing anything beyond her was incomprehensible. She was walking out of the bathroom, probably trying to freshen up, but she looked pretty rattled. I followed her into the kitchen where Pete Sr. and Pepper were sitting. As my eyes met Pepper’s I saw a flash of fire cross her eyes as she looked at me. She had obviously showered since our encounter an hour or so ago. She had on a black, sleeveless t-shirt and thigh high tan cargo shorts. She looked really hot and I felt my dick jump in my pants. We sat around the table drinking some wine, talking about this situation, but with Pepper sitting to my left, I had a hard time concentrating. She was leaning forward on the table, causing her amble breasts to rest on the table’s edge and she had her legs crossed, giving me quite the shot of her smooth, silky thighs. It was almost more than I could bear.

Suddenly, Pete Sr. brought me out of my daydream by speaking directly to me.

“Understand Tom, no one blames you.” he said, “In fact, I have a hard time blaming your mother, knowing her as well as I do. It’s that son of mine! His brains have always been in his dick and he can be pretty persuasive when he wants to be.”

This brought another round of crying from Marlena, who was now hiding her face in her hands.

“Oh honey!” Pepper sighed, leaning over to comfort her.

“I get my hands on him I swear I’ll kill him!” Pete Sr. bellowed.

“C’mon honey, let’s get you to bed” Pepper said to Marlena, getting up and helping her to her feet and then off to a spare bedroom.

I hadn’t realized it had gotten so late, but it was after 2:00am already.

“Hey Tom” Pete Sr. said, “Why don’t you stay the night. It’s late and you’ve had a lot of wine. I don’t want you taking any chances trying to get home”

“Oh…uh…sure, thanks” I replied.

“I’m just going to shut down all the lights and lock the pool up. Why don’t you tell Pepper to set you up in one of the kids old rooms.” he said.

“O.K.” I replied, watching him head out the door.

The house was a massive split-level with rooms on all different floors. Since all their kids were gone now, they had about 4 extra bedrooms. I wandered up stairs trying to find Pepper. I finally found her in a room directly across from the master bedroom. Pepper was pulling the sheet over Marlena and I waited by the door for her to finish. She turned around and was a little startled to see me there, but quickly left the room and closed the door behind her.

”Your husband thinks it would be a good idea If I stay the night, between the wine and late hour” I said, smiling at her.

“O.K.” she said, a small smile creasing her lips, “Why don’t you take Pete’s old room at the end of the hall.”

“Sure” I replied, placing my hands on her hips. “But first I need a goodnight kiss.”

“Tom! Don’t!” she scolded, grabbing my hands with hers own. “We can’t take the chance of getting caught!”

“He’s outside shutting down the pool” I replied, pulling her in towards me.

“It doesn’t take him that long” she said, placing her hands up against my chest.

“Then why are you wasting time arguing with me?” I asked.

She looked at me for a moment and her expression changed to one of pure lust.

“The hell with him!” she groaned, throwing her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist, crushing her body to mine.

Our mouths came crashing together in a fervent, hungry kiss and in no time we were kissing like two long lost lovers. I slid my lips off of hers and skid them down to her neck and sucked on it ravenously.

“Ooohh, shit, Tom, your getting me all wet again!!” she moaned, grinding her crotch against mine.

“MMmmmm!” I moaned, continuing to feast on her neck.

I have never been real interested in oral sex, maybe because I had married a rather straight arrow and then with Mom, it just didn’t seem right. But right then I wanted to lick every square inch of Pepper’s body, especially her steamy twat!

“Ooooohhhhhh!!!” Pepper groaned as I assaulted her neck, slurping and sucking voraciously.

Suddenly we heard the back door slam shut and we knew Pete Sr. was back in the house. We broke away quickly, trying to catch our breaths

“You’d better get to your room. I’ll see you in the morning” she said.

“O.K.” I replied, deciding it was probably for the best that I don’t try to get her to meet me later.

I wobbled down the hall and into the room, quickly stripping and getting into bed. I don’t remember much after that, having fallen right to sleep. I slept off and on the entire night, probably due to the strange bed and all that had happened. When the morning light washed over the room I decided to get up. I threw on my shorts and paddled down to the kitchen. Pete Sr. was there putting on some coffee.

“Hey! How’d you sleep?” he asked.

“Not good.” I replied.

“Tell me about it.” he said.

“Anyone else up?” I asked.

“No, not yet” he answered, “Help yourself to anything you want. Pepper should be up soon. I’m gonna take my coffee out to the patio.”

I nodded in reply and got myself a mug. I poured a cup and sat down at the table, contemplating where my screwed up life goes now, when Pepper walked in.

She was wearing a tight, silky nightgown that was low cut, held up by two thin straps. Her chest strained against the material and her nipples threatened to break through at any moment. The gown came down about mid-thigh on her, but then it was slit on both sides all the way to her hipbone, revealing nothing but bare flesh where her panties would be.

She had a matching short sleeved cover up on that went unbuttoned and did little to hide the gown. I had been in this house on hundreds of occasions and had seen Pepper in many different nightclothes, but never the morning after fucking the shit out of her.

“Oh, hi Tom. I didn’t think you’d be up this early.” she said cautiously, scanning the room for Pete Sr.

“He’s on the patio.” I whispered.

“Oh.” she answered. And went out the kitchen and down the three steps to the door leading out to the patio.

“I’m up if you need anything.” she said to her husband.

“I’m all set.” he replied.

I heard her climb back up the stairs and into the kitchen. She went over to the sink and started rinsing out the wine glasses from the night before, her ass jiggling under the silk material. I could feel the tug in my loins and my dick began to harden. She lifted up on her toes and leaned over the sink in order to see out the window.

“Marlena is still out. Those pills you gave her are pretty strong.” she said to her husband.

“Yea, she’ll be out until noon.” he replied, some 30 feet away.

She went back to her washing and I couldn’t take it anymore. I left my chair and went right up behind her, pressing my semi-hard dick into the crevice of her ass while fastening my mouth onto the nape of her neck.

“Uughhhhhh.” she moaned, stiffening. “Tom, you shouldn’t, he’s right there!” she groaned at the same time tilting her head, exposing more of her neck to my mouth.

“You drive me crazy!” I whispered, sucking hard on her neck while I drove my cock hard against her ass. My hands came up, capturing a massive tit in each, roughly massaging them through the silk.

“Ohhhh, baby!” she gasped, pushing her ass back against my dick and shimmying it up and down.

“God, Pepper, I need you bad!” I wheezed, cramming my cock into the crevice of her ass so hard I thought I would go right through the material.

“Uuuuhhhhh!!” she groaned, franticly jamming her ass back against me.

I reached up and pulled the cover-up down over her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I then reached for the straps to her gown and pulled them down, exposing her huge, quaking tits. I mauled her breasts in my hands, pulling and pinching her nipples. I dropped one hand down to the hem of her gown and lifted it up above her crotch. I inserted my middle finger into her seeping crack, sinking it deep.

“OOOohhhhhhh!!” she moaned in a hushed tone as my finger hit bottom in her steamy canal and I started to saw in and out. I reached down and unsnapped my shorts, allowing them to fall half way down my hips until they got caught up on my throbbing hard-on. I reached inside, shifting my dick to allow my shorts to clear their way and they fell in a heap at my feet. I quickly jammed my now naked cock back against Pepper, feeling flesh against flesh and began rubbing it up and down the crack of her ass. I inserted another finger deep into her juicy slit and stroked them both in and out, dragging them across her swollen clit.

OOOHHHhhhhh!!!!!!!!” Pepper moaned, humping her cunt up and down on my soaking fingers.

I continued to thrust my twitching manhood between the cheeks of her ass as I worked my digits in and around the fiery depths of her weeping gash.

“OOHhhhhhhh Tom!!!! You’ve got me soooo wet!!!” she hissed, “I need you now!!!”

I gasped, pulling my fingers out of her drenched cunt and pulling her hips back against mine. I bent my knees and felt my dick slink down the crevice of her ass until it came to rest at the entrance to her steaming hole. I grabbed my cock, rubbing the head across the swollen, dripping lips of her vulva and then thrust upward, driving the head into the entry of her heated canal.

“UUGGgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Pepper moaned at the feeling of my inflamed helmet spearing into her churning cunt. “OOHHhhhhhhh, ccchhrrriisssttt!!!!” she gasped, shoving her hips back against me, sinking more of her steaming twat down over my rock hard dick.

I straightened up a bit and shoved my hips forward as Pepper shoved back, submerging the rest of my cock to the hilt of her boiling pussy.

“OOOOOOoohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” we moaned in unison at the feeling of my dick buried deep in her twat once again.

We began fucking slowly, sawing my dick in and out of her cunt, but with Pete Sr. just yards away we didn’t have time for a leisurely fuck. We picked up the pace and in no time we were fucking furiously, me battering my throbbing shaft in and out of her dripping snatch and her returning each thrust with one of her own back at me. I was sucking wildly on her neck as we pounded at each other, the sound of our fucking filling the room.

“OOOoohhhhhhh, God, fuck me Tom!!!!!!!!!!” Pepper groaned, franticly pistoning her hips up and down on my shaft.

I fucked her with everything I had, as I fiercely drove my cock in and out of her sopping cunt. I could feel the cum churning deep in my balls and my whole body began to tingle with the feeling of an oncoming orgasm.

“UUGGHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! OOHHhhhhhh, Christ Tom!!!! I’m….I’m gonna…..gonna cuummm!!!” Pepper groaned uncontrollably, rocking her hips as her twat began to convulse around the shaft of my dick.

This set my orgasm off as I could feel the cum race up my shaft and explode out the tip of my dick.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” we cried as our mutual orgasm washed over us, Pepper’s cunt ravenously sucking and pulling the cum out of my cock and deep into her hungry gash.

I could feel my knees buckle as I went weak, my cock firing round after round of my hot cream into her spasming slit. Finally, the last of my cum spewed out of my dick and my muscles began to relax as Pepper lowered herself down off her toes and rested against me. We wheezed there in the kitchen, trying to catch our breaths as I could feel our mingled juices seep out of her twat and puddle around my shaft.

“Oohhhhh, Tom!! God, what did I ever do before this?!” Pepper whispered, looking cautiously out the window at her husband.

“You are something else!” I said, straightening up and slowly withdrawing my dick from her drenched canal with a soft “plop”.

Pepper turned around to face me, her nightgown around her waist and her face covered in a light sheen. We looked at one another for a moment and then wrapped our arms around one another, kissing deeply. We held the kiss for several long moments and then broke away as Pepper began pulling her gown back up and I retrieved my shorts. We quickly pulled ourselves together and Pepper said she needed to shower before Pete Sr. came in the house. I told her I was heading home and we agreed to talk later, quickly sharing one more deep kiss.

Chapter 2

When I arrived home I was jolted back into reality by two messages on my answering machine. One was from my mortgage broker reminding me of my closing on a house tomorrow. It had totally slipped my mind that Mom and I had decided to buy this house near our old neighborhood last month. It was a 4-5 bedroom triple level house in a suburban setting. We loved it the moment we saw it and decided that we could convert two of the bedrooms into home offices and still have enough room to make it appear as if we were simply sharing the house. It had a kitchen, living room and dinning room on the first floor and then you climbed up five steps to a landing with two bedrooms, one of which is the master. You then turn and climb up five more steps to a hall containing three more bedrooms and two baths. Outside there was a beautiful built-in pool, cabana and landscaped grounds.

I thought for a moment about backing out, but the second message on my machine changed my mind. It was from my sister Nan reminding me that she was coming up from Atlanta with her family for an extended vacation. Again, something Mom and I had planned weeks ago and I had already put in for some time off at work.

Nan was anxious to see us and get some explanation from Dad about him and Rita. She was 36 years old and had been married to her husband Jim for about 14 years. They had two kids, a boy 13 and a girl 11.

I figured what the hell and decided to let the plans remain in place. The next morning I ran around getting ready for the closing and coming up with a good explanation for Moms absence. Since she was only co-signing and I didn’t really need her, I hoped it wouldn’t be a stumbling block. I gave a quick call to my attorney, explaining Moms disappearance and he assured me he would handle the changes with the mortgage company.

The closing came off without a hitch and, just as Mom and I had planned, the movers were at my condo when I got home. They were packing and loading my stuff into their truck and by nightfall I was in my new home, surrounded by boxes and upended furniture. I called Pepper’s house and was lucky that she answered. I told her about the house and she insisted that we should celebrate later in the week.

For the first few days I came right home from work and unloaded boxes and put furniture in place. Mom had a lot of her stuff shipped up here as well, so I had almost every room set up, including all the bedrooms. On the third night I noticed all the lights on in the house as I drove up and, panicking, decided to drive around the block to see if I could see inside. As I pulled around the corner I was relieved to see Pepper’s car parked under a streetlight. I drove back around and pulled into my driveway and went in.

There was no one on the first floor as I entered, so I quickly climbed the stairs to the next level, noticing the door to the master bedroom was closed. I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. The only light was coming from several lit candles around the room. Pepper was sitting up in bed dressed in a see through nightgown, which consisted of nothing more than two strips of silk over her considerable tits and a very short skirt. She had a glass of champagne in her hand and a whole bottle chilling in a bucket next to the bed.

“Congratulations, darling!” she purred, getting up off the bed and letting me drink in the sight of her in this flimsy gown.
I felt my dick lurch and start to harden as she came towards me, her buxom tits bouncing seductively against the silk strips. She handed me a glass and then moved back by the bed.

“Well, are you just going to stand there?” she asked, smiling.

I guzzled down the champagne and tore my clothes off, seconds later standing there naked, my cock fully erect and bobbing angrily.

“That’s better!” she said and then reached back and pulled on something. The next thing I know, her gown is sliding off her body and landing in a pile on the floor.

It was more than I could take and I rushed to her, pulling her against me. We kissed hungrily, as if we hadn’t seen each other for months. We toppled to the bed, her body under mine. I was lost in a tidal wave of lust as we kissed and surged against one another, our bodies sliding up and down.

My dick was throbbing in anticipation and I was dieing to shove it into Pepper’s waiting gash. But, in this moment I felt a strong urge to taste that juicy slit, something I had done very little of in my adult life. I broke our kiss and trailed hot kisses down her neck and across her ample chest. I lingered a bit, alternating between her twin mounds and sucking on them hungrily. I then began kissing my way down her stomach to her damp, waiting bush. I grasped her legs in my hands, gently parting them and granting me a wide-open view of her seeping, swollen cunt lips. I dove my face into her twat, slicing my tongue deep into her steaming canal and loading it up with her hot, flowing nectar. I began to use my tongue as I would my cock, driving it in and out of her oozing passage and swiping at her distended clit.

“OOHHHHHHHH, TOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!” Pepper moaned under my assault,

“Ohh, Babbyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Pepper grabbed my head in her hands and pulled it in towards her gushing wound, lifting her hips up at my face.

“IT’s been sooooooooo long since anyone done thissss!!!!! she hissed, her voice cracking in pleasure. “UUHHGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

I continued my oral attack, sucking and licking at her streaming slash, as she gyrated her hips at me. I was as turned on as she was at this point, realizing that the act of eating her was really bringing me to the brink. Just when I felt I couldn’t take much more, Pepper began telling me that’s she was more than ready.

“OHHhhhhh, Babbbyyy!!!!!!! Fuck Me!!!!!!!! I’m On Fire!!!!!!!!!!” she moaned.

I pulled my drenched face from her flooded channel and crawled up her shaking, sultry body. Without pausing, I lined up the head of my throbbing cock with the entrance to her seeping gash and slid it in to her full depth. Within moments were fucking up a storm, clutching at one another as a nerve bending orgasm ripped through us.

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