tagIncest/TabooMom's So Hot! Pt. 05

Mom's So Hot! Pt. 05


Chapter 1

The rest of the crew was still playing cards and I politely refused another invitation to join them. I decided to flop on the couch in the living room and turn on t.v., keeping the volume down low so I could hear the conversations in the next room.

At one point Mom noticed that they were all needing another drink and volunteered to make them. She took orders and I heard my brother David offer to help. My curiosity got the best of me and I peered around the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. Mom was moving around, looking for the different ingredients for everyone’s drink.

My brother was kind of just standing back, watching Mom. He was really giving her the hairy eyeball, looking her up and down and spending a lot of time studying her legs and ass.

“Are you here to help or just hang out?” Mom asked.

“Uh…oh, sure.” Dave replied, woken from his concentration.

He moved to Mom’s side and started helping her out, getting glasses and ice. Every once in a while he would stop and just admire some part of Mom’s body, grinning to himself.

They were busy working at the counter, shoulder to shoulder, when Dave stopped.

“You know Mom, when I first heard about you and Pete, I was really at a loss.” he said.

“I can imagine.” Mom replied, sheepishly.

“I mean, with everything going on with Dad and all, I could see how you might go find someone for yourself. But somehow I never imagined you with Pete.” he said.

“Oh, David, I’m so sorr….” Mom started.

“No, no, no Mom, let me finish. What I meant in all honesty was that I didn’t think someone like Pete would be interested in you.” he explained.

“Well….” Mom interrupted.

“I don’t mean any offense.” Dave interjected. “But let’s face it. Pete’s always been a real hound, getting any young babe he wanted. I couldn’t figure out what he was up to with you.”

“Well, thanks!” Mom said, indignantly.

“You know what I mean, Ma. He’s always chasing some really young piece of ass. This wasn’t like him.” Dave argued.

“I suppose your right.” Mom agreed.

“Yea, but I gotta be honest with you Mom.” Dave said and then paused.

“Yea?” Mom asked, waiting.

“Well, when I saw you this morning, it was like seeing you for the first time. I mean seeing you as a woman, not just as my Mother and trying to see you as Pete did. I got quite the shock.” Dave confessed.

“Oh? How so?” Mom asked.

“Well, I mean, you look like a real babe, dressed in those shorts and all. I mean it was like a light going on and I could see how Pete would go for you.” Dave explained.

“Oh, David.” Mom gushed.

“No, really. You look great.” he answered.

“That’s sweet.” Mom replied, raising her left hand up to David’s cheek, caressing it.

“Hey, it’s true.” Dave said, lowering his face towards Moms and kissing her on the cheek.

“Uhhmmm, that’s nice.” Mom sighed as Dave kissed her cheek several times.

“God, Ma, you smell good too.” he moaned, nuzzling her neck and jaw line with his nose.

“What’s gotten in to you? You’ve never been exactly affectionate.” she chided as he continued to caress her neck with his nose.

“MMmmm, maybe I should have.” he hissed as he pressed several kisses up her neck

and along her jaw line.

“David! What is it you want?” Mom asked, moving her neck away from his lips, exasperated by his sudden affection.

Dave looked at Mom, his eyes smoldering with lust.

“This” he said and brought his lips down on Mom’s, kissing her firmly.

Mom looked confused at first when Dave kissed her, but as time went on her expression changed to shock as Dave held his lips firmly against hers, holding the kiss for several breathtaking moments.

“Stop!” Mom moaned, tearing her lips away from Dave’s. “I better…take these drinks in..” she said, obviously shaken by Dave’s kiss.

She gathered up all the drinks and made her way into the dinning room, followed by Dave. Mom handed out the drinks and sat down with Dave pulling up a chair next to her.

She looked rattled as they began to deal, with Dave burning a hole right through her with his stare. They sat and played a round when someone mentioned the need for more ice. Mom jumped up and offered to get it, leaving Dave at the table, but he soon mentioned the need to get something and got up and headed into the kitchen.

When he got there Mom was at the counter twisting the plastic ice cube trays and emptying the ice into a bucket. He walked up behind her and stood there, looking her up and down.

“Need some help?” he asked as his fingers lightly caressed Mom’s bare arms.

“OH! You scared me half to death!” Mom cried. “No, I’m all set. Why don’t you go back to the game.”

“I’d rather stay here with you, Ma.” Dave answered, softly running his fingers up and down her arms.

“I…I…..don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I wish you would knock it off.” she said, twisting one arm and then the next in an attempt to escape his caress.

“I can’t. I’m like a magnet drawn to you.” Dave muttered. “God, your skin is so soft.”

“Stop it! Don’t!” Mom cried, trying to move away from him and gather the bucket in her arm.

As she turned to leave, Dave blocked her way, her shoulder pressed into his chest.

“David! Get out of my way!” she pleaded.

“No can do, Ma.” he murmured, looking deep into her eyes.

“Please?” Mom asked, nervously looking back at him.

Dave just stared at her before reaching up and clasping his fingers under her jaw. He lowered his head while pulling hers towards him.

“Davi……” Mom’s protest was cut off as his lips covered hers in another illicit kiss.

“Uuuuhhmmmpphh!” she moaned as he pressed his mouth to hers, his lips sliding against hers.

Mom’s eyes fluttered and half closed as she tried to push Dave away with her free hand, but to no avail.

“Hey, where’s that ice?” someone yelled from the dinning room.

Mom tore her lips from Dave’s.

“I’m…I’ll be….” she swallowed “be….right there.” she moaned, her eyes on his mouth as he leaned back down towards her. “Just….just…a….a…moment….uhmmmmphh!” she mumbled as his lips pressed on hers as he kissed her again.

This time she didn’t protest or try to break away as Dave kissed her firmly. She just stood there, eyes nearly shut as he glided his lips across hers.

Finally, something must have gone off in her head because she pulled her lips away from his as she pushed him away.

“I..I’ve got to get out of here.” she groaned and left the room.

Dave didn’t follow her this time and from what I could see it was probably because of the huge hard-on he had in his pants. He just put both hands on the counter and leaned forward, like he was trying to calm down.

Meanwhile, Mom delivered the ice and told them not to deal her in. She wanted to clean up a bit in the kitchen. I think she thought Dave had followed her into the dinning room, because when she got back into the kitchen she stopped in surprise to find him still there.

“I thought you went back to the game” she breathed.

“I..uh..couldn’t” he replied, glancing down at his crotch.

“OH!” Mom exclaimed when her eyes followed Dave’s gaze.

She got all shook up and started wandering around the kitchen looking for things to clean.

“Ma! Ma, stop for a minute! We need to talk!” Dave insisted.

“I…I….can’t……have to clean up.” Mom replied, somewhat incoherent.

“It can wait.” he said.

Dave managed to catch her the next time she crossed near him and wrapped a hand around her waist, twisting her towards him. He pulled her up close as she put her hands up against his chest.

“No…don’t!” she protested.

Dave just looked at her, his hands caressing her back. Then he lowered his head, locking his lips on hers.

“UUHmmmmmmpphh!!” Mom moaned as David kissed her insistently.

It didn’t last though, as Mom broke the kiss off quickly.

“Stop…I have to clean…” she mumbled, pushing her way out of David’s embrace.

He waited for her to stop roaming around the kitchen and as she came to a halt at one of the counters, he walked up behind her.

“C’mon, Ma, don’t be this way” Dave moaned, caressing her arms with his fingers.

Mom pretended not to notice him as she proceeded to wipe the counter off.

“Can’t you see what you do to me?” he asked. “Can’t you feel it?”

As he asked he rubbed his swollen member against the crevice of her ass.

“Ohhh!” Mom yelped, feeling David’s hard cock pressing into her ass.

He lowered his head and started kissing her neck as he rotated his hips up against her.

“David…stop…it!” Mom groaned in a far-away voice.

He suddenly pulled his hips back and grabbed Mom’s shoulders, gently turning her to face him. She seemed half out of it as he pulled her towards him, nestling his dick up against her groin and brushing her tits onto his chest. His hands slid down to her waist and softly drew her up against him, causing Mom to let out a soft groan.

She placed her hands on his upper arms in an attempt to push back, but as she looked up at him he captured her parted lips in another steamy kiss.

“Uhhhmmmhh!” Mom moaned as Dave worked his lips against hers.

Her eyes fluttered under his attack and her body seemed to relax. Her hands pressed into his arms as the rest of her went limp, holding on under the wilting heat of his kiss.

“Hey Mom, we need more napkins” Nan shouted from the dinning room.

Neither of them moved as Mom just slumped in David’s arms, her head loosely swiveling in unison with his, surrendering all objections to David’s kiss.

“Mom! Did you hear me?” Nan called out again.

Mom pealed her lips from Dave’s, her eyes mostly closed.

“Yea….I….I..heard..you…” she replied as David nuzzled her neck and cheek with his nose, nibbling at her and just sort of buzzing around her. “I’ll…be..ohh…right…there…”

Dave moved his light kisses around Mom’s face, hitting her eyes and forehead. He slid his nose down the side of hers, lining his lips up with hers. Mom, breathing heavily, watched David’s lips through mostly closed eyes and lifted her head, parting her lips in anticipation. He pressed his lips onto hers again, kissing her hard.

“Uummmmmmmmm!” Mom moaned as she let Dave kiss her again, lost in the passion of his kiss.

“Mom!” Nan called again.

She didn’t respond as Dave continued to kiss her, her head swaying with his.

“Mom?” Nan called out once more.

Mom’s arms slithered up to his shoulders, onto the base of his neck and pulled her lips from his, her eyes glazed over, her head wobbly.

“Ye…yes…I’m…coming…” she replied weakly, “I….just…have…to….”, she gripped the back of his head, “I…just…have..to…..finish…something….” and she tugged his face towards her, pulling his lips back down on hers in a wet, open-mouthed kiss!

“Ohhmmmmmmmmmmm!!!” Mom moaned into David’s mouth, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, all resistance breaking down as she kissed him back.

This time their kiss seemed to go on forever, coming in waves as they slid their open mouths together, surging back and forth.

Mom moaned in rhythm to the kiss, “Mmmmm!, Mmmmmmm!, Mmmmmmm!” as their kiss resembled the waves crashing upon the rocks and then retreating only to come crashing back. Her hands were wildly caressing David’s head as she ground her lips against his and he swept his hands up and down her torso.

“Mother!” Nan cried out impatiently.

Mom quickly pushed away, breaking their kiss.

“Ye..yes…right…there..” she replied in a fog and grabbed some napkins and went into the dinning room.

“You o.k.? You look flushed.” Nan inquired.

“Yes….fine…just tired..” Mom replied. “I’m going to take a shower and go to bed”

She left, bolting right by Dave and going upstairs. A few moments later I could hear the shower running upstairs in the bathroom next to her room. Dave almost seemed in pain, but by the looks at the rod in his pants, I doubted he was going to let this go. He seemed to stare at the ceiling and all at once I realized he was listening to the water running. He was waiting for it to stop and Mom to come out.

I decided to beat him to her. After watching him kiss her that way I found all my desire for her well up inside me. I had to have her! I crept upstairs and down the hall. Her room shared a bathroom with another bedroom and could also be accessed from the hall, so you could enter it from three places. The hall door was open and the room was still full of steam. I went in to see the door leading to her room slightly open.

I quietly walked over to the door, peeking through the small opening. Mom was facing the bureau along the same wall as the door, brushing her wet hair. She had on that silky robe she bought back when Dad was still here. She looked very sexy with the lace at the bottom of the robe caressing her thighs and her nipples protruding through the silk. I was about to enter when there was a knock on the door. I quickly retreated, pulling the door with me until it was only opened a crack.

“Who’s there?” Mom asked, somewhat warily.

“It’s me Ma, let me in” Dave responded.

“No, David, I’m tired and going to bed. We’ll talk in the morning.” she said.

“C’mon Ma, I need to see you now” he insisted.

“It can wait.” she replied.

“Just a minute” he promised.

I saw her pause at the door for a moment, then opened it and walked quickly back to the bureau.

Dave walked in and closed the door behind him. He had taken a moment to remove his shirt and shoes, no doubt in anticipation of what he hoped would happen. I saw him eye Mom up and down, taking in her frame beneath the silk robe. I could see him catch his breath as he looked at her and then moved in behind her.

“You know we can’t hide what went on in the kitchen” he started.

“David…I….I’ve been very vulnerable lately and not feeling very good about myself. I think that had a lot to do with what happened. I’m sorry we let it get that far” she said.

“Well, I’m not. You’ve been driving me crazy all day, Mom. And when I kissed you down stairs…..I….nearly lost it!” he croaked.

“David! I am your Mother! You are my son! What you are contemplating is incest! It’s wrong you should just get those thoughts out of your head!” she demanded.

(“Where have I heard that before?” I thought to myself)

Dave walked up closer to Mom’s back, gently nestling himself into her.

“Yea, I know Ma, but, damn it, you look so hot!” he replied, caressing her hips lightly.

“Stop that!” she cried, grabbing his hands off of her hips.

“Mom, I’m out of control right now. Your driving me up a wall!” Dave moaned, lowering his head to her neck and shoulders, caressing her with his nose and taking in her scent.

“Don’t do that!” Mom insisted, trying to move her neck away from his hovering nose.

Dave started planting small kisses on her neck and shoulders, caressing her hips again.

“NO…Stop..!” Mom cried, trying to avoid his kisses.

“Mom, this is going to happen and you know it. We are so hot for one another right now it could peel the paper off the wall” he said as he continued to nuzzle her neck.

“NO…no…that’s not…not… true!” Mom wheezed, eyes fluttering, her nipples now straining against the silk robe.

“Yes it is” Dave replied, laying a path of hot, open-mouthed kisses on her neck.

“NO….no..we….can’t…!” Mom whined in response to his kisses.

He made his way up her neck and across her cheek.

“David….please…don’t” Mom pleaded. “You’ve….got…to…st..mmmmppphh!” Mom’s plea was interrupted as she turned towards him and Dave slid his mouth onto hers.

“MMMmmmmmppphh!” Mom groaned as Dave kissed her hard, pushing her head back.

He ground his mouth on hers as he swept his hands up and down her torso before reaching up and grabbing a handful of tit in each hand. He kneaded the soft tit flesh through Mom’s robe, causing her to moan loudly into his mouth and start returning his kiss.

Dave broke off the kiss and buried his head in Mom’s neck while slowly turning her to face him. He sucked on her neck as his hands worked their way down to the sash of her robe, untying it and causing it to fall open. It clung to her tits, getting caught on her taught nipples, only revealing part of her round breasts. The rest of the robe parted, exposing her dark, red gash and her soft, warm thighs.

Dave’s hands snaked inside the robe, wrapping around her naked waist and pulling her tight against him. Mom grabbed onto his shoulders to steady herself as Dave continued to suck his way up her neck.

“OOHhhhhhhh….God…..David..!!” Mom moaned as he made his way across her neck and up to her chin.

He sucked on the point of her chin and then pulled his mouth off, hovering above her parted lips. Mom tilted her head, aligning her lips with his and gazed at him through partially closed eyes. Dave lowered his head, meshing his parted mouth with hers in another illicit, incestuous kiss!

“MMMMmmmmmmmmm!” Mom and Dave groaned as their lips pressed together and he ran his hands over Mom’s naked back and ass beneath her robe.

In an instant their kiss caught fire and they were desperately grinding their mouths together, running their hands over one another. Dave grabbed the robe and pulled it down Mom’s shoulders as she lowered her arms, allowing it to slide down and off her frame. She quickly reached for the snap on Dave’s shorts, pulling it open and lowering the zipper and fishing inside for cock. She pulled the extended rod from his pants, caressing its full length with both hands.

Dave broke the kiss for a moment to glance down at Mom’s naked body, her hands stroking his swollen member.

“OH Christ Ma!!” Dave moaned, taking in her sexy form and reaching up to fondle her freckled covered tits.

They stared at one another for a moment, each of them fondling the other and then, simultaneously, lunged back into another searing, hungry, open-mouthed kiss! They groped at one another, never breaking their kiss, as if they were searching for a way to bring their bodies closer together. Dave reached down, grasping Mom’s ass in both hands and lifted her off her feet, wedging his rock-hard dick between them. She quickly wrapped both of her legs around his waist, cramming his cock onto her steaming slit.

Dave walked over to the bed in this position and gently lowered them onto it, not missing a beat in their never-ending kiss.

Walking on his knees with Mom wrapped around him, he came to rest at the head of the bed, his bobbing cock pulsating above the entrance to Mom’s oozing gash of soft, pink flesh. Dave shook with desire as though his very soul was on fire and the only way to quench it was to immerse himself in our Mother’s hot, wet cunt!

Before he could move, Mom reached up and clasped his engorged cock in her hand, bending it down, pointing the swollen purple head at her gaping wound. She spread her long, silky legs across the bed in a forbidden, lustful invitation.

“Shit, Ma!” he groaned, finally breaking their kiss as she fit his cock head down into the steaming opening of her cunt.

“Oooohhh…David….now…now….honey…put…it..in…!!” she told him, lifting her pelvis up at him and urging him to enter her most sacred place.

“FUCK!!” he gasped as he slowly eased his massive penis down into the scalding, sucking core of her cunt. “Christ Ma, you feel so good!!”

Mom was obviously so hot and ready for him, his cock didn’t hesitate on its journey down into the volatile channel of her motherly vagina.

Dave slowly eased it down until he was completely immersed inside her hot, clutching cunt. It had taken only seconds for him to completely transform their lives, as Mom and I had months earlier. Now instead of mother and son, they were lovers.

Dave rose up, hunching into her, thrusting his cock even deeper into the depths of her hot, aching motherhood. Holding his cock thrusts down into her as hard as he could, he leaned down and hungrily sucked a swollen nipple into his mouth.

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