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Monday, Monday


Well, its Monday and here I am sitting, looking out the window awaiting the mailman...needing my fix...my letter. I see him round the end of the walkway as he strides purposefully to my door. The door opens and I can hear his mailbag hit the floor. A shiver runs along my spine...a soft rustling of clothing, the sound of a zipper, and then his voice ..."Mail call!" I lean back on the chair, my legs splayed, my fingers resting on my damp pussy, a smile playing across my lips as my tongue snakes out to moisten them. He strides across the room, naked, letter in hand. He stands in front of my chair and looks down at me...my eyes smouldering as I look up at him. Words are redundant, I lean forward and grip the base of his cock in my hand, lips parting as I bring the tip to my mouth. My tongue stabbing at the unseeing eye, lips tight around the base of the crown.....moaning...waiting....wriggling in my chair.

As my mouth starts to slide on his cock, I hear the tearing of the envelope, the sound of the letter being unfolded...and my breath quickens, lips moving faster, sucking, cheeks sunken. He clears his voice, a little husky as he reads, "Dear Purty, Happy Monday, start of the week. Your task for the day is to kiss as many men as possible...the number will determine next weeks task. Pucker up and enjoy." He drops the letter on the end table, and tells me that he's glad he will be number one on that list.

I hear the door open and a booming voice yells, "How did you beat me here.... are you running your route today Mailman?" He thrusts his cock deeper into my mouth as he yells back, "Just getting her warmed up."

The UPS man enters the room, unbuttoning his shirt, slipping his belt off he holds it in his hand as he unzips and removes his pants. "Sorry about the erection, but I have been needing this all day." He kicks out of his pants as he strides towards me...then turns around...his amazing ass cheeks rippling as he walks away. "I forgot something." his chuckle sending a shiver up my spine.

My postman continues to fuck my mouth...running his fingers through my hair, slowly, sensuously, my moans vibrating on his hard shaft. I see UPS come into view holding of all things...a brown paper bag. My Monday Morning Men, exchange a glance, a nod and damn it...wicked evil grins. UPS comes up behind me, caressing my arms, pulling them back....placing my hands on his face, my thumbs tracing his soft lips. Moaning against postman's cock, I feel UPS 's hands encircle my wrists, screaming as my arms are pulled back and up...tied at the wrists...shock registering on my face.

"Just a little beginner bondage kit, dear Purty." drawls UPS, punctuated by a chuckle. My body twists, I try to push postman's cock from my mouth and wriggle back, but he pushes in, puts his body on mine...pinning me...UPS keeping a tight grip on the ropes attached to my wrists. Shaking my head, grazing his cock with my teeth, he pulls out...smiling at me..."Let's have a tour of the house...find the best place to tether the wild Purty and see if we can't tame her today."

UPS comes around in front of me, pulling me to my feet...drags me forward and covers my mouth with his...nipping at my lips, chewing on my tongue until I gasp, dancing on my feet. Pulling me along, as the postman grips my hips and follows along, fingers digging in almost painfully. Room after room offers no suitable place to tether me, according to my jailers.

Finally exhausting all possible places, we end up in the basement, often jokingly referred to as 'the dungeon.' My space to get away from the world. Both men nod in agreement....my arms are tied upwards, stretched out, going from one floor support pole to the other. My legs are spread by way of dual teasing from front and back, thighs caressed, wet slit stroked but not parted, ass kissed...my thighs part as I moan, pulling hard at the tethers, further decreasing my ability to move. Each man encircles an ankle pulling and securing them to the bottom of the poles. Gasping for air, shaking my head, UPS secures a blindfold over my eyes and the lights go out for me. My lips preparing to demand my release are captured by lips, tongue forcing deep into my mouth, cutting off my protests, making me whimper as a finger traces the parted outline of my nether lips.

The silence is complete as both of them stop touching me...neither talking to the other....my traitorous pussy dripping, my nipples so tight they ache, I chew on my bottom lip as I wait. The anticipation driving me crazy, refusing to ask them, talk to them or make any sound at all, I bite down on my own lip to stop myself from communicating. Tasting blood, I hear the tell tale sound of the air being sliced at the same time as the belt kisses my ass.

Trying to steel myself for the next slap, clenching muscles, holding my breath...waiting... and then letting myself relax, muscles unwinding, the air forced from my lungs as the belt kisses my ass, my thighs...over and over. Unable to brace for the blows, my body hanging limply from my wrists, my legs refusing to hold me. Screaming, gasping, panting as my ass is set on fire, the backs of my legs demanding that I stop this...but unable to...I scream, "Nooooo!"

As the last of my breath carries the word out of my mouth, I feel my nipples being licked, the belt still kissing my ass, I can feel the sticky juices coating my thighs, as my nipples swell even more...his teeth, omg...whose teeth?...a wretched sound bubbles out of my throat as I realize I will never know who is wielding the belt, who is suckling at my nipples.

Time passes, I don't know how long, as all of a sudden I realize that I am no longer gasping for breath or screaming with pain, but moaning, panting for air... the lips still nuzzling at my nipples, as a hand caresses the red stripes that riddle my ass, soft kisses, soothing the raised welts. His hands move to touch the fronts of my legs, pulling me back to meet his hot, wet lips, his tongue tasting my flesh with light teasing touches. The soft lips at my breasts turn harder, teeth clamping down, hands squeezing my fleshy breast, chewing mercilessly at the same time that the tongue breaches my ass crack. tasting my tiny brown pucker, pushing at my back door. Unable to move at all....I can only accept this treatment. The pleasure tempered with pain...keeping me on heat, aroused, on the edge of need....my body aching for the next sensation.

The burning of my bitten nipples plays along the edges of my consciousness, keeping me alert while at the same time, keeping the pleasure of the tongue that breaches my back door from becoming overwhelming. Is there such a thing as too much stimulation?...because if there is I am dangerously close to that limit. Barely holding on to rational thoughts, my entire being at the moment focused on my nipples and my blossoming rosebud, the pressure of that stiff tongue opening me up as it twitches searching inside me.

A soft buzzing sound...straining my ears to try and recognize the sound, my gaping pussy lips are touched by a hard vibrating...omg...dildo. It waggles up and down my quivering slit, lubing itself on my spilled juices before plunging straight and true to the very depths of my pussy. I can feel the vibrating head at my back wall, the rounded bump on it pushing up at my gspot, also emitting deep pulsing vibrations. Gasping for air, the man in front of me pulls his lips from my breast with a loud pop, and quickly secures nipple clamps to both of my engorged and throbbing buds. Screaming and swaying back and forth, the hands on my legs, holding me, the fingers digging in hard to stop my movements. But my screams carry throughout the room...echoing off the walls, my voice having movement while my body is trapped.

A hard cock nestles between my ass cheeks, it pushes at my throbbing, winking asshole, the vibrator still moving in and out of my cunt...muscles constricting, body tensing and with a gurgled grunt he pushes into my ass, not slowing until his balls slap against me. Groaning aloud, as his hands grip my hips, I feel my ankles being released, the vibrator pulled from my cunt and hands lifting my ass. My legs wrap around the hips of the body in front of me as his cock fills the void left by the dildo. The two men plow into me, one cock in, one cock out, until my moans change, gasping for air, my clit on fire , and then as the tremors run through my needy body, they both plunge in at the same time, filling me, stretching my holes, the smell of sex intoxicating ... fingers releasing my nipples from the grip of the clamps.

They both hold on tight, my body tossing itself, bucking at both cocks, muscles spasming as I scream... OMGGGGGG... my pussy squirting, soaking us, drenching us with its forced stream. The tightening of my muscles bringing both men to their own climaxes...all three bodies shivering as bodily fluids, the essence of our sex pour from us...mixing as it flows out and over my thighs.

Fingers lightly massaging my nipples, soft lips on mine capturing the escaping whimpers and the light caress on my ass. My legs are lowered, my wrists released and I am half dragged, half carried to the sofa where all three of us collapse in a twisted shuddering tangled heap of lips and limbs. Such a strong connection, these men and I have that no words are needed... heart beats returning to normal... breathing slowing, the scent of us permeating the air. I reach to undo the blindfold, and drop it into my lap. Kissing them each in turn, smiling, my eyes glassy, evidence of the passion just shared.

Rising at last , making our way to the shower, stepping out into warm fluffy towels and sharing a quick drink at the table. Quickly dressing, they kiss me full on the lips, and make their way to the door. "Well honey, your kiss count is at two...you better get out there and make someone's day." the postman laughs as he walks toward the street. UPS waves from his truck as he backs out and I look over to see my neighbour...home for lunch, smiling, I walk towards him calling out a greeting, waving and thinking...'number 3.'

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