tagLoving WivesMonogamy - Lori Goes Exploring

Monogamy - Lori Goes Exploring


Lori gazed at the passing countryside, lost in thought. She and Symone, gliding down the road to the big city of Alsmouth in Symone's massive black Escalade, had chatted briefly at the beginning, nervously avoiding discussing what happened last night. Since their husbands, Charlie and Ronny, were going to be working on Ronny's boat all day, the women decided to have a little girl time. Despite Lori's growing need to talk about it with her best friend, the two women had both fallen into a thoughtful silence. Lori could feel Symone look at her from time to time, though, probably gauging the right time to bring it up.

Lori was still a bit stunned that she and Charlie had made love right in front of her brother, Ronny, and his wife, Symone. The couple were her and Charlie's best friends, but she had never done anything like that in her life! Still, she had to admit it had been the most intense sex she had ever experienced.

Lori flushed at the memory and tucked a stray bit of hair over her ear. Her fingers lingered on the side of her neck for a moment, stroking softly. She stirred restlessly, then settled down into the comfortable seat.

There had been so many confusing things going on at the same time, Lori wasn't sure which parts had turned her on the most. Was it her brother's hard rod, or was it how he had pounded it into Symone from behind? Was she some kind of freak who lusted for her brother? Maybe it was because Symone was clutching Lori's spread-open legs just to keep herself from being driven to the floor? Or, maybe it was the other couple watching her as she bounced up and down on her husband's hardness until the strongest orgasm of her life had exploded through her? Lori sighed and smiled quietly, feeling desire start to build within her at the memories. She flexed her pelvic muscles, pulse-pulse, and laughed softly.

"Did you and Charlie talk about what happened last night?" Symone finally asked. Lori turned in the seat to face toward Symone, cocking her left knee up on the seat. The leather felt good on the now-bare underside of her leg. Smooth and sensual. She nervously adjusted her skirt.

"Just a quick are-you-ok kind of thing," Lori said, looking at Symone. A grin quirked Symone's lips.

"Well, are you?"

"Am I? Oh, yes, I suppose. It was just so unlike me," Lori said. "Unlike Charlie, too."

"Does it make you feel bad?" Symone asked, concerned.

"Well, I feel a little guilty about seeing my brother naked," Lori said then laughed. Symone giggled along with her. "Other than that, I guess I'm still processing it all."

"I'm glad to hear that," Symone said, sighing with relief. "I was worried that you and Charlie were freaking out a bit. Ronny and I have done things like that before, but we knew you two haven't been very adventurous up to now. You did seem to enjoy it," Symone said, arching an eyebrow slyly. The women laughed.

"I'm pretty sure it was the most powerful orgasm of my life," Lori said, sighing extravagantly. "You and Ronny have done things like that before? What kind of things?" Lori had heard rumors about Symone and Ronny, they were supposed to be swingers, but had not heard of it from either of them.

"Adventurous things," Symone said, laughing at Lori's snort of objection. "Ok, Ok! Just kidding! We have done that before with other couples. Also swapping, threesomes, a couple of orgies, some other things."

"You have sex with other men?" Lori asked, a little shocked. Her husband, Charlie, had been her first and only lover and she had never really thought much about having sex with someone else.

"Sure," Symone said, amused. "Does that shock you?"

"Yes, a little, I guess." Lori considered this for a moment. "How do you...how is it that you, a woman, can be...can have sex with another man? Doesn't it make you feel...less, I guess, for Ronny? I'm not asking this correctly, but do you know what I mean?"

"I think I do," Symone said. "Hmmm...it's just, for Ronny and I, we've grown to the point where sex with others adds to our marriage, not subtracts."

"Wait, you get closer to your husband because you two have sex with others?" Lori asked. That definitely didn't sound right. She would be horrified if Charlie had sex with another woman and she was convinced he'd feel the same about her.

"No, not closer. Well, not exactly. You see, we've become so close over the years, so tight in our marriage that having fun sex with others doesn't have any impact on us as a couple. On who we are, on our marriage. As long as we both abide by the rules we've set, it's the same as playing golf or going to a movie with a friend. You see?"

"You are saying the sex with others is the result of your strong marriage, not the cause of it, right?" Lori asked.

"Exactly," Symone said. Lori considered this for a moment.

"I don't think Charlie would be OK with me having sex with another man," Lori said.

"Of course not," Symone said, "just like you wouldn't be OK with him sexing it up with another woman." Symone smiled at Lori's snort. "Your marriage hasn't developed that way. Most don't, you know. Being that way is OK. It's not like you have failed to achieve the next level or anything."

"I guess," Lori said, thinking about it. "But, we've talked lately about improving our sex life. You know, putting some fire back in the old bedroom, and what we did last night was so hot! I want..."

"What?" Symone said after a moment as she piloted the SUV off the highway and down into the city. "What is it that you want, Lor?"

"I was very excited. And embarrassed. And, oh, helpless, I suppose, to resist. I want that excitement more, but I don't want to hurt Charlie or our marriage. I don't even want to take a chance on anything bad like that happening," Lori said.

"That makes sense," Symone said. "You and Charlie need to sit down and talk about this. It's entirely possible for you two to explore together in a way that doesn't hurt either of you. You both establish boundaries, what you each can and cannot live with, when and how to communicate things, and so on."

Symone pulled the SUV into a parking slot, and Lori saw they had arrived. Surprised, she saw they were parked in front of Martin's, a high-dollar women's clothing store.

"If you want, Ronny and I can coach you two in this. No, don't look at me that way!" Symone said, laughing. "We could coach you guys 'that way,' but what I mean is we can help you guys talk about it, figure out what to explore, things like that. However much or little you guys want."

"Would you?" Lori said, brightening. "I have no clue how to 'explore' as you say, without screwing something up!" She hugged Symone and said, "You are such a good friend."

"That's why we came here," Symone said, pointing toward the store as they exited the vehicle. "Now, let's go in and do a little exploring of our own!"


The women entered the store and Lori allowed Symone to select several sexy lingerie items for her to try on. "After all," Symone said, "the best place to start improving your sex life is in the bedroom!"

Trying on the lingerie over her bra and panties proved unsatisfying, however. The material just wouldn't fall naturally. It bunched up in odd places and made her feel awkward and a little pudgy.

"Be back in a sec," Symone said before disappearing through the changing room curtain. As the curtain opened and closed, Lori saw a cute man sitting there, looking at something on his phone. She thought she recognized him from earlier in the store where he'd been following a busty brown-haired woman around as she shopped. Startled, Lori crossed her arms over her bra-covered breasts and turned away from the doorway until Symone drew the curtain closed. She blushed at the thought of him seeing her undressed.

"OK, here," Symone said as she came back into the changing room. She laid several things on the bench next to Lori and waving two of them, a sheer black thong and bra, at Lori. "Here, take off your undies and put these on. This is as close to nude as you can get. You need to buy some of these anyway."

Lori sighed and stepped out of her panties with Symone supporting her lightly by one arm. She caught Symone peeking at her thick but trimmed bush. Symone grinned roguishly.

Symone knelt down, holding the black thong for Lori to step into. Lori hesitated, then stepped gingerly into the skimpy underwear. Symone adjusted the waistband, then tugged the thin strip running between Lori's buttocks and let it snap lightly against her. The narrow front of the thong, as was usual for Lori, hugged her vulvar cleavage tightly. She thought she could clearly see each and every hair down there.

"That's why I don't wear thongs," Lori said, tugging the edges of the offending garment into place as Symone stood up. "You have to be shaved down there to wear one. It itches like crazy!"

"You can get laser hair removal," Symone said, turning Lori briefly to look at the thong, then pulled the tag off and set it aside.

Lori turned toward Symone to accept the sheer bra and felt a tingle that hardened her nipples as she saw Symone gazing at Lori's swaying breasts. She wiggled her chest back and forth, grinning and teasing Symone, before putting on the sheer bra and hooking it in front. It fit tightly against her breasts, and her extended nipples were clearly visible.

Symone opened the curtain, then hesitated in the doorway, turning back to Lori with her mouth open to speak. As she turned, the cute man in the waiting area looked up, getting a clear view of Lori. His eyes widened, and his mouth curled up into a broad smile as he studied her. Lori felt her nipples somehow get harder, achingly hard. She felt her face flush with red heat and something that could only be excitement shot through her stomach. She froze in place, unable to move.

After a couple of seconds (that felt more like hours) Lori broke her stasis, shoved Symone through the doorway and jerked the curtain closed.

"Thanks for giving everyone a show!" Lori growled at Symone. Symone laughed.

"Anytime, darling!" Lori heard Symone say. "What did you think? Hot, huh?" Symone asked, presumably to the man in the waiting area. He chuckled.

"Awesome show," he said, "Your friend is well put together."

Lori sighed, shaking her head. She retrieved a black teddy from the pile and put it on. It fit perfectly! She twisted around to see it in the mirror behind her, but couldn't get a good view. She did notice that it cut under her breasts, giving them a larger appearance.

She heard Symone and the man murmuring, but couldn't make out the words. Their conversation was punctuated by giggles and laughter.

"Sy, can you come in and take a look? I can't see my butt very well," Lori asked.

"Sure," Symone said, whipping the curtain open and paused before stepping into the small booth. Lori started and once again made eye contact with the man in the chairs. His smile sent electric tingles shooting through her stomach and pelvis. She could practically feel the wetness flooding into her vagina, signaling how much she was getting turned on by being seen by this man, this stranger.

Symone took Lori's hands, and, raising them, started turning her and examining the garment.

"Sy! The curtain!" Lori said, both mortified and incredibly turned on. Her nipples, standing tall and proud in the sheer bra, became super sensitive. The man studied them carefully, then dropped his view down to look at her naked buttocks and hips. She thanked God that she hadn't shaved her pubic area yet. She would be effectively naked to his eyes, then. She trembled at the thought of this man seeing her naked.

"I think we'll leave it open so Gerald over there can see and tell us what he thinks," Symone whispered, leaning in close to Lori. "He's just waiting for his wife to finish trying on some slacks two booths over." Looking intently into Lori's eyes, Symone said, "Trust me. I won't let you get into trouble, and I won't do anything you aren't OK with. Will you trust me to help you explore?"

Lori hesitated. She hadn't discussed this with Charlie, but it was only looking. She didn't think he would object to that. The mixture of shame and naughty thrill was turning her on like she never would have thought possible. Lori turned her head slowly, shakily and looked the man, Gerald, boldly in the eyes. He smiled broadly and mimed clapping.

She could feel the wetness, the swelling of her sex as she nodded to Symone and stood up straight. Lori slowly turned, giving the man a long look at her nearly naked body. She found herself fighting to keep from tweaking her nipples to give him a thrill. She laughed nervously. Or Jilling off right in front of him, she thought.

"That one looks good on you, Lor. Try the white one next," Symone said then left the booth, closing the curtain.

Lori's hand dipped to her crotch, lightly rubbing, circling her clit. Her need was building rapidly. She started to pull the thong aside and dip her fingers in her wetness but instead moaned and stopped what she was doing with a sigh. She changed into the sexy little white piece Symone had picked out. The piece was crotchless and her vulva, barely covered by the thong, pushed out of the opening a bit obscenely. The man would love it! She checked in the mirror and found the perfect pose.

"I'm ready," she croaked standing in a hipshot pose with her legs apart, vamping for the man waiting on the other side of the curtain. The curtain opened with Symone standing to the side, and there Lori was, trembling, beet red and turned on like never before. The man looked at her, silently whistling in appreciation. He pointed at her then pressed his pants at the crotch. The effect she was having on him was obvious, and he lightly rubbed his generous endowment before stopping and silently applauding. It lay there, in his pants, straining upward under the garment and pulsing with excitement.

Symone entered the booth and closed the curtain. She crowded close to Lori, put an arm around her and leaned in to whisper. The touch was electric.

"Did you see the size of his cock?" Symone breathed hotly into Lori's ear. Lori nodded. She felt an almost overwhelming urge to rub herself, to push her fingers inside and pull out the orgasm trembling just inside.

"Gerald, can you come in here and help me?" a woman's voice called. Symone mouthed, His wife? at Lori.

"Oh, you bet," the man said, excitement in his voice. They heard the curtain of the booth two down from their's open, then close. There was the shuffling sound of two people maneuvering in a small space.

"What are you doing, Gerald? That's not the help I wanted," the woman's voice said. A giggle. "No, wait, we can't do that in here..." Some shuffling. Someone bumped lightly against the wall between the booths. Loud, wet kisses, the kind where tongues are being devoured. A low moan from a woman's throat.

"Fuck..." quietly, a man's voice. Another bump against the wall, this time louder. A rhythmic sound started, the sound of primal thrusting intermingled with the sighs, moans, and rapid breaths of sex.

Lori looked at Symone's far-away eyes and realized that Symone's hands were stroking softly against Lori's flanks and back. Lust boiled up through Lori, and she closed her eyes and slid her hand into her thong. She started circling her wet, hard clit with one finger. Symone's hands dropped down to Lori's hips and stroked across her pubic mound toward Lori's wet sex.

"No touching," Lori said opening her eyes to look into Symone's. Symone arched an eyebrow at her, her hands frozen in place. "I haven't talked to Charlie, yet," Lori explained. Symone nodded, then stepped back.

"Show me, then," Symone said, her voice husky with desire. "Show me how you do it." The sounds from the booth next door intensified, the cubicle walls shaking now. A man's heavy breathing joined the lighter panting of the woman.

Lori dropped down onto the bench, spreading her legs wide so Symone could see. She saw Symone's eyes, filled with lust, locked onto Lori's wet bush and engorged vulva. Lori felt a surge of lust as Symone watched her start masturbating to the rhythm of the couple next door.

Lori pressed two fingers of her left hand rhythmically against her opening, reveling in the increasing pressure until the fingers slipped just inside. Lori expanded the fingers, the pressure just inside her pushing a groan of pleasure out of her. Her right hand was rubbing her long, hooded button, now in a circular motion, now up and down. Each change in direction elicited a gasp, a throb of lust from her.

She started moving her fingers in and out of her enflamed passage, keeping time with the man next door. She heard their sounds, and that urged her on. But, it was Symone's eyes, watching her, that drove her on, closer and closer to her own release.

Symone dropped down to the ground between Lori's knees and, just like last night, she laid her head on Lori's thigh, watching her, seeing her, smelling her, wanting her. Lusting for her! Lori began playing a hard rhythm on her clitoris as the thought of Symone lusting for her crashed into Lori's mind. A moan pushed out of her, and she wished that Charlie was there to give her what she needed so desperately.

"Fuck yes!" from the man next door. There were four hard, irregular shakes of the booths accompanied by the man emitting deep, masculine growls. The sound of his climax, along with Symone's hot breath and lust-filled eyes, sent Lori over the edge.

She jammed her fingers inside herself and clamped down hard on the length of her clit. Her head went back, mouth open and she saw stars exploding. Her hips lifted, straining upward. The stars in her vision faded to white as she spasmed, only Symone's strength keeping her on the bench.

Lori came fully back down to earth, the aftershocks still sparking inside her, when she felt Symone stand and start gathering the clothing and other items. She groggily stood and tried to help. Her knees were weak, and she stood there, trembling and unable to help.

"Come on, Lori, we need to bail out!" Symone giggled as she helped Lori put on her skirt and blouse. She grabbed Lori's hand and practically dragged her from the booth. Madly laughing the whole time, they stopped only long enough to pay for the armful of items, then hustled out of the store and into the Escalade.

After fifteen minutes of excited chatting later, Symone finally wound down to thoughtful silence. Lori's thoughts floated dreamily as she considered the wicked things she had let Symone talk her into doing. She didn't think Charlie would object to that particular kind of wickedness, though. In fact, she was quite sure he'd be excited enough at her telling to forgive her for playing without him.

Lori sat, knees drawn up under her and watched the surrounding landscape flowed silently by as they sped toward home and Charlie. She relaxed deep into her seat, feeling sated and mellow and planned several sexy ways to tell Charlie about her day.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/12/17

Only pervert idiots believe in a lifestyle like that!!!

Only crap for pervert cuckolds or real idiots!!!

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by PolyLvr10/11/17

Ur all fukkin idiots

Just because a particular lifestyle isn't for you, doesn't mean it won't work for others. You would be surprised what people around you get up to. Your parents, your siblings, your children. You don'tmore...

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by Anonymous10/10/17

Withholding rating for now

To see what the title might be suggesting & with other comments/commenters.
But, as she has already gone further than a decent wife should; the author has a serious deficit to navigate.

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by Anonymous10/10/17

"Hmmm...it's just, for Ronny and I, we've grown to the point where sex with others adds to our marriage, not subtracts."

Well yeah, if you're starting at zero, anything additional is a plus. Kind of like a couple of sardines improving a bowl of rice.

Hey, its fine for a couple to engage in whatever relationship and lifemore...

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by OneBallBigger10/10/17

Stick Around Anony

You’ll be surprised!

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