tagBDSMMore Than I Ever Wanted? Ch. 01

More Than I Ever Wanted? Ch. 01


Hope you like this beginning of a new story. It was going to be short and sweet, but kept growing. Any feedback would be great, thank you.


The alarm clock goes off, but as I open my eyes it's still dark. I roll over and check the time on my phone beside the bed. It's 12.01a.m! I know we're normally early risers but this is ridiculous. I roll back again to ask my wife why on earth her alarm is going off in the middle of the night, and there is my first surprise.

She has opened the drawer in her bedside cabinet where we keep our toys, and pulled out the wide, leather handcuffs I bought a couple of years ago. Unfortunately they hadn't been used much. Their main use had been to make me realise that my wife hadn't found the metal handcuffs we already had that uncomfortable, she just wasn't particularly excited about playing bondage games.

I've had a thing about bondage ever since I can remember, but never really had a chance to satisfy my yearnings, however that was a tiny price to pay to be married to this fantastic woman. Not only is she fantastic, she's got a fantastic body with proper curves. Not too big, just shapely, none of this supermodel-twig business.

As I try to work out what's happening, she leans over and wraps a cuff around each of my wrist, snapping the little padlocks in place.

"Roll over honey" she whispers to me. As I do I feel her pull my wrists together behind me, and then there's the click. The cuffs came with one of those snaplinks with a clip at either end, but by the feel of my wrists she's clipped both cuffs with just one clip. That gives me absolutely no movement to be able to reach the clip or the padlocks. A hand on my shoulder rolls me onto my back, then snakes down to my chest to play with my nipple, just gently flicking with her nail. I'm starting to get really turned on now and lean toward her, trying to kiss her. As I do her other hand slides into my hair and takes a good grip, holding my lips just inches from hers. I can't speak as her hand slides down from my nipple to feel my hard cock. She looks into my eyes as she grips me tight, and leans in to kiss me. I'm desperate to feel her lips, but she just gives me a quick peck of a kiss, barely touching me. She smiles.

"Happy Birthday pet, sleep well!" There's a smile, and then she rolls over and switches off the light, leaving me amazingly turned on and helpless. And true enough, since it turned midnight, it is now my birthday. I think this might be one of the best yet, or possibly the worst!

I'm horribly turned on, and my teasing wife has just rolled over to turn her back to me. This is one of the things I've hoped for and dreaded for years; it's almost my ultimate fantasy, to be tied up and helpless, and then left devoid of attention. I edge across the bed until I can begin to kiss the nape of her neck. I work from one shoulder to the other across her back, and then up behind her ear into her hairline. I know she's really sensitive there, but I get no reaction at all. At the same time I slide my body across to spoon against her, nestling my erection into the crack between her gorgeous arse cheeks. I feel her clench her muscles around my dick and start to rock my hips as I continue to kiss her neck. I'm getting more and more excited, so turned on by the cuffs, the way she's ignoring me, happy to leave me helpless and horny as though I don't matter to her, and the friction of my cock against her arse cheeks. Suddenly her voice cuts through the darkness.

"If you can't lie still, I'll tether you to that side of the bed, and you won't be able to touch me at all. Now get your prick away from my body!"

I freeze, so close to coming already, but unable to disobey her. I shuffle across the bed away from her, my dick sticking out hard toward still as I lie on my side, my hands trapped behind me. I'm just trying to calm the madness in my head and heart as she speaks again. This time in a gentler, warmer tone.

"The kisses on my neck were nice though; you can continue to do that as I fall asleep." I could here the smirk in her voice as she said this, sounding for all the world like some empress used to command all her life. She'd finally realised that with the right situation, I would beg her to let me do the slightest thing for her.

I'm not sure when she falls asleep, but I know I'm awake for a long time before I finally drift off. I spend all that time planting gently kisses and light licks across her shoulders and her neck, desperately horny and knowing I'll just have to wait.

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