tagBDSMMore Than She Bargained For

More Than She Bargained For


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April checked one last time to make sure everything was ready. It’s her day off and it’s been so long since she practiced a little self-bondage, and she’s been working herself up for this all week. She stands in front of the full-length mirror and smiles at what she sees, 5’4, with 38 C tits, a little plump but not fat, her pussy has been freshly shaved, long, toned legs. Not to bad for a 40 yr old woman.

She had taken a long hot bath and given herself a cleansing enema. And now she was wearing a tight pair of rubber panties holding vibrating dildos in her cunt and her ass, as well as a high speed vibrator held snug against her clit, all just waiting for a flick of the switch to be turned on. Knowing that her orgasms are much more powerful when she has a full bladder, she's forced herself to drink an 8 oz glass of water every 10 minutes for the last hour. She's tied a spreader bar to the feet of the couch, and placed large cuffs at the very ends for her knees, making sure she can't move them together even an inch.

She double checks on the rope over her head, the top end is tied to a hook on the underside of the coffee table and then stretched to reach arm length above her head, the free end is doubled up so there is a loop then the end was left in a small pan of water which was then frozen. The loop will release when the ice melts allowing her to move her hands and reach the keys that are conveniently placed where she can use them, Dawn figures it will take about 2 hours for the ice to melt.

Almost ready, she thinks, and takes a thin length of twine and wraps it tightly around the base of her left tit several times. She does the same on her right tit then ties them securely together. Her tits bulge out, the nipples becoming like hard little diamonds. April lies on the floor and puts the cuffs around her knees. Then she turns on all the vibes and last, she puts eight clothespins on the flesh of each tit, making a circle around each nipple. She's has two more clothespins attached to a long string which goes thru a hook in the ceiling then down and is tied to her thighs. She places these closepins directly on her nipples, but (purposely) they are just a little too short and stretches each one up to the ceiling. Before she can change her mind, she locks her right wrist into a leather cuff, and passing the connecting chain thru the loop, pulls the blindfold down, and locks the left cuff on.

It only takes about a minute before the first orgasm hits. April starts to squirm., her hips rising and falling, pulling painfully on strings for the clothespins on her nipples. If she hadn't done such a thorough job of immobilizing herself, this is where she would have stopped, she would have gotten up and gone on with her day. But as it was, this was only the beginning. It takes a little while longer for her to cum the second time, and she does her best to hold it off, but eventually the sensations overtake her again and this time it's an even harder orgasm. Over and over again the cycle goes, her body is covered with sweat and she feels weak as a kitten. She has no idea how many times she's come or how much time has passed.

Suddenly, April hears a noise that shouldn't be there, it sounds like someone else is in the house. She's helpless though, she can't go investigate, and now she's cumming again. Just as she starts she hears a voice saying, "Isn't this nice, I was just going to help myself to your valuables, but now I think I'll help myself to you.”

April has no idea who this is, or how he got in, she's tied up tight and totally helpless as big, rough hands molest her. “I like this,” he says as he grabs the clothespins on her tits and gives them a vigorous shake.

Just for starters, He grabs Aprils hair and feeds her his hardened cock. "Suck it good, Slut" he says as he shoves it down her throat. He pushes his way in till his balls are slapping at April's chin, using her hair to pump up and down as she gags and struggles for breath. He gets even harder and she thinks he's about to shoot his load down her throat when he abruptly pulls out. "I'm not ready to stop yet, but I want to get more use out of you before I cum….the first time.

He leaves her for a moment, and she realizes he's taking the cuff off one knee. As he does she tries to kick out but he has her ankle in his hand and just laughs at her. "You don't think I wasn't ready for that, do you?? You'll still have to pay for it though". He pulls the rubber panties off the leg he's freed, but leaves the vibrators still inside. Then he replaces the cuff and untying the spreader bar from the couch, pulls it up and ties it onto the hooks on the coffee table.

"This will work out just fine," he mutters, then pauses and she hears him pulling his belt off his pants. "This will work out great"

WHOOSH, The belt whistles thru the air until it lands right in the middle of her ass. Again, and again, and again….He doesn't stop, just keeps whipping her without mercy as fast and as hard as he can. April realizes that even though she is scared to death, and the pain is more than she ever thought she could take…..she's cumming again, harder than before, harder than she believed she could cum.

He hits her 40 or 50 times before he stops and reaches in and yanks out the big fat dildo in her cunt. "Just got it primed for me" he taunts then steps behind her and without warning, forces the head of his cock into her pussy. It's tight, because he so big but he doesn't give her any time to get accustomed to it, he takes one breath and slams his entire dick into her cunt. Hard and fast he fucks her, violently and brutally. Digging his fingers into her abused cheeks he rides her like a jack hammer pounding the concrete during rush hour. He reaches over and pushes two meaty fingers into her ass, not even bothering to pull the butt plug out first, "You are such a fucking slut, aren't you, you are getting off on this as much as I am. The more I hurt you, the more you cum. That's lucky for you, I guess, because I plan to hurt you a lot before I'm done"

Reaching to the strings holding the clothspins on her nipples, he gives them a sharp yank and pulls the clothespins off her nipples, then viciously rips the rest of them off too. It hurts so much, Dawn cum again.

Just then, the ice finally melts threw. April makes a move to lower her arms and push him away, but he’s way to quick for her. He grabs the keys and moves them out of her reach then unties the spreader bar and flips her face down. He hooks the chain between to the hook on the coffee table. Forcing April onto her knees, he runs a long piece of twine around the twine on her tits, he pulls the end to the spreader bar, cinches it close and ties it off, leaving her ass high in the air and her face crushed against the floor.

That was a mistake, Slut, I’m going to have to punish you now. He picks up his belt again and proceeds to bring welts to her ass and thighs. “Such a dirty whore needs to be cleaned out. April shivers as he leaves her for a moment and she hears water running. He comes back way too soon and after a minute, yanks the butt plug out. April feels a bulbous nozzle being pumped into her cunt, then pulled out and savagely thrust into her asshole. “Nothing like four quarts of hot soapy water to clean out a dirty whore.” She feels the hot spray filling her bowels. The soap creates a burning irritation all the way in. He’s hung the bag high, so it’s rushing in fast, creating an instant need to expel, but the nozzle is too big to let any pass. She starts cramping and moaning, but He isn’t done, he smears a glob of something slippery and thick on her clit and begins rubbing, She realizes it’s Icy Hot and her clit catches fire as he rubs faster.

Every part of her hurts, and she’s been cumming for over two hours, but He’s not done yet, when the enema bag is totally empty He pulls the nozzle out quickly, only to replace it with his long, thick, hard cock. He takes a handful of hair and pulls her head up as he churns the soapy water in her ass. He thrusts hard and fast and incredibly, she feels him grow even harder inside her. Releasing her hair, he alternately slaps her ass and drags his fingernails over the lines he’s left with his belt. Letting out a loud yell, he adds his load of cum to the enema inside her.

He pulls his cock out and slams the largest butt plug she owns deep into her ass. Then after once again whipping her ass and thighs, he places the keys in her hand. “Count to 200 before you use these, or I’ll be back and you won’t get off so easy.”

He walks out the door, and April starts counting, then rushes to the bathroom, barely getting herself unencumbered and cleaned up before she falls into bed and goes deeply asleep. When she wakes up in the morning, she is cocooned in her lovers cherishing arms, She kisses him awake and whispers “Thank you, that was everything I fantased about” as they make slow, sweet, careful love.

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