Morning Coffee And Then Some...


After Jaimee and Lindsey got done, it was Renee's turn. Renee sat back in the seat and Jaimee and Lindsey tag-teamed her pussy.

I couldn't take it anymore; I was so horny I could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy. I hiked up my skirt and slid my pussy over my husband's hard throbbing cock. I was so wet, I didn't even have to work it in, I slid right on and the feeling was amazing.

I was watching Jaimee and Lindsey eating Renee's cunt while riding my husbands' cock. It didn't take long for me to cum. Feeling my pussy squeezing his hard cock sent Tyler over the edge and he started shooting his hot sticky cum into my pussy, sending me into another orgasm. I screamed out his name and had to hold on to him for fear of falling over.

Renee was the last to cum, Lindsey had a hold of her nipples and was telling Jaimee to lap at her pussy. "Make her cum Jaimee! Fuck her pussy and make her cum all over your face!" That did it, the talking on top of everything else made Renee cum, and cum hard. Jaimee continued to lap at her pussy to make sure she got all of Renee's cum.

Surprisingly enough, we were all famished. A bit disheveled looking, but starving none the less. We straightened ourselves up a bit and headed back on to the road to find a restaurant. I looked over at Tyler, and he had this Cheshire cat grin on his face. I said, "What's that look for?"

"Holy shit Reagan, did you not see and feel all that just happened? This shit doesn't happen everyday to me!" He explained.

We all laughed, but had to agree with him, it had been a pretty amazing day.

We had a nice quiet dinner and to the outsider, we were just a bunch of friends chatting and enjoying each other's company. But if someone actually took the time to pay closer attention, they would see that Jaimee and I were rubbing each other's pussies under the table, and Jaimee was rubbing Tyler's cock, while Tyler was rubbing Renee's pussy who was rubbing Lindsey's. It was a miracle that we actually managed to eat dinner.

Of course all that foreplay made for a rather quick dinner, no desert and an even quicker ride home.

We barely made it through the front door when we started stripping our clothes off. I was helping Lindsey and Renee, and Tyler and Jaimee were helping each other.

I asked Tyler if he was ok with all of this, and he said he was, as long as I still loved him. I kissed him long and deep and could feel his hard cock rubbing my thigh. Wanting to feel him inside me, I spun around and let him slip his cock into me. Renee was rubbing on Tyler's back and massaging his balls while he thrust in and out of me. Lindsey and Jaimee were locked in a 69 on the floor moaning their pleasure into their pussies.

"Renee," I said, "I want to lick your pussy while Tyler fucks me."

It didn't take know time for Renee to position herself in front of me with her legs spread so I could feast on her pussy.

"Watch me baby, watch me eat her pussy and make her cum." I told Tyler. I could feel his grip tighten on my hips and his cock twitch in my pussy.

I started off slowly licking up and down the outside of her lips. She wanted more and she thrust her pussy in my face making my tongue go deeper. Taking the hint, I started rubbing my face in her pussy and licking and sucking her lips, her clit, anything my mouth came in contact with. Tyler was thrusting deep inside my pussy and loving the show I was giving him. Jaimee and Lindsey had stopped 69ing and were sitting back enjoying the show as well, while rubbing their pussies.

Renee grabbed the back of my head and said, "Holy shit, I'm gonna cum, oooohhhh...." I locked on to her clit and wouldn't let go until I felt the last spasms of her orgasm. I turned around and kissed Tyler deeply letting him taste her cum while I stroked his cock. I asked him if he was ready to cum and he just moaned in agreement.

Jaimee, Lindsey, Renee and I all got in a semi-circle around Tyler and took turns licking and rubbing his cock until he was just about ready to blow. Then he took hold of his cock and stroked it a couple times and said, "You'd better get ready." We squeezed our titties together and opened our mouths so he could shoot his cum all over our titties and into our mouths. Seeing 4 women ready to taste his seed was too much. He started shooting his cum all over us. It went everywhere; it must have looked like a feeding frenzy with all of us trying to get some of it. I got some in my mouth and the next thing I new I was being kissed by Lindsey. She wanted to taste his cum too.

We cleaned each other up and decided that we should probably call it a night. Jaimee, Lindsey and Renee all wanted to make sure that Tyler wouldn't say anything to their husbands about our little escapades, and Tyler said, "As long as it is anything close to what I experienced today, ladies, you have my word!"

We all agreed on our little secret and decided that we'd call each other again soon... maybe next weekend.

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