tagLetters & TranscriptsMorning Surprise

Morning Surprise


These are all stories written as letters from a wife to her husband. He has asked her to write any memories she remembers that are sexual or sensual in any way. She is in her mid forties and in excellent shape from lifting weights, running and biking. She is very beautiful.

He is a bit older and in good shape for his age. She grew up in the country, he in the city. This is a story about when she lived with her brother and her brother's friend when she first was dating her, now, husband.


Hi Honey,

I remembered another thing that happened when I was living in the double wide trailer with my brother Dan and our room mate John. Remember it was John's 'mobile home' and he had one entire end to himself and Dan and I shared the other end. Dan had a big bed room and I had a small bedroom and we shared a tiny bathroom.

This particular morning I was getting ready in the bathroom. I was standing in front of the bathroom room looking my pussy. Why was I looking at my pussy? Because you had told me a few times how much you would love to see it shaved and of course, being the perfect gentleman you always are, you even offered to do it for me. I was reluctant at first and said I'd have to think about it. Well I decided to do it for you that morning and surprise you.

I had just shaved it smooth in the shower and I was all clean and I just wanted to see how it looked. I was still completely naked and just standing normally.

I was excited because I could now see every detail without my hair in the way. It was no longer just a nice little triangle of hair. It was sexy!!!! Just like you said it would be. But I just wasn't 100% sure if I like it.

Now 'Miss Clitty' and my little lips were really on display along with my long slit. My pussy comes up pretty high, with a lot of it in the front, not all hidden between my legs like some are.

So now with it all shaved, it really showed so much detail. I just wasn't sure what I thought about it. I was concerned it might make me look like a little girl.

Well, now at that time our roommate John had a friend of his named Craig staying with us. Craig was a very handsome man and about five years older than I was at the time. He was from Nebraska and had been with us for two weeks.

We had gotten to be pretty good friends and he was always a perfect gentleman. Plus he met you and knew you were my boyfriend so he and I were just friends.

I know you remember him because you met him a few times and really liked him. As a matter of fact you commented that he was so nice I should let him see me 'accidentally' before he leaves as a going away present. Sort of a treat that he could always remember. I said, "NO Way!, I would be so embarrassed to be seen naked, I could never do that."

You said, "I know you think that now, but if you ever let a guy see you naked, you will see in an instant that you are the one who is totally in charge.

A guy falls under the spell of a naked woman. That little pussy of yours has more power than you can begin to imagine. It will turn a grown man into putty and he will do anything you say."

I still didn't buy that line, but I must admit you were convincing and you sure got me thinking. Especially when you said it was for me to experience that power and to see how wonderful my naked body is. You said once I experienced that power I would never be the same.

That got me very curious and I tought about it a lot. It began to feel less bad and more and more exciting to imagine doing it. You say a lot to me and you always seem to be right somehow.

Now I have a saying to you Honey. You should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Well,, anywaaay......... back to my exciting story. So there I was standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror. I was so nice and fresh and clean and all naked. Craig was apparently going to use the bathroom. I had left the door partially open so the steam would go out and I could see myself in the mirror better.

He obviously figured I had finished in there and I had gone back into my room so he just walked right in. We were both surprised, but he looked like he'd been hit with a stun gun. His eyes were like saucers and his mouth literally dropped open.

He was staring at me like I was a goddess or something. That really amused me. We women see ourselves naked every single day so we really don't get what the great big deal is to see us.

Seeing his stunned reaction, I wasn't at all embarrassed like I thought I would have been. I was feeling extremely flattered.

He stammered an apology and was slowly backing out still staring at my naked body. Well Craig was very handsome and this sudden introduction of himself into my private space got me all of a sudden very excited.

I remembered what you said about you wanting me to let him see me naked and plus it was his last day with us and here he was and here I was already naked and well it all just seemed to be so perfect to do it .... I think you get my thought process.

So I said, "No worries Craig. No big deal and hey, since you've seen me naked now anyway, do me a favor and tell me what you think of my shaved pussy? I just did it and I'm not sure if I like how it looks.

Does it look stupid like a little girl or what? I just need to know." I stood there with my feet a bit apart to give him a perfect view.

He stood there in front of me and took a real long look and said, "Stupid?!? Are you kidding me Catherine? Oh noooo!!!! No way!!! You look soooooo beautiful. All of you. Your hair, your face, your breasts, your tummy, your legs, your EVERYTHING!!!

And YES ... I LOVE your shaved pussy. It's beautiful like this. You're beautiful like this. I don't know how it looks with your legs apart, but standing there you look perfect!"

Now Honey, here is where I must make a confession. And I can't even believe I did this. I was such a naughty, girl because I just hopped up on the counter by the sink, placed my feet flat with my knees bent and my legs open and said, "O.K., what do you think now?"

Honey, your modest, sweet little girlfriend was spreading her pussy in front of another man and ASKING him to look at her.

Quick time out: Now Honey, I know that was a bit of a shocker to hear, and there's more. Remember you have told me many times you want me to give you ALL the details no matter what happened and for me to tell you the whole truth and just how I was feeling about everything too?

So I am going to take you at your word and do that. But be warned, there are some very sexy details coming up. So stop now if you don't want to know them O.K.?

O.K. Time in. Back to my great story: I'm sitting totally naked on the bathroom counter next to the sink and I have my beautifully toned, soft, sexy legs spread apart and my knees pulled up and I have just asked this handsome man to take a close look at my exposed, now throbbing, hot, pussy and for him to tell me what he thinks of it. Yikes!

Well he surprised me and quickly got down on his knees directly in front of me. He reached up and grabbed me by my bare hips and moved up close to my pussy pulling me towards him at the same time. He said, "All I know is I HAVE to taste you Catherine, you look so fine!!!

He dove his face straight into me and began by first inhaling deeply with his nose on my pussy. He said, "OOOhh!!! You are soooo awesomely sexy!!!!" Now at that moment this man had me feeling like I was sitting at the very top of the world's highest, craziest, most giant roller coaster and I was just about to take the wildest ride down of my entire life. (But as it turned out it was he that was going to be going down.)

He began to use his tongue expertly on Miss Clitty and my wonderful little labia going all the way down my slit and all the way back up to my clitty – over and over and OVER again!!!

Oh it was heavenly!!!!He sucked on Miss Clitty too and flicked her with his tongue back and forth and rolled his tongue in circles around her and I was going crazy, it all felt so wonderful!!!

He would slide his tongue along my perfect lips, down one side and up the other and then reverse it and down the other side and back up the other. First one delicate little lip and then the other, both sides, every inch of both lips!! Wow!!!He was a pro!!!

As he was doing the circles with his tongue on Miss Clitty, he gently slipped two fingers into my hot, wet, sweet, little pussy and curled them way up into me!!! This wild man lover hit my gee spot like he had x-ray vision or he'd been there a million times before or something.

I couldn't believe I could feel so many incredibly mind blowing feelings all at once!!! This dude could single handedly put METH and CRACK out of business!!!

Now believe it or not, at this very moment, I was actually thinking of you. You are the only guy who has ever done all of this to me like this before. I was sure you had told him what I liked and exactly how to do it or something. He was like a clone of you. DID YOU talk to him!?!?!

Then I thought of how turned on you were going to get when I told you this later so I got my head back into the moment so I wouldn't forget a bit of it and I just let it keep happening.

I was leaning back on the mirror and holding on to his hair, pulling it and gasping so hard for breath as I was also moaning and panting and bucking and finally cumming like a tsunami over and over and over again.

The waves just rippled through my pussy and my entire lower tummy and he even had my fine butt cheeks in a spasm!!! Oohhh!!! I think I was in heaven!!!! And it all happened so fast! You would cum too just hearing what was happening!!!!

He stopped as quickly as he had started and he stood up and then I stood up. He leaned over, wrapped his arms around me and he sucked each of my nipples for about a minute as I was trying to cool down.

He spins his tongue like it's something I've never heard of before. That felt amazing too, but a girl can only take so much (like I always have to tell you) and I was sweaty, hot, exhausted, completely satisfied and most of all very DIZZY.

I felt like my legs were going to give way. I had to gently pushed him away from my breasts so I could turn around and lean over on the sink counter to hold myself up and continue to catch my breath.

He knelt down behind me and buried his face in my bare bottom licking my little butt, rubbing his face all over it, squeezing it with both hands and then kissing my cheeks 20 times! Even that felt wonderful! There was no end to what this guy could do.

I know that I could have cum again but I finally got my breath back and I turned around facing him again and I said between panting breaths, "O.K., Mister Crazy Lover Man - I think I can take it that means you do like it then, right?"

I was wondering if he even remembered my original question and why he was in here? You darn guys sometimes just don't pay attention when we women ask you something and you can so easily get sidetracked. THANK GOD!!!!!!

I turned him around by his shoulders and gently pushed him out the door before I found myself riding his penis, which I was pretty sure was cuming next, (no pun intended).

Hey, he never even took his clothes off and most importantly, I didn't let him screw me or anything. Cause you know I am only ever going to be doing that with you my darling. No one else EVER!!!! I Promise!!!!!

I hope you aren't too mad. You did tell me to let him see me naked and to give him a little treat before he left that he would never forget – right? Well, I think I sure did give him all that.

Now you naughty Boy!!! See what you've made me do?! Here I am all worked up just writing this to you. I know I was really the one who was naughty and I'm pretty sure I should receive a good bare bottom spanking for my outlandish behavior.

I can not WAIT to get alone with you, both of us all naked and hear you read it to me as I act it out for you. Or, better yet I think I will read it to you and you can play the part of the crazy lover man. You're the only man who can do it even better!!! Then you can spank me if you still want to.

See you tonight Big Boy!!!!!

Love, and I mean XXXOOO!!!!!!!!!kinda LOVE!!!!!!!


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