tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEvening Massage Class

Evening Massage Class


My lovely wife Catherine is 46 and in better shape now than she was in her twenties. She works out, runs, jumps rope, stretches and rides her bike. What an awesome body she has and a beautiful face. She recently wanted to take a massage class at the local college so she could give me better massages. I was all for it.

After her first night she came home and told me all about it. The class turned out to be rather small which the instructor says is the best for two reasons. He gets paid the same and the students get much more one-on-one time. There are five other students and my Catherine. The others are all guys in their twenties and thirties. She admitted they are all quite good looking and in great shape as well. She enjoyed everyone there and thought everyone was very nice.

However she asked me if I wanted her to drop the class because she was the only female. I said, "Why would that matter?" She said because they all spend the class first watching the instructor working on one person then the rest of the time they practice the techniques they learn on each other. I asked her if that bothered her and she was reluctant to answer. I prodded an answer out of her and she admitted it turned her on to know they would all be taking turns with each other and she would eventually be massaging all of the men at least twice and they would all be massaging her twice each too. I asked if they were covered with towels and she said yes, but the instructor stresses they all get used to some nudity as they will have to do that to better understand what their future clients will be experiencing and they will then get used to nudity and it will not shock them when they get in their profession. She said he warned them that if some nudity was going to be a problem they may wish to reconsider taking his class so that was why she wanted to talk it over with me.

I found the idea strangely exciting. I didn't tell her that but I said I thought she should continue if she wanted to and see how it goes. I will admit that I was surprised that my normally shy wife decided to continue.

The second class was interesting. She came home quite excited and frankly, horny. She said, "I have to tell you about the class. When we got there Tony, our instructor, had taped paper over the only window which was next to the door. The classroom was in the basement so there were no other windows. He had half the lights out and nice music playing and some incense burning too. The guys all laughed about how romantic it was. The three massage tables were all set up in a row next to each other with towels laying across them. Then Tony says, "Class we only have six weeks to cover a lot of ground so I don't want to waste any time. Most of you plan to be professionals and I will treat you like professionals and I expect everyone to act like professional or you will be out of this class. Now, we will start as soon as possible when we all arrive so please be on time. As I mentioned, we will experience a little nudity and I need you all to be respectful and not view it as sexual. There is a huge difference and we all need to respect that and view our bodies as our homes for our spirits and not as sexual objects. Every part of our body can experience healing and comfort from massage."

Catherine continued, "Everyone was looking at me when he mentioned nudity and there was a lot of tension and excitement in the air." I was anxious to see what happened next so I encouraged her to go on. "Tony said, Now we will all do our massages like the majority of our clients will, naked under a towel. So half of us will undress first and the other will be dong the massage. There are no changing rooms so we will have to change right at our tables. Then after the first hour is over, we will switch partners." Then Tony addressed me and said in front of the class, "Catherine, if this is a problem for you, you may remain in whatever state of dress you wish, I want you to be comfortable."

I was curious and said to her, "So what did you say?" She said, "I hope you aren't mad, but I said, "No I want to learn and I also want the same experience as everyone else, I'm O.K. with it." Tony said, "Great!, then pair up and decide who goes first and lets all get started."

She said, "Every guy wanted to be my partner, but I just took the closest guy who was named, Jason. He asked me if I wanted to be on the table first or do the massage first. I said, "I'll do the massage first."

"So I'm standing there as Tony is telling everyone to get going and I watched three guys strip naked. I tried not to stare, but they are all young and in great shape and none of them were being modest at all. I did not blatantly stare and I tried to just look around the room, but I saw all of them naked. I've never seen three guys naked before and I've never seen three penises before either. I saw their bare bottoms too." I asked her if she liked it and she said, "To be honest, it was very exciting and Jason had a pretty big penis too."

She told me how they were doing a quick full body massage and would practice the detail work on later days. Jason was lying on his back with the towel across his hips. One of the students was the example so Tony was working on him while they all watched. They all started with the head, face, ears, neck, shoulders, fingers, forearms, arms and then chest. She said, "Honey when I got to his chest I could see he was getting a hard on. His towel was raising up. He looked embarrassed and said, "Sorry Catherine, that just happens when my chest is massaged." I said, I understand, no problem." Tony was near us and he announced, "Class some arousal is natural and you all need to get used to it because it will happen. Even the women get aroused. Just ignore it." She said there was some laughter, but all in good natured fun. I said, "So what happened next?"

Catherine's mouth was dry and so she got us a couple of cold drinks so I had to wait but I was getting very aroused myself. She continued, "Well it was very exciting doing his chest because he was quite muscular. Not as much as you, but still nice. I had to slide the towel down and I was supposed to be doing his lower abdomen but his penis was pointing straight up almost to his belly button. I didn't know what to do and Tony could see my predicament and said, "If you have a male client and his member is in the way, it is proper to ask him to move it or else just work around it. Unless you know them very well, don't touch it yourself." I asked him to move it, but each time he did it just sprang back to the center. I laughed and he looked so embarrassed. So I pressed around it as best as I could, but Honey, I couldn't help it and I bumped into it a couple of times. You know those things are so springy and when I'd press into his tummy it would fall that way and then I'd press the other side and it's fall that way. It was so hot too when it touched my fingers."

Anyway she explained that she finished with his legs and was nervous going up this thighs and stopped going very high cause the first time she did she bumped into his scrotum and he jerked a bit. She said she was sorry and he said no worries but after that she didn't go very high. Then all the ones on the tables rolled over and they did their backs. She said, "When I got to his bare bottom I had to put the towel in the middle and do half at a time. I didn't really like it cause it was so hairy and I could see his balls from behind and I didn't like that." Finally they were done she said, and Tony said they could all take a ten minute break and come back and exchange partners. So they all went down the hall and got a soda and a candy bar.

I said, "Well were you nervous?" She said, "Yes I was and here's what happened. After the break they all came in and Tony said, "O.K. class switch partners." Well everyone was looking at me as I took off my tee shirt and my shorts. I was so nervous standing in front of six men in my tiny panties and my bra. I wasn't really thinking about having to change and I had a sheer pair of panties and my bra was sheer too. I knew I needed to get it over with so I unhooked my bra and I tried not to look at anyone's face, but they were all staring at me. I took off my bra and I could feel my breasts 'spring out'. You know they are still firm and my nipples point straight out. I layed the bra on my chair with my other clothes. Then I took a deep breath and as they all watched me I slid my panties off and they all saw me naked."

At this point I was so excited and had a giant hard on. She noticed and said, "Honey are you getting a hard on thinking about those six men seeing me naked?!? Do you actually LIKE the idea?" I had to admit that I did. She replied. "Well that's a relief because to be honest it was so exciting that I have to be honest with you. I loved it. Do you want me to be totally honest and tell you all of it?" I said, "Oh yes, every detail. Tell me everything!"

She said, "O.K., well I have never been seen naked by anyone except you, my college boyfriend and that was not that often and my doctors, so to stand naked in front of six men was a thrill I can't explain. I thought I'd be embarrassed, but the way they all looked at me like I was practically a goddess, I was on cloud nine.

I even took my time as I folded up my panties and put them under my clothes, making sure I bent over some too and I could feel my breasts swaying. I had a little bit of a hard time getting up on the table as they are a little tall for me. I had to really spread my legs and they all got a view of me nude with my legs open and they could all see I had a shaved pussy. I also forgot to pick up the towel first so I sat on the towel. Then I had to sort of wiggle and squirm to get it out from under me and then to cover me. And at the same time I was seeing three guys get naked in front of me too. I laughed cause they all had hard ons!!! And I covered my mouth and said, "Sorry boys. I don't mean to laugh, I've just never seen three guys naked at once before. They all blushed and said it was O.K."

Now listening to this, I was ready to blow my load and she wanted to have sex with me right then. I don't know who was the hornier, she or me. But I said, "In a minute, tell me the rest." So she continued, "Well Tony heard one of the guys whisper "She's shaved!" and he said, "There will be no talk in this class to embarrass anyone else. Now we all know Catherine is the only female and she has agreed to do this the same as the rest of us so let's give her respect. But since you brought that up you will see females with different types of pubic hair. Some will be very hairy, some trimmed and some shaved. In most cases you will not see that area, but more and more women do not use towels so you will have to get used to seeing a naked women and do not get sexual about it. It would help if you all can try to find a woman this week you can massage who will let you look so you can try to get used to it.

Then he continued and addressed me saying, "I am sorry Catherine if that embarrassed you."

I was so excited I said, "Catherine how did you react to that?" She said, "I couldn't believe it Honey, but I said, "Tony I know we will all be changing partners each week and we will all be dealing with this and I can see everyone is trying to get a look at me. I don't want to be a distraction so if everyone just wants to get the curiosity out of the way and just come have a look at me now, if that will help, I am O.K. with it." Everyone clapped and said thank you and that it would help. So Tony said, "That is very mature and generous of you Catherine. Everyone gather around her table and we will just take a minute and you will NOT make this sexual or I will send you out of the class, understand?" They all said they understood and they all stood around me, all six men and I just flipped my towel over the side of the table and layed on my back with my arms at my sides totally bare naked in front of them all."

I was ready to explode!!! I was thinking of those six men staring at my naked wife directly in front of them. I said, "Wow!!! What was it like?" She said, "Tony said, "I'll use this opportunity to point out a couple of things. You will all notice that Catherine had very firm breasts and her nipples are erect. You will experience mostly flabby and mushy breasts, these are the exception. If a women wants her breasts uncovered that is fine while you do her chest, but do not touch her nipples. You will also notice her tight, firm abdomen. Again this is rare. You can expect a lot of fat here on most women. Now if you look at Catherine's vulva you will see she has it shaved." They all were staring at my pussy and I was afraid they would see me getting wet cause I could feel my pussy getting wet." He continued, "This may be the nicest vulva you will ever see so do not expect this very often. If you do see them it is usually by accident or some women expose themselves on purpose and some simply are not shy and don't care if you see them. You will see all types and they are all beautiful if you ask me." The guys all cheered. "O.K. I think we have all seen enough to stem our curiosity. Now back to work and Thank you Catherine, that was most generous of you." All the guys gave me a round of applause and Jason put my towel back over me."

I was stroking myself and I was ready to cum. I told her to keep talking. She said, "Well Jason did my head, ears, arms and shoulders and when he got to my chest he said as we were instructed to ask women, "Are you shy about your chest or do you want it uncovered?" I said, "I guess at this point there is no use in remaining covered." So he slid my towel down to my lower abdomen and I mean so low that my little shaved mound was showing which excited me immensely. One more half an inch and I know my slit would have shown cause you know it comes up quite high in the front. He began to do my breasts and he was reluctant to touch me. He said, "Tony, could you give me some guidance here?" Tony stopped and said, "O.K. this is a touchy part. Catherine are you O.K. being our model for this?" I said, "Sure, why not?" They all gathered around, even the guys from the table so three were naked and that was weird. I had my hands on the side of the table and I felt all the guys pressing up against my bare arms. I could feel their penises and three of them were naked and I could actually feel them throbbing. I just pretended like I didn't notice and they all pretended the same. I hope you aren't mad at me for that Honey."

I said, "No that's fine, just continue with the story." Catherine continued, "They were all staring at my bare breasts. Tony came over and stood by my side and began to massage my chest muscles all around, he kept telling me to just let him know if I was uncomfortable and he'd stop. I said, "I'm fine if this will help the class." While he's doing this my entire tummy is bare as was my pubic mound and that did not escape the scrutiny of the guys. I even wiggled my toes a tiny bit and that edged it down till half of my clit was showing. I pretended I had no idea. Tony was kneading my breasts like bread dough while avoiding my nipples. But this made my breasts go into cone shapes and I was getting very turned on and my nipples were hard as rocks. Everyone noticed and Tony said, "The erect nipples are a natural reaction to the massage of the breast tissue and does not necessarily indicate arousal." He finally finished and asked if that helped and everyone said yes. I watched as the naked guys went back to their tables and Jason then did everything Tony had just done to my bare breasts. They are actually kind of sore from all the massaging."

She told me how the rest of the massage was too. When Jason did her tummy she almost came cause of all the excitement. He massaged oil into her mound and his fingers gently brushed the hood of her clitoris and she bucked but just smiled at him when he looked alarmed. Jason did her muscular legs and all the way up to her pussy. She said, "When he got to the top of my leg he moved the towel a little too far and uncovered my pussy, then quickly covered it back up and said he was sorry. Then as he did the upper crease of my thighs he kept rubbing my pussy lips on the outside edge. I couldn't tell if he realized he was touching my pussy or not. So I didn't say anything because I didn't want everyone around the table again seeing another demonstration. "

I said, "Did that excite you when he touched your pussy?" She said, "Are you kidding? You better believe it did, I felt like a little mini faucet was turned on in my pussy, I got so wet." Then I asked her, "Did you roll over?" Catherine said, "Yes he held the towel and I rolled over under it and he did my back down to my butt cleavage and it felt great.

She kept asking me if I was O.K. hearing all the facts and if I really wanted to know what they all saw and touched and how she really felt. I assured her I wanted the unvarnished truth so she gave it to me straight.

Then he did my legs and when he got to the top again he moved the towel a little too far over and I could feel my butt crack showing which meant my pussy was showing." Tony noticed all the eyes on me and said, "O.K. class. Listen up! When you do a female and you are working up her legs and get to her buttocks, you have to be extremely careful not to reveal her vulva or her butt crack. You see Jason has Catherine's towel too far over and he covered me but all of the guys got to see my pussy from behind first. Then he took over for Jason and said as you do the inner thigh at the top be careful not to touch the women's vulva. But as he did it I sort of bucked downwards a bit cause it tickled and his fingers brushed my pussy quite hard and I felt his fingers go into my slit a bit. He was startled and said, "Oh I am soo sorry Catherine, here I have broken my own rule. The makes my point how we must be careful. I hope I didn't hurt you did I?" Catherine looks at me with a little guilty look on her face and says, "Then Honey, I must confess I did something naughty, I moved my towel off my bottom and reached my hand back between my open legs and rubbed my pussy saying, "I know it was an accident, it just scratched me a little, that's all." Well you always tell me how fine my butt looks when I reach back and flax my butt muscles so I did it real far. I could feel my butt cheek bulge up nice and high. Every eye was on my bare bottom and me rubbing my pussy with my legs apart. I rubbed my exposed pussy for a full minute. Tony even had to tell everyone to get back to their own work and stop looking."

Finally the class was over and they all watched me as I stood up and put on my bra first making sure my breasts fit in just right as I leaned over and then my tiny panties. I took my time making sure they fit my perfect little pussy just right too which meant a little adjusting and touching of my lips -- quickly of course. There were three naked guys all with hard ons watching me too plus the others. I put on my shirt as I stood in my sheer tiny panties and finally my shorts and Tony talked a little more and we all left. All the guys said, they were looking forward to being my partner and they all thanked me for being so cool and letting them look at me naked. I said thanks and I'd see them next week.

Well we had the most fantastic sex ever and I don't know who was the most turned on. I had her tell me three more times about everyone looking at her naked and about Tony touching her pussy when she bucked into him.

I can't wait till next week. Maybe I'll write about that class too. I can't believe my modest little Catherine did all of that in two hours.

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