tagNonHumanMoth Ch. 016

Moth Ch. 016


For potential new readers browsing this chapter: Kokata and Black is the same person.

Posted on literotica.com with permission of author: Nanna Marker; literotica ID ellynei.


Kokata was spinning thread.

The woman he loved had made him her lover. Everything should be happiness and bliss. But it wasn't.

Sounds of water dripping onto snow, were filling the forest. It was a thawy day. They were sleeping together now, as they had while travelling, except that now Lei slept naked and they usually had sex before going to sleep.

They had been lovers for twenty-one days. Twenty-one days of bad sex.

Kokata was getting quite good at letting the spinning stick go as far as three body-lengths below him.

Technically, the sex wasn't bad for him. Technically it was too good. It didn't matter how twisted and torn he felt before he stuck himself into her. Once he was in, he'd just disappear into ecstasy.

Kokata pulled up three body-lengths of spun thread, and started balling it.

The taste of shame was bitter. This dawn, Lei had started crying the moment he rolled off. He had fallen asleep to the sound of it. His woman had been crying and he had simply gone to sleep. What kind of a man was he?

His Lei needed more. His ineptitude was tearing them apart.

Sex was doing them more harm than good. He had meant to stop long ago. And some dawns they had refrained. But mostly, when they cuddled each other, they'd start kissing, and Lei would be so warm, and soft, and loving, and aroused. She'd touch him and he would touch her, in the places she did allow him to touch her.

Sooner or later, she would always spin her legs about his body, and he, by then already long crazed for it, was never able to say no.

Kokata lengthened his silk, set the stick to a spin, and slowly let his silk slip through his tips. The spinning stick slowly dropped. More and more thread between it and Kokata.

Back when she had had his poison in her, Lei had liked having his legtip inside her. Back then she had pleaded for him to keep touching her the way that felt really good, and he had stopped because continuing would have been to take advantage.

Now she wouldn't let him touch that part of her. She'd let him fuck it, but not caress it. Not even on the outside.

Did she expect him to learn to use his cock as precisely as a legtip? Was he supposed to withstand the ecstasy, prod his cock around inside her to find the places where it felt really good, and then somehow rub against those spots? Or was he just supposed to last longer than he did?

Kokata moved the silk in circles to keep the stick spinning.

Shooting his seed into Lei was supreme pleasure but waking at noon with memories of disappointed eyes, tight lips, and hidden tears, wasn't. It would be better if he couldn't shoot his seed.

A body-length below the spinning stick spun merrily.

Kokata grinned mischievously. Maybe he could make it so that he couldn't.


"There's not much snow left," said Lei, undressing. "Do you think the thaw will last?"

"Maybe for some days," replied Black, casually. "But the frost will return. This winter is far from done."

"I look forward to spring," said Lei, circled Black to get to the bedding, and crawled under her blanket.

"Do you really need that blanket?" asked Black. "It's quite warm in here."

"I like my blanket," said Lei, poking out from under it. "Are you coming to bed?"

Black crawled to bed and laid himself next to her. Lei snuggled closer. Even knowing how it would end, she couldn't resist kissing him.

They'd kiss, they'd touch, they'd have sex. Black would fall asleep, and she'd be alone with a pounding body and a horrible empty feeling.

Lei pushed the thoughts away. It was worth doing even if the finish was bad. Black's lips were soft and warm. She flipped her blanket over him and wiggled to get her body closer to his.

"That blanket is in the way," snarled Black, and pulled it from her.

"Black," complained Lei, gazing after her blanket as it landed in a corner.

"You'll get it back when you're ready to sleep," said Black, and caged her with four legs. "May I have some more kisses?"

"I'll get cold," said Lei.

"I'll keep you warm," said Black, and raised himself to all eight legs.

"All over?" asked Lei, giggling nervously up at him hovering straight above her.

"Of course," said Black and lowered his body till she could feel the heat of it. Keeping his body, just high enough not to touch hers, Black kissed her.

While kissing him back, Lei raised her hands and ran them along the sides of his body from the soft sides on his underbelly to the smooth skin on his hard chest plates.

Black parted his lips from hers.

"Where do you need me to warm you?" he asked, his mouth so close to hers that the air of his words tickled her lips.

"My feet are getting cold."

"Both of them?" asked Black, slowly running two legtips down the sides of her legs.

"Absolutely," claimed Lei. They weren't really, but she did miss the comfort of her blanket. She felt a bit too naked without it.

Black's legtips were unbelievably soft against her lower thighs. It was hard to grasp how his clingers, as soft as his silk against her skin, could also be hard and sharp as blades when he needed them to be. His legtips simultaneously reached her feet, bent at her ankles and caressed both her soles.

"It tickles," exclaimed Lei and tugged her feet from his touch.

"But we can't let them get cold," objected Black with a smile, and with his legtips chased her feet around. While trailing kisses between her neck and shoulders.

Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.

Lei laughed hysterically every time his tips found her feet and stroked her soles. Finally she managed to press her soles firmly to the bedding by bending her knees on both sides of his body, as she sometimes would when he was inside her.

"You're mean," she said, but couldn't stop laughing.

"Are your feet still cold?" asked Black, caressing the side of one of her breasts with his cheek. He also poked the side of one her of her feet with his legtip.

"No," stated Lei, pressing both her soles down hard. "They're warm enough.

Black gently nibbled at the skin on her breast, and kissed, and licked.

"Are you sure?" he asked, tickling the sides of her feet.

"Yes," shrieked Lei, lifting her body in an effort to press her soles deeper into the bedding. "I'm sure."

Black chuckled and grabbed a nipple between his lips.

The sensation made Lei forget her feet, but she kept her body raised for as long as he sucked her nipple, for it not to fall from his lips. When he let go she let herself fall back onto the bedding and squeezed her knees against his body.

Her privates were throbbing. She ached to have him inside her. It only ever lasted moments when he was, but they were always wonderful moments.

Black lowered his face to her breast and again caught a nipple with his lips. He sucked at it. She arched with longing, burrowed her nails into the bedding and squeezed her knees harder against him.

Black caressed the sides of her legs and sucked harder on her nipple.

"I'm ready," said Lei.

"Ready?" asked Black, releasing her nipple.

"Yes," said Lei and raised her feet to pull him down on her.

"I'm not." Locking eyes with her, Black took hold of her feet, lifted them off him, and lowered them to the bedding.

"But..." Lei didn't know what to say, Black had never not been ready for her.

Black moved to her other breast and trailed it with kisses.

Lei took his head between her hands and gently pulled at him. Black followed her hands back to her face and she kissed him.

"How can I make you ready?" she asked, when their lips parted.

"Just let me touch you," he said. "I want to touch you. I like touching you."

"I like touching you too," said Lei, and pulled his face down for another kiss.

Her hands trailed from his head, to his neck to his shoulders, to his back, to his sides, while his legtips caressed her breasts, her belly-skin, her nipples, her neck, her legs, her thighs, her feet.

"I can hardly reach any of you like this," complained Lei, struggling with the awkwardness of the angle her hands had to be at to get between them.

"I'll let you be on top then," said Black, pushing legs in under her.

He lifted her up to his chest and rolled over to his back.

"Is that better?" he asked.

Lei pressed her hands against his hard chestplates and rose till she straddled him. On all sides of her, his legs were pointing up toward the ceiling.

Lei put her hand over her lips to hide an inappropriate grin.

"What's the matter?" asked Black.

"You look like a dead spider-beast," admitted Lei.

"I assure you," Black ran an unbelievably soft legtip up along her spine, and her folded wings rustled. "I'm not dead."

Overcome with sensation, Lei arched forward, and her front too was assaulted with a softly moving legtip. She whimpered with longing, bent forward, and pressed her hands against his chest-plates.

"I need you," she whispered.

"I'm right here."

"I need you inside me."

"Let me touch you," said Black, his legs caressing her from all sides.

Lei lowered herself to his chest and pressed against him.

Black was caressing her back, the underside of her arms, her buttocks, the backside of her thighs.

"I love touching you," he said.

"Why are you so calm?" whimpered Lei. Usually he would be further gone than her.

"Why won't you let me touch your dewslit," asked Black.

"Don't call it that." Lei rearranged herself to gather her legs.

"What do you want me to call it?"

"It's my privates." Even having to talk about it, cooled her significantly.

Submitted to literotica.com by the author.

"Why won't you let me touch your privates," asked Black, as calmly as he had asked when using the other word.

"Because it's private."

"Are you saving it for your great lover?" snarled Black.

"Of course not." Lei closed her eyes. Hadn't he realised that he was her great love? Did he think she was just using him, waiting for something better to come along? She felt a bit cold. Her longing had curled away into a tight knot in her stomach.

"Then why won't you let me touch you?" snarled Black.

Lei cringed and hid her face against his chestplate. She couldn't deal with the topic like this, lying naked on top of him. Couldn't deal with his snarls either. She crawled backward along his body, keeping her face down.

"Where are you going?" snarled Black.

Lei fetched her blanket in the corner.

"I'm going to bed," she said.

She laid herself as far from him as the bedding reached and curled the blanket tight about her.

"Good day, Black."


Kokata couldn't sleep. Draining his own seed four times over one night had worked wonders toward the end of not having sex. But, apparently, not having sex was not the greatest way to end the night either.

After fetching her blanket and telling him 'good day', his Lei had taken a long time to fall asleep. Yet she hadn't moved from the spot until her breathing revealed sleep had found her.

Sleep refused to visit Kokata though. Maybe he should go spin thread. Then he could think up new ways to fail at sating Lei. Kokata sighed and rose himself.

"Oh, Black," whispered Lei.

"Yes?" replied Kokata, surprised at her outburst. He had thought she was sleeping.

His Lei moved slightly, tightening her legs, and moaned. Her eyes were closed.

"Lei?" whispered Kokata. His lover made no reply. She was sleeping.

Her folded wing's rustled below her in tiny movements.

"Black," she whispered and moaned again.

Kokata gritted his teeth. He was competing with the himself of her dreams and losing like an amateur to a master.

"What am I doing to you in your dreams?" he asked.

The sleeping moth didn't reply.

"I should bite you," snarled Kokata in a low voice.

The moth stretched pleasurably under her carpet as if he had.

"Strawberry," whispered the moth.

Kokata shook his head and left the hole. Listening to her sleep-talking obviously wouldn't supply the guidance he needed.


"Why won't you let me touch your privates?" asked Black.

Lei took a deep breath, surprised by the sudden change of topic. Though, being fully dressed and having a selection of tools and materials between them, she might actually be able to handle that topic.

"I don't like what it's like down there," she admitted.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"The smell," said Lei. "The slime," she added.

"But those are good things," objected Black.

"It's a bit..." Lei wrinkled her nose, she didn't want to say it.

"A bit what?"

"Disgusting," said Lei, hesitantly letting the word out.

"Disgusting?" Black sounded baffled.

"Like touching a snail or something," elaborated Lei.

"A snail?" Blacks face was an icon of disbelief.

"Yes," stated Lei. "When I get aroused it becomes just like a snail. It gets slimy and starts to stink. It's icky."

"Icky," repeated Black, the same disbelieving expression still on his face.

"Yes," snarled Lei.

Black, retaining that same expression of disbelief, went quiet, and Lei returned to her work.

"I could never be disgusted about anything about you," said Black a while later. He sounded sad but didn't push the topic further than that.

At dawn they kissed, cuddled, and had sex. It was a quiet intimacy.

Black lasted far longer than usual, and when they were done he held her tight and told her he loved her. His presence calmed the knot in her stomach and, in the end, she fell asleep sooner than he did.

Kokata had a knot in his stomach. Draining his seed an hour before dawn had enabled him to prolong his time inside his Lei, and he was fairly certain that with concentration and practice he could prolong it even further, as long as he remembered to drain his seed before bedtime.

He had a gnawing feeling that it wouldn't be enough.

He could tolerate what she denied him. He was used to being denied. Kokata had years of practice at getting by without getting what he wanted. So, even though his desire to explore Lei's 'privates' was great, he didn't let the wanting bother him. The gnawing feeling, however, that he couldn't learn to sate her without doing so, was bothering him a lot.


Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.

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