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Moth Ch. 028


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"Yes, Tobi?"

"Those moths that were here..."

"No, Tobi," said Kuruma. "I told you to pretend they were never here."

"Everybody else aren't pretending they weren't here," objected Tobi.

"That purple-winged tattle-mouth," muttered Kuruma, low enough for her grandson not to hear.

"I heard they are the parents of the moth in the drawing," said Tobi. "People keep asking me about it, but I don't know anything."

"People are curious by nature," said Kuruma, with one hand caressing the picture on the small table next to her. "We long to know things whether we have any business knowing or not."

"I long to know more too," admitted Tobi.

"Please fetch me the old ember-basket from the shed, Tobi," instructed Kuruma, and the boy obediently sped off.

Kuruma took the picture into her hands, closed her blind eyes, and let the colours of the sight fill her. Hanging on to the picture was too risky, it would have been even if the big-mouthed butterfly had kept the secrets she had promised to.

"Put it on the table, please," instructed Kuruma, having heard her grandson return.

"Allright, grandma."

"Now I need a lit stick."

"What do you need it for?" asked Tobi, even as she could hear him light a stick at her ember.

"We have to burn the picture," said Kuruma, trying to hide the regret she felt.

"Why?" Tobi was approaching with the lit stick.

"It is my only connection, Tobi. If I don't have it, then I can't tell anyone which way they flee."


"The moth and her lover."

"They are in danger?" asked Tobi. His voice spoke of wide eyes and curiosity.

Kuruma smiled slightly, as long as she had her imagination she could live on without colours.

"Help me burn this," she instructed, and held out her hands, the picture in them.

Shortly after, all that remained of the picture was ashes in the bottom the old ember-basket. Kuruma held her hand over it to be sure it was no longer too hot, then stuck her fingertips into the ashes and stirred it around. It gave her no visions.

"That was that then," she said and sighed. She'd miss her visions of the young couple.

"You send for her parents to help them, didn't you?"

"I sent for the moth's parents so they could help," admitted Kuruma. "The moth and the spider are in grave danger, Tobi."

"But you fixed it, right, grandma?"

"I did the best I could."

"So, they'll be saved now, right?" persisted Tobi.

"When more than one seer intervenes with the same flow of events then things get complicated," said Kuruma and retrieved her hand from the ember-basket.


"Life is great," said Kokata, rolled onto his back, and spread out all his legs till he was splattered onto the branch like an autumn leaf to a pond.

"Someone is feeling lazy," teased his Lei, barely sparing him a glance. She was hard at work making bows for beetles. She had this notion that her friends ought to own good bows whether they could hit a giant mushroom at a body-length's distance or not.

"It's as warm as day; the moon is shining; I just fed, and I have a beautiful woman," listed Kokata. "I'm not feeling lazy, I'm feeling happy."

"Me too," admitted his Lei, taking her eyes of her work long enough to throw him a smile.

"Let's get pregnant," said Kokata, rolled around, and jumped to his feet.

"Let's get pregnant later," countered Lei. "I'm busy."

"Good bargain," agreed Kokata, slumped down, rolled to his back, and assumed his previous position. For now, he was actually quite glad to just lay still and savour his happiness. "Life is great."

"Life is great," agreed his woman.

Things couldn't get much better than that.

His woman was still beautiful when she was upside down. Kokata liked watching her when she worked, doing it while on his back was as good as doing it any other way. Kokata hadn't loved her any less when she had been huge-lipped and ugly, and sincerely hoped he wouldn't be facing that kind of fuss again when she should eventually grow old and wrinkly.

"Will you still love me when I'm old and wrinkly?" he asked.

"Of course," said his woman, smiling at her bow.

"Will you still let me love you when you are an ugly old crone?" he persisted.

"Of course."

"Will you still let me see you if you grow big warts all over your face?"

"Black!" exclaimed his woman. "What a nasty image."

"Will you?" persisted Kokata.

"I will still let you see me," promised his woman.

"And if you get plague scars all over your body?"

"I will still let you see me."

"And if you get so fat that you grow three extra chins?"

"I promise that no matter how ugly I should ever get I will never again try to keep you from me," swore his woman, solemnly. "Now please stop imagining awful things, Black."

"Good bargain," said Kokata and sighed happily.

His woman shook her head at his silliness, but a smile played at the edges of her mouth.

Just laying in silence was good too. Kokata knew it wouldn't last long and didn't mind that the least bit either. Silently he started counting his breaths.





"Djinni told me something that she sometimes do with her mate," said Lei.

Kokata chuckled to himself.

"What did she tell you?" he asked. On top of sweets and tools, they had both carried home many topics of conversation from their stay at the beetles' village.

"Sometimes, before having sex, Djinni ties her mate up."

"Oh." Kokata rolled to his stomach to study his woman downside down, upside up. "Why does she do that?"

"She says she likes to have full control over him," said his Lei. Her voice had that tone to it, as if she was testing him. "Djinni said he enjoys it too."

Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.

"I see." Kokata wanted to know what the test was about before stepping up to it.

"Bettina said she and Kano have played around with it too." His woman's voice still had that tone, she also sounded increasingly insecure.

"Bettina and Kano tries everything at least once," said Kokata, agreeably.

"I guess they do," said his Lei. "Do you think that is a good thing?"

"It works for them," said Kokata, studying his woman.

Her hands were fumbling with a task that she usually performed so expertly that he had guessed she could do it blindfolded.

"Would you like me to tie you up?" asked his Lei.

"It wouldn't bother me," said Kokata. "I'm your slave, I will always let you do to me whatever you like."

"So that's what it means?" asked his Lei.

Kokata raised his eyebrows in question.

"You're always saying that you're my slave," she elaborated. Her hands had ceased fumbling and was again working with automatic efficiency. "Is that because you would like me to tie you up and treat you like a slave?"

"No," said Kokata, calmly. "I say I am your slave because I am."

"That doesn't make sense, Black."

"It does to me."

His Lei shook her head.

"Sometimes I don't know what you're thinking," she said.

"Sometimes I don't want you to know," said Kokata and chuckled.

"Well do you or don't you want me to tie you up?" asked his woman, she looked and sounded annoyed.

"I don't. But I don't mind either," said Kokata, closely studying his Lei.

She looked relieved.

"It doesn't bother you that I'm not interested in being tied up?" he guessed.

"It doesn't bother me at all," said his Lei, with a smile. "Actually, I was a bit worried about it. I wouldn't know how to act all controlling and dominating."

Kokata chuckled to himself. He had seen her act 'all controlling and dominating' plenty of times, just not in an erotic context.

"Would you like me to tie you up?" he asked, with no hind thoughts or motive. It was just a natural extension of the conversation.

Lei's reaction, however, was intriguing. Her shoulders jumped with surprise and her hands fumbled so badly that the pieces she had gathered fell apart.

"Batshit," she exclaimed, and grabbed for a piece to reassemble the unfinished bow.

Kokata remained quiet and studied her. Her hands were still fumbling, turning pieces upside down, dropping pieces, missing holes for several attempts. His Lei was cute when she was insecure.

"Would you like me to tie you up?" he asked with a smooth voice, when the bow was back to the stage of assembly that it had been. This time he had both hind thought and motive.

His woman's work didn't fall apart, but she did swallow before replying.

"I wouldn't mind," she said, and cleared her throat. Her voice had been shaky.

"Do you want me to?" he pushed.

Her prolonged, fumbling, hesitation at the direct question was in itself half an answer.

"I don't mind," she said, sounding as if she was trying to sound calm.

"You sound nervous," said Kokata, his voice smoother and deeper than he had intended.

"Why would I be nervous?" asked his woman, trying to add another piece to the unfinished bow.

"Are you afraid that I won't tie you up, or are you afraid that I will?"

"Wouldn't you be worried about how to act all controlling and dominating?" countered his Lei.

"You are awfully evasive tonight," counter-countered Kokata and chuckled.

His Lei swallowed nervously, her hands still fumbling with the same piece, and Kokata decided that his new habit of chuckling was a good one.

"I guess I'd like to try it," admitted Lei.

Kokata shivered through and through.

"Was that a shiver of lust?" asked Lei.

"Maybe," teased Kokata, his voice smooth and deep.

"It was," insisted his woman a somewhat triumphant grin on her face. "You like the thought of tying me up. Don't you?"

"What if I do?" asked Kokata. His mind filling with images of Lei bound by silk and writhing with lust.

"If you admit it, maybe I'll let you," teased his woman.

Kokata cocked his head, considering whether to tease her back or simply admit his desire.

"If you admit you want me to," said Kokata, crouching for a jump, "maybe I'll just go ahead and do it."

"So..." began his Lei, coyishly prolonging the word, "if I admit that I want you to tie me up, then you'll admit that you want to tie me up?"

"Not exactly," said Kokata and chuckled.

"What then?" asked his Lei, a wicked grin on her face. Now that the issue had become a joking matter, her hands again worked efficiently.

"Try it," encouraged Kokata with a smooth voice and retained his crouching stance.

"I..." teased his woman, all coy playfulness. "... want you..." she locked eyes with him. "...to tie me up."

Kokata jumped.

His woman shrieked with surprise as he, now behind her, pulled her from her work, pressed her to her back, caught all her limbs and pressed them too to the bark.

"Oh dear life, Black," huffed Lei, staring up at his face. "You're fast."

Kokata chuckled.

"I'm also strong," he reminded, locking eyes with her. "And all yours."

Out of the corner of his eyes, Kokata saw his woman release the bow pieces that were still in her hands. She was breathing heavily.

"What now?" she asked, more expectation than hesitation in her voice.

"Now, I take your clothes," said Kokata, "and then I take you."

His Lei pulled at an arm, Kokata didn't release it.

"I want to pull you down for a kiss," she said, again tugging at her arm.

"Then do it," offered Kokata, holding on to both her arms, "if you can."

Lei tugged harder.

"Well?" teased Kokata, slowly running a tip up her left leg toward the bottom of her light summer-dress.

"I can't get free," admitted his Lei. "You're too strong."

"And I haven't even tied you up yet," said Kokata and shivered. "Just imagine what it will be like when I don't have to use four limbs to hold you still."

His tip reached the bottom of her dress and Kokata let it slide under the skirt till it reached her thong. He shivered but resisted the urge to cut it off and shove himself into her.

"Have you wet yourself?" he asked, caressing the front of her thong.

"Black," protested his Lei meekly, tugging her legs.


"I want you to kiss me."

Kokata lowered himself just enough that she could raise her face to his. Her mouth was hungry and warm.

"I need you," she stated, after the kiss, then recaught his lips for another.

Kokata raised himself out of her reach and chuckled at her efforts to reach him. Chuckling really was a good habit, he would definitely hang on to that one.

"I'm liking this already," he said, and started undressing her.


Posted on literotica.com with permission of author: Nanna Marker; literotica ID ellynei.

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