tagErotic HorrorMoth Ch. 036

Moth Ch. 036


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"We didn't escape her this time either, did we?" asked his Lei.

"No," admitted Kokata.

His Lei, still in his hold, reached up a hand to his face. Kokata raised himself out of her reach.

"Don't touch me," he snarled.

Whenever his Lei touched him, Dark attacked shortly after. Mostly to cut his Lei.

"Don't let her get between us," begged his Lei and continued to reach.

"I need a rest," snarled Kokata and threw his woman to the ground. As long as he didn't treat his Lei as his woman, as long as he didn't show affection, or allow her to show affection back, Dark left them be.

"I'll kill her," said his Lei. Holding on to her bow.

"You can't," snarled Kokata. "You're weak."

"I don't care if I can't, that won't stop me from doing it."

"Pathetic fool," snarled Kokata. The meaner he was, the safer she would be. "You can't even fly anymore."

His Lei rose to her feet. Without her wings she looked more like Death than like a moth, except that she was heart-strikingly feminine.

"I don't need wings to kill," she said, raising her chin.

The worse off they were, the more drained, hungry, and exhausted they were, the harder shone her strength and pride. Kokata wanted to weep in her arms. He couldn't protect her.

"Don't you get it?" he snarled. "She is toying with us. She can kill us any time she wants to."

"If she had any wits whatsoever, she would have done it long ago," said his Lei. "Her stupidity will be her undoing. That, and me."

Kokata wanted to tell her not to provoke Dark, but it was too late. She was on them like a black storm. She took Lei.

Kokata wasted no air on screaming, he just chased after them.

He moved as fast as he could. Dark wasn't trying to hide, she just moved straight ahead, jump after jump. The distance between him and them grew with every one.

Kokata's insides were an empty hole. This time Dark would go through with it. This time she would kill his Lei. She was done playing.

They were further and further ahead.

Kokata jumped as far and fast as his legs were able. He was slow. He was exhausted. His legs wouldn't move as fast as he told them to.

They were so far ahead that they were just a small moving dot.

Kokata jumped again and flew through the air. He was fully aware that some of his legtips had slipped at the set off. He wouldn't get within reach of the branch he had aimed for.

If he died, no one could help his Lei. He released silk as fast as the wind of his jump would tear it out of him. He was too far from the ground to survive a fall and too close to it to release enough silk to properly slow his fall.

Kokata couldn't tell whether or not he would survive. He curled himself into a ball and hit the forest bed.


The mad spider-woman landed on the forest-bed and threw Lei through the air. Lei's side hit the ground and send her into a sideways roll. Even while rolling she grabbed an arrow, but the spider gave her no time to put it to her bow.

The spider jumped to where she was and in one motion grabbed hold of all her limbs and spread them out. The act was so similar to something Black would do when they were playing, that for a split second, Lei expected to see his face upon looking up.

For that split second, everything bad that had happened was just a dream, and Black and her happily, safely, together was real.

But then she looked up and saw Dark's scarred face.

"So you will kill me?" asked the spider-woman and laughed.

"I will," stated Lei, glaring into the mad-woman's eyes. "You have my word."

The spider-woman laughed again.

"You know, you are really, really, pretty," said the mad spider.

Lei tightened her hands into even tighter fists. In one she held an arrow, in the other her bow.

"I like pretty girls. Pretty girls make such pretty screams."

A sharp pain hit one of Lei's upper thighs, and she bit her teeth hard together not to scream.

"You won't scream for me, pretty girl? How will he find us again if you don't scream?"

Another sharp pain hit. Lei held her breath till the need to scream passed.

"You can't have him," hissed Lei through gritted teeth. "He's mine."

"You're wrong," said Dark. "He was yours once. But then he met me, and I've changed everything."

"You've changed nothing," yelled Lei.

"He named me," whispered Dark. "That makes me his. If I am his then he is mine. He just needs a little time to understand it. Men can be so dense, don't you think?"

"You're mad."

"Everybody goes a little mad when they are in love." The spider picked up Lei and threw her across the ground. Sadly she threw her face first, so Lei couldn't shoot while flying through the air. As soon as she landed the mad-woman was upon her again.

"He gets so sad when I cut you," whispered Dark, into Lei's left ear, while pressing her to the ground, front down. "I don't like when he is sad. That's because I love him, isn't it?"

"I'm going to kill you," hissed Lei, spitting out forest soil.

"No you aren't," stated Dark. "You can't. You are weak and slow."

The spider pulled her onto a wide rock and again spread out her limbs.

"I'll kill you," insisted Lei, with one hand clinging on to her bow, with the other clinging on to her arrow.

"Your back looks so bare without wings." Dark ran a soft legtip down Lei's spine. "Moths have so much soft skin. No armour anywhere. You remind me of Death. No armour. No wings. Would you like to be with Death, pretty girl? Oh look, he is here."

Intellectual property of Nanna Marker.

The spider raised Lei's face and pointed it forward and sideways. It hurt nastily and for a second Lei thought the spider had broken her neck. It was only for the not dying part that Lei understood she hadn't.

"Don't you wanna play before you kill me?" snarled Lei, not to have her head torn off.

"Yes. Yes. I want to play. You can't have her yet. You will have to wait till I am done with her."

The spider-woman released Lei's head and her chin banged hard down on the rock. Lei gritted her aching teeth not to make an exclamation of pain. Dark would take pleasure in listening; Lei wouldn't give her the satisfaction.

Dark webbed her hands and feet to the rock.

"The skin on your back is so perfect. So soft and white." Dark tore her shirt to pieces baring all her back.

Lei held on to her arrow in one hand and her bow in the other.

"Sometimes the anticipation is the best part," said Dark, and ran a soft legtip across Lei's back.

"Don't," sounded Black's voice. "Please don't."

Lei's head was pulled back and she felt a sharp edge against her throat.

"Dark, please wait a moment," sounded Black's voice.

Something lashed Lei's back and she held her breath not to make a sound.

"If you harm her we can't have a relationship," said Black. "Don't you see that?"

"YOU'RE MINE," screamed the spider-woman from behind Lei.

"I can only be yours if you don't harm my friends, Dark. You see that don't you?"

"If you try to stop me I will kill her," snarled the spider-woman.

"I want to be with you, you stupid woman," snarled Black right back at her.

"You do?"

"Of course I do," snarled Black. "You're just like me. Except I don't treat your friends badly."

Lei was bleeding from her forehead into her eyes, and blinked to keep her vision clear. She wasn't sure what Black was trying to do. He sounded exactly like he did when she and he were having a fight.

"I don't have any friends," said the mad spider.

"I do," snarled Black.

"But you're treating her like a lover," whined the mad spider.

"I was lonely," snarled Black. "And so was she. So we've been helping each other out. You don't really think I still want her now that you are around. Do you?"

"It makes me so angry when she touches you," whined Dark. "It hurts inside and I get so angry."

"If you hadn't kept trying to hurt her, I wouldn't have had to keep carrying her around and comforting her," snarled Black. "I've done nothing more than what you have forced me to. Please don't force me to avenge her too. It'd break my heart if I had to kill you, Dark."

"I don't understand," whined Dark. "Why can't we just kill her?"

"It's a man thing," snarled Black. "She was my friend when I was alone, now it's my duty to protect her while she lives and avenge her if she dies. Men do that."

"But I want her to be dead," complained Dark, taking the sharp edge away from Lei's throat.

"You can't have everything, Dark," snarled Black. "Sometimes you have to choose. Right now you have to choose whether you want to make love to me, or kill her."

"Make love to you?"

"I'm all wound up, Dark," snarled Black. "I need release. Whether I'll get that from sex or from mortal combat is all up to you. No more games. Make up your mind."

Lei lay absolutely still. She had never thought Black to be so devious. He would seduce a woman to get a chance to kill her? It was a wrong thing to do, but Lei made no move to interfere. If Dark slit her throat then the baby inside her would die. Even worse, Black would fight to the death and lose.

Lei could die for her principles, but she couldn't let Black die for them, nor her unborn child.

A sharp pain hit Lei's back. This time it caught her by surprise and she screamed.

"Last chance, Dark," snarled Black. "You cut her one more time and its over. All over."

The mad spider wailed long and loud.

For a moment a mad smile spread across Lei's face. For a moment she thought Black had managed to wound Dark deeply. But, only for a moment.

"YOU'RE LYING TO ME," screamed the spider and started weeping. "I wan't you," sobbed Dark. "But you don't want me."

"Try me," snarled Black. "You've got nothing to lose."

"But you don't want me," sobbed the woman, and staggered into Lei's line of sight. "Why don't you want me?"

"Women," snarled Black. "All weeping and moaning and whining. I've got a hard-on the size of a tree-trunk. Doesn't that count for anything?"

"You do?" asked Dark.

"Of course I do," snarled Black.

Lei forced herself not to raise her head and look at them.

"Let me see it," sobbed Dark.

"Not here," snarled Black. "I don't want her to watch us. Follow me."


Kokata crawled through the undergrowth with Dark following. The only truth he had spoken was that he didn't want Lei watching.

He needed to find a romantic spot. Some place dry and soft.

He'd have to use every trick he had learned to get her sufficiently lusty to let down her guard. He might even have to go all the way.

Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.

At least he did have a hard on to offer. Terror made him hard as easily as lust did. He had never used a terror grown hard on for anything, but he expected it would last as long as the terror did, and he wasn't about to feel safe while Dark was still alive.

"Look at this," snarled Kokata, and blessed that no one could tell how he really felt when he snarled. "An orchid."

He furiously chopped at the stem of it. Till the flower fell to the ground.

"Have you ever made love on an orchid, Dark?" he snarled.

"I'm a virgin," whispered Dark.

"I'm in for a treat," snarled Kokata, slowly moving to her. "And so are you."

Dark raised her front two legs in defensive aggression.

"Don't be shy," snarled Kokata, and raised his front four legs to caress her raised two. His legtips were soft, hers were sharpened.

"You're a dangerous, little thing, aren't you?" snarled Kokata, softly running his legtips along the inside of her raised legs.

Dark shivered visibly. Kokata mimicked her shiver. No one could tell the difference between an intentional shiver and a shiver of lust.

"Come here, my little killer," snarled Kokata. "I've got a world of good to show you."

He slowly backed to the orchid while caressing Dark's front legs. She still had them raised in aggression but her eyes had glazed over. Her expression was hypnotised, and her movements were strangely jerky as those of a female spider-beast being seduced by a male.

"You'll enjoy this," snarled Kokata.

Dark shivered again.

"You may be the boss the rest of the time, but right now I am in charge," snarled Kokata, using a line that worked wonders when he and Lei played. He was sick to the verge of vomiting, but he had been right that Lei and Dark had that, if nothing else, in common. Dark shivered hard enough to almost lose her footing.

"Get over here," snarled Kokata, grabbing hold of her no longer sharp front legs and pulling her closer. "You're all mine now."

Dark whimpered longingly, and for a moment her scarred face almost looked like Lei's did when she had that expression.

Kokata's heart bled for the mad spider and for what he had to do. When she had that look on her face he could understand that she hadn't been born evil. He pressed his lips to hers and wished with all his heart that he hadn't gained that understanding.

Dark kissed him back. Her tongue spoke of all her longing and despair.

It would feel good for her, Kokata tried to convince himself. His poison would see too that.

He caressed her everywhere at once, and she caressed him back the same way. Kokata shivered and was disgusted with himself. That one had been a genuine shiver of lust. Their bodies were made for each other.

If he had met Dark before Lei, if he hadn't known she was an insane murderer, then... Kokata pushed his tongue into her mouth and decided not to lie to himself. Even if he had known she was an insane murderer, he would still have been with her. He would have taken her to a place far from people and it would have just been the two of them.

At least, till such a point where she would happen to kill him in a random fit of insane rage.

That was how lonely he had been. That was how perfect their forms fit.

Kokata kissed Dark and knew that he was happy he had met Lei first.

"I need you," hissed Dark, pulling at his body.

"I'm in charge," snarled Kokata and pushed Dark to her back.

She let him.

"Open for me," he snarled, caressing the cover-plating on her lower abdomen.

Dark whimpered. She both looked and sounded nervous.

"Do as I say, woman," snarled Kokata, and Dark shivered through and through.

Kokata kissed her, and with a fresh shiver Dark spread the plates covering her privates.

Kokata kissed, touched, caressed, and fondled. He left no part of her untended. Below him Dark writhed and moaned. His hard on had become one of genuine lust and he loathed himself for it.

He wouldn't go all the way. He could have done it if all he felt was terror, but the way he felt now, he couldn't. He'd never forgive himself if he did.

Dark was lost in lust. She had surrendered fully to him and his touch.

Kokata would give her a painless death.

He laid himself on top of her, as if preparing to enter, and trailed kisses up her chest-plating. Her nipples, which breast-less hang from the plating, he caressed with soft legtips, keeping her fully distracted while his mouth sought out her soft throat.

Kokata bit and injected his poison straight into her jugular. Dark gasped, and Kokata pressed his mouth even tighter to her throat injecting everything he had. He had enough poison in him to kill three beasts of her size. Enough to make will-less uncountable such beasts.

He managed to spray it all into her bloodstream sooner than she pulled his head off her throat.

"Fool," she laughed, and pushed him onto his back.

Kokata's eyes widened. She wasn't supposed to still be alive. She wasn't supposed to still be awake.

"You can't harm me with your poison any more than you can yourself," exclaimed Dark and laughed, and shivered, and laughed even more. "It feels good."

She bent over him. Kokata fought for all he was worth, but she was stronger.

"No," screamed Kokata.

She held his legs together at both sides of him. Two neat stacks of four legs.

"No," screamed Kokata.

She webbed his legs together, then bent them and webbed and glued till his legs were nothing but two harmless bundles of silk on both sides of him.

"Please don't," he wept. "Please, Dark. Please don't do this."

She laughed at him and forced his covering plates aside.

"Now you will make me a woman," she said, and laughed.

"No," screamed Kokata.

Dark pushed herself onto him. She rode him.

He screamed without words, without hope. Something was breaking inside his soul. He screamed louder not to hear Dark's sounds.

Then she collapsed upon him like he would upon Lei when the ecstasy had been too great. The comparison broke more things inside his soul.

"It's over, Black," he heard someone yelling.

It had to be Dark. It couldn't be anyone else, so he screamed louder yet not to hear it.

"It's over, Black. It's over," the yells insisted. But it would never be over.

Warm hands cuddled his head. Kokata kept screaming, kept keeping his eyes closed.

It would never end.

"It's over," insisted the voice, and warm hands covered his mouth, muffling his screams. "It's over, Black. It's over. She's dead. I killed her."

It was Lei's voice.

Kokata kept screaming into her hands. He couldn't bear for her to have seen it. He couldn't carry that she was still seeing him like that.

Lei wept, and cuddled Black's head, and tried to calm him.

"I love you," she cried, but nothing worked. Black just kept screaming.

With all her heart, she regretted that she had waited so long before taking the shot. She had wanted to be sure. She had only one chance, only one shot. So she had waited. Lei had allowed the mad spider to rape her man while she had waited for the perfect shot.

"I'm sorry," wailed Lei.

Dark had left her with an arrow in her hand. Lei had used it to cut herself free. It had been difficult. It had taken a long time. But she had known they would be allright. She had just known it. So she had been calm, and had worked the sharp arrowhead against the silk.

She had freed herself, she had followed their tracks, and she had found them. She had circled them, chosen a place to hide, and had awaited the perfect shot.

If only she had been less calm, she would have chanced a sooner shot, and maybe the mad spider wouldn't have raped her man.

"I love you," wept Lei, guilt tearing her insides apart.


Posted on literotica.com with permission of author: Nanna Marker; literotica ID ellynei.

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